Red Chakra Meaning

Last Updated on July 15, 2024

Red is the color of blood, life, and strength. Without any of those, moving forward in life is impossible. Moreover, it’s the first beginning point of energy in the chakra system of 7 chakras. What is the red chakra meaning? How does it work? How do you balance the color red?

Red chakra is associated with the root chakra. It’s known as the survival center of the body and works on body parts like spines, intestines, legs, and adrenal glands. You’ll feel energetic, strong, passionate, positive, safe, and fit when your root is balanced. It works on the physical and spiritual body like the Earth heals itself.

Find out more about the meanings of the root chakra, its location, symbolism, benefits, causes of blockage, and 7 simple ways to open it. 

Let’s get started!

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Overview of The Red Chakra

In the 7 chakra system of energy, the beginning point is the root chakra. Tantric scriptures of Hinduism and Buddhism call the red chakra Mūlādhāra. It’s where the kundalini flow of energy begins, and your fight or flight response resides.

Like plants and trees have a physical root, the first chakra is our metaphysical root. It connects us to Earth by helping us find balance in life.

Let’s look at its characteristics first and move on to meanings. 

Metaphysical Traits Of The Red Chakra Color

Sanskrit NameMuladhara/ Mooladhara
ColorsRed and Black
Affected body partSpine
Ruling PlanetMars
Seed MantraLam

Red Chakra Meaning: What Does The Red Color Energy Mean?

Grounding is the fundamental meaning of the red chakra because it’s associated with the root or base chakra. It connects us to the Earth and the world around us. That’s why the color red indicates stability and health too. 

Where Is The Red Chakra Located?

Located at the base of the spine, the red chakra represents the beginning point of the chakra system. Some say it’s situated at the base of the tailbone and around the first three vertebrae. 

Psychics say it’s the best way to tap into your 7 chakras. Maybe that’s why root chakra is the fundamental point of all chakras in the human body. 

What Does The Red Chakra Represent?

The symbolic meaning of the red color energy is a lotus with four petals. In this symbolism, each petal depicts the four different stages of your psyche. In Tantric Hinduism, root chakra may also denote Airavata, the seven-trunked elephant. 

One of the best things to understand the meaning of the reddish chakra is how the square form represents it. The cubic shape is representative of the stability and durability of the first of the primary chakras. 

What’s The Frequency Of Red Chakra?

Whether or not you’re interested in unblocking the Muladhara chakra using sound, it’s good to know its vibrational frequency. Red chakra frequency meaning is positivity and survival as it resonates at 432 Hz. Tune into any red chakra music to activate this chakra!

Many root music listeners say it’s the easiest way to let go of worries. 

Tune into this root chakra activation video to soak in the healing frequencies of Mooladhara. (POWERFUL 432 Hz) #1 ROOT CHAKRA Activation and Balancing (15-minute meditation)

What Are The Body Parts Associated With The Red Chakra?

You may have already heard root energy can help make you physically healthy. That’s because it’s closely linked to all the critical organs in the body, such as spines, adrenal glands, intestines, and the immune system. Moreover, it can alleviate pain in the lower back, legs, feet, and bladders. 

The root chakra is associated with organs like ovaries and other vital body parts like the prostate, kidneys, and blood. One of the best things in life about working on your root energies is how it enhances blood circulation by working on the arterial blood. 

What Is The Red Chakra Aura?

Many psychics also claim that red aura is the ultimate color in the list of auras because it signifies warrior energy. If you’re glowing with a bright red radiance around you, it means you’re stable in the mind and body. It’s the aura of passion, pride, and personal power

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Which Chakra Is The Red Chakra? Why Is The Root Chakra Red? 

The psychology of the red color indicates it’s a shade of courage, passion, and confidence. By now, you would already know that’s what the root represents too!

Another important reason for the redness of the first chakra can be found in its Sanskrit name- Mūlādhāra. The Sanskrit word can be split into Mūlā, meaning base or root, and dhāra, defined as stem, flux, or current. 

Hence, the root energies become as bright as possible when you’re a master of your spiritual self. Because that energy shows up in the color red, the root chakra is red. 

What Are The Benefits Of Red Chakra?

The Mooladhara point stands for stability and the sense of self. It’s referred to as the color of motion or action. Let’s look at the meanings associated with this chakra and your physical body, spiritual self, and emotional psyche. 

•  Strength

The first real root chakra benefit you’ll observe when it’s active is the sudden rush of energy. If you suffer from fatigue or weakness, this is the chakra you need to power up. Now you know why people call it the root of survival!

•  Courage

Uplifting your personal power is one of the best things that root energy is known for. Experts claim it may also improve your ability to face challenges and struggles with a straight face. 

• Balance

Finding your stance in life is crucial for having a good time throughout, and the reddish chakra helps a lot. That’s why it can balance your body and ground you to personal goals.

• Passion

Whether you’re looking for vitality or virility, the root chakra is capable of solving underlying conditions to fill you with vigor. You may not know, but this energy center can fill you with physical desires, unlike other chakras. But it’s not like the orange energy center as it’s also good for stability.

• Positivity

Muladhara is also where the metaphysical traits help to eliminate negativity and fill you with positive vibrations. You may feel euphoric and immensely hopeful about your future when it starts working. It also gives you a sense of creative power.

• Self esteem

Whether you’re looking for self confidence or faith in your being, the first energy point can give you both. It’s the center of self awareness, and that’s how it makes you confident in your decisions and actions. As a result, you’ll sense optimism and enthusiasm to do your best. 

• Safety

Along the same line as courage, the red color core can also eliminate toxic people from around you so that you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually secure. It does so by clearing the blocked energies in your aura.

• Fitness

Root energies are also good for making you whole and well. It does so by detoxing your body and gearing you to physical fitness. One of the favorite things about it is how this color chakra helps you lose excess body weight and achieve your ideal body weight. 

• Peace of Mind

Another effect of grounding energies, the root is responsible for one of the essential things we all look for- peace. While it’s not as tranquilizing as the throat chakra, red energy can bring more calmness by connecting you to Mother Earth. 

Compared to other chakras, you’ll feel a sense of love and well-being. 

• Luck

Red is also associated with prosperity and luck. It can attract abundance into your life by working on your blocked success and chances already written in destiny. Unlike other colors, the flow of energy in Mooladhara is based on your personal power.

What Blocks The Red Chakra?

Muladhara is the center of grounding and balance. But when it’s blocked, you’ll feel weak, obsessed, anxious, frustrated, sluggish, and pessimistic. 

What closes the root chakra? 

Let’s find out!

•  Fear

Any immense anger that doesn’t resolve in a brief time contributes to root chakra imbalances. In addition, Revenge and guilt only make it worse.

•  Dysfunctional Relationships

If you grew up in a problematic family that didn’t value you or help you find the rooting in life, the culprit is staring at you in the face. Additionally, friends or loved ones who are toxic make the root chakra underactive. 

•  Underlying diseases

Often, it is the source of your weak root chakra may be medical conditions like eating disorders, depression, or anxiety. Your Muladhara may be suffering if you’re already battling against weight gain too.

•  Narcissism

One of the most familiar signs of closed root energy is self-obsession. Because extremely selfish people are also disconnected from the Earth, they suffer at the base of the spine. Selflessness is crucial for brightening the reddish aura. 

•  Starvation

When you’re not getting enough nutrition, Vitamin D, or basic food, your core energy might be weak. I’ve seen a lot of people on fast diets and hard weight loss programs destroying their root energies. In simple terms, the earth connection breaks when you’re hungry or physically breaking.

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How Do You Unblock A Red Chakra? 10 Ways To Open The Red Chakra

Just like a tree will die out when its root is broken, our life suffers on spiritual and physical emotional levels when the Muladhara is severed. So, it would help if you worked on this basic chakra before moving on to other colors.

If you’re feeling any of the overactive or underactive root power symptoms, the following will help you unblock it ASAP.

1.  Red Chakra Crystals And Stones

When you try to work on your damaged Mooladhara energies, the meanings of the root chakra become clearer. I suggest using one or more healing stones like red jasper, ruby, fire agate, sardonyx, bloodstone, garnet, hematite, sardonyx, or black tourmaline to do so.

How To Use Root Chakra Stones?

  • The best energy ritual with a healing stone to cover your base is setting a crystal grid with several red chakra stones. 
  • I love using red jasper pyramids in every room of my house to energize the whole family with the fundamental chakra. 
  • Yet another root chakra cleansing mechanism is by wearing red crystal jewelry around your waist, fingers, or wrists. 
  • Get a red jasper wand and circle it thrice over your spine to charge it up before starting the day.
  • You can easily open blocked Mooladhara with a crystal pendulum to guide you. 

2. Mantras For The Red Chakra

Affirmations work best with the blue throat chakra, but that doesn’t mean you should only use it for that. I believe affirmations are a form of sound charging ritual that can activate the stone using your own sound. What’s more, it can also help you bond with the chakras you’re targeting. 

I always recommend you make your own root chakra affirmations based on specific goals, but you can use mantras to find the red chakra meaning below. 

Which Root Mantras To Use?

  • I feel grounded.
  • I am confident.
  • I feel safe. 
  • I am courageous.
  • I can feel the power inside me.
  • I am feeling calm. 
  • I sense the support of Mother Gaia. 
  • I am passionate.

3. Red Chakra Yogasanas

Yoga is a healing ritual for your soul and body. And yoga asanas are nothing but yoga poses that flame up your first chakra. Moreover, as it’s the beginning step into the chakras, there are many different asanas you can practice to tap into the base of the spine energy. 

Keep in mind that each pose has its benefits, and you should always try it when you feel up to it. Moreover, pushing yourself into pain only worsens the Mooladhara energy.

Which Yoga Poses To Use?

  • The Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana is a good technique to empower the color red in your chakra wheel. 
  • Called Janu Sirasana in Sanskrit, you can try the Head To Knee Forward Bend to power up.
  • Sukhasana is the most comfortable pose called the Easy Pose because it helps to ground you. 
  • Garland Pose in English is translated from the Sanskrit Word Malasana. You’ll sense it’s a great way to balance the root chakra because it’s a detox yoga pose.

4. Foods You Must Eat For The Red Chakra

The simplest way to tap into any of the chakra colors is by eating foods in the color red. By doing so, you’re not just hacking into root chakra with color psychology, but nature’s secret codes too. Put simply, there are different foods in the color red you should eat. 

Moreover, foods in the red color are healthy for the mind and body. 

What Foods To Eat For Root Chakra Healing?

  • Hot Paprika
  • Beetroot
  • Red meat 
  • Radish
  • Apple
  • Chilli 
  • Strawberry
  • Tomato 
  • Pomegranate 

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5. Essential Oils Associated With The Red Chakra

Aromatherapy affects all seven chakras in different ways. I found the red chakra meaning for the first time when I smelled sandalwood in a Himalayan temple back when I was little. 

In fact, the smell is next to the emotional center of our brain. Perhaps that’s why scents and essential oils for root chakra work so well. I try to dab them on my pillows before sleep. To heal this blocked energy point, you can also dilute them into your aroma diffusers or humidifiers. 

What Are Red Color Energy Scents?

  • Sandalwood
  • Ginger
  • Vetiver 
  • Cloves 
  • Black Pepper 

6. Power Of Reiki For Red Chakra Healing

Whether you’re targeting the heart chakra or the flow of energy around other chakra colors, red chakra stones can help a lot. 

I recommend stones in the root chakra color because they vibe strongly with the Earth and its vibrations too. Plus, Mother Earth heals EVERYTHING! 

Use a black tourmaline stone if your target is physical health or detox as a bonus tip. If you don’t know how to do Reiki yourself, find a practitioner to help you with it. 

How To Use Reiki For This Chakra Color?

  • Place the red jasper stone on your root chakra. 
  • The reiki master will push healing energies into your chakra.
  • You can also use a singing bowl of 432 Hz to amplify the flow of energy. 

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7. Meditation Techniques For The Red Chakra

The first chakra is the seat of resilience and peace of mind. Hence, the best way to find your root chakra color bond is with a grounding meditation that improves self confidence. 

If you have eating disorders, I suggest using a red jasper stone for this chakra. In the same way, a black stone is excellent for freedom from fears. 

How To Use Grounding Meditation For Root Chakra?

  • Sit directly on the ground in a comfortable space.
  • Focus on your breathwork as well as you can after closing your eyes.
  • Inhale and exhale while visualizing your physical health getting better.

It’s also best to wear red chakra colors to amplify your Muladhara energies while practicing grounding meditation. On top of it, try to do it on a Saturday because it’s the root chakra day of the week.

 Find Your Balance With Red Chakra Meanings

Whether you’re proficient with heart chakra stones or throat chakra crystals, you can’t activate the kundalini energy, also known as life force, sans the red chakra. The root chakra is red because red is associated with strength, courage, balance, power, and healing. 

That’s why you should open this chakra before opening any colors to feel the sweeping powers of the seven chakras. Hence, this chakra is renowned as the foundation of all the chakras. If you ask me, it’s the ultimate support chakra that gives you self confidence and peace when you need them. 

We learned how it could be activated using red chakra stones, chanting Muladhara mantras, eating foods in reddish colors, using Reiki, essential oils, and yoga asanas. 

You can also wear red more often to keep this chakra in balance. The easiest way to open root chakra is by using a black healing stone root chakra essential oil. 

The Muladhara chakra is essential for life as it’s the seat of health too. Doing so will also attract spiritual benefits towards you. 

Are you ready to embrace the power of root chakra? Share your doubts with our community below, and we’ll help you right away!

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