What are Aura Colors and Their Meanings? Aura Colors Explained

Last Updated on July 3, 2024

Since time immemorial, radiant circles and halos have been used to represent Gods. From Jesus to Trinity, Buddha, Zeus, Apollo, and 33 million Indian Gods, there are endless colors and symbols of auras. However, it’s not limited to Gods. Now we know, people can also have the same radiant energy around them! So, what’s an aura? What are aura colors and their meanings?

aura colors

Auras are the energy inside a person’s c radiating around them. There are seven primary colors of auras- purple (divine connection), indigo (spiritual wisdom), blue (communication), green (love), yellow (luck), orange (passion), and red (balance). There are 18 secondary auras that may be positive or negative. 

Take the next five minutes to learn all about the 25 aura colors and meanings, including primary and secondary auras. I’ve also included how to read one’s aura colors easily here!

Basics of Aura Colors and Their Meanings

Whether you name auras as halos, energy fields, or merely the “air around a person,” everyone has it. Moreover, it may be one color at this hour and another at the next hour or tomorrow. 

In definition, auras are radiant energy that emanates around a living thing. You might see it in your peripheral vision. While there are scores of auric fields, studies have shown seven major and 18 minor aura colors. 

aura colors
Image by Sergey Katyshkin from Pixabay

Such an energy field may exist top to bottom, around the head, or around certain human body parts. Typically, these are invisible to the naked eye but visible to psychics and energy-capturing devices like Kirlian cameras. That said, people have seen and studied auras for thousands of years. 

But what do these halo colors mean? Every aura color indicates the strength or weakness of the primary chakra it’s overpowered by. Kirlian photography is a sure-fire method to read aurar, and here’s a video explaining it. 

From Hinduism to Buddhism and even recent scientific advancements show proof of auras. If you want to read more on the history of auras, go ahead and check our article.

What are the seven auras and their meanings? What Do The Aura Colors Mean?

As there are seven primary chakras, there are seven primary auras too. 

Do you know what else is seven? The colors of the rainbow! 

If you dig deeper, everything in the cosmos actually has one or more colors of the rainbow. 

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Learning about the meaning of the primary seven auras is crucial to understanding the meaning of your aura, even if you know its color. 

Here’s an aura colors chart to help you out!

Primary Aura Colors and Meanings With Chakras
Aura Chakra Color Meanings
Purple/Violet Crown Divination and spirit connection
Indigo Third Eye Inner vision and intuition
Blue Throat Communication and expression
Green Heart Love for others and self-love
Yellow Solar Plexus Health and luck
Orange Sacral Creativity and passion
Red Root Balance and grounding

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Image by Prawny from Pixabay

1. Purple and Violet

The highest degree of spiritually motivated people are seen with a purple aura. It’s the vibrant ray when your intuitive abilities are high energy. That’s because purple is the color of the crown, the highest of the primary chakras. 

The violet aura can make you spiritually heightened with psychic powers, joy, premonitions, and cosmic wisdom. You might feel charged with spiritual matters when this shade of energy center is active. 

2. Indigo

When your energy field is radiating in the indigo shade, it means your inner eye is open. As the indigo aura is connected with the third eye chakra, it’s safe to say your intuitions will be peak high energy too. 

People with the indigo color of energy are usually old souls filled with immense wisdom. They’re charming and far-sighted too. It’s also the color of a spiritually grounded awakened person who can easily set reality apart from illusion. 

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

3. Blue

Some people say your aura glows a bright blow when you’re seeking the truth and others say it happens when you’ve realized your destiny. If you ask me, people who have a clear sense of purpose often have a glowing blue aura, so it’s all connected.

Why? The blue energy is powered by the throat chakra colors that stand for truth and communication. That means people with this energy find it easy to communicate and are naturally expressive too. They have a clear idea about their destiny and are mostly freethinkers.

Image by yabadene belkacem from Pixabay

4. Green

A solid green aura can mean either of two things- you may be in love, or you may be loved. That’s why compassionate people like empaths, social activists, nurses, and generous people often have this energy. As it’s the heart chakra auric energy, green also beckons emotions, growth, and balance in life. 

Green is the color of nature and love too. That’s why progressive and open-minded people have a green aura color. I’ve noticed this color interpretation often surrounds people with personality traits of forgiveness. Healers have it too!

Image by Rachel Burkum from Pixabay

5. Yellow

Known as the color of emotional intelligence, a bright yellow aura envelops joyful and positive people. Because yellow signifies the solar plexus chakra, I see this color stretching around people with a healthy physical body and emotions. 

Those with yellow energy rings are optimistic and full of energy as well. They’re easy-going people who live life by simple rules. If you’ve seen an incredibly charismatic or confident person, chances are, their auric color is yellow!

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Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

6. Orange

Whether you believe it or not, most people have a profound orange aura when they orgasm. That’s because orange stands for the sacral chakra where the kundalini energy or life force resides. Passionate and creative folks like artists often radiate the orange halo. 

You may also irradiate orange vibrations if you’re an adventurous person with a strong sacral chakra. It’s the energy tone of hikers, bikers, backpackers, rock climbers, and adrenaline junkies. That’s why orange energy people are often restless too!

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

7. Red

If there’s a ranking for aura colors, red would be the ultimate one because it’s balanced like no other. And why wouldn’t it be? Red aura brings forth the power of base or root chakra. It surrounds people who follow the beat of their own drum. 

So, in case you’re seeing a red auric field around someone, it means they’re grounded as well as emotionally stable. 

People with red auric colors don’t get obsessed or angry as much as others. They’re very civilized, calm, and confident. Such a person’s aura will also be creative and respectful of others. When you see bright red energy around a person, they might be feeling super-powerful tool.

What are the secondary aura colors and meanings?

Apart from the major auric shades, there are also minor colors of auric energies because nothing is hard and fast in the energy world. Moreover, most of us have more mixed auric colors or secondary auric shades than just the primary ones. 

Let’s find out what they mean!

Secondary Aura Colors and their Meanings
Aura Affected Chakra Color Meanings
Pink Heart Beauty and true love
Silver Crown Spirit communication and Psychic powers
White Crown Protection and wisdom
Dirty White Crown Depression and self pity
Gray Crown Skeptical and suspicious
Black Crown and Root Curse of exhaustion
Gold Third Eye Enlightenment and luck
Rose Gold Heart Infatuation and hope
Brown Root Selfish and self doubt
Dull Red Root Anger or fear
Dull Green Heart Jealousy or superiority
Muddy Yellow Solar Plexus Stress and fatigue
Lemon Yellow Solar Plexus Loss and emotional troubles
Lilac Crown Psychic powers and protection
Dull Violet Crown Evil and repulsive
Teal Throat Empathic and calm
Aquamarine Heart and Throat Excitement and recovery
Magenta Throat and Root Courage and healing

8. Pink

You get a pink aura when you’re feeling beautiful from inside. On top of it, pink aura colors signify euphoria and a sense of confidence in oneself. As it’s closely linked to the heart chakra, a pink aura also shows up when someone is in true love or truly loved. This chakra color can help if you have low-self esteem. 

Affectionate, sweet, kind, and compassionate people’s aura is pink. Most dog lovers often radiate with bright pink aura colors too.

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9. Silver

The signature aura color of a person with heightened psychic abilities, silver energy also stands for attractive and charming people. Along the same line, the silver shade of halo signifies the protection of spirit guides as it’s based on a third eye chakra. 

Often silver color surrounds people who’ve just recovered from surgeries, deaddiction, or any therapy. When you feel euphoric and ecstatic, too, this color pops up.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

10. White

Another aura color with shielding and protection, the white aura, is seen around enlightened people. They’re usually seen around sages, sadhus, yogis, teachers, healers, and religious people with the strong crown chakra. 

Typically, you’ll see them around calm, stoic, and wise people. As white is the color of the crown, too, people with white color energy have strong spirit communication. A bright white energy ring also means your guardian angel is close-by.

11. Dirty White

Many psychics claim that when your energy color is dull or dirty white, it indicates a severe disorder or illness. But it also signifies a depressed or anxious mind. Often when hope is gone, or the person is on the path to self-harm, they can also have a weak crown chakra.

Lack of companionship and excessive loneliness can also lead to this auric color. While this is temporary, it would require a lot of cleansing. Read more on how to change negative auras into positive.

12. Gray

A muddy or dull gray radiance is not a bad thing. Most skeptical people often get this color for a brief time. Such a person will not share, care, or open up easily. It’s often seen around new couples, roommates, neighbors, or dates with a poor crown chakra.

I’ve noticed this aura around those suspicious of others or their surroundings. It’s a common color tone when trust is broken among friends or partners. Gray changes into a white background when the trust is reestablished.

Image by Johnson Martin from Pixabay

13.  Black

While some call the black energetic field a state of having no energy, others say it might be a sign that you’re under attack. It could be a curse, evil eye, or just exhaustion. Hatred for many people can also amass a black aura and comes from a lack of crown or base chakra.

But rest assured because black energy is almost always temporary. It usually fades away into brighter tones after you sleep. The black aura might signify that you’re not healing or walking into danger if you’re suffering from diseases. 

Suppressed anger, repressed emotions, unforgiving nature, and an uncaring attitude usually stem from the same color.

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14. Gold

When luck turns to you, the first thing that happens is your auric energy becomes bright gold. It’s the sign of divinity and godliness with an inward focus. Now you know why most Gods are shown with a golden auric field. Truth be told, inspired people and leaders all have this color energy around them. The golden color of energy represents abundance and spiritual energy too. Keeping people with a golden halo around can also bring luck into your life. It’s a sign of a strong sense of brow chakra.

15. Rose Gold

A mix of luck and unconditional love energies, rose gold is the auric color of hope and beauty. It surrounds people who are newly married or engaged. It’s also the color of infatuation and the heart chakra’s color.

Rose gold halo is visible mainly around people who have attained their dreams newly. It’s a great sign to recognize the most enthusiastic employees, students, friends, partners, teachers, and kids. 

Image by Alana Jordan from Pixabay

16. Brown

A negative color, brown aura color, is quite evident around jealous people. It’s the best way to check if a person is narcissistic or altruistic. Self-absorbed people with little or no empathy often show a brown color. Their blocked base chakra is of great importance here.

Brown often the bioenergy field around an Insecure person. Possessive partners and friends often radiate a muddier or darker shade of brown.

17. Dull Red

When you notice a dirty or dull red aura color energy around a person, it can mean two things- anger or fear. Regardless of either case, their auric vibration is negative. As this is a temporary aura, a dull red color changes into a bright color when you’ve managed to let go of your fear or frustration. 

Anxiety is another sign of dull red auras, and it often occurs when your root chakra is blocked. And, when your base connection with the earth is severed, it could be this color. The closed root chakra also causes it.

18. Dull Green

When people have muddy forest green auric fields, it’s usually a sign of jealousy. The dull green aura colors can creep up when people gaslight another or behave like hypocrites. Interestingly, it’s the sign of superiority complex and is seen with people with a blocked heart chakra.

An extremely sensitive or emotionally sensitive person may show this exact shade of aura colors. It’s also a sign of people who reject responsibilities too.

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19. Muddy Yellow

People with dirty yellow auras typically show it as a sign of stress. It’s visible around new and expectant mothers. Perhaps that’s why it’s safe to say muddy yellow energy is a sign of fatigue and low energy too. 

People who over promise or overreach often emanate this color of halos unless they mend their ways. That said, it’s a temporary negative auric color and shows a blocked third chakra.

20. Lemon Yellow

When people fear loss or anticipate grief, they will develop a lemon yellow aura color. While it’s a temporary aura, lemon yellow can also last longer if underlying emotional issues aren’t resolved. Whether it’s your love life or career life you’re afraid of losing, this auric energy can be a sign of either. 

The most obvious proof of this aura color is visible around crying kids. It shows a weak solar plexus chakra.

21. Lilac

A lighter shade of purple aura doesn’t mean you aren’t intuitive enough; it means you’ve tamed your intuitions. If you have a lilac aura color, you’re most probably in a balance with your guardian angels and spirits. 

Lilac is also a sign of a psychic master with vast experienced. It’s an aura closely connected to the crown chakra that gives you a positive outlook.

Image by Rachel Burkum from Pixabay

22. Dull Violet

On the other hand, a muddy violet aura color directly relates to a person who uses their psychic powers for negative results. Tantrics and black magic users often show the muddy purple aura color that almost imbues fear in people around them. It happens when the crown chakra is blocked.

23. Teal

The sign of auric energy of empathic yet people in balance with their emotions, teal is a color of calmness. It can show up when a person is particularly confident too. I’ve seen the teal radiance wrapped around people going through transitions. It usually occurs when the throat chakra is developing.

24.  Aquamarine 

Auric energy that fuses calmness and excitement, aquamarine is a positive energy that pops up when you’re coping with hurdles. It’s usually seen around patients who are recovering from chronic illnesses. Aquamarine aura color is also visible with people with a mix of throat and heart chakras.

25. Magenta

The color of healing aura for many negative auras, the magenta aura signifies an old soul with healing powers. It’s a combination of red and blue auras, showing courage and intuition together. While rare, magenta aura color often surrounds leaders, shamans, and doctors. It’s a combination of base and throat chakras.

Image by 10015389 from Pixabay

Which Aura Is The Rarest?

There are a few rare shades that aren’t found in most people. 

Your halo may be rare if they’re any of the following:

  • White 
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Purple 
  • Indigo

What Color Aura Is A Positive Aura?

In the above sections, we learned about auras that transmit positive and negative radiance. Take a look these positive shades:

  • Purple
  • Indigo
  • Blue 
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange 
  • Red 
  • Pink
  • Silver
  • White
  • Gold 
  • Rose Gold
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Lilac
  • Teal
  • Aquamarine
  • Magenta

 Is There An App To Read Aura?

Yes, there are many aura reader apps. One of the best and most favored is Aurla. It’s perfect for those who want to keep track of the changes in their aura colors. 

While this is a paid app, there are free apps like Aura Frames to explore your energy ring without paying anything. 

How To Read Your Own Aura? How Can I Find Out About My Aura Color?

Once you have a photo of your aura, just locking down on the color doesn’t mean you’ll be able to read auras. To read your own aura or people’s auras, you need to know to look deep into the intensity of the aura, colors, shades on each side of the aura, size, and shape of the aura. 

Read more about how to do aura readings.


Auras or auric energy rings have colors that connect to weakness or abundance of chakra energies. The primary auric shades like purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red signify the major chakras. But there are 18 more shades of chakras that describe how positive and negative auric fields work. 

The first time I saw my aura color, I felt enlightened. Have you found yours? If not, share your traits in the comments, and we can help you narrow down a few that may ring true!

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