Blue Chakra Meaning

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

Blue is the color of water, peace, and even earth. But, bluish energy means much more when it comes to the chakra system of 7 chakras. What is the blue chakra meaning? Which are its best benefits? How to unlock the blue color chakra?

Blue stands for the throat chakra and means truth. It’s called Vishuddha, which translates to the holiest, most pure, and sacred. It’s located in the neck area and can positively impact orangs like lungs, jaws, teeth, thyroid, and neck. Beneficial meanings of the color energy are charisma, expression, communication, loyalty, hope, and creativity, amongst others. 

Read on to discover what it means based on the location, symbol, frequency, and benefits. Stick around, and I’ll share the seven sacred ways to unlock it too!

Overview Of The Blue Chakra 

In the 7 chakra energy wheel of the body called Chakras or Cakra, blue cakra is the fifth. It’s known as the seat of your inner voice and will help you find the cosmic truth. 

While the throat chakra is associated with the sky color energy center, it may also represent chakra colors such as teal, aquamarine, and bluish-green or red shades. 

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Metaphysical Traits Of Blue Chakra Color

Sanskrit NameVishuddha
ColorsLight Blue, Teal, and Turquoise
Affected body partThyroid and Lungs
ElementEther/ Sky
Ruling PlanetMercury
Seed MantraHam

Blue Chakra Meaning: What Does The Blue Energy Mean?

The color blue chakra meaning is truth. It also translates to one’s self expression and communication skills. If you go deeper, other meanings of the bluish chakra emerge, such as creativity, eternal truth, honesty, and charisma. 

Where Is The Blue Chakra Located?

The short answer is it’s present in the energy system at the thyroid. The long answer is bluish chakra may be present anywhere between your throat and the neck regions

Hence, you’ll find it easy to speak when it’s open and a lump in the throat when it’s blocked. 

How Is Blue Chakra Represented? What Does Throat Chakra Symbolize?

The fifth chakra is illustrated with a lotus flower of blue chakra color and 16 petals. What does it signify? Each of the sixteen petals stands for the vowels in the classical language of Sanskrit. You’ll also notice a silver-colored crescent moon in the center of this energy point.

What’s The Frequency Of Blue Chakra?

The Vishuddha energy vibrates at a frequency of 672 Hz. In the music world, this translates to the note G. If you check up solfeggio sounds corresponding to this frequency, you’ll realize they raise your positive energy.

Listen to this frequency: 672Hz – Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) Healing Music – 1 HOUR

 What Are The Organs Associated With The Blue Chakra?

As this cakra is located around the throat, it can heal thyroid, tongue, jaw, teeth, and speech disorders. In addition, the bluish energy center may also affect your respiratory system positively to heal the lungs.

 One of the best things about it is its ideal for voice and speech-related disorders. 

What Does The Light Blue Chakra Mean?

Lighter tones of the bluish cakra point like teal and cyan are great for activating the cosmic connection. That’s why light blue chakra meaning is empathy

What Color Is Your Voice Chakra? Why Is The Throat Chakra Blue?

The fifth chakra of the throat is associated with the color blue because color psychology says it’s the color of trust, expression, tranquility. It’s not like red root chakra or green heart chakra. It’s an intense aura color that artists and leaders possess. 

Moreover, it’s the holiest chakra translated from the Sanskrit word ‘Vishuddha’ because of the same qualities.

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What Are The Benefits Of Blue Chakra? Blue Chakra Opening Symptoms

The throat power center isn’t responsible for expression alone as it helps you find faith in the self. 

Let’s look at its physical, emotional, spiritual energy meanings next. 

• Charisma

With this color energy by your side, you’ll be charming to the people around you. It may be seen with a bright bluish aura that makes you approachable and magnetic.

• Calmness

This energy wheel can help you calm down the self, resolves problems, and help to relax quickly. If you’re stressed out easily, throat energies can help by de-stressing and clearing your anxiety.

• Loyalty

Another meaning of blue chakra is the ease of trust you’ll gather. It also means honesty towards people in your life and towards the self. That’s why throat chakra colors mean inner voice and spiritual communication.

• Destiny

Finding answers to your life’s purpose gets easier once the throat chakra is active. It may happen because throat power makes everything clear. It means you’ll know what to do ahead of time.

• Confidence

Most people don’t talk about it, but Vishuddha energies also mean an increase in your self esteem. You may feel self-confident in every action you do and thought your express in life.

• Balance

As the direct benefit of Vishuddha is thyroid healing, you’ll find it easy to deal with its symptoms too. It means things like fatigue, depression, hypersomnia, and hot/cold intolerance will be things of the past.

• Hope

With truth and destiny on your side, you’ll no longer sense nihilism or melancholy. Out of all the chakras, the fifth one brings the most optimism to your body and will to survive.

• Safety

Freedom of the self comes when you feel secure, and Vishuddha opens your world extremely wide using that feeling. That’s why it also means safety and protection around the body and spirit.

• Emotional Awareness

You will no longer be introverted once the bluish cakra touches you by teaching you what to say and do in sensitive situations. Put simply; it may enhance your emotional intelligence. What’s more, you may learn new secrets of communication too!

• Creativity

When you begin to see things clearly, you may also learn to express yourself clearly in daily life. This way, you’ll have a free flow of innovation in your mind with good balancing.

How Do You Heal A Blue Chakra? How Do You Unblock The Blue Chakra?

The throat chakra color is the softest shade of blue and is often used for communication. It becomes balanced when you add blue color healing objects into your life. 

Let’s look at your options! 

1. What Are Blue Chakra Crystals & Stones?

The meaning of the throat chakra color gets more apparent when you start using healing stone options in the light green color. These include healing stone colors of blue or turquoise, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, chalcedony, blue lace agate, celestite, and shattuckite stone.

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How To Work With Healing Stone For This Cakra?

Healing crystals in this bluish shade can heal and uplift this chakra as shown below:

  • Wearing chakra stones such as a turquoise necklace or aquamarine pendant around the neck helps.
  • Placing them over the throat area during Reiki is a good idea.
  • Charging throat crystals with natural light akin to sunlight or moonlight is effective.

2. Affirmations For The Blue Chakra

The ability to express yourself is the meaning of the fifth center energy. That’s why you can open chakras such as this using affirmations. I have listed seven typical affirmations to open the Vishuddha but feel free to create your own based on your personal communication goals. 

Once you’ve gotten the affirmations ready, chant them like mantras repeatedly to match your frequency with that of the fifth chakra system. 

Which Affirmations To Use?

  • I heed to my inner voice. 
  • I am confident.
  • I trust my convictions.
  • I am honest.
  • I express clearly.
  • I am trustworthy. 
  • I know my purpose in career/love/life.

3. Blue Chakra Yoga Poses

An ancient Hindu form of healing includes yoga that can bring the meanings of throat chakra benefits closer to you. Moreover, yoga isn’t an intense exercise, and when you do yoga designed for the Vishuddha, you’ll understand the real meaning of this cakra.

Which Yoga Poses To Use?

  • Matsyasana is popular as the Fish Pose.
  • Ustrasana is commonly known as the Camel Pose. 
  • Salamba Sarvangasana translates to Shoulder Stand in English. 
  • Bhujangasana is also famous as the Baby Cobra Pose. 
  • Halasana is what Western Yogis call the Plow Pose. 

4. Foods For The Blue Chakra

The color blue is associated with the fifth energy center for various reasons, but it’s mainly an indicator of what you should eat. Consuming bluish-tone fruits, vegetables, and drinks help you attune fifth center energies. 

If you can’t find any edibles in light blue, add natural pigments to transform dishes into blue chakra foods. 

What Foods To Eat For This Chakra?

  • Blue curaçao
  • Blue Cheese 
  • Macaroons 
  • Blue beets 

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5. Scents Associated With The Blue Chakra

One of the best ways to clear blocked chakras in the blue tone is by using sacred herbs and essential oils associated with it. On top of it, aromatherapy with blue scents can help you find the real meaning of tranquility. 

All you need to do is dab a few drops of the essential oil on your throat chakra after dilution. The best thing is you can also add it to the humidifier!

What Are The Right Energy Essential Oils And Herbs?

  • Bergamot 
  • Chicory
  • Juniper
  • Basil 
  • Cypress 
  • Peppermint

6. Using Singing Bowls For Blue Chakra

Because sound is closely associated with the speech energy of throat chakra color, it’s incredible to utilize acoustic healing instruments like singing bowls in your routine. It’ll help you because the frequency associated with singing bowls that are good for the fifth chakra color will also open easily.

How To Work With Tibetan Bowls For Balancing This Energy Center?

If you can’t find a throat chakra Tibetan bowl, get any singing bowl and play it continuously while visualizing the healing vibrations touching your throat chakra. You can also strike it repeatedly instead of firmly pressing the bowl’s rim with a mallet to play it. 

I believe the best time to do it is on the blue chakra day of the week- Thursday. 

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7. Blue Chakra Meditation

The classic element that rules the blue color chakra is ether, Akash, or sky. That’s why spending time in nature and sky-gazing are effective. But the best way to connect with the real throat energy meanings is using meditation. It will connect you with the Hindu goddess of the sky- Ambar, who may enhance your creativity. 

As a bonus tip- I see the most benefit in open-air meditation.

How To Use Meditation For This Energy Center?

While everyone has a different or unique way of finding their meditative state, you must use a specific type of breathwork known as the ‘Lion’s Breath’ for the throat chakra.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by opening your mouth as wide as possible.
  2. Poke out your tongue.
  3. Spread it as down as possible in the direction of your chin. 
  4. Now exhale the air starting from the base of your tongue. 
  5. When you’re pushing the air out, add more energy to it with the sound ‘ham’ (seed mantra of the throat), much like that of a lion. 

That’s it!

Explore The Blue Chakra Meaning Of The Self Expression

Do you know the holiest chakra of the throat develops between ages 29 to 35? It makes sense because it’s the chakra of truth, confidence, communication, clarity, creativity, and much more that we just learned. 

Amongst all the chakras, what’s your favorite one? Whether you compare it with the heart or the root, the throat is one of the most important chakras in the body.

Unlike red root chakra that grounds or green heart chakra teaches you to love, blue chakra color helps you express. It’s one of the only chakra colors known to reveal the mysteries of the universe. Try meditation for balancing all your physical problems.

I hope you understood all about the chakra colors and meanings of blue energy. 

Are you wondering about the color meanings of other chakras? Explore different chakra colors right away.

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