Green Chakra Meaning

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

Green is the color of nature, harmony, and can even relax someone undergoing extreme stress. That’s why it stands for the heart chakra or Anahata, as its name says. But what’s the green chakra meaning? What does it do? Which is the best way to unblock it? 

Green chakra is associated with heart energy. It’s the fourth chakra that brings unconditional love, prosperity, charm, courage, compassion, and joy, besides other benefits. You’ll feel afraid, obsessed, weak, and sad when this energy isn’t balanced. 

I’ll tell you all about it and the different ways of healing the fourth chakra with the help of crystals, aromatherapy, gem elixirs, foods, yoga poses, and more.

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Ready? Read on! 

Overview of The Green Chakra: What Is Green Associated With?

The heart chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word Anahata, which translates to unhurt or unstuck. It’s famous in the new-age circle as hridaya or hrit chakra. While the third eye awakens your intuition, heart colors help you love. 

Metaphysical Traits Of The Green Chakra Colors

Sanskrit NameAnahata
ColorsGreen and Pink
Affected body partHeart
Ruling PlanetVenus
Seed MantraYam

What Does A Green Chakra Mean? What Does The Green Color Energy Mean Spiritually, Physically, And Emotionally?

The heart chakra is represented by the color green because it’s also the color of nature, harmony, and balance in the body. 

To be honest,  chest energies in the chakra system are also represented in the pink color. As pink stands for beauty to true love, self-love, and romantic vibrations, this chakra means oneness, love, and prosperity.

Altogether, the meaning of green color is love and prosperity. 

Where Is Your Green Chakra?

The location of the hrit chakra is at the center of the chest. Moreover, it’s set at the same level as the heart. Some healers might also say this energy point is located in the middle of the spine, leaning towards the left side, where your physical heart is situated. 

 How Is Green Chakra Represented?

Green represents the energy of abundance and prosperity. It’s symbolically shown using a lotus with twelve petals. Each petal denotes the twelve qualities of the heart and represents the universal connection you attain when you open the fourth chakra

What’s The Frequency Of Green Chakra?

The vibration of the heart center is its frequency. You can open the blocked vibrations by tapping into this frequency using singing bowls or other healing vibrations. To do so, listen to binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, or music therapy at 594 Hz.

Here’s a quick video for awakening this frequency. 

594Hz – Heart Chakra (Anahata) Healing Music – 1 HOUR

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What Are The Organs Associated With The Green Chakra?

While Anahata mainly heals the cardiac organ, it can also heal many organs in the body, such as the lungs and thymus gland. Moreover, healing this core also helps with blood disorders and makes you well. 

The best thing is that the heart chakra can positively impact the upper back, shoulders, and entire circulatory system. 

Why Is The Heart Chakra Green?

Color psychology says green is the color of harmony, abundance, and peace, and nothing translates it better than the hrit chakra. The heart chakra is associated with the color green because it’s the color of Mother Nature or the crux of nature. That’s why it’s not red like root chakra or blue like throat chakra. 

Moreover, the color green is a combination of two colors- blue and yellow. 

Blue stands for the throat chakra and yellow for the solar plexus chakra. If you look at the seven chakras, Anahata exists in the middle of these two energy centers!

What Are The Functions Of Green Chakra?

Anahata is at the center of the entire chakra system in the body, unlike the third eye chakra or the solar plexus chakra. While it doesn’t ground you like the root chakra, chest energies can do much more. As a matter of fact, the chakra colors of the Hridaya also affect the sacral chakra. 

Let’s look at the heart’s spiritual, emotional, and physical healing to find out its meanings next.

• Emotional Intelligence

The meaning of the green energy center is often attributed to love because it raises your emotional intelligence quotient. It can help you sense love from people and the universe around you. In addition, Anahata may also free your inhibitions and help you heal the other spiritual centers. 

• Self Love

When you start bonding with the heart chakra, you’ll not only find love for other people but also find time for self love. It’s the chakra color responsible for realizing one’s own needs. That’s why the meaning of green color energy of unconditional love makes sense. 

• Energy

One of the best things about the heart chakra is how it heals the entire body because it pumps to all the parts of your body. It may help you heal fatigue, weakness, and balance in your life besides finding the drive for fulfilling your personal goals. 

• Compassion

The spiritual healing powers of the heart chakra are also responsible for making you altruistic and generous towards others. The same is why the heart center can help you find forgiveness and may even make you empathic.

• Courage

Another significant fourth chakra effect is the elimination of fear. That might happen because this chakra color can make you feel like an open book. That’s why you’ll find it easy to find reasons to believe in your instincts and intuitions like often seen in the third eye chakra activation.

• Healthy Relationships

One of the best things about heart chakra is how it helps you realize your worth and others’. For couples, this translates to marital bliss; for friends, it means healthy boundaries, and for parents, it means nurturing. 

• Beauty 

A little-known benefit of the Anahata is the charm. It can make you charismatic to others around you with your inner beauty. Most people also feel confidence, higher self esteem, and feelings of self worth. It may even make you attractive in ways you never thought before. 

• Calmness

Heart chakra opens your world to the beauty of nature, self love and love for other people. You’ll feel tranquil and better in stressful situations. It means you can think well and even understand others clearly. That’s mainly because the fourth power center often makes you empathic. 

• Acceptance

Grounding yourself may seem easy with the root chakra, but the real benefit of letting go happens when you open a blocked heart chakra. It can help you move on, whether it’s grief or heartbreak. Psychics say it’s the chakra known that teaches you to accept life as it is. 

• Joy

Life can get cluttered and chaotic, so it’s easy to lose focus on things that make you happy. But if you embrace the powers of Anahata, it can help you find delight in the little things of life. The chakra color green represents the deep happiness and pleasure that other chakras often need. 

What Happens When Your Green Chakra Is Blocked?

Some might face minor problems like forgetfulness, loss of temper, or balance, while others can end up suffering from trust problems, addiction, and even depression. When it’s unbalanced, the Anahata can wreak havoc in your body. You may lose the ability to see or feel the truth. 

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Those with an overactive or underactive green color chakra often feel aloof, anti-social, narcissistic, and racist.

How Do You Activate A Green Chakra? 7 Ways To Unblock The Green Chakra 

The fourth chakra is responsible for system healing because it oxygenates the body with blood. On the spiritual scale, it’s accountable for spreading familial, sexual, and selfless love throughout the chakra system. 

If you’re feeling energy centers like the Anahata is out of balance, I’ll teach you several ways to open it right away.

1. Heart Chakra Healing Stones

When you use healing crystals that can clear the blockages in your hrit chakra, you’ll feel healing throughout your other chakras. By using powerful stones for the heart energy like emerald, morganite, jade, peridot, green aventurine, and rose quartz, you will heal it. 

How To Use Crystals For Hrit?

  • The best way to heal your whole with heart chakra stones is by infusing them in water to make a gem elixir. Make sure to drink it within a couple of days to see the best effects.
  • Having a gem bath by soaking Anahata safe in the water works well. 
  • You can use rose quartz to build a love grid in the shape of the heart or the associated symbol to attract your true love. 
  • Wearing crystals of heart chakra colors as jewelry over your heart as a necklace or pendant will keep you close to this chakra. 

2.  Chants For Green Energy

Yet another way to attract your soulmate towards you is by charging your Anahata chakra colors using affirmations. But love chants are just one way to activate heart energies. Affirmations are better because they can sync with your heartbeats if you keep chanting them.

Which Affirmations To Use?

  • I am full of love. 
  • I accept my life as it is.
  • I forgive others and myself.
  • I am kind to my spirit.
  • I release my fears. 
  • I choose to be compassionate.
  • I am calm and composed.

3.  Yoga Poses For Anahata

Anahata energy can also be unblocked with the help of specific yoga poses. Heart chakra yoga poses can open the hrit power and works well for relationships. 

You’ll sense a green aura of health and calmness when it begins to balance you.

Which Yoga Poses To Use?

  • Dancer’s Pose is the Western name for the yoga pose Natarajasana that opens the chest chakra. 
  • Cobra pose or Bhujangasana works on the blockages in such energy centers. 
  • Marjaryasana is often called the Cat Pose as it works on blood circulation in the human body. 

4. What To Eat For The Anahata?

When you’re trying to heal the heart center from the outside, it’s good to look to the physical side of healing. Fruits and vegetables in the color green positively impact this chakra color. It can raise your spirit, balance your emotions, and nourish your cardiac health. 

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What Foods To Eat For Green Energies?

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Kiwi
  • Mint
  • Green peas
  • Peas
  • Avocado
  • Guava
  • Beets 

5. Aromatherapy With The Green Chakra

One highly recommended ways to affect the heart chakra is using scents and essential oils. 

By using them in your aroma diffusers and humidifiers, you can spread love energy and open the chest chakra colors of green and pink. It even helps with mood problems and disorders related to mental health.

What Are Green Energy Essential Oils And Herbs?

  • Rose
  • Nose 
  • Geranium
  • Sandalwood 
  • Pine 
  • Ylang Ylang 
  • Frankincense

6. Reiki For Blocked Heart

When an experienced practitioner does Reiki on you, they use healing rocks for all the 7 chakra points

. The practitioner may use singing bowls tuned to the heart energies on such an occasion. It helps to open your heart functions. Such a therapeutic approach can make you less obsessed and filled with compassion.

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 How To Use Reiki For Green Centers?

  • Take your green chakra crystals such as rose quartz, jade, aventurine, etcetera if you want the practitioner to use them.
  • Wear loose clothes and lay comfortably.
  • Share any discomforts or concerns with the practitioner before and after the session.

7. Heart Chakra Altar

You can set up an altar in your bedroom to empower your heart vibrations. Doing so will help you deal with blocked heart frequencies and rekindle the fire in your Anahata easily. 

I’ll tell you all you need to set it up next. 

 What Does Green Mean In Meditation?

The definition of green is tranquility in meditation.

  • Get up before sunrise.
  • Face the sunrise position.
  • Start meditation by focusing on your breathing. 
  • Exhale and inhale deeply while inviting positive thoughts and eliminating negative emotions. 
  • Do it as long as you feel intuitive enough. 

 A Few Tips About Green Chakra Meaning

Finding the right balance is possible by bonding with the 7 chakra energies. And being in the middle of the power wheel, the heart chakra is the beating soul. It helps you see love around you, compassion in people next to you, and get well physically.

When trying to find a balanced Anahata power, it’s good to blend yellow and blue energies as green is a combination of both. Yellow chakra heals you, and blue chakra helps you find light and sense. 

A vital benefit of this chakra color with healing stones is how it fills you with compassion, happiness, and pink of health. The meaning of green healing stones is amplified love, and hrit can even drive up the sacral chakra kundalini.

Amongst the 7 chakra colors, the heart is the ruler of emotions and well-being. 

Keep in mind that the hrit energy develops from 21 to 28. Are you ready to embrace the powers of Hridaya?

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Dr. Emily Harris