How To Use The Power of Reiki Meditation For Seven Chakras? 

Last Updated on July 15, 2024

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Many psychics and renowned healers talk about the power of reiki meditation and its powerful energy fields. However, what can it do? How to use the power of reiki meditation for seven chakras?

Reiki is a type of energy healing technique performed by a Reiki Practitioner. They move the life force energy via their palms to cleanse negative emotions, improve spiritual consciousness, and relieve any physical injury in your body. 

Today we’ll discover the meaning of the word Reiki based on chakras and modern scientific techniques for healing. 

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Overview: What Is The Energy In Reiki? What Does A Reiki Practitioner Do?

Let’s start with the meaning of the word. 

Re-iki comes from the two Japanese words- Rei + Ki or 霊気, where Rei translates to soul/spirit and Ki (Qi/Chi) vital force or energy. 

The technique is a part of complementary treatment or alternative medicine where the palm of the reiki practitioner is used for the energy transfer of life force power. 

Note that it’s not just the practitioner’s energy transferred for healing body parts and chakras, but the universal energy to accelerate healing. So, the reiki doer doesn’t have the cure but is merely the medium for healing. 

This energy treatment is called palm healing, speed healing, or distance healing, as palms are hovered over the area of the receiver by the practitioner than touched. 

It’s commonly called Usui Reiki as it was founded by Mikao Usui, the Father Of Modern Spiritual Practice. Even randomized trials in the national center at the time have been conducted in the area. 

The Japanese words Rei-Ki signify a way of removing energy blocks like flushing the chakra out with crystal energies, yoga poses, chakra balancing, or chakra frequencies. 

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What Are The 5 Principles Of Reiki?

Reiki experts and in-depth literature review articles point to five major principles. 

  1. Just for today, I shan’t worry.
  2. I won’t be angry, Just for today.
  3. Just for today, I will be thankful.
  4. I will do honest work, Just for today.
  5. Just for today, I will be compassionate to every living thing. 

What Are Side Effects Of Reiki?

Thus, as an energy healing therapy, a well-practiced Reiki practitioner can help you relax. Then, that’s why it’s complementary medicine. 

However, every one of us is different inside-out. When complementary therapy is done without enough Reiki training may backfire.

Reiki experts point out that while the healing technique can improve health conditions and reduce pain when everything works right, it can also sometimes cause distress. 

However, after Reiki sessions, some people may suffer from headaches, increased pain, confusion, or weakness. Additionally, you may even be uneasy, sick, or nauseous from it. 

Make sure to convey it to the Reiki practitioner. And so, that’s why learning Reiki is a hands-on healing therapy you can hardly do on your own body. 

What’s The Meaning Of Root Chakra Rei-ki Healing?

Because the meaning of root chakra is grounding. Then Rei-ki root healing energy is excellent for stabilizing you and connecting you to Mother Earth. 

Alternate NamesBase Chakra, Muladhara 
Color Red
Location The base of the spine 
Element Earth 
Mantra LAM

What Are The Root Chakra Benefits From Reiki?

And so, a reiki session focused on your base chakra, heals your physical body parts. For this reason, this includes the spine, limbs, stomach, adrenal glands, intestines, kidneys, and the reproductive system. 

You’ll also develop positive energy when the practitioner holds the energy fields around your Muladhara during this complementary therapy. Furthermore, It’ll help your spiritual well-being by purifying, protecting, and calming you. 

Which Crystals Go With Root Chakra? 

Because healing stones ruled by the first chakra in the color red are often associated with it for removing negative energy. Then, the healing power of Reiki for the base chakra usually uses ruby, garnet, sardonyx, red jasper, hematite, fire agate, and black obsidian.

What’s The Power Of Reiki Meditation For Root Chakra?

With this in mind, reiki Practitioners urge you to visualize things about the root. Because, these include the symbol of a red aura, a lotus flower with four petals, or chanting the seed syllable to do Reiki meditation.

What’s The Meaning Of Sacral Chakra Reiki? What’s Life Force Energy?

When it comes to the second chakra in the seven chakras, the sacral chakra empowers the life force energy or kundalini. Hence, the healing power of Reiki enhances passion, sensuality, and creativity. 

Alternate NamesSvadhisthana
Color Orange 
Location Perineum
Element Water 
Mantra VAM

What Are The Benefits For Sacral Chakra? 

The life force energy of Svadhisthana starts from the pelvic area. Hence, it heals the sex organs, kidneys, adrenal glands, stomach, intestines, bowels, and hips. 

Then, by utilizing energy transfer power in Reiki sessions, you can clear energy blocks to your luck, destiny, creativity, and emotional balance. 

Which Crystals Go With Root Chakra For Reiki Treatment?

Many healing stones are used today by a Reiki master for doing energy therapy. But the sacral chakra crystals like tiger eye, coral, citrine, carnelian, orange calcite, and tangerine quartz are the most popular options in a Sacral chakra Reiki session.

What’s The Power Of Reiki Meditation For Sacral Chakra According To Reiki Practitioners?

One of the best ways to have a Reiki treatment is by meditating. At the same time, the practitioner works on your physical and subtle bodies. Accordingly, Reiki meditation is best to try to hold onto the present moment by visualizing the orange aura or a lotus flower with six petals.

What’s The Meaning Of Solar Plexus Chakra Rei-ki?

In the complementary medicine of palm healing or Rei-Ki, the Solar Plexus balancing involves awakening your inner sun. Such a Reiki session can also bring deep relaxation and personal power on top of health benefits.

Alternate NamesManipura, Navel Chakra
Color Yellow 
Location Four inches above the belly button
Element Fire
Mantra RAM

What Are The Solar Plexus Chakra Benefits? 

Research suggests that solar plexus Rei-Ki benefits accelerate your body’s natural healing processes. So, it’s a complementary health therapy of speed healing that affects your stomach, heart, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and blood.

Furthermore, with the healing power of Reiki, you can find confidence, courage, trust, prosperity, warrior energy, and even low blood pressure. Thus, spiritually, it gives you angelic protection.

Which Crystals Are Perfect For Solar Plexus Chakra Reiki Therapy? 

To channel Reiki, most trained practitioners also use the power of solar plexus crystals. Accordingly, these are placed on top of the chakra location to boost the healing in Reiki sessions. 

Some of these healing stones are citrine, opal, amber, sunstone, honey calcite, and pyrite. 

How To Do Reiki Meditation For Solar Plexus Chakra?

Reiki meditation for the solar plexus has the personal sun energy involved. In fact, you can try it by imagining the yellow color lotus with ten petals, a yellow aura radiating from your stomach, and chanting the seed syllable.

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What’s The Meaning Of Heart Chakra Rei-ki?

Reiki masters work on the life energy in the middle chakra of the heart to spread universal love and oneness. Your heart power is also responsible for physical and emotional balance. Thus, it’s essential for self-respect and self-love.

Alternate NamesAnahata, Hrit/ Hridaya Chakra 
Color Green and Pink 
Location Center of the chest 
Element Air 
Mantra YAM 

What Are The Benefits For Heart Chakra?

Tapping into the universal energy of Hrit chakra with the complementary medicine of Rei-Ki will speed up your body’s natural healing processes. 

Then, the blood pressure will stabilize, your heart will get healthier, and your lungs will clear. Furthermore, it can even help reduce pain in the shoulders, chest, and upper back. In addition, It’ll help you cultivate kindness, compassion, abundance, luck, and success. 

Which Crystals Are Good For Heart Chakra For Reiki Treatment? 

The natural healing techniques of crystals are widely used in heart chakra healing Rei-Ki. As a result, using crystals like rose quartz, jade, rhodonite, green aventurine, morganite, emerald, and prehnite are excellent. Moreover, they will eliminate the negative energy in your heart and around you. 

How To Do Reiki Meditation For Heart Chakra?

Your Reiki Master will guide you about the healing power of Reiki while you meditate on the thought. Consequently, you can do Reiki meditation by visualizing the colors green and pink. Alternatively, watch the lotus flower with 12 petals enveloping you. 

What’s The Meaning Of Throat Chakra Rei-ki?

Even the international center in Asia offers Reiki training courses for healing the life energy of communication from the throat chakra. And so, now you know this chakra is closely related to your inner voice. 

Alternate NamesVishuddha 
Color Blue
Location On top of the neck 
Element Sky
Mantra HAM

What Are The Throat Chakra Benefits?

When the Reiki Master puts their palms or her hands, you’ll instantly feel a rush of positive energy in the throat area. Moreover, it can heal problems with your speech, throat, teeth, lungs, and tonsils. 

Thus, emotionally, Vishuddha brings fearlessness, self-esteem, charisma, and communication skills. In addition, it helps you find the truth, destiny, and spiritual awareness. 

Which Crystals Work Well With Throat Chakra For Reiki Therapy According To A Reiki Master?

The healing power of Reiki for the fifth chakra is enhanced when you use blue color crystals. Accordingly, throat chakra Reiki treatments usually use turquoise, chalcedony, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, and celestite. 

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What’s The Power Of Reiki Meditation For Throat Chakra?

Whether you’re a practitioner or in Reiki training, it’s important to meditate on your intention for the healing energy ritual. During Reiki meditation for the throat energies, focus on the aura of the master or her hands while visualizing the blue lotus with 16 petals. 

What’s The Meaning Of Third Eye Chakra Rei-ki?

The healing energy of the sixth chakra connects you to the universal energy. Third eye meaning is intuition, and the energy involved comes from the higher realms. 

Alternate NamesAjna, Inner Eye, Spiritual eye 
Color Indigo
Location Between the brows 
Element Light 
Mantra Om

What Are The Benefits From Third Eye Chakra?

Going for a natural healing session of Rei-Ki for the third eye chakra brings confidence, courage, communication skills, trust, focus, critical thinking, and karmic therapy

Consequently, Reiki sessions for the fifth chakra promise many health benefits for the eyes, sinuses, nose, brains, ears, thyroid, pineal gland, sleep system, and pituitary gland. 

Spiritually though, third eye reiki will enhance your psychic abilities like intuition, spirit communication, and clairvision.

Which Crystals Work With Third Eye Chakra For Reiki Therapy?

The Reiki energy that comes from the healing power of Reiki crystals for the Ajna is excellent for enhancing psychic abilities. 

Therefore, you should pick crystals for third eye well-being like tanzanite, amethyst, blue sapphire, moonstone, fluorite, azurite, and labradorite.

How To Do Reiki Meditation For Third Eye Chakra?

Reiki meditation for the Ajna works well when you concentrate on the symbolic meaning of Ajna and a lotus flower-bearing two petals. Therefore, amp up the energy fields with your thoughts by visualizing the indigo aura around you.

What’s The Meaning Of Crown Chakra Rei-ki?

Reiki of the crown chakra is the link between your material connection and universal energy. Hence, the complementary health therapy of Rei-Ki for the fourth chakra relies on the same energy as the divine. 

Alternate NamesSahasrara
Color Purple 
Location On top of the forehead/ Above the forehead
Element Thought
Mantra AUM

What Are Crown Chakra Benefits?

As the life force energy reaches the crown, it heals your brain, sinuses, nerves, spinal cord, eyes, and the endocrine system. Thus, Usui Reiki healing for Sahasrara can boost your intuition, wisdom, empathy, positivity, clarity, and spirit communication. 

Which Crystals Go Well With Crown Chakra For Reiki Therapy?

Use amethyst, clear quartz, lepidolite, selenite, or sugilite in a Reiki session with purple crystals. Then, Reiki treatments with them will help you master your spiritual practice and destiny. 

What’s The Power Of Reiki Meditation For Crown Chakra?

If you want deep relaxation with Reiki treatment, speed healing will help you. All you need to do is visualize a thousand petal lotus and violet aura during Reiki meditation, for instance.

Start Doing Reiki For 7 Chakras TODAY!

Initially, there are many types of alternative medicine found in the Eastern part of the world. Thus, Rei-Ki combines the best of chakras and Japanese deep relaxation techniques. 

Subsequently, it can put you in a deep meditative state of well-being and derive health benefits based on in-depth literature reviews. 

So, the energy healing of Rei-Ki can be applied to individual chakras by Reiki practitioners. 

Thus, Reiki meditation and crystals may enable relaxation or heal a particular injury. Make sure to pick a good master because what the practitioner feels and what the practitioner holds matters in the Reiki energy healing to unblock the positive Reiki energy.

Furthermore, Reiki meditation and crystals may enable relaxation or heal a particular injury. Thus, bear in mind to pick a good master. Though as noted, what the practitioner feels and what the practitioner holds, matters in the Reiki energy healing to unblock the positive Reiki energy.

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