Root Chakra: Over 25 Uses, Properties, And Powers

Last Updated on July 3, 2024

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We all know plants and trees and roots that connect them to ours. But do you know we also have roots that connect us to Mother Gaia from where we came? While it’s invisible to the naked eye, root chakra exists in the body. 

So, what does this chakra read in metaphysics? What does it do?

The root chakra can help build the foundation of your mental security compared to other chakras in the body. It also brings a sense of security and a lack of fear.

Read on to find out the right way to use it with meditation, yogasanas, affirmations, crystals, and more. Find out what history says about it too!

First Chakra Defined: What’s The Meaning Of Root Chakra?

From Hinduism to Buddhism, this chakra forms the first energy point amongst the seven chakras. 

The meaning of it is grounding. It’s believed to calm down the body and mind by connecting to Mother Earth. Unlike other chakras, that may be why it’s called the Earth Chakra (Bhoomi Chakra in Sanskrit). 

The kundalini energy flows into the rest of the chakras only when the root is awake to empower your spirit. That’s why it’s called the foundation of chakras. 

Without awakening, the root, the flow of energy within the body closes down, and your safety and security disappear. You can open the blocked root chakras via energy rituals and therapies we’ll explain ahead.

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Root Chakra Chart

Seed MantraLam
Positive Aura ColorRed
Negative Aura ColorBrown, Murky Red
Physical BenefitsSpine, Legs, Hands, Stomach, Intestines, Blood Circulation, Adrenal Glands, Kidneys, Reproductive System, and Immune System.
Emotional BenefitsPassion, Calmness, Wisdom, Positivity, Safety, Courage, and Focus.
Spiritual BenefitsPurification, Protection, Grounding, Universal Connection,

What’s The Sanskrit Name Of Root Chakra And What Does It Mean?

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the root chakra is called मूलधारा or Muladhara/Mooladhara. Mula/moola means the root, and Dhara refers to the stem or flux. 

Together, Mula-dhara refers to the base of existence, current, or flux. The same is why it’s often referred to as the Mula chakra. Just as plants are rooted in the Earth, Mooladhara is our connection to the Earth.

Where Is This Chakra Located?

According to most scriptures, among the seven chakras in the human body, the root energy center is situated at the base of the spine. That may also be why it’s called the base of the spine chakra. 

However, psychics and healers also believe it may be located between the first three vertebrae at the base of the tailbone.

An easier way to recognize the support or base chakra location is to sit down. Here, the part where the end of your spine touches the ground is your root energy center!

What’s The Natural Frequency Of Root Chakra?

You can tune into the healing powers of the Mooladhara by tuning to 432 Hz music, binaural beats, or solfeggio frequencies. It will help you balance it and feel grounded and secure. Try today! 

432Hz | Healing Music | Derived from Cosmos | 8 HOURS

How To Understand The Symbol Of Root Chakra?

Its symbol can be understood using its four key elements- color, shape, petals, and seed mantra. 

Altogether, the meaning of the root energy centers spiritually is stability, courage, and self-confidence.

chakra, root chakra

What’s The Color Of Root Chakra?

The core color of the base energy center in the body of seven chakras is red

Why is it red? According to color psychology, it’s the color of vitality, health, and courage. This chakra stands for the same because it makes you feel grounded with nature, the world, and your life.

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How Many Petals Does the Root Chakra Lotus Flower Have?

The second key element of it is the lotus flower with four petals. Hence it’s called Chaturdala in Sanskrit. 

The four petals here refer to your physical connection to the higher realms, and each petal stands for a Sanskrit alphabet. The same is why it’s also called the Brahma Padma.

What’s the Shape Of The Root Chakra?

The central shape inside the Mooladhara energy center is a square signifying stability, security, rigidity, discipline, and balance. It stands for the mental, physical, and spiritual support of grounding you have with the Earth. Within the square is an inverted triangle representing the Earth itself.

What’s The Meaning Of The Seed Mantra Of Root Chakra?

Within all of the other symbols of the root chakra is its seed mantra- LAM. Lam stands for the ruling element of the this chakra balancing power that we’ll explore ahead. Basically, it’s your link to Mother Gaia.

What’s The Element Of Root Chakra?

By now, you already know the base chakra healing denotes Earth in metaphysical respects. Put simply, the first chakra creates your tether to Mother Gaia. You’ll feel stable, safe, and secure with a balanced root chakra.

Which Is The Ruling Planet Of Root Chakra?

The Brahma Padma chakras are ruled by the energy of Mars. It’s the planet responsible for vigor, vitality, ambition, and even passion. 

That’s why you’ll experience feelings of support and a need for safety when it’s open. When you’ve bonded with the root, you’ll find health, spiritual foundation, and your inner self.

Which Day Is Associated With The Root Chakra?

Tuesday is the day of the first chakra and Mars. 

When you invoke the chakra energy of support or base on this day, it will help you manifest your wishes and empower your body. Psychics say you should do meditation and yoga on Tuesday.

What Are The Root Chakra Gods?

Root chakra healing is associated with three Hindu Gods- Brahma, Dakini, and Ganesha.

According to Hinduism, Brahma is the Creator of the universe and everything in it. He came before all the other gods and the first of the trinity. He brings knowledge, wisdom, and basic needs. 

Dakini is the Goddess of manifestation and liberation. Hence, Dakini is often represented naked in the body. She brings the practice of creative thought. 

Ganesha is the son of God Shiva. He attracts the power of abundance, prosperity, and foundation of health.

Together, these three Gods balance the root chakra located at the base to make you feel safe with food, water, and power.

Which Is The Root Chakra Finger?

Besides the spiritual meanings, the physical body of it is believed to be inhabited in the index finger. 

When it comes to Tantric physics, removing the blocked energies with its healing is possible by using the index finger to conduct rituals associated with it.

At What Age Does The Root Chakra Develop? 

Your first chakra develops in the body from your time of conception until the age of schooling, around 5 or 7. It’s the earliest one of the chakras in the chakra system to develop right from the womb. 

That’s why any trauma while in your mother’s womb, infancy, or childhood can block this energy system.

What’s the Root Chakra Aura?

A person with a robust root energy center will show up with a bright red aura around them. Their physical body will radiate with reddish energy circles around them at least a few feet. It’s the commonest aura with people who practice charitable deeds and ways like helping others.

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Where Is The Root Chakra Of Earth’s Root Chakra Located?

Like the seven chakras in the human body, the Earth also has seven chakras. The root chakra center of the Earth is found in California at Mount Shastha. 

It’s one of the unique volcanoes frozen in time with ice. History says it’s the helipad of spiritual beings since ancient times!

Which Zodiac Signs Are Associated With The Root Chakra?

Balancing the root chakra is easiest if you’re born under the zodiacs of Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, or Aquarius.

Capricorns will find more drive and passion for committing to work. At the same time, Virgos are believed to find their spiritual destiny and love for nature. 

On the other hand, Taurus will find signs that lead to success and stability in life. The chakra healing benefits of root energy centers affect an Aquarius by bringing them patients and a sense of calmness.

Which Root Chakra Affirmations Works Well?

You can positively impact the root chakra system using the power of chanting and affirmations. It’s an excellent tool for chakra balancing to help you find feelings of security. 

Legend also says that affirmations are best for all chakras if you know what to chant.

You can positively impact the root chakra system using the power of chanting and affirmations. It’s an excellent tool for chakra balancing to help you find feelings of security. 

Legend also says that affirmations are best for all chakras if you know what to chant.

  • I am grounded.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I am protected.
  • I experience fearlessness. 
  • I am safe.

What Are The Top Best Root Chakra Meditation Techniques?

The spiritual practice of meditation is one of the oldest scientifically backed concepts for self-healing. 

When combined with yoga, meditation can help you find the grounding necessary for root chakra.

  • If you’re interested, start by finding a comfortable place to sit in and a good pose. 
  • Next, close your eyes and focus on your breathwork. 
  • Make sure to visualize the root chakra tone and shade, visualizing from your spine when you’re doing this grounding meditation. 
  • I suggest wearing red. 
  • Do it at the best time of the week of root energies (Tuesday) to gain the most positivity.

Things To Remember about Root Chakra Herbs And Aromas

One of the best ways to manage your health with root chakra energies is using aromatherapy. It will make you feel well besides improving health concerns related to your spine and connecting to your spiritual destiny. 

It’s best to practice the application of root chakra herbs and scents like sandalwood, ginger, vetiver, cloves, and black pepper

Practice topical application to help with chakra balancing or add therapeutic rituals like meditation or crystals.

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Which Yoga Poses For Root Chakra Are The Most Effective?

The practice of doing yoga poses is a great way to work on your body, mind, and soul. 

Besides bettering you from the inside, it can also help you connect with nature and the people around you. Some of the best asanas for root chakra healing are Uttanasana, Janu Sirasana, Sukhasana, and Malasana. 

What’s The Central Mudra Of Root Chakra?

The Muladhara Mudra/ Horse Mudra is the key gesture to open the root chakra system with your hand. You can pair it up with yoga poses at dawn to embrace nature to have a better experience. 

Muladhara Chakra in Practice

I always do this barefoot on the ground as it helps me feel safe and secure.

What Foods To Eat For Balancing The Root Chakra?

Apart from meditation and yoga, there are other ways to balance your root chakra system, body, and inner self. It’s by eating foods associated with its balancing.

Reddish foods are some of the everyday things psychics and healers say to unblock the foundation chakra to help your spine health and spiritual feelings. These include- beetroot, radish, red meat, chili, tomato, apple, and apple pomegranate. 

Which Are The Best Root Chakra Crystals And How To Use Them?

Universe says you don’t need to dig into the core of the Earth to get the chakra balancing powers of the root chakra. Nature has its own special spiritual tools called base chakra crystals. Besides emotional feelings of security, they can help with your spine, feet, or back health. 

No rights reserved if you use healing crystals such as ruby, sardonyx, garnet, hematite, red jasper, and fire agate by your side. More power to you if you also connect them with meditation, yoga, or affirmations.

How Do You Know If Your Root Chakra Is Blocked?

Let’s look at what you sense when your chakras get blocked in the body.

root chakra

What Is An Overactive Root Chakra?

ObsessionWhether it’s OCD about your work, love life, or home, overactive root chakra can keep you anxious and give a sense of adrenaline rush. Greed
Physical problemsYou may even feel pain all over the back or feet besides dizziness, immune problems, and inflammation.
GreedWhen the base chakra balance is off, it’s common to experience anger or envy. You may even practice hoarding things (not letting go) or stealing others.
SuspicionOne of the adverse effects of an overworked base chakra is how it fills your mind with negative affirmations about yourself and others in your life.
AngerWhen your base power is astray, it’s common to take your frustration out on others as it might be hard to accept changes.

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What Is An Underactive Root Chakra?

LonelinessOne of the worst effects of a malnourished Mooladhara energy center is the lack of feeling complete or an immense sense of being alone.
LazinessYou’ll lose work and time when laziness takes over you with distractions that affect the balance of the Mooladhara.
Weight GainMost people say a common way of detecting a lack of base powers is when you’re fatigued.
HopelessnessSpirituality advises you to get help by working on your root center when you suddenly feel pessimistic.
DebtsGetting back to financial stability might be challenging when you have problems keeping your root chakra active.

What Could Be Blocking Root Chakra?

Have you met any psychics? If you did, the psychic says your root chakra is blocked by emotional and spiritual traumas, unlike those that physically hampered you. 

Blockages in the base energy areas directly result from poor lifestyle practices. You may have lost connection with Mother Earth if you have a dysfunctional family life. 

Just like roots of plants die without sunlight, water, and soil, your own base can wither out without rituals that nurture the first chakra, like charity, oneness, and humility. Guilt, revenge, and bad karma can also affect your base energies. 

If you’re always afraid or fearing the natural order of things, it’s common for the base to suffer. Mooladhara is often weak in people struggling with their careers, poverty, and abandonment issues. You might always crave or need the safety of others in such a case.

What Happens When You Open Your Root Chakra? What Does Root Chakra Opening Feel Like?

When the base energy is fully open, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world

You’ll start hearing the voice of the universe that says the force is on your side. When your base is no longer blocked, you’ll feel a tingle, coolness, or warmth at the end of your spine.

You may feel optimistic, self-reliant, confident, and enthusiastic about the future. 

Most people with a strong base chakra often glow in red around their lower bodies. They won’t fear anything and find positivity even in the darkest of times. 

The first chakra also encourages you to stay fit and reach your ideal body weight by keeping you grounded in your goals. You’ll sense safety and the need for balance in your life when Mooladhara is by your side.

How Do I Open My Root Chakra? How Do I Strengthen My Root Chakra?

The best practice for opening your base system of energies is not one but many. 

As it’s the foundation of all the other chakras, there are many ways to power it up. You can start by getting out in the open to share the vibrations of nature or listen to a singing bowl. 

I suggest walking barefoot to connect with the Earth quickly. 

An excellent way to empower your health with the base power is by jogging, breathwork, or doing survival sports. If you recite mantras or affirmations, it’s one way to naturally open up the blocked first power center.

Activities that appease Mother Gaia are also excellent ways to find balance. These are planting trees or offering water to the ground. They will also help you to bring balance to your spirit and body in more than one way.

Final Thoughts On Exploring Your Root Chakra Powers

Bringing balance to the body is the job of root chakras among all the other seven chakras. It does so by building a foundation for others. 

The best way to awaken the powers of the root chakra is by using energy rituals like meditation, yoga, crystals, and mantras. But you need to read into the metaphysics of chakras and their healing properties first!

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