A Big Heart – 14 Crystals To Unlock Heart Chakra Power

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

Our heart chakra is the center of our compassionate, loving, and empathetic energies.  If it becomes blocked, out of alignment, or otherwise negatively affected, our emotional states can suffer.  

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Luckily, there are several different crystals we can use to heal or boost the energy of our heart chakra to make sure we remain emotionally in balance and able to share positive energy with the people we come into contact with, maintaining healthy relationships. 

We’ve listed several of the best ones here.

Rose Quartz As Crystal to Unlock Heart Chakra

This beautiful pink quartz crystal is known for its ability to help us feel more balanced and at peace. Holding it over your heart chakra will enhance its power, especially if you do so while meditating.

It’s also a great stone for balancing emotions, especially when they’re negative. 

Rose quartz helps us release old feelings that no longer serve us or express love.

This can be helpful if we hold on to anger, resentment, grudges, or other destructive emotions that continue to eat away at us over time.

This includes holding onto self-judgment and past mistakes made. When all this stuff sinks into the earth, it becomes part of the natural cycle of renewal and reclamation. 

It’s often referred to as “the cleanser” because it can remove these things from your life once you recognize their destructiveness.

Amethyst As Crystal to Unlock Heart Chakra

Our heart chakra is located right below our throat chakra. Amethyst is one of the most powerful stones to enhance our energy fields and keep them aligned properly.

This lovely purple gemstone has long been associated with healing grief.

Holding an amethyst over the area will give us access to deep, buried memories that may have kept their hold over us due to fear. 

It can also help us let go of guilt, shame, and regrets. Holding an amethyst in meditation practice will allow us to remember those we’ve hurt and bring forgiveness to ourselves and others.

The ancient Greeks believed that wearing an amulet containing amethyst would protect against evil spirits.

In addition to helping us work through difficult issues of the past, it offers protection in the present so nothing bad comes into your life.

Sapphire As Crystal to Unlock Heart Chakra

Sapphire is another favorite gemstone for enhancing the energy of our heart chakra.

Its soft blue color calms and brings inner calmness. Sapphire can help align the body by keeping our energy flowing freely throughout our whole being. 

It strengthens our immune system, improves our sleep quality, supports the nervous system, and encourages well-being overall.

It clears any blockages in our energy field, which allows more flow of divine light and prana – or universal energy – to fill us up.

Tanzanite As Crystal to Unlock Heart Chakra

Many people see tanzanite as the perfect gift to offer someone who just gave birth.

It can help to strengthen a mother’s bond with her infant by unlocking extra energy from the heart chakra and increase her sense of maternal connection.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be used for anyone else though! Tanzanite is excellent for enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.

It has been reported to assist practitioners in receiving guidance regarding spiritual matters.

Black Tourmaline As Crystal to Unlock Heart Chakra

If you want to clear emotional blocks off your path, particularly if you’re having trouble being as empathetic as you think you should be, focusing on black tourmaline can help to cleanse and unblock your heart chakra to make this happen. 

Black tourmaline will help you release the negativity from your own past or the current situation around you.

The ancient Indians saw this stone as a protector of children, pets, and animals. They even said that it could cure depression in humans.

Amber As Crystal to Unlock Heart Chakra

This beautiful stone emanates a warm, golden glow. If you want to help balance your relationship with money and wealth, amber can support you in working toward prosperity and abundance.

Amber protects us from dark forces and gives us strength and courage during times of need. It also wards off dangerous energies. 

Ancient Greeks thought that holding a piece of amber helped ward off evil spirits.

Turquoise As Crystal to Unlock Heart Chakra

It’s important to balance the energy of your heart with the rest of your energy.  Turquoise helps do that by balancing the entire chakra system.

It’s great for relieving stress and anxiety while inspiring confidence, focus, and clarity. 

Turquoise is a wonderful choice when looking for ways to relieve fatigue caused by stress. You can wear this stone, hold it, carry it, meditate with it, write about it, plant a tree with it, or incorporate it into artwork.

This lovely blue gem will encourage peace, love, healing, and harmony.

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Garnet As Crystal to Unlock Heart Chakra

This stone is known as a lover’s gem because it is believed to attract others like themselves to each other. It is considered “heart” stones, and in fact, it can help heal broken hearts.

People often wear garnet jewelry because they believe it inspires them to be creative. Garnets are popularly called “love at first sight.”

It is usually associated with the heart chakra. To activate the heart chakra we must take this stone out of its hiding place so it can shine forth.

Ruby As Crystal to Unlock Heart Chakra

Red gems, such as rubies, stimulate creativity, meaning that they’re associated primarily with the throat chakra.  However, balancing the throat and heart chakras will make sure your expression is in tune with your heart.

When worn as jewelry, they remind us to keep living life to the fullest and keep moving forward. 

Rubies tend to attract positive people to our lives. By wearing red, you can infuse positivity into your life and create an uplifting atmosphere wherever you go.

Ruby energy is said to be able to heal the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Wear ruby jewelry when you feel sad or depressed.

Let this stone work its magic to remove negative energy and transform you into a happy, joyful person again.

Lapis Lazuli

This gorgeous blue stone is believed to ease tensions and help you find answers to problems. Use lapis lazuli to connect with a higher power.

Lapis is useful for balancing all seven major chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, crown. 

These stones are very helpful for meditation for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

It stimulates the brain and nervous systems by allowing increased energy flow to your energy centers. They also strengthen the immune system.

Lapis has been used for centuries to treat liver disease and kidney disorders.


This clear crystal offers protection against negative influences. Agate heals emotional wounds and balances the heart’s energy.

It acts as a shield for the physical body. Agate is very effective in treating insomnia and emotional imbalance. 

Also, it’s a great way to relax after a stressful day. Wear agate when there’s trouble in your love life.

If you have a partner who doesn’t understand why you need space from them (or vice versa), use this stone as a reminder that things will get better if only you allow yourself time to grieve. 


This stone attracts loving relationships and brings joy into any situation. Serpentine brings happiness and helps heal past hurts in relationships by opening the heart chakra to its fullest extent.

To boost its power, try wearing it over your heart chakra while setting intentions for your most important relationships. This will unleash your heart’s most powerful energies, giving you the love you need to move on and heal. 

While wearing serpentine jewelry, visualize how it feels to give and receive love. You may discover that it’s easier than you thought.


This lovely aqua stone helps clear away old attachments and feelings of inadequacy. Aquamarine is believed to enhance communication skills and increase empathy, a property most closely associated with the heart chakra.

It also increases enthusiasm and self-confidence. 

This stone can also help balance the seventh chakra – the crown chakra — which is located behind the head. Aquamarine encourages you to become aware of what lies beyond your own awareness.

This stone improves clarity of thinking and intuition. When we wear aquamarine, we gain greater understanding of ourselves and our environment. We can even see more clearly what other people really mean.

Green Moldavite

This gem makes you more focused as well as feeling peaceful within. Green moldavite helps increase mental focus.

Your thoughts become clearer and sharper because green moldavite allows you to open up your senses and experience the world around you. 

Another benefit of green moldavite is that it strengthens your spiritual connection and draws you closer to nature.

The properties of these stones encourage you to take responsibility for your life, but in a way that uses the energy of your heart chakra to help you to accept yourself and your flaws while giving you encouragement to be your best self.

Final Thoughts

The heart chakra is one that people often want to develop further to help them establish harmonious relationships and benefit from the healing power of love.

  These stones and crystals are ideal for helping you to do just that, so try some of them out and reap the rewards.

Dr. Emily Harris