Most Popular Must-Have Crystals For Enhancing The Third Eye Chakra

Last Updated on July 15, 2024

Your Third Eye Chakra (sometimes also called the sixth chakra and known as Ajna in Sanskrit) is the most powerful center of intuition, insight, and trust in the human body. 

Fully opening this chakra and making sure that pure energy flows through it can help you to more powerfully know yourself and others, and to achieve a state of calm lucidity that’s perfect for meditation.  

Several crystals and stones can help you to do this, but it can be challenging to know what ones they are. With such a variety of crystals out there and contradicting information, it can be difficult to know which crystals are best for your third eye chakra. 

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Well, no more! Today we are here with all the answers you need. We have listed some of the best crystals here to help you find the right one today. Keep reading to find out more!

Must-Have Crystals For Enhancing The Third Eye Chakra

Let’s get straight into it! Below is a list of the most popular must-have crystals that will enhance your third eye chakra. Read on to find the right crystal for you today. 

Lapis Lazuli – Crystal for Third Eye Chakra

Lapis Lazuli has been used for centuries by many cultures to promote intuitive insights, psychic abilities, healing, and spiritual growth. It’s a stone of truth-telling and self-awareness, especially when it comes to emotions. 

When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, Lapis will help you to be able to see things clearly without getting swept away by emotional turmoil. It helps you to understand what needs to change so that you can create a healthier life.  

Since it’s so connected to the third eye chakra, you can hold it there as you meditate to enhance the flow of energy, making it a powerful tool.

Amethyst – Crystal for Third Eye Chakra

Amethyst is a very calming crystal, which makes it great for helping you to relax and stay open to the possibility of learning about yourself and others through your intuition. It’s good for grounding and centering, and it helps you to feel safe and protected from negative energies.

You can use it to increase your ability to make wise decisions. If you have trouble sleeping, try holding an amethyst under your pillow before bedtime.

Rose Quartz – Crystal for Third Eye Chakra

Rose quartz is one of the most beautiful stones on Earth. Its soft pink color symbolizes love and nurturing, while its white light represents purity and innocence.

It’s a wonderful stone to work with if you want to engage in self-reflection clearly while tapping into higher powers to help you understand your true self. 

It’s also a great stone to carry around with you wherever you go since it’ll help you to remember who you are at all times.

Citrine – Crystal for Third Eye Chakra

Citrine is a very bright yellowish-orange stone that’s often associated with clairvoyance in developing your sixth sense, making it perfect to use in combination with your third eye chakra.  

Clairvoyance can be considered a kind of spiritual contemplation and awareness, where you get a glimpse of something beyond the physical world.

It’s like seeing a shadow of something bigger than your everyday reality, and citrine can help to bring those shadows into clearer focus for you by ensuring that the energy flowing through your third eye chakra is perfect and pure.

Aquamarine – Crystal for Third Eye Chakra

Aquamarine is a lovely blue-green gemstone that’s traditionally linked to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. It’s a stone that’s highly regarded for its ability to connect us to our inner wisdom, and it’s a good choice for anyone looking to develop their brand of spirituality. 

It’s not only useful for connecting with your spirit guides but also for bringing clarity to any relationship issues that may arise in your life. Aquamarine is also “the healer’s stone” because it’s to aid in the recovery process after illness or injury.

Turquoise – Crystal for Third Eye Chakra

Turquoise is a gorgeous greenish-blue stone that’s traditionally akin with deep wisdom and compassion, plus it’s a common belief that it attracts wealth.

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The most important thing to know about this fantastic stone is that it brings up feelings of happiness within you—if you’re experiencing sadness, grief, or pain, turquoise is going to help you heal. 

Turquoise supports the development of your sixth sense, meaning you’ll gain access to information outside of your five senses, which gives you more power over your mind and body. Turquoise is a great place to start building a strong foundation of intuitive knowledge.

Chrysoprase – Crystal for Third Eye Chakra

Chrysoprase is a brilliant golden amber, and this rare gemstone is strongly in connection with the same kind of feminine energy that radiates from the third eye chakra. 

Chrysoprase is in association as being “wisdom itself” as ,” and it’s in use to assist other people in gaining wisdom by encouraging them to make wise choices in their lives. 

It’s also an excellent choice if you’re ready to permit yourself to feel emotions. Such emotions are sorrow and loss without fear or guilt.

This helps you grow when in a challenging situations in life. And it’s an incredibly powerful stone that can be in use to increase your emotional intelligence; a valuable skill to have if you want to improve your relationships.

Kyanite – Crystal for Third Eye Chakra

Kyanite is rich black crystal quartz and is one of the most powerfully grounding stones on Earth. When we talk about grounding, what we mean is that kyanite brings all aspects of self back to the center so that everything feels balanced. 

And since this amazing gemstone boosts confidence and builds trust, you are free to find solutions to your problems. Kyanite is good in assisting many people in overcoming depression and anxiety, and it’s widely in account as a healing balm for the heart.

Blue Apatite – Crystal for Third Eye Chakra

Apatite is to be a universal healing stone. Its presence calms and balances in your nervous system, and it’s to encourage relaxation, patience, self-control, serenity, and peace of mind.

Its gentle energy supplements the energy that flows from your third eye chakra to help you gain a greater awareness of the world around you and your place in it. 

Plus it offers protection against negative energies so you can prevent psychic attacks or abuse. If you’re trying to overcome addictions or negativity, apatite can support you in that pursuit, helping you to move away from harmful habits by bringing true peace to the soul.


This beautiful orange stone can boost self-confidence and promote health, especially in the eyes. It’s to increase clarity and intuition, but it can do much more than that.

Carnelian also stimulates creativity, motivation, willpower, and courage, making it one of the most popular gems for improving physical stamina and strength. 

So whether your goal is to work harder at something or to maintain long-term goals, carnelian will help you succeed in achieving them.


One of the most mysterious stones on our planet, amazonite carries hidden spiritual meanings. It has a well-known ability to bring many of your chakras into alignment. It is to improve the flow of energy between them, including the third eye chakra. 

Amazonite improves your relationship skills, boosting both your professional success and personal happiness. 

If you need to learn how to love your body again after years of hating it. Then amazonite gemstone is highly in favor. It not only makes you aware of your beauty but supports the development of your spirituality. Furthermore, it teaches you to take care of yourself first.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is the stone of focus and concentration as people know. It’s been a help throughout history for its calming properties. Moreover, modern studies show that blue topaz supports the brain’s visual cortex which plays a major role in memory, learning, and attention. 

Like many stones, blue topaz aids meditation by opening your third eye chakra and keeping your thoughts clear. It can help you get out of ruts mentally too because blue topaz encourages intellectual curiosity and creativity. 

This makes it a valuable tool for writers and artists, and it can even aid problem-solving and decision-making in general. Finally, blue topaz can heal psychological wounds caused by trauma, grief, loss, and any other emotional pain.

Blue Onyx

If your life is feeling unbalanced, blue onyx can help sort things out. It’s often state as an energizing stone, meaning it improves alertness, endurance, and physical vitality. It strengthens your aura, enabling you to feel comfortable in your skin. 

Blue onyx calms the emotions while improving rational thought processes so you have a better understanding of why you behave the way you do. In short, this powerful stone helps you become aware of your inner state of being, and use your wisdom to make good decisions.

Blood Stone

The blood stone represents fire and passion, but it can also be very helpful if you’re looking for further insight. Furthermore, an insight into the nature of those emotions and how they fit into your life. 

Maybe you want to examine a passionate love to check if it’s healthy for you. Either to give yourself more insight about how a project of yours is going to go.  Blood stones are excellent tools to understand what drives you emotionally.


Jade is a “master builder” stone, helping us see the bigger picture of our lives with the help of the wisdom center of our third eye chakras. It helps us find creative solutions and build a foundation of strength for new projects.

It helps you develop balance and harmony in all aspects of your life, such as finances, relationships, and career. It promotes confidence, optimism, and peace of mind. Most importantly, it inspires you to dream big dreams and stay focused on achieving them.

Final Thoughts

Your third eye chakra is one of the most important energy centers in your body. These crystals and stones can help you unlock its full potential to bring insight, wisdom, and trust into your life. 

It is your wisdom and insight that’ll help you know which are the best for you, so listen to them!

Dr. Emily Harris