Third Eye Chakra: Exploring, Decoding The Best 25+ Healing Properties

Last Updated on July 15, 2024

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Ever felt like you can see more than what your eyes are showing? Maybe you’ve felt a sixth sense at times. If you ever felt intuitive, that was your third eye chakra working up!

So, what is the third eye chakra? What are its healing properties and characteristics? 

The third eye chakra is the sixth among seven chakras that balances your mind from within and clears blocked energies. If you want to do it, quit wasting time and take things into your hand to heal.

third eye chakra

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Today, I’ll teach you every way to do just that by disclosing all the properties of this chakra.

Understanding The Sixth Chakra: Third Eye Chakra Meaning

One of the highest chakras in the system of seven chakras, the third eye energy, is responsible for awakening your psychic abilities like intuition, creativity, balance, critical thoughts, and cosmic consciousness. It’s famous as the all-knowing eye, mind’s eye, or even inner eye.

Third Eye Chakra Chart

Seed MantraOm
Positive Aura ColorIndigo
Negative Aura ColorMurky Indigo
Physical BenefitsEyes, Nose, Sinus, Brain, Ears, Pineal Gland, Thyroid Gland, Pituitary Gland, Sound Sleep, Nervous System.
Emotional BenefitsFocus, Open-Mindedness, Wisdom, Fearlessness, Critical Thinking, Self-Awareness, and Pride.
Spiritual BenefitsIntuition, Spirit Communication, Fortune-Telling, Clairvision, Astral Projection, Scrying, and Karmic Therapy.

What’s The Sanskrit Name Of Third Eye Chakra?

The Sanskrit name for the sixth chakra is Ājñā that translates to commanding or perceiving. It denotes your perception of the physical world and the reality around you. 

With the sixth chakra activated, you can clearly understand life and its purposes.

This primary chakra also stands for the subconscious according to Hindu traditions. It is linked directly to the ultimate reality of Brahman. This center stands for enlightenment in the world of spirituality.

Where Is The Third Eye Chakra Location?

Do you know the third eye chakra is also called the brow chakra? That’s because the most popular location of this chakra is in between the eyes. 

However, some people say it’s right above the nose bridge instead of the forehead. The brow chakra is also associated with the middle of the forehead in several texts. 

Psychics say it’s situated exactly over the pineal gland that habits the same type of rods and cones (photoreceptor cells) as we have in our two eyes.

third eye chakra

What’s The Frequency Of Third Eye Chakra?

The healing frequency to connect with the Ajna chakra energy is 720 Hz. It’s excellent to empower the mind and awaken psychic abilities such as intuition, spiritual awareness, astral projection, and courage. 

This will help with third eye energies-720 Hz

How Is The Third Eye Chakra Symbol Represented?

Several vital elements come together to represent the third eye chakra symbol. Let’s look at them one after another to find your secrets within the body and mental psyche.

Third Eye Chakra Color

The chakra color of the Ajna energy is indigo, the color of the universe. It awakens your intuition, perception, and cosmic vision. It also represents spiritual shielding and psychic abilities.

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Third Eye Chakra Shape

The third eye chakra’s key shape is a white circle with a five-legged star inside it. You’ll notice an inverted triangle inside the five-pointed star that inhabits the beej mantra of Om. The circle and the star together represent your inner vision. 

Third Eye Chakra Petals

The indigo-colored lotus representing the sixth chakra shows up with two petals. It’s a way to denote the distinction between heaven and Earth

The double-petalled lotus signifies the circle of birth and rebirth apart from the balance of your left and right brain hemispheres.

What’s The Age Of Third Eye Chakra Development?

From the ages of 36 to 42, you become intuitive about your inner self and perceptive about the world around you. Most even experience karmic visions and spiritual consciousness.

What’s The Ruling Planet Of Third Eye Chakra?

Saturn or Shani (Sanskrit name) is responsible for powering your third eye energy. While it rules other chakras, Saturn is responsible for attracting luck, justice, creativity, and manifestation energies towards you. 

Do you know Shani is called the administrator amongst all the other ruling planets of the seven chakras? It can also help you tap into psychic abilities to find the spiritual destiny in your life. 

Hindus believe it’s masculine energy and call it the Shani Dev or Saturn God!

third eye chakra

Which Is The Element Of The Third Eye Chakra?

Light is the ruling element of the third eye chakra. It’s actually not a hard and fast element.

That’s because the third eye chakra can take the element of Sky or Akasha too. 

The sixth chakra power is brightened by the light element because it’s representative of the photoreceptor cells inside our pineal gland, where the third eye chakra is located. 

Truth be told, scientists have recently found our eyes contain tiny calcite crystals. They float within the pineal gland with specific frequency and piezoelectricity. 

That may be why psychics associate balance, getting well, psychic abilities, visions, and flashes of light when you open the third eye.

What Day Associated With The Third Eye Chakra?

Saturn is the ruler element of the third eye chakra in the physical world. The best day to awaken the power of third eye chakra healing is Saturday. That said, brow chakra is also associated with other days of the week, such as Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

Which Are The Third Eye Chakra Gods?

The third eye chakra is associated with the Hindu God Shiva. With Shiva by your side, you can gain wisdom, focus, balance, and consciousness about the higher self.

Notice the eye-like structure on his forehead? That’s the third eye of Shiva. And according to Hindu scriptures, Shiva can destroy the world when he wakes from his meditation and opens the third eye.

How Does The Third Eye Chakra Aura Look?

When your third eye energies are prominent, you’ll make indigo color auras a few feet around and above you.

Want to learn more about the indigo aura? Check this educational video

The Indigo Aura And What Having An Indigo Aura Means For You

Where Is The Earth’s Third Eye Chakra Location?

The Earth has physical chakra locations as we have chakra guides and points for the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, and crown chakra in the body.

However, the third eye chakra of the Earth isn’t defined as with the other chakras. In short, it keeps changing during different ages.

As this is the Aquarius age, the third eye chakra of Earth is currently at Glastonbury in England. In the next period of Capricorn, it’s expected to change to Brazil.

What Are The Zodiac Signs Of Third Eye Chakra?

Suppose you were born under the constellation of Cancer. In that case, you have a better chance at awakening the personal power of the third eye chakra inside you. 

Cancerians will find the chakra helpful for finding their life’s purpose, passion, and self-trust. 

But there’s another zodiac sign that also gains from the third eye energy- Capricorn. I’ve found Capricornians find wisdom, the ability to believe others, and shed their limiting beliefs when they work on the sixth chakra energy.

Can I Know Some Third Eye Chakra Affirmations?

Creating mantras, chants, or affirmations for the third eye is a task one must do on their own as it has to be centered around your needs. These affirmations are one of the best ways to balance your mind, body, and spirit to clear the blockages in the sixth energy center. 

But, if you’re new to it, I’ll list ten affirmations you can use to find the help you might need to draft your own in the future. 

And just to be clear, no rights reserved; so, use as you may!

  • I am filled with focus. 
  • I can see my inner light.
  • I have clarity in my mind.
  • I will fulfill my dreams.
  • I am free.
  • I find my own way in life.
  • I take my dreams seriously.
  • I am full of wisdom.
  • I have cosmic awareness.

What’s A Good Third Eye Chakra Meditation Technique?

Meditation fills the heart and soul with the elemental energy of light. It helps you shed your limiting beliefs to access the universe’s history hidden in the Akashic Records. 

When you’re ready to meditate, it’s essential to visualize the pineal gland inside your head opening. 

If you need to enhance your focus or breathwork, find a Tibetan bowl because it will help you enter the meditative state of theta brain waves. 

I recommend trying holotropic breathwork to link with the energy of the Ajna quickly. Also, try to chant the seed mantra at this time.


Which Are The Third Eye Chakra Herbs And Aromas?

The true road to wisdom is through the intuition of third eye chakra energies. One of the best ways to do so is by inhaling essential oils, herbs, or scents associated with the sixth of the seven chakras. 

You can find things like star anise, saffron, mugwort, jasmine, basil, blue lotus, patchouli, sandalwood, lemon, myrrh, rosemary, and almond flowers.

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What Yoga Poses Are Excellent For Opening The Third Eye Chakra?

Another way to tap into the wisdom and intuition of the third eye chakra is by doing yoga poses associated explicitly with opening this chakra energy. 

When trying yoga, try to combine what you learned about meditation and essential oils into the meditative session. 

The best yoga poses you need for opening the third eye chakra energy are Plough Pose (Halasana), Lotus Pose (Padmasana), Child’s Pose (Balasana), and Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana).

Which Is The Mudra Of The Third Eye Chakra?

The central mudra of opening the sixth chakra energy is Kalesvara Mudra. It’s a hand gesture associated with the direct flow and connection of power. 

This can open your sixth energy center enhance memory and concentration too. 

If you need help on how to do it, this video may help you out-

Day 23 – Kalesvara Mudra – 31 Days of Mudras

What Foods Should I Eat For Balancing The Third Eye Chakra?

Consuming indigo-colored foods or those linked directly to the third eye chakra energies might help you flush out the toxins and blockages in the chakra from inside.

For starters, the best foods to eat for getting around the third eye blockages are java plum, purple cabbage, sardines, grapes, borage, eggplant, dark chocolate, purple carrot, blackberries, blueberries, and chicory.

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Which Are The Best Third Eye Chakra Crystals And How To Use Them?

You can also tap into the power of third eye chakra crystals to help you manifest your desires, heal the body, and cope with mental challenges. 

The brow chakra is known to fill you with wisdom, intuition, the ability to see beyond reality and tap into the spirit world.

I suggest using healing crystals such as moonstone, azurite, blue sapphire, amethyst, angelite, labradorite, tanzanite, and purple fluorite. You can also combine essential oils and yoga with your crystals to improve the mood or work as a guide or center for your rituals.

How Do You Know If Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked?

Besides controlling your vision, the third eye is also responsible for your spiritual vision. It can also impact your body, mental strength, and spiritual beliefs. 

Let’s look at the impacts of a blocked third eye energy center.

third eye chakra

What Is An Overactive Third Eye Chakra?

When you’re third eye chakra is overactive, you’ll find it hard to see and mentally interpret what’s happening around you. Some persons feel hard to adapt to new situations or places too. You might have to work extra hard to get any clarity, whether in your career, work, family, or love life.

An overactive third eye chakra often ends up making you stubborn, distrustful, cynical, anxious, and self-centered. It’s common to feel overly emotional, paranoid, or delusional when the third eye chakra overdrive. 

I’ve also noticed many people end up with bad to worse luck because the brow energies don’t work in their favor. When it’s overworked, you’ll also find it hard to be free, accept the truth, or even work with others.

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What Is An Underactive Third Eye Chakra?

The close-minded nature of a malnourished third eye often makes you feel you’re not free or leads to headaches. I have met those with weak brow energies who constantly complain about chronic migraines, brain fog, delusions, and paranoia. 

Dizziness, heart problems, allergies, and sleep disorders are common in such a case. You’ll keep doubting yourself or find comfort in suicidal ideation. 

When your spirit molecule of the third eye chakra is drained, you might seem nonsensical and hopeless to others too. It often manifests as stress, frustration, and anger too.

third eye chakra

What Could Be Blocking Third Eye Chakra?

Your third eye chakra can become unbalanced due to many reasons. 

First off, when you consume non-nutritious food like junk food and lead a lifestyle without any healthy exercises, the sixth chakra suffers. Moreover, it can go off track and even lead to calcification of the pineal gland. 

Any type of unhealthy practice can actually affect the brow chakra too. Even untreated health issues, including mental and physical disorders, worsen it. But you can flush the toxins blocking it with meditation or crystals.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk:

That being said, there are many more reasons for the third eye to become inactive. If you go through spiritual, emotional, or physical traumas, the are that your sixth chakra will get affected too. 

A practice that leads to a blocked third eye is untreated eye conditions. Another reason owes it to the negativity from naysayers or toxic friends and family who demean your perspective, lifestyle, or decisions.

What Happens When Third Eye Chakra Is Activated? What Does Third Eye Chakra Opening Feel Like?

When your third eye chakra is open, you’ll feel a warm burning sensation in your eyes.

Vision can feel tingly or brighter than usual. Psychics say when you open the energy centers of the third eye, decalcification of the pineal gland happens. It leads to the healing of eyes, sinuses, and brain disorders. 

Unlike root chakra that grounds your inner self to the Earth, third eye chakra uplifts your spirit self to the higher consciousness. 

When you practice third eye-opening rituals, chakra healing may come with past life-recall, karmic therapy, and visions of the future. Some may feel immediately light without any rights reserved. Your body and mind will experience nirvana if you’re ready or at the right age.

At the same time, you may also feel telepathically connected to your previous and future selves in the present time. Many healers say it’s common to experience complex spiritual thoughts and new sensations throughout your mind and body. 

While many hear the voice of their guardian angels, some even see their protectors. If you practice the rituals we talked about above, your spiritual self will be awakened enough to see the auras of other people when the third eye is open.

How Do You Open Your Third Eye Chakra?

How do you use or take the information and things to the next level to make yourself well? 

Let’s see!

• Sungazing

A form of meditational practice for balance, it’s good to use the energy of the sun to open your third eye. Make sure to practice sungazing by finding time to gaze at the morning sun while visualizing your third eye-opening.

• Moongazing

To experience the healing power of balancing your inner vision, you need to nurture thoughts of intuition. I suggest doing yoga on full moon nights so that you can use the healing energy to soak in and remove blockages.

Photo by Sharan Pagadala:

• Tibetan bowls

The best way to unblock your third eye chakra with acoustic energies is with the balancing technique of Tibetan bowls. When you play the bowl, you’ll also sense the healing power of the mind like never before. You can also try breathwork practice to get your mental healing on par.

• Essential oils

A good way to sense the real power of the brow chakra is with the practice of aromatherapy. You can take in the healing scents to sense ways to get well and use them for mental disorders. With long-term practice, it can even heal your body and spirit. 

If you find the right essential oil, try to rub it over your third eye energies directly for opening it. You can also burn the herbs or smudge them around your brows to awaken the mental power of sixth sense thoughts.

• Light therapy

Light is capable of awakening several chakras in the human body. Moreover, it’s a prominent part of medicinal healing too.

But do you know the regular practice of light therapy with indigo light can also bring clarity and conviction to your thoughts? 

Here’s a video to watch for indigo light therapy: Colour Therapy: INDIGO

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Start Exploring Your Third Eye Chakra Properties TODAY!

We learned all about the world of third eye chakra healing as well as the best things to balance your mind and body with it. 

From essential oils to yoga, meditation, crystals, and affirmations, you can use several ways to balance, open and clear its blockages from within. 

What’s your favorite therapy?

Dr. Emily Harris