Chakra Symbols Meanings: Seed Mantra, Shapes, Petals, & Colors

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The seven primary chakras in the human body indicate our emotional, spiritual, and physical health. While you may know what different chakras mean, their symbols are a whole other level. 

What are the meanings of the seven different chakras? How are the qualities associated with their symbolism and elements? 

The seven primary chakra symbols are represented using key elements like lotus flowers, petals, shapes, colors, and seed mantra engraved within. Each of the chakra energies has unique elements based on their metaphysical characteristics.

Let me walk you through their complete definitions based on each key element. 

From the nature of birth rebirth to their connection to the divine, full moon, and physical healing through key elements like the inverted triangle, stars, crescent moon, and more, we’ll uncover every mystery and truth today.

Ready? Read on … 

History: Where Do Chakra Symbols Come From?

The earliest historical association with chakras dates back to 500 B.C Indian scriptures called Vedas. It’s referred to as Cakras or wheels of energy in these Upanishads (Vedic books)- Shri Jabala Darshana, Cudamini, Yoga-Shikka, and the Shandilya. 

Vedas are the oldest Sanskrit texts globally. They define chakras associated with the heart, throat, pineal eye, forehead, stomach, and spine with the nature of birth death and afterlife. 


Cakras have divine qualities and are activated by energies of sunlight, full moon, sound, meditation, and crystals, to name a few. These energy centers are typically represented by a lotus within geometric circles like an inverted triangle, circles, hexagrams, and shapes of any stable structure. 

What Languages Are Chakra Symbols?

Sanskrit is the core language from which cakra symbols. Moreover, each cakra is derived from a Sanskrit word that defines its location and qualities associated with cosmic energies. 


From the nature of birth death to divination and physical healing, Sanskrit words can help us decode the deeper meanings of chakras and their metaphysical properties today.  

7 Chakra Symbols: Their Meanings, Shapes, And Colors Explained

Each cakra has four key elements that fuse to define its healing powers and properties. Let’s find out what they mean!

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Root Chakra Symbols

The first energy wheel in the seven-chakra system is actually our rooting to Mother Earth. 

Your house, food, air, and water are all governed by how balanced your root energies are. Moreover, the base chakra creates the foundation for all the other chakras. 

Key Elements Of Root Energies

Sanskrit NameMuladhara
LocationThe base of the spine
Affected AreasSpine, Adrenal Glands, Intestines, Immunity, Legs, and Kidneys.
AffirmationI am safe and grounded.
Frequency432 Hz

Color Of Root Chakra

Chakra is associated with the Muladhara is red, and the meaning of this color vibration is grounding. By connecting us to the heart of the Earth, base energies bring spiritual, physical, and mental stability to us. It’s a mix of yellow and magenta shades.

Shape Of Root Chakra

Square is the symbolic shape of the root chakra symbol in your metaphysical body. You’ll see the alchemic symbols like that of the Earth- an inverted triangle within it. 

According to psychology, the Muladhara chakra square also stands for Earth- the physical plane. Similarly, the root chakra symbol of the earth element is often shown with a yellow square.

Petals Of Root Chakra

A red lotus flower with four petals represents the root center. 

Each petal of the lotus flower bears one of the ending alphabets of the Sanskrit language, namely- va, csha, sha, and sa. These four petals are reminiscent of the four stages of your psyche such as –

  • Mind or Manas
  • Buddhi or Knowledge
  • Chitta or Consciousness
  • Ahamkara or Ego

Seed Mantra

Within the lotus flower, square, and the inverted triangle in red rests the core mantra of the Muladhara chakra- Lam. Reciting this beej mantra will help you invoke the chakra powers quickly.

Root Chakra Symbol Meaning

Every element in the Mooladhara chakra symbol signifies something important. 

  • The root chakra symbol meaning is power, strength, courage, and self confidence.
  • Square signifies a stable structure with rigidity, lawfulness, fitness, safety, discipline, and balance. 
  • The four petals connect your physical body to the soul. 
  • Your connection to the element Earth is found in the seed mantra Lam.

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Sacral Chakra Symbols

Your life force rests in the lap of the sacral chakra. It’s where life starts and paves the way to your spiritual destiny. The second primary chakra governs your creativity, sexuality, and ego. 

Key Elements

Sanskrit WordSvadhisthana
LocationPelvic Region
Affected AreasSpine, Adrenal Glands, Intestines, Immunity, Legs, and Kidneys.
AffirmationI am creative and fearless.
Frequency480 Hz

 Color Of The Sacral Chakra

The Svadhisthana chakra is associated with the color orange. It means passion. Alternate meanings of the color of this chakra are warmth, sensuality, growth, and self confidence. The color orange is a mix of two colors, red and yellow.

Shape Of The Sacral Chakra

The circle with a crescent moon inside it is the official shape of the second chakra point. As the shape is symbolic of Goddess Diana or Artemis, it represents virginity. In geometry, the sacral chakra symbol is drawn as three circles inside one another for the same meaning.

Petals Of The Sacral Chakra

Svadhisthana is also represented by a six petalled lotus representing the six traits you need to purify. These traits are rage, loathing, envy, savagery, lust, and hubris. It signifies birth death and rebirth.

Seed Mantra Of The Sacral

In the center of the orange chakra is the beej mantra Vam. When you recite it repeatedly in a meditative state filled with imagination, you’ll awaken the six petalled lotus point quickly.

Sacral Chakra Symbol Meaning

Different elements of the lotus flower with six petals reveal various spiritual meanings.

  • When open, the sacral chakra’s shade symbol means prosperity and success. 
  • With the circle and the crescent moon inside, the shape of sacral shape means fertility. Geometrically, it represents the creative force that continuously flows through you, changes, and rewards you with experiences. 
  • By activating the six petals, you also purify all the six different states of consciousness to move the kundalini energy to the seven chakra systems.
  • The seed mantra Vam signifies the water element.

Solar Plexus Chakra Symbols

Your inner power is embodied in the third chakra. Due to its location, it’s often called the celiac plexus or navel chakra. A balanced celiac plexus often leads to physical health, motivation, self esteem, and energic states.


Key Elements

Sanskrit NameManipura
Affected AreasSpleen, Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, Intestines, and Stomach
AffirmationI have a strong will.
Frequency528 Hz

Color Of Solar Plexus Chakra

The color of the celiac plexus energy relates to the yellow color, just like the sun. That’s why the solar plexus chakra symbol is associated with willpower, goal setting, luck, motivation, and destiny.

Shape Of Solar Plexus Chakra

The core shape of the Manipura energy center is the inverted triangle with a circle around it. Astrologically, it brings power or Shakthi to you while the circle signifies your personal spirit. The power here is mostly feminine and hence relates to harmony and growth. 

Activate them using sunlight or full moon energies.

Petals Of Solar Plexus Chakra Lotus

The celiac plexus chakra is represented with an orange lotus with ten petals. Moreover, each petal is inscribed with a powerful chant that awakens the power of Goddess Shakthi within you. 

The mantras on each petal represent the ten pranas- Dam, Dham, Dam, Dham, Nam, Tam, Nam, Tham, Pam, and Pham.

Solar Plexus Seed Mantra

Ram is the beej mantra here. It’s the name of a Hindu deity or an avatar of God Vishnu. When you recite the beej mantra repeatedly, it can bring the powers of Ram and invoke the third energy point in the system.

Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol Meaning

Every one of the core elements of the celiac plexus point adds to the meaning of its symbolism,

  • By bringing balance to the celiac plexus, you attract prosperity, inspiration, courage, and health to your physical and spiritual body.
  • The inverted triangle represents the feminine life force energy flowing through your second chakra into the third to create the inner sun that heals you.
  • The ten petals in the stomach energy centers prove how you can heal the mind with different stages of your own mind. 
  • Reciting the seed mantra empowers your will because it’s driven by the element of fire.

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Heart Chakra Symbols

The fourth chakra connects you to nature to give you a rare sense of serenity. As it’s located around your chest, the heart chakra is what enables you to love yourself and others around you. When balanced, it can make you compassionate, energetic, courageous, happy, and joyful.

Key Elements

Sanskrit WordAnahata
Affected AreasHeart, Lungs, Thymus Gland, Shoulders, and Blood.
AffirmationI am kind to myself.
Frequency594 Hz

Color Of Heart Cakra

The heart chakra is associated mainly with the color green. It translates to harmony, prosperity, and health.

But that’s not the only color used to represent this chakra. Pink is another shade associated with the heart chakra symbol meaning self love.

Shape Of Heart Chakra

While you may imagine the heart chakra with a heart shape, that’s not really true. The astrological form of the heart chakra symbol is a six-pointed star within a geometric circle. As the star is a mix of two triangles, the fusion of feminine and masculine energies is associated with the heart.

Petals Of Heart Chakra

The Anahata chakra symbol represents a 12 petalled lotus that stands for the twelve eternal traits. The petals represent peace, harmony, empathy, understanding, bliss, unity, clarity, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, love, and purity.

Seed Mantra Of Heart Chakra

Within the green geometric circle and the two triangles is the beej mantra of the fourth chakra Yam. When your heart energies are unblocked, reciting this mantra repeatedly will help you balance it. 

Heart Chakra Symbol Meaning

When you analyze the key elements for heart chakra symbol meaning, this is what you’ll find:

  • The heart energy color means self love, empathy, abundance, and emotional intelligence. 
  • The upward facing triangle represents clarity, and the inverted triangle stands for acceptance
  • The twelve petals of the lotus flower are associated with the higher consciousness that helps you access love energies in the cosmos.
  • As 12 petalled lotus is ruled by the air element, its beej mantra is Yam.

Throat Chakra Symbols

Famous as the speech chakra, the throat chakra empowers your ability to communicate and express. It’s the seat of divine truth and revelations due to where it’s located. Awakening the throat energy vibrations will help you access your destiny too.

Key Elements

Sanskrit WordVishuddhi
Affected AreasThyroid Gland, Lungs, Jaws, Teeth, Voicebox, and Neck.
ElementEther or Sky
AffirmationI can hear the truth
Frequency672 Hz

Color Of Throat Chakra

The Vishuddhi chakra is associated with the color blue. It stands for self expression, clarity, and holy truths. Color psychology says it’s the root of your confidence and honesty. That’s why you’ll feel emotionally aware when your aura is bright light blue.

Shape Of Throat Chakra

The throat chakra symbol meaning refers to communication as a total of its geometric shapes. It contains a small circle within an inverted triangle. The silver crescent at the center of these symbols signifies the sanctity of divine truth.

Petals Of Throat Cakra Lotus

The collective shapes of the throat chakra symbol are surrounded by a lotus with sixteen petals representing the 16 vowels of the Sanskrit language. It’s the old way of showing that this energy wheel helps you communicate.

Seed Mantra Of Throat Chakra

The best thing to activate is beej mantra recitation if you’re suffering from blocked throat energies. The seed mantra of the lotus with sixteen petals is Ham.

Throat Chakra Symbol Meaning

Here’s how to understand the throat chakra symbol meaning:

  • The color energy of the fifth chakra means loyalty, charisma, holiness, confidence, expression, and hope.
  • When it comes to the shapes found in this chakra point, the triangle represents your kundalini energy, the circle signifies purification, and the crescent moon destiny or spiritual truth. 
  • Each petal on the blue power symbol means a vowel of Sanskrit to help you gain better communication skills for expressing yourself. 
  • As Vishuddhi awakens the element of Thought, Ether, Sky, and Akasha, the beej chant will help you find your inner truth.

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Third Eye Chakra Symbols

The third eye chakra symbolizes perception. That’s why it’s often described as the seat of your inner vision. 


Truth be told, the physical location of the third eye energy point also has photoreceptor cells like your eyes. No wonder the sixth chakra enhances your psychic abilities, wisdom, and universal connection. 

 Key Elements

Sanskrit NameAjna
LocationBetween the brows
Affected AreasSinus, Eyes, Brain, Nose, Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, Nerves, and Thyroid Gland.
AffirmationI am intuitive and aware.
Frequency720  Hz

Color Of Third Eye Cakra

The indigo chakra is associated with intuition. That’s why the Ajna chakra might be decoded as perception, spiritual destiny, and cosmic vision. Moreover, the color indigo represents the shades of gold and silver that stand for psychic abilities and protection.

Shape Of Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra symbol is represented by a white circle encompassing a five-pointed star. There’s a downward facing triangle within which there’s the seed mantra when you look closer. The symbol represents inner vision and divination.

Petals Of Third Eye Chakra

Around the core shape of the Ajna chakra is a two petal lotus that bridges the gap between the material reality.

The symbol of the double petalled lotus on the left and right of the triangle represents the nature of birth rebirth and the brain hemispheres.

Seed Mantra Of Third Eye Chakra

Hinduism believes the beginning of the universe was with the sound Om. It’s the beej mantra and the eye chakra symbol meaning too. Reciting it before or during meditation can connect you to higher realms easily.

Third Eye Chakra Symbol Meaning

The main elements of the sixth power center are shown below:

  • The color meaning of the third eye symbol raises your critical thinking. It makes you imaginative, full of wisdom, and in communication with angels. 
  • As the Ajna chakra awakens, the symbolic shapes bring you cosmic vision, creativity, and psychic abilities.
  • With the two petals in the symbol, the third eye chakra symbol meaning translates to balance.
  • The seed mantra of the third eye chakra symbol represents the classic element of light.

Crown Chakra Symbols

The highest chakra in the 7 chakra energy tree, the crown chakra, means enlightenment. It bridges our connection to the divine from the physical body and transcends the kundalini energy. That’s why the seventh energy center is associated with spirit communication.

Key Elements

Sanskrit NameSahasrara
LocationAbove the head or forehead
Affected AreasBrain, Eyes, Sinus, Memory,
ElementThought and Ether
AffirmationI am enlightened.
Frequency768 Hz

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Color Of Crown Cakra

The crown chakra symbol is connected to the primary color, purple. It means cosmic consciousness and decision making skills. 

But, the chakra is also often shown with colors such as violet, white, and black. The additional colors represent wisdom, royalty, and spiritual awareness.

Shape Of Crown Chakra

While the rounded skullcap is often recommended as the divine shape of the chakra Sahasrara, its actual shape is a full circle highlighted in golden colors. Together, it represents the connection with the creator of Brahma.

Petals Of Crown Chakra

The crown chakra symbol shows up with a lotus flower having a thousand petals when you look at its representation. Each layer of the lotus also branches into 50 petals to create a golden core. It’s a representation of all the things in the universe and your own connection with it.

Seed Mantra Of Crown Chakra

But in addition to chanting Om as you do for the eye chakra, it’s important to listen to it as well while you do so.

Crown Chakra Symbol Meaning

Here’s how to understand the crown chakra symbol meaning in-depth:

  • Colors of the chakra Sahasrara point towards the death of ego and cosmic awakening. Moreover, this chakra empowers you to think outside the box.
  • When it comes to the shape of the full moon and downward facing triangle, the crown chakra symbol aims at the nature of birth rebirth cycle.
  • The thousand petalled lotus in the seventh energy center is the proof of your material and spiritual bonds. Hence, a thousand petals represent your shared connection with the entire beings in the cosmos.
  • The ruling element of the Sahasrara energy is thought. Hence, the key mantra to open it comes with an action- recite is Om while listening to it. 

Start Using Chakra Symbols Meanings In Your Life

You learned that different chakras are represented by a specific set of lotus petals, stable structures that define their shapes, and colors that indicate their divine qualities. From two petals to 1000 petalled lotus, these energy centers and symbols help us decode their spiritual impacts. 

Frankly, everything in the cosmos, from the nature of birth death to birth death and rebirth can be explained with inverted triangles, ten pranas, 12 eternal virtues, and other traits in the history of chakras. 

From the powers of the sacral to the throat, crown, brow, solar plexus, heart, and root chakra, everything has a meaning in the Vedas. 

Some represent the positive qualities associated with the three chakras, called the higher chakras the most important, and others the lower chakras that ground us to the Earth. 

When you get down to it, each symbol, seed mantra, shape, and even color can be explained in a million ways of metaphysics. The best thing is that this knowledge can help you pin down how healing vibrations work to uplift your mind.

Once you get to know all the seven chakras in detail, nothing can stop you from the pink of health and cosmic consciousness. 

Are you ready? Get started today!

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