Crown Chakra: Exploring the Best Approach, With 25+ Tips

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

Every chakra in the human body is responsible for spiritual and physical benefits. So, what’s the experience of the crown chakra? Where is it located? How do you open it? 

Crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is the highest among the seven chakras. This chakra is associated with the color purple, apart from white and violet. It can be opened with specific meditation, yoga poses, mind-enhancing crystals, and affirmations.

Join me to discover all about the spiritual experience of embracing the power of the crown chakra in your body, mind, and soul today. We’ll find its many effects on consciousness and all its traits in a simple form so that you can get started right away. 

Let’s start exploring your crown chakra!

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Basics: What’s the Meaning Of Crown Chakra?

The divine is described in the scriptures via its healing properties. If you’re a yogi, you might know it as the chakra responsible for our connection to the divine. 

By bonding with it, you may feel a sense of an ethereal peace, connection with the universe, and thoughts that drive cosmic awareness. It’s also described as the bridge between life and death besides names like parama, sthana, wyoma, and akasha chakra.


Seed MantraOm
Positive Aura ColorPurple/Violet/Lilac
Negative Aura ColorMuddy Purple/ Violet
Physical BenefitsBrain, Sinus, Memory, Concentration, Sleep, Nerves, Spinal Cord, Eyes, and Endocrine System.
Emotional BenefitsClarity, Patience, Optimism, Understanding, Empathy, and Positivity.
Spiritual BenefitsIntuition, Spirit Communication, Clairvoyance, Karmic Therapy, Wisdom, and Astral Projection.

What’s The Name Of Crown Chakra In Sanskrit?

The seventh chakra is called Sahasrāra or सहस्रार in Hindi, owing to its symbolic meaning that we’ll talk about in the next section. 

Sahasrara chakra is called the subtlest chakra as it’s often connected to the purest consciousness that transcends our material reality. It provides the energy for other chakras as root chakra provides the foundation.

How To Describe The Crown Chakra Symbol?

Many elements make up its chakra symbol. 

Besides the color that we’ll talk about in the coming sections, the total petals of the color purple lotus chakra are associated with consciousness of the higher self and spiritual healing. 

The Sahasrara energy is described with thousands of petals made using 20 different layers holding 50 petals each. Scriptures say it represents all the different energies in the universe and your own link to it. 

The interesting thing is, people say its also known as the Dashashatadala Padma, Sahasradala, Sahasrara, Sahasrara Kamala, or Sahasrara Padma owing it its symbols.

Within the thousand-petalled lotus, you’ll find a circle in gold tone with an inverted triangle inside and the seed mantra of Om at the center of all of it.

Which Is The Main Color Of Crown Chakra?

Several colors represent it together. As the aura and chakra color of the its energy of Sahasrara is shown with purple, it’s the primary color that represents wisdom, regality, and cosmic consciousness. 

purple chakra

But it is also represented with violet, white, black, and lilac colors. They may signify enlightenment, intuitions, psychic, purification, and healing abilities.

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Where Is The Location Of Crown Chakra?

Most scriptures say the crown energy is located at the top of your head, but there are many more precise locations. Some say it’s above the forehead; others say it’s around glands like the pineal or pituitary and the hypothalamus.

The most precise location of the Sahasrara is in the skull fontanelle and the center of the sagittal and coronal sutures. Some psychics also say it superimposes the third eye chakra at the top of the head too.

What’s The Frequency Of Crown Chakra?

Do you know there are three more tiny chakra points within the seventh chakra? When you use its frequency of 768 Hz, these tiny chakras called the Nirvana-Kala, Nirvana-Shakthi, and Ama-Kala get awakened. 

Next time, I suggest combining the healing energy rituals of meditation and yoga while listening to its frequencies. 

Here’s the frequency of this chakra you can listen to 

Energy Stimulation – 768 Hz

What Age Does The Crown Chakra Develop?

After developing all the lower chakras, the crown energy centers develop between ages 43 to 49. It’s typically an age where most people have found marital bliss and most secrets of the world.

 Interestingly, this is also when you’ve realized how to live in the present moment!

Which Is The Ruling Planet Of Crown Chakra?

When you look into the astrological side of the seventh chakra, you’ll know the highest chakra is powered by Saturn or Shanidev. 

The spiritual benefit of Saturn is it attracts luck in your career, romance, and life. Besides revealing the cosmic destiny, it can also fill you with insight and intuition.

What Do You Call The Crown Chakra Element?

Ruled by the element of thought primarily and sometimes ether, the seventh chakra helps you master the divine thought process. 

The best benefit of the thought element for the crown is manifestation. It’ll help you focus when you’re in meditation, intensify yoga, stabilize your polarity, and help you gain the power of adding power to affirmations.

On the other hand, ether is why Sahasrara energy centers help you communicate with the spirit world and connect with divine forces like the higher power.

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Crown Chakra Is Associated With Which Day Of The Week?

As you can balance it with the ruling planet Saturn, the best day of the purple energy is Saturday. You can use this information to practice its rituals and manifestation during this day on the weekend.

Who Are The Crown Chakra Gods?

As the chakra system finds its origin in both Tantric Buddhism and Hinduism, it attracts the powers of Gods Shiva and Demchong. 

Shiva is the God of destruction, fertility, medicine, and cattle and abides at Mount Kailash in Tibet. Demchong is the Buddhist God of tantric meditation and purest bliss.

Where Is The Earth’s Crown Chakra Located?

The abode of Hindu God Shiva is the Earth’s Crown Chakra location. It’s on Mount Kailash in Tibet at 22,000 feet. Interestingly, this mountain has never been climbed by humans yet, due to religious, political, and geographical reasons.

What Are The Zodiac Signs Linked To This Chakra?

The power chakra of Leo is the crown chakra. It can make people born under the zodiac sign of Leo kind, compassionate, confident, and excellent leaders. 

Empowering the crown can also help with imbuing self-awareness is often lacking in Leos too. One best thing about the purple energy center is it makes you wise enough to stop obsessing about your ego.

Can You Tell Me Some Crown Chakra Affirmations?

Apart from reciting the seed mantra a few times, you can also recite the following affirmations to balance your crown chakra:

  • I am intuitive.
  • I walk in the path created by the universe. 
  • I am a divine being.

How Can I Try Crown Chakra Meditation?

Meditation is a good tool to connect with the seventh chakra. Moreover, it will help your physical body and spiritual self find balance. Try to practice it every Saturday to attract the energies of Saturn.

  • Sit in a comfortable yoga asana. 
  • Visualize the thousand petal lotus. 
  • Focus on your breathwork. 
  • Imagine the signature animal of the crown chakra- the eagle. 
  • Continue for about an hour and make sure to practice it daily. 

Which Are The Best Crown Chakra Herbs And Aromas?

Applying essential oils on your body parts that empower the crown energy is another way to open it easily in your daily life. Make sure to use herbs like lavender, chives, rosemary, Copa, sage, lotus, lemon, rosewood, Gotu kola, or rosemary.

What Yoga Poses For Crown Chakra Work Well?

Another excellent way to practice spiritual connection with purple chakra energy is by giving into the practice of yoga poses. You can work on Headstand (Shirshasana), Tree Pose (Vrikshasana), Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana), or the Lotus Pose (Padmasana).

Which Is The Best Crown Chakra Mudra?

Many psychics practice a gesture called the Mudra of a thousand petals that work great with it. When you do so, maintain it and hold it over the head to make your physical body make the spiritual connection to the higher power and nature.

Mudra of 1000 Petals * Mini Mawvelous Mudras

What Foods Can I Eat To Balance My Crown Chakra?

Regularly consuming purple energy foods can also keep your Sahasrara energies high. For beginners, most healers suggest eating forbidden rice, eggplant, red onion, dragonfruit, purple carrots, and sweet potatoes.

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Which Are The Best Crown Chakra Crystals To Use?

Hence, using chakra crystals like amethyst, howlite, rainbow moonstone, clear quartz, charoite, sugilite, and lepidolite will balance it. 

Therefore, you can open the highest primary chakra point by creating a grid using the purple crystals we discussed. Infusing the energies of its stones into your bath while meditating in nature and drinking water can clear blockages.

To amplify the consciousness inside the crown wheel of energies, to demonstrate, try to practice yoga and meditation while using crystals. Furthermore,s It’ll help you create a strong connection with the spirit world and nature to practice powerful rituals like astral projection.

How Do You Know If Your Crown Chakra Is Blocked?

An itchy scalp is a common symptom of this chakra blockage, especially when trying meditation. Moreover, you’ll see a lot of problems in all the seven chakras when your crown energy is short.

7 Symptoms Of An Overactive Crown Chakra

Brain problemsBrain disorders such as psychosis, dementia, delusions, and chronic headaches are common to hyper crown energies.
SuperiorityIf you feel others don’t matter to this world and you’re the be-all and end-all, you may have a muddy purple aura.
HypersensitiveAversal to lights and sounds is a common symptom of an overactive seventh chakra.
SomnipathiesWhen your crown chakra is working overtime, you may feel insomnia, sleep terrors, and restlessness that keep you from a deep sleep.
NauseaThe ethereal connection might overwhelm you enough to make you puke.

7 Signs Of An Underactive Crown Chakra

Intense negativityFrom questioning even the good things in life, crown chakra deficiency can lead you to lose your intuition and self-respect.
Mental health issuesObsession, nihilism, suicidal ideation, mind fog, and depression are common.
Emotional handicapWhen the wisdom of the Sahasrara is gone, people often feel hopeless, aimless, blind, and even deaf to reason.
Lack of purposeUpon drainage of the crown chakra, you might feel weary, tired, and even disoriented.
Physical deficiencyWatch out for epilepsy, arthritis, colon disorders, pituitary problems, endocrine disorders, and Parkinson’s.

What Blocks The Crown Chakra?

Therefore, the biggest threat to this energy is a spiritual deficiency. Thus, it can be triggered by a traumatic event, accident, or history of betrayal. Then, One way to quickly identify a Sahasrara block is if your forehead feels sore or light.

Hence, if you can’t find the trust to believe in yourself or others, your crown energy centers might be blocked. It may also bring a flood of negative thoughts, suspicion at the mind, and experience of spiritual torture. 

Criminal activity, substance abuse, and addictions also create blockages. Any confusion in your mind can also derail this chakra, its spiritual balance, and your life.

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What Is The Crown Chakra Responsible? What Happens When You Open The Crown Chakra?

The entire chakra system owes to the seventh energy center for connecting earth to heaven and higher above. Therefore, let’s see what kind of experience and consciousness opens up when it’s opened. 

Psychic abilitiesYou’ll find clairvoyance, clairvision, telepathy, astral projection, and spirit communication effortless once the crown is awakened.
Divine powersUnblocking the crown leads to fortune-telling and scrying abilities even without a crystal.
Sleep healthBy calming you and powering up the rest of the chakras in your physical body, crown energies can help you fall asleep fast and deeply.
Cosmic connectionAs you connect with every energy in the universe with the crown, it gives you the power to manifest everything you want.
Spiritual purposeYour spiritual path and destiny will open up in your dreams, and you’ll get enlightening thoughts in your life.
Physical signsThere are many physical symptoms of the crown chakra opening, from pain to tingling, itchiness, and heat.
Emotional powerJoy, happiness, self-esteem, and the open-mindedness to accept everyone positively affect the crown energy.

Before You Go: How Do You Open Your Crown Chakra?

Located at the top of the head, the crown chakra is easy to open in various ways such as prayer, affirmations, meditation, yoga, foods, aromatherapy, yoga, breathwork, and crystals. 

We learned that the crown could feel hot and throbbing when it’s opening. It also fills you with evil thoughts and attract negative experiences when blocked. Moreover, The core of the seven chakras’ highest point starts from earthen grounding and moves up to the connection to the divine. 

When your crown energy center is bright and powerful, your entire chakra system flourishes from the middle to the lower chakras. Therefore, it empowers consciousness, heals brain disorders, and helps you make your stance in the present moment. 

Hacking the highest wheel point also paves the way to other minor chakras above. Thus, It’s believed to connect you to the minor chakras above. Read to learn about them?

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Dr. Emily Harris