The Must-Have Crystals For Unlocking Your Throat Chakra

Last Updated on July 15, 2024

Your throat chakra (also called the fifth chakra and known in Sanskrit as vishuddha) is the most important energy center in your body when it comes to expressing yourself, communicating with others, and finding creativity and inspiration. 

Boosting the energy flow through this chakra can help us to come up with new ideas and to show our true selves to others. 

In this list, we’ll show you some of the best crystals to help you with work on your throat chakra so that you can be (and show the world) your best self.

Unlocking Your Throat Chakra

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Blue Apatite For Unlocking Throat Chakra

This crystal can synergize powerfully with your throat chakra, particularly if you’re looking for inspiration of an artistic kind.  Blue apatite has a calming effect on the mind and improves communication skills; it also promotes introspection and brings your inner voice into focus.

With its ability to bring out your creative self, blue apatite can open doors of opportunity on both personal and professional fronts. It’s especially effective at boosting confidence, allowing you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Garnet For Unlocking Throat Chakra

Garnets are one of the gemstones associated with the throat chakra, and they carry powerful healing powers too. They have the power to encourage openness and honesty within relationships by giving you the ability to express emotions freely to all kinds of people and in all kinds of situations.

If your relationship lacks intimacy, garnets will help you to connect authentically. When your identity becomes wrapped up inside what other people think, garnets can help you to free yourself from such constraints.

Rose Quartz For Unlocking Throat Chakra

Just like blue apatite, rose quartz stimulates creativity and helps you find solutions to problems. It removes any obstacles that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Rose quartz encourages emotional balance and helps improve relationships by putting feelings – and the expression of those feelings – first. It also enhances intuition, allowing you to know what’s going to happen before it happens.

As well as these benefits, it purifies negativity from your environment. This means no matter where you go in life, good things are always around you.

Moonstone For Unlocking Throat Chakra

Moonstone can help you to get rid of past or negative emotions that are holding you back from being who you really want to be. It can also make your voice clearer so that you don’t sound confused when speaking to others.

It gives you clarity and confidence. When you hold moonstone in your hand, you have access to universal knowledge and wisdom – everything is laid bare before you.

So whether you need advice about love, career, money, health, success, or anything else, moonstone will give you the answers.

Aquamarine For Unlocking Throat Chakra

This stone can be used to enhance creativity, boost psychic abilities, and improve speech articulation. It’s also great for helping you to release old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.

Aquamarine opens up the possibility of limitless growth because it can help you to look beyond the limitations of the past.  Many people like to keep it around them as they meditate or work on manifesting and goal setting, particularly in creative fields. 

It can be a great help in overcoming writer’s block, for example. You can use aquamarine to clear out energy blocks that cause stress and anxiety, which makes this stone very useful for anyone struggling with mental illness.

Labradorite For Unlocking Throat Chakra

Labradorite is a stone that can assist you with the tasks of goal setting, manifestation, and achievement. It helps you to break down barriers by removing blocks – particularly communicative blocks – that prevent positive change from becoming reality.

Labradorite also improves communication skills, and it can help you to communicate better with everyone in your life. In fact, it can even help you to overcome speech impediments caused by trauma or fear.

Use this fantastic crystal to promote happiness, peace, prosperity, abundance, fertility, and joyous new beginnings.

Blue Topaz For Unlocking Throat Chakra

When you bring blue topaz into your space, you will enhance your ability to let people know who you truly are.  This can be very useful if you need to tell the people in your life about a piece of big news that you’re not sure how to express, for example. 

Blue topaz allows you to say exactly what you mean without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious. The best thing about using blue topaz is that it can remove nervousness, so you’ll speak more freely.

When all is said and done, it won’t matter if someone knows everything about you because they’ll feel respected regardless.

Amethyst For Unlocking Throat Chakra

Amethyst has been known to heal many afflictions. With its amazing vibrational frequency of 6.7, it clears away energies that interfere with creativity, vision, and physical strength. Amethysts help you to open your heart completely, so you can truly connect with others.

In particular, they make sure that the energy of your heart chakra is fully in balance with the energy of your throat chakra, ensuring that your heart’s will is in tune with your expression. 

Amethyst also offers protection against negative influences, keeping you safe from harmful entities that could try to trick you into acting in ways that aren’t aligned with your highest values.


Sapphires can be an excellent gemstone for getting inspired, and not just in an artistic sense.  They tune very well into the energy that comes from your throat chakra to help you out when you feel like you’re in a rut (or at least trying to get out of one).

Sapphires offer much needed support during times when you want to create something or start a new project of some kind but don’t really have any ideas where to begin.

When you’re experiencing these feelings of lack of inspiration, sapphire can actually bring you closer to the divine, so you can see where your next step lies.


This is a wonderful stone for those looking to increase their creativity and imagination. These stones will assist you in bringing forth your inner child and rekindling your love for playtime.

Sunstone helps you to open your mind and let go of inhibitions, so you can become free, uninhibited beings. Once you start playing again, there’s nothing holding you back, meaning you can now take on anything that presents itself.

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You’re willing to experiment with ideas that might otherwise seem too risky, since no one can tell you whether such actions will work out successfully. So use sunstone to tap into the creative spark within, and be brave!

Lapis Lazuli

Sometimes we need to spend time alone before we can finally reach our goals. Lapis Lazuli crystals can help you sort through difficult situations and figure out what needs to happen in order to move forward.

It can help you to look inward and search for inspiration to come up with a creative solution to whatever problems you might be facing right now.

Lapis lazuli can also clear away unwanted thoughts, so you can focus on your intentions and find solutions to any obstacles that keep you from moving toward your goal.


When you put pearl in your aura, you give it power to draw in positive energy and release negative energy. Pearl helps you find balance between being loving and receiving love.

It gives you freedom to accept yourself as you are, even if you still have areas that need improvement. With pearl, you’re less likely to have issues expressing your true self, since it improves the flow of energy through your throat chakra.

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When you have a strong connection to your throat chakra, you can easily communicate your emotions to other people. This allows you to express your unique brand of affection and intimacy without feeling guilty about it.


Blue Kyanite

This throat chakra stone is particularly useful if you find that you have an overactive throat chakra.  This can cause you to express yourself a little too energetically or at inappropriate times. Blue kyanite removes excess energy and brings you more in touch with your intuition.

As this crystal works with your throat chakra, it can help you stay grounded by keeping you focused on the present moment. When you’re able to do this, you won’t lose track of where you’re headed or what you’re doing.

If you struggle with finding direction in life often, blue kyanite can help because it helps you reconnect with the world around you rather than focusing solely on your own mind.

Blue Calcite

If you want to get better at speaking up when something isn’t right, then blue calcite can help. Blue calcite clears out any blockages within your throat chakra that may prevent you from communicating your feelings, which can lead to conflict.

In addition, blue calcite can improve your ability to make decisions and speak your truth, allowing you to share your opinions freely with others. Since this stone focuses on communication, it also helps you to deal with anxiety and fears you’ve been having lately.

Green Aventurine

Most of us feel like we should say things perfectly all the time. Green aventurine helps you to learn how to let go of those expectations and just start talking.

The green aventurine will act as a catalyst to your inner dialogue and help you to open up your heart by connecting with others. Green aventurine is most effective when it works with someone else’s throat chakra. As a result, it has the potential to create powerful bonds of friendship and unity.

Final Thoughts

Communication, expression, and creativity are such important parts of our wellbeing, both mentally and spiritually, that it’s a relief that there are some stones and crystals that can help us make the most of them. 

Try out whichever of these stones call to you the most and see how your communicative and creative powers improve.

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