Glossary Of Amazing 51 Signs To Find Out Which Chakra Is Blocked!

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

What are the signs of blockages in the seven chakras in our body? Can you detect which chakra is blocked from a specific ailment like trustworthiness, weight gain, or anxiety? How to find out which chakra is blocked? 

Yes, there are specific physical, emotional, and physical signs of blocked chakras. For instance, trust is connected to the throat chakra, weight gain with the crown chakra, and anxiety from all the major chakras. 

Today we’ll go through 51 different symptoms and signs of 7 chakra blockages. You’ll also learn to unblock the chakra with yoga poses, meditation techniques, and healing crystals.

Ready? Read on!

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What Are The Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Signs To Check Which Chakra Is Blocked? 51 Signs To Bookmark 

Here’s a 7 chakra chart to help you get familiar with the seven major chakras in the body. 

ChakraSeed Syllable Element Frequency (Hz)
RootLAMEarth 432 
Solar PlexusRAMFire 528
HeartYAMAir 594
Throat HAMSky 672
Third Eye OMLight 720
Crown AUMThought 768
Massage, Shoulder, Human, Relaxation, Classic Massage

1. Anxiety 

This is a problem that can be related to all the seven chakras.

Check this table to see which chakra causes anxiety as a symptom and their reasons.

Anxiety Causing Chakra Cause of Anxiety 
Root Lack of support
Sacral Personal Power Issues 
Solar Plexus Health Issues 
Heart Heart Pumping Problems 
Throat Inability to Trust 
Third Eye Lack of Intuition
Crown Lack of wisdom

2. Aggression

Anger plays up when your third eye, sacral, solar plexus, heart, or root chakras are acting up. Mainly it has to do with your ego concerning the solar plexus chakra or the sacral chakra energy. 

3. Allergies 

Seasonal or not, allergies can signify the root chakra is failing. But if you’re allergic to the air particles, you know the heart chakra is suffering as the element of air rules it. It could be a sign of underlying chakra problems affecting your immune system. 

4. Arthritis

One of the usual diseases of old age and overworking, arthritis is a sign of Muladhara and solar plexus chakra imbalances. Both chakras have to do with the health of your body, so work on them to heal this symptom. 

5. Asthma

You may face breathing problems when your throat chakra is blocked. It directly affects the lungs or has to do with allergies and the immunity from a blocked Muladhara. 

6. Loss of Balance 

When the first chakra energy center is off-rail, you’ll feel unstable physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It can affect your sense of thinking and making decisions too. 

7. Blurred Vision 

It can show up as blurry vision when you have a blocked Third eye chakra. It can easily be treated by working on Chakra Reiki Meditation. The blocked purple chakra may also cause this. So, use a pendulum to find out where the blockage is in precision. 

8. Bladder 

When your Muladhara is blocked, you can suffer from incontinence. Bladder issues can usually be reversed by grounding and working on the sacral regions. It may be an imbalance of your life force energy. 

9. Blood 

When the heart chakra is out of whack, you may suffer from blood-related issues throughout the body. Make sure to have a gem elixir made of healing crystals like bloodstone, red jasper, or carnelian. 

10. Brain 

If you have a blocked crown chakra, you’ll suffer from memory issues and brain disorders. It may even cause coordination issues that lead to insecure relationships, careers, and problems with creative energy. 

11. Constipation: Is It A Root Chakra Blockage?

One blocked chakra sign that leads to constipation is from the root chakra or Muladhara. It happens when your tether to Mother Earth is cut off. You must do root chakra yoga like the Garland Pose or the Camel Pose to work on it. 

12. Cholesterol 

If you have physical health problems that lead to high-fat content and heart attack risk, it results from an overactive heart chakra. It can often cause eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia too. 

13. Depression: Can My Blocked Sacral Chakra Cause This? 

When you’re suffering from self-pity, you’ll feel a sense of poor self-reflection, overthinking, and obsession. It can lead to depression when you don’t work on aligning the sacral chakra. 

14. Diabetes

One of the disorders caused by the Manipura and other chakras in the lower body is diabetes. It can happen to young and old regardless of their fitness. 

You should do Reiki rituals with crystals laid directly on the human body to restore sugar balance in your blood.

15. Ears

Ear infections are often a common sign when your third eye chakra suffers. 

Healers suggest using chakra frequencies or meditation with Tibetan singing bowls to heal these problems. As they target the intuitive chakra, your spiritual connection with nature will grow. 

16. Eyes

You need third eye chakra foods and aromatherapy like blueberries, blackberries, cinnamon, and frankincense to heal the eyes. Working on the higher chakra will also establish a spiritual connection to protect you from eye diseases.

17. Emotional issues 

While many people think emotional intelligence doesn’t have much to do with the physical body, self-compassion comes from your heart. 

In order to emotionally connect with nature, yourself, and others, you should do heart chakra balancing with crystals like rose quartz, peridot, or green aventurine.

18. Feet 

When it comes to the lower chakras of the Svadhisthana and Manipura energies, their deficiency can cause bone problems that show up as pain in the foot. Try soaking in a gem bath made from stones like citrine, hematite, or carnelian to find relief. 

19. Envy and jealousy 

People with low self-esteem often lose their creative power because their sacral chakra is down. It’ll also drain your inner wisdom and create negative self-reflection. It can also be caused by heart chakra imbalance when you don’t show self-compassion or self-love. 

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20. Gallbladder 

The third chakra imbalance in the human body often translates to gallstones and pain around the gallbladder. It can be restored by performing Muladhara, sacral chakra meditation, or Reiki. 

21. Headaches and Migraines 

When your third eye chakra suffers, you may get tension headaches and immense pain around the eyebrows and eyes. Make sure to activate the indigo element by eating, meditating, and listening to chakra frequencies.

22. Heart 

Major organs like the heart are often diseased when your middle chakra is blocked. Eating heart chakra foods like leafy greens, pomegranates, and green smoothies can help restore it. 

23. Lungs 

If you’re suffering from lung-related disorders, you might need an energy healer to perform Reiki. This healing technique works on the human body by power transfer around the throat and heart chakras. 

24. Luck 

Your creativity suffers when your second chakra and sixth chakra are weak. Luck can suffer from the low self-esteem that comes with the kundalini shakti. Wear a citrine crystal ring to work on your luck.

25. Liver 

One of the crucial benefits of chakra cleansing of lower energy centers is that it can quickly heal major organs. Doing so with gem elixirs made of bloodstone, red jasper, and carnelian can help your liver. 

26. Intestines 

A blocked solar plexus chakra can result in intestinal disorders that can affect the whole body to cause fatigue. Muladhara is another overactive chakra responsible for your lower intestines. So, balance the root first. 

27. Immune System

When you establish a spiritual connection with your chakras, energies affecting your physical body are healed by affecting immunity. If you’re suffering from chronic allergies and system disorders, it might be caused by a blocked root chakra. 

28. Kidney 

One or more chakras can lead to kidney troubles in the body. One particular chakra that specifically heals this organ is the sacral chakra. Moreover, the second chakra is also associated with the water element. Additionally, the kidneys are responsible for filtering water in the body. 

29. Knees

Another lower chakra is blocked when you suffer from pain and cramps in the knees. It’s associated with the root chakra color red, and healing the Muladhara will flush out lower energy centers easily. 

30. Mental Issues

Do you suffer from OCD, panic disorders, mood swings, or hormone imbalances? Then, one or more chakras may be to blame. Often, this is your second and sixth chakras. Mental disorders are expected if the energy flowing from first to brow chakra doesn’t flush out mind toxins. 

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31. Meditation Issues 

Another effect of too much energy filling as blockages in energy flow is seen with problems with meditation. 

You’ll find it hard to visualize when your third eye chakra is blocked and your crown chakra breaks your spiritual connection. Heal the higher chakras with Reiki for physical healing and spiritual purpose quickly!

32. Memory 

Brain-related chakras like the sixth chakra can lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It can also cause forgetfulness in young people. The brain’s energy centers in the 7 chakras for inner guidance are associated with crown and brow chakras.

33. Nerves 

If you have a constant case of nerves, check if you have low self-confidence related to the throat and sacral chakras. The same chakra can make you afraid if you have too much energy flowing through it. 

So make sure to wear sacral chakra stones like amber, agate, or carnelian regularly. 

34. Personal Growth 

A blocked chakra sacral is also responsible for screwing up your personal power. But when added with a weak orange element energy center, you lose inner guidance and your own intuition.

35. Pancreas

If you suffer from pancreatic disorders, look into blocked solar plexus chakra and base chakra for pancreatic pain, cysts, or EPI.

36. Pituitary

When your crown chakra is blocked, the pituitary gland suffers. It might make you cold with sexual dysfunctions, fatigue, and nausea. A Reiki session with an amethyst on your crown should work well for healing.

37. Pineal Gland

The third eye chakra is the next most important organ that controls the center of higher consciousness in the chakra. It’s located in the pineal gland, where photoreceptor cells like those in our eye are actually present. 

That’s why the chakra meaning literally translates to the inner eye. Get an Ajna crystal such as black obsidian or azurite to start healing.

38. Reproductive Illnesses 

Out of the seven chakras in our body, the orange element chakra controls the female and male reproductive parts. When it’s blocked, you can suffer from low libido, infertility, pelvic floor disorders, and the inability to get sexually intimate. 

39. Sexuality 

The second chakra is responsible for your sex organs, sensuality, passion, vigor, and virility in sexual health.

When your first energy center in the seven chakra system is responsible, it causes the inability to be sexually intimate with spouses or partners.

40. Sinus

When the Ajna chakra is blocked, you might face pain in the sinuses. Migraines, tension headaches, and eye pain may be common when the brow chakra is weak. Some people even feel like their head is spinning properly.

41. Spiritual issues 

The causes of spiritual blockage can be found in every one of the seven chakras because inner wisdom is collective chakra energy to feel. You’ll feel spiritually lost when all are out of balance.

42. Speech Problems: Is It Because My Throat Chakra Is Blocked?

When your fifth chakra of the blue element has too much or too little energy flowing through, you may suffer speech issues, throat pain, sore throat, and thyroid problems. Watch out for problems related to the communication center as it’s ruled by the throat chakra.

43. Spine and spleen

The lower chakra energy center of the base chakra is responsible for disorders related to the spine as it’s located between the lower three vertebras. 

Spleen healing comes from the spleen chakra of the Pranic energy level in secondary chakras.  

44. Stomach and digestion 

When the root chakra color imbalance shows, your aura will be muddy or dark red. The energy centers of Muladhara control digestive health and help your stomach. Work with root energies to heal your bowel disorders too.

45. Thyroid Issues

A blocked throat chakra often causes thyroid issues by inhibiting the body’s absorption of thyroid hormones. Wear turquoise, aquamarine, or blue lace agate necklaces and pendants to heal this ailment. 

46. Trust 

When your emotional imbalance has gone astray, the fifth chakra may be blamed. The throat is the seat of your inner voice and emotions. Use heart chakra and throat chakra stones to heal this voice center.

47. Thymus Gland

You don’t need to flushed negativity in more than one chakra to have problems with the thymus gland. A blocked throat chakra is often the cause of thymus gland problems like myasthenia gravis, PRCA, and immunity problems. 

48. Tiredness: Is My Weak Solar Plexus Chakra Causing It?

When the energy center associated with the inner sun is weak, you’re physically weak due to a lack of energy absorption. 

A Manipura stone akin to a sunstone can help you get rid of fatigue and other malnourishment issues. It could be a heart chakra problem, so add a red jasper to the mix! 

49. Limbs

When your lower chakras are causing havoc, you’ll often suffer from pain and discomfort in the arms and legs. 

Wearing crystal anklets in these areas or doing Reiki with red jasper, carnelian, and black tourmaline will help you detox.

50. Weight Gain 

One of the common causes of abnormal weight issues is the emotional imbalance of a particular chakra in the system of seven chakras. It’s located at the pituitary gland called the crown chakra. 

Carry an amethyst palm stone always on you to help with it. 

51. Bonus Term: Wealth and finances 

You can also unblock a blocked crown chakra with your own intuition to clear the spiritual blockage and manifest abundance. Use a Manipura or sacral chakra stone such as citrine, amber, or imperial topaz to guide the way. 

Which Chakra Should I Unblock First? How Do I Clear My Root Chakra Blockage? 

It’s always better to start from the first chakra of the root than the other chakras to awaken your kundalini without any negative effects. 

You clear the energy centers of the base by taking up a Muladhara yoga class and root chakra meditation on the chakra symbol to feel grounded. Yoga poses will help you flush out the negativity physically, spiritually, and mentally. 

Muladhara chakra opens with Reiki on all the other chakras too. You should work on other chakras to keep the free-flowing energy of the life force in momentum.

Look up chakra cleansing of energy centers next!

Final Thoughts: How Do You Unblock All Your Chakras?

Yoga poses, foods, herbs, and chakra frequencies related to particular energy centers also work well to open all the chakras in the body at once. Now you know how to find out which chakra is blocked! 

Woman, Sky, Sunlight, Arms, Open Arms, Sunbeams

To keep the energy flowing, pinpoint your chakra blockages by saving this checklist. This will help you whenever they pop-up next time and you need chakra cleansing!

Easy, right? Get your chakras open next!

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