Do You Feel Like You Are An Andromedan Starseed? Read On To Be Sure

Last Updated on July 9, 2024

Have you ever come across the term ‘Starseed’ or Andromedan Starseed, for that matter? If not, then, first of all, let’s define the terms for you so that you won’t get baffled by these “alien” terms. 

What Is An Andromedan Starseed?

Going by each term, Andromeda is actually a galaxy that is very close by to our galaxy—the Milky Way. And the term Starseed relates to the people who have a gut feeling that they do not belong on this planet. They feel that their home is not the earth but situated somewhere else. They are souls from space, born in human bodies. 

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The earth’s souls and starseeds differ due to the fact that earth souls are born time and again on the earth itself. But the starseeds are not from the earth. They were born on some other planet or galaxy in their previous lives but are now born on our planet this time. 

Other Starseeds

Starseeds are ancient souls who have advanced qualities and wisdom. They can give the knowledge that’s millions of years old. Other starseeds might be from other planets, galaxies, star systems, parallel universes, and dimensions. The other starseeds might as well be the Sirians, Orions, Arcturians, Lyrans, Pleiadians, Avians, and Reptilians, apart from the Andromedans. 

Let us know more about the Andromedan starseeds in this article. You can reach a conclusion on whether you are an Andromedan Starseed based on the qualities. 

What Are The Traits Of Starseeds? 

Starseeds are actually present on the earth due to their heritage and their pull. They are here and feel obliged to aid the ascension process of the earthlings. This is the reason why they face alienation from their early years. Those who know this fact about themselves feel distanced from others. Some may know about themselves from their time of incarnation. This is because they do not correlate with the societal norms of human society. 

Starseeds often feel that they do not fit in the picture. This leads to them being lonely and feeling depressed. But yet, there are a variety of starseeds who have wide-ranging special traits and abilities. All they need to do is tap in on them and activate these traits. 

You need to know about your soul’s origin to activate your unique qualities. Determining your soul’s origination will help you know more about yourself. It will also enable you to activate your potencies. Then you can take control and make your own rules about how to live your life and govern your own soul.

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Andromedan Starseeds And Their Traits

Andromedan starseed are by nature very loving, intelligent, and a beautiful star race. They occupy the higher dimensions till the 12th. Andromedan starseeds are less than a million presently on our planet. But the Pleiadian starseeds are present in more than a million on the earth. 

The starseeds have a greater capacity for emotional awareness and empathy in comparison to the earth’s souls. They also have a greater intelligence level than us. Their intuitions are very strong. This shows that they are spiritually more awakened. They know what things are about to happen; they can sense it often. 

The Major Problem On Earth

These souls come to earth from Andromeda for particular purposes. And like the rest of the starseeds, they deal with a lot of stress handling oppression. They had experienced oppression in their previous lives in Andromeda as well. This is the reason they do not want to get detected and keep beneath the detecting radar. They already know innately the consequences of getting discovered. 

Although they might appear meek and introverted, they have a major role to play on our planet. Their energy levels can affect people around them deeply, just by their presence. Andromedan starseeds are capable of opening new galactic energetic doorways between galaxies. Their energy levels are so high that they are unable to decide how to use their internal strength at times. 

Andromedans are wanderers, freedom seekers, and system busters. You can call them silent warriors, who seem to be doing mundane things and being in supportive roles only. They usually stay in the background scenes without being the main lead person. Genuinely want to help. They have no ego issues like us earthlings. Thus, they don’t mind being undercover and unsung heroes. 

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What Is The Purpose Of Andromedan Starseed?

The Andromedan starseeds are here to aid in the consciousness evolution path. They have volunteered to come on earth and assist humanity in our time of need. They want to restore peace and assist mankind by causing a shift to advanced energies. 

The Reptilian race rules the earth and is enslaved by them. And Reptilians and Andromedans don’t go along together. Andromedans are all for free will, which the Reptilians are not. 

Their individual missions may vary based on their Starseed race. They are found more in the spaces of spiritual or teaching work, as they want to guide the humans. They have a history of excelling in science projects as well. This is due to their advanced knowledge and intelligence. 

Andromedans are also your contemporary freelancers and artists with a struggling 9 to 5 job. They keep on changing their homes and jobs on a frequent note. This allows them to touch as many lives as possible and seek newness in their journey. This helps them achieve their Andromedan mission on earth.

Signs That Show You Are An Andromedan

Freedom Seeker

Andromedans love their freedom and can do anything to maintain it that way. They cannot deal with working in cubicles under someone’s supervision. This is the reason why most of them launch their own work or business. This allows them to maintain their freedom and also provide the same to others. 

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Andromedan Starseed despises corruption. They struggle to follow government rules and laws, and oppose paying such great taxes just to exist on this planet. Struggles the most among all the starseeds to understand why we have to pay for living on the planet on which we have taken birth. 

They end up in activism and fight for social causes and change. Hates the terms classicism, racism, and imperialism.


Andromedans love their caravan. Some even choose to be like nomads. Their thoughts are always wandering off to their next getaway. Travelling for them is a spiritual connection. 

Fair Judge

Do not ever try to manipulate an Andromedan. They can sense it from far off. They can even sniff your emotional manipulations. This race of starseeds does not deal well with guilt trips. If you try to falsely make them feel guilty, they will understand that it’s manipulation and talk directly with you. They do not like unjust treatment of themselves or others.

Nature And Animal Lover

Andromedans feel a deep and intrinsic connection with nature, living beings, and the animals of the earth. Their physical and mental health improves drastically around nature. 

Souls on Andromeda have a habit of communicating through emotions instead of words. This is the reason why Andromedans are closely attached to their pets. They understand their emotions and feelings. 

Drawn To Topics On Lost Civilizations And Lands

They have a strong urge to know more about the lost lands and civilizations such as Atlantis, Egypt, Rome, and Greece. This trait is common to all the starseeds. So, in order to determine which starseed race you are, you need to check the other traits boxes on the list of Andromedans.

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Andromedans’ Physical Traits

Andromedan starseeds can take on different appearances of humans. They can incarnate in various regions of the earth. But the common belief is that they are quite slim. Have difficulty gaining weight. 

They are not bothered by public stares. Likes to style themselves as they like. As they are rebellious by nature and seek freedom, they do not mind being the odd one out.

Andromedan Energy

Their energy is quite powerful, kind, and beautiful. The vibe at higher potencies and frequencies. They have the ability to transform lives around them. They radiate light and love wherever they go. 

If you have a friend who instantly livens up a room’s atmosphere, there’s a possibility that they are Andromedans. Just by being their own selves, they can notch up the energy levels of the room.

The Energy-Activation Process

There are activation meditations that are meant to help with the realisation of abilities. The activation takes place when the Andromedans have done enough healing work. This allows them to trigger the dormant divisions of the DNA and to personify greater light energies. 

The more they get rid of their previous baggage of negativity, the more light they2 can hold on to. The more light they hold in, the more positivity they can share. 

Andromedans require improving their confidence and self-love quotes. This will activate their internal power. 

Music Of The Andromedans

There are music recordings available for the awakening and activation of the Andromedans. This helps them in the process of activation. 

We hope that this article has helped you with your confusion about yourself or others around you. You can seek other Andromedans on earth for further clarification that you may need.

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