Do You Feel Like You Are An Orion Starseed?

Last Updated on July 9, 2024

Do you sometimes think that you do not belong here, and you may be an Orion Starseed? Let us find out whether you are one of the many who are there. Discovery of what is at your core will help you understand yourself better. You will realize your uniqueness and start seeking your life’s goal.

The Orion starseeds have a connection with cosmic light and wisdom. Orion is a significant constellation in the universe. Orion is twenty-sixth in size among eighty-eight constellations of the universe.

According to Greek mythology, Orion is a gigantic, masculine, and strong hunter. He tried to capture the seven sisters of Artemis. He got killed by a scorpion bite because of his own pride and ego. 

Orion stands with Taurus in the north-west, Eridanus to the southwest, and Lepus to the south. Monoceros stands on the east and Gemini on its northeast. The Pharaoh, Unaus, has a strong association with Orion. He was the fifth generation Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

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The Mission Of Orion Starseeds On The Earth:

The Orion starseeds come to earth with a mission. They help humans to gain knowledge and consciousness. Inspires and guide people to live according to the law of nature. They lead the human civilization and help it evolve. Orion starseeds are sensitive and lovable people. They care for the earth because they have an immense love for it.

Draws people to follow their actions and inspire them to be good human beings. They are powerful, and they light up people’s lives with their positive energy. People love to associate with them and learn from them. The Orion starseeds are often good teachers, activists, and guides. 

Signs Of Orion Starseeds:

The Orion starseeds generally have clear blue eyes. They may be a fair, brownish complexion and may have brown hair. Like other starseeds, some Orion starseeds may have birthmarks on their body. They may have black spots, moles, or beauty spots resembling stars or constellations. Not having a birthmark does not mean that you are not an Orion Starseed. You could still be one without all the above signs.

The Orion starseeds have a certain energy about them. They may be able to draw, paint and interpret certain symbols and geometrical lines. Existing sacred symbols and geometrical signs may attract and captivate them.

Personality Traits:

The Orion starseeds show some personality traits and behaviour, and it is not common. The following are some of them:

  1. Longing: 

You feel as if you are not from this place and are homesick. Often, you get attracted to a cluster of stars in the sky and want to be out there.

  1. Purpose: 

You always have a purpose and seek to get it before it is time to go. Have a strong feeling that you are here for a temporary period. You want to do as much good as you can in life.

  1. Uniqueness: 

You realize early in life that you are different from others. Often you feel at odds with the common practices and beliefs. You have unique talents and capabilities that capture attention. People admire you because it is not common.

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  1. Empathy: 

You feel others’ pains and sympathise with them. Walk the extra mile to help people in need. In fact, you have a strong sense of sympathy and duty for people in distress. 

  1. Pathfinder: 

You walk into uncharted areas to fulfil your purpose in life. You want to create a new path and want people to follow you.

  1. Free Willed: 

Orionis are free birds, and they love their freedom. As an Orion Starseed, you wish to express yourself and your talents. Through your creativity, you connect with others.

  1. A Dove Of Peace: 

You are calm and peaceful. Your calmness is an example for others. You dislike confrontations and always get out of it. You despise violence and take a stand against it. Victims and people in suffering draw you to stand in solidarity with them.

  1. An Old Soul: 

Often you may feel you were already there and faced similar situations before. It is clear that you have already lived a life here before, as an Orion Starseed. Some starseeds reincarnate in the world to achieve a purpose for humanity. You may be one such old soul, repeating your visit to the earth.

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Special Qualities And Inclinations Of Orion Starseeds:

As an Orion Starseed, you are a gift to the earth from the mother universe. You are born with some special qualities, characteristics, and natural inclinations. These make you unique as a very few of your kind only, may have these with some difference. Let us examine some of them.

  1. Orion Starseeds Are Logical:

As an Orion Starseed, you have excellent logical thinking, and you are a sharp thinker. Orion Starseeds spend time understanding people and their thoughts. They struggle to understand how people can be illogical and cannot work in order like them.

Orion has a stronger intellect than emotion. Because of this, they base their judgement on evidence rather than feelings. They observe and study people’s behaviour. They guide them to be better human persons.

  1. Orion Starseeds Are Knowledge Seekers:

The Orion Starseeds have a strong thrust for knowledge. They love to explore new areas and understand new topics. Seeks old wisdom and try to experience them in their lives. They learn new things for the sake of learning because they value knowledge. It gives them power, self-confidence, and skills to influence people around them.

Often Orion Starseeds have a strong opinion on things, issues, and people. It usually comes from their strong knowledge base and logical thinking. That is why they stick to their opinion and convince others to support their views. They go with new ideas if they feel it is logical and practical. They often become proponents or supporters of innovative thinking.

  1. Orion Starseeds Have Self-Discipline: 

It is common knowledge that often, people do not like to follow a strong order and discipline in life. For the Starseeds, it is the opposite. They have a sense of self-discipline and orderliness for everything in life.

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As an Orion Starseed, you orient yourself to focus on the given task. You draw a logical plan and strategy to complete your work on time without fail. You are goal-oriented and go through hardships and self-discipline to achieve it. Orion Starseeds cannot work with undisciplined people. They teach discipline and orderliness to those who work with them. 

  1. Orion Starseeds Love Their Own Space And Time:

Orion Starseeds value their privacy and spend their private time in self-reflection. They use it to be with themselves and recuperate in mind and body. They enjoy relaxation and recharge themselves to be ready for the next task ahead.

As an Orion Starseed, you believe that others, too, deserve their privacy. You recognize their need to recharge themselves and share their energies in time. You are sensitive to the needs of your fellow members. It is your special quality to make people feel capable and useful.

  1. Orion Starseeds Are Perfectionists:

Orion Starseeds seek the best result out of their actions. They love to do their tasks as per plan and make things perfect. They criticise others and do not hesitate to take comments and criticism to do their work well.

The Orion energy comes through when you plan your work and perfect your methods. You tend to look into every small thing and have an eye for details. You struggle to cope when there is a lack of balance in the working environment. As an Orion Starseed, you also release positive energy that influences your co-workers. They tend to work with you hand in hand to achieve your goal.

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  1. Orion Starseeds Are Competitive:

Unlike other starseeds, the Orion Starseeds love to compete with others. They do this to prove that they are the best in their field of work, and not ready to accept whatever they get as it is. They always go beyond and seek to better themselves and be the best in whatever skills they develop.

If you feel that you are competitive by nature, it is because you are born with a bit more masculinity. Your self-esteem and confidence give you an edge over others. You have a strong will to win, and you are not overly emotional about what others might think.

  1. Orion Star Seeds Are Born Leaders:

Because of their high sense of freedom, Orion Starseeds love to lead rather than follow. You will see them more as activists, leaders, and teachers. They lead industries, enterprises, and even movements of people.

As an Orion Starseed, you want to excel in whatever you do. You lead and succeed because of your determination, focus, and meticulous planning. You may not be comfortable working under somebody. An Orion Starseed is generally a successful entrepreneur. 

You also love to be an activist for a greater cause and are a change-maker, and you guide people in their struggle for change. You believe in higher causes and feel it your duty to achieve the purpose.


The Orion Starseeds are dreamers and visionaries. They show a strong interest in extra-terrestrial subjects. May even give futuristic ideas to humanity. They are intuitive, spiritual, and in some cases, para-normal in their thoughts and actions. Human society has always developed itself a notch higher with its contributions. They are always a cosmic gift for humanity. 

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