Lyran Starseed: Origins And 11 Major Signs That You May Be One

Last Updated on July 9, 2024

A lot of us look around and feel like we don’t belong. We feel like our ambitions and goals don’t align with what this planet accepts. It feels as if we don’t belong on this planet. If you do come across this feeling, there are chances that you may truly be Lyran Starseed. But what exactly is this, and is it relevant to you? Through the information we give you, you can understand what being a Lyran Starseed means and if you might be one. But first, let us ask the main question of all.

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Lyran Starseeds, What Are They?

Everything has a beginning. A point of origin is the start of a source of energy or life. Lyran Starseeds is one such origin. Originating from one of the brightest planets in the Lyra constellation known as Vega, it is said that Lyrans played an extremely crucial role in the entire creation of human life.

They were the ones that had offered one of the most important elements known to nature, which is fire. The origins of Atlantis and even Lemuria started because of the Lyrans. They are known to be keepers of knowledge that is highly ancient and extremely evolved. 

What Are The Origins And Purpose Of Lyran Starseed?

As mentioned earlier, Lyrans come from a planet known as Vega, which is part of the Lyra constellation. As for their purpose, or in other words, their mission, Lyrans aim for two very important things. Sharing an oasis of knowledge that got swept away by father time also helps us realize what our true potential and nature are.

Lyran realises that our planet works on what is known as a collective consciousness and therefore wants to help us ascend to that level so we can truly be a part of nature, learn its mysterious secrets and live in harmony.

What Are The Lyran Symbols And The Energy Behind Them?

The Lyre and also harp is considered to be one of the main symbols of Lyran Starseed. These objects are the ones that are associated with fun, food, gatherings, and entertainment. Therefore the fact that these objects specifically are the Lyran Starseed symbol is no surprise. Lyrans enjoyed these factors and wanted to live life to the fullest! 

When it comes to Lyran energy, it is one of the most powerful ones you will witness. It is also warm, thereby indicating safety and comfort. This energy, when radiated with a high vibration, can create ripples of change and affect the surroundings and the people in it. Known to be highly energetic with a born to lead trait, Lyrans often turn out to be successful leaders that are admired by many. 

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What Does A Lyran Starseed Look Like?

Another interesting aspect is that Lyran Starseeds are known to be more of a feline starseed. Therefore, these people very often have feline-like features. Especially the eyes and nose. Mind you, these folks look very human, and you cannot clearly distinguish them; however, if you were to look closely into the features of a Lyran, you will notice that these are some of their prominent features.

Now, jumping to the main question of all.

Could I Be A Lyran Starseed?

There are several signs to look out for if you want to know this. If you can relate to a majority of these signs, then there is a high chance that you may be a Lyran starseed. Let’s find out!

You Catch Yourself Saying The Phrase, “I Am An Old Soul.”

This is no coincidence. Lyran Starseeds are known to be filled with elder energy! This energy is the one that is filled with wisdom, respect, and empathy. This is the energy that had once upon a time created a peaceful and loving planet. If you have not been swept away with what is believed in contemporary times, this suggests that you are strong and unshakable, just like how Lyrans truly are.

You Are A Cat Person!

As mentioned earlier, Lyran Starseeds are known to be part of a feline starseed. Due to this, not only do they have feline-like features, but they also have a special liking for felines. In all probability, this person either has a cat or is always looking after cats.

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In special cases, these people have memories of a time when they were beings in the form of a cat. Out of all animals out there, a Lyran will connect most with a cat. Almost as if you can understand each and everything that a cat is trying to say. 

People Follow You As You Lead

Lyrans and natural-born leaders! If you find yourself in positions of leadership wherein your crew follows and stays loyal to you, this is a sign that you might truly be a Lyran. People always want to listen to Lyrans and have deep respect and trust towards them.

These people are considered role models by crowds and are the type who can make big changes. Lyrans are great public speakers, and their confidence and energy can be felt by those who listen. 

You Are Attracted To Events In History

Whenever anyone talks about history, do you find yourself being drawn to them? If yes, then this is another major sign. Very often, Lyrans are attracted to the story of the past because they are subconsciously reminded of your time back then. You feel connected. Almost as if you were there during all of these events. 

One Of Your Greatest Loves Is Metaphysics. 

One of the biggest signs of a Lyran is when they show extreme interest in concepts such as metaphysics, space travel, astronomy, the unknown, extraterrestrial life, paranormal beings, and even nanotechnology. Lyrans also find themselves attracted to healing crystals and objects that are considered sacred. 

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You Are The Voice Of Justice

Lyrans cannot stand injustice. If you feel like injustice makes your blood boil and you do your level best to be the voice of those who have been victims, then you may just be a Lyran Starseed. You will fight tooth and nail to ensure that justice has been served, and you don’t stop until the assailant. 

Believes In Manifestation And Do It Effortlessly.

Always believing in the power of manifestation, and you seem to be able to manifest all that you want. Things come so easily to you that sometimes they may come across as too good to be true! Lyrans were known to have cells in their bodies that vibrate with a higher frequency, thereby making manifestation a very simple task for them. If you feel the same way, then you might be a Lyran.

Magic And Divination Fascinate You

Do you have psychic abilities? Are you great with tarot, fortune-telling divination, or any other practices that need you to have a good psychic connection? This may indicate that you are connected with the Lyran Starseed line. You like to stick to older forms of magic compared to what is done currently. 

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You Want To Know About Forgotten Civilizations And Other Missing Information

Have you had conversations on olden civilizations and several mysterious events that never made any sense? During this conversation, have you felt frustrated that there is no straight answer? If yes, then this is because you have a Lyran connection. You want to know more about myths, legends, and even conspiracy theories. And you aren’t scared of the possibility of what is out there. You believe in things that most people consider stupid or unconventional. 

Highly Independent

If you have been independent at a very young age, then you have Lyran traits in you. These people rebel against control and pursue the life that they choose. They become independent very soon, which can cause strained relationships with their parents; however, this eventually comes in handy because you learn a lot at a very young age.

You Enjoy Alone Time!

Lyrans are loners and don’t find the need to always be around people. They enjoy their company and can live an exciting life by themselves. Values their relationships dearly but also have learned how to love themselves and be on their own so that they can spend time with themselves and recharge. They don’t consider being alone a sad event. They use both their alone and social time to live life to the fullest!

There you go! Some of the most common signs that you may be a Lyran Starseed. How many of these signs do you relate to? If you can relate to all of these, then it is time you do more research into your family line to understand more. Even if you relate to a few signs, the chances of you being a Lyran Starseed are still quite possible. Let us know how many signs you relate to and if your beliefs align with Lyrans.

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