How Do You Stop Chasing Relationships And Let Love Chase You?

Last Updated on July 9, 2024

Human beings are social in nature. No one was born to be alone. That is why people are always eager to jump into chasing relationships. We need the company of each other. They say love is not everything, and it is the only thing. Relating to someone gives one the feeling of adoration and value. Each person was meant to be with someone else. It is a special feeling when you yearn to be in the arms of someone else that you love and cherish.

Relationships can be complicated. It is not a fairy tale. It is no longer the story about Romeo and Juliet. People often break up from even some of the best relationships due to numerous factors. Some are so heartbroken that they even take their own lives. What is even more painful is to try to pursue a relationship that is not working. Loving people that do not reciprocate love. Investing feelings that are not appreciated by the other party.

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The Law Of Vibration Vs. The Law Of Attraction 

According to the law of vibration, all things in the universe are constantly moving or vibrating. However, the difference between objects is frequency, which is the rate or speed of the vibration. The things being referred to in this context are not just the physical visible items we see around, but also some invisible ones such as thoughts. This theory was conceptualised back in the 5th century BC by the Pythagoreans. Similarly, the law of attraction is a phenomenon that simply states that our thoughts, whether negative or positive, are likely to attract and allow similar thoughts to manifest in our life. 

If you are in a relationship or hope to be in a relationship with someone whose frequency is different from yours, then you are likely to end up chasing a ghost. You can, however, attract people who are equally attracted to you and live a happier and content life. 

Are You Chasing After Elusive Relationships?

After the first couple of breakups or rejections, your heart and feelings will be affected. You will be bitter and angry at yourself and the other person for not seeing the good in you. You obviously think it is your fault that a relationship you had hoped would work did not work. However, you are chasing love, and you do not know it. 

You should not feel unappreciated or see yourself as a victim. Instead, you need to understand that while it is okay to chase after what we really want, there is a limit to chasing after relationships. It is okay to chase after careers or businesses. Someday, you are assured of a profit or a promotion or a good paycheck. With love, there are no guarantees of returns on your investment. Instead of feeling isolated and wondering about what might have gone wrong, you need to understand what you need to do right and let love find and chase you. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Chasing Love? 

There is only one major consequence of chasing relationships: rejection. There are, however, many signs that you can detect from whatever relationship that you are keen on having that can help you discontinue the pursuit and instead attract the love that you deserve. 

  • Communication: How does the other person communicate? Are you the type who composes a long, properly worded message only to receive a three-word response after hours or days? If that is the case, then it is obvious that the person is not interested in you. 
  • No time for you: No one is always busy. If someone is interested in you, he or she will create time to spend some time with you. If your dates are always cancelled with no convincing reasons, then you are obviously chasing love. 
  • Emotional barriers: People who block you from discussing matters of the heart are obviously disinterested in you. If all you do is to discuss politics and work gossip or sports and other general topics but not about how you feel, then your efforts will hit a barrier. 
  • Friend zoned: If your intention is to have a meaningful relationship with someone, then they should at least move you from the friend zone to someone special in their lives. If you are introduced as the “friend” from work, school, or neighborhood, then you are chasing that relationship. 
  • Rejection: If you are really into someone, then you will not believe it if they say no to your proposal for a relationship. Instead, you will stay back and hope that they will change their mind in future. So, the chase continues. Sorry, you might be wasting your time. If they say no, it is highly likely that they are disinterested in whatever you have to offer. It is safer if you move on to other important things in your life. If they will change their mind, they know what to find you, just do not sit back and wait to hope for a miracle. 

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How To Stop Chasing Relationships And Start Attracting Love

Chasing love can be thrilling. Putting a smile on someone’s face after they have shown no interest in you gives you the feeling of a conqueror. It is, however, too much work, and yet the easiest way is to attract love. How then do you stop chasing relationships and start attracting love?

1. Practice Self Love

You can only give what you already have. If you do not love yourself, then you do not have love to give to someone else. Are you happy with who you are or unhappy? Is your mind clouded with negative thoughts about yourself? Does it bother you so much that someone thinks so little of you? Is your progress being hampered by self-pity? Stop it! 

Instead of thinking so much about how bad you are, why not invest some energy into appreciating the goodness in you? Instead of thinking that someone you are chasing is way better than you and therefore deserves your energy and effort, why not think about yourself, and see the greatness in yourself instead? Do not make other people superior to you. Have monologues. Talk about how good you are. Invest your time in what you love most, and you will see the power you wield. 

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2. Only Allow The Right People Into Your Life

Chasing love can be tiring. You will do everything under the sun that will either be ignored or ridiculed. If it appears as if you are forcing a relationship, it is time you unchained yourself. Think about your worth and stop pursuing people who have no interest. Release yourself from that bondage. If the person was meant for you, they will discover what they have lost and will come back to you. Instead of chasing, do things that will attract the right person. 

3. It Is Okay To Cry 

Do you feel heartbroken by the people you care about? Has what you used to think to be a relationship just ended? Do you feel like bursting into tears and counting your losses? Do not hold yourself. Grieving is the first step to healing. Cry out. Grief. Count your losses. Just remember, there is time for everything. You cannot reverse many things in life. However, you should allow relationship lost to slide. Wipe your tears and focus on what the future holds for you. You will just be fine. 

4. Forgive 

People will always want to take advantage of us. Everyone is yearning to gain something from someone. People you care about will use you. When it happens, do not let that one action affect and define your future. Forgive and forget. Focus on your next chapter in life. You can openly tell them whether you have forgiven them or not. In fact, what is best is to let go of emotional baggage. They will weigh you down. Let the past be. Start thinking about what the future holds. You will attract the right person because you are awesome. 

5. Learn From The Past

Relationships fail to work for numerous reasons. Instead of casting the blame on others, is there an area you can improve on? Think about the many wonderful things about yourself, but also figure out what might be your shortcomings. Borrow from the past to prepare you for a happier future that is lying in wait for your love. 

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6. Be Ready For The Right Attraction 

There is always someone with the same frequency as yourself. Do not accept people you are incompatible with because the relationship will not head anywhere. Also, you should not confine yourself to a low vibration that limits love from blossoming. Do not let past negative experiences block you from experiencing love. Believe in yourself because you are a wonderful person. There are millions of amazing other people out there willing to get into a relationship with you. Just be ready to accept them into your life. 

Final Thoughts

Chasing after love can be thrilling. It is a pleasant experience when some people act hard to get it. Earlier steps of dating or pursuing a relationship say a lot about what the frequency is or would be if you were to come together as a pair. You can stop chasing after relationships and immediately start attracting love your way. It all starts with you.

Julia Adams