963 Hertz Benefits – Experience Divine Consciousness, Heal From An Eternal Sense Of Oneness

Last Updated on July 11, 2024

Therapeutic sounds have existed since the ancient times of the Gregorian monks who used the solfeggio frequency scale to create healing and sound spiritual environments for the people back then.

In these modern times, nothing much has changed because the solfeggio scale is very popular and an essential aspect of alternative treatment. 

The frequencies that make the ancient solfeggio frequencies have been associated with various positive effects. Most of them have been known as healing frequencies.

The 963Hz Solfeggio frequency, for example, has been associated with many benefits and spiritual effects. This amazing frequency has a lot to offer to those who use it.

What Is The 963 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

The 963 Hz frequency is commonly linked to sound healing and meditation practices. Some people have called it the god frequency. However, it is referred to as the “frequency of the universe,” it is connected to the crown chakra, which strongly associates with spirituality and consciousness. 

Believers of sound healing and meditation believe that exposure to the 963Hz frequency will create a balance and harmony of the body, spirit, and mind. It is believed to promote relaxation, reduce stress and enhance the sense of well-being. This frequency has also been useful for manifesting intentions and linking with higher consciousness states. 

Even though the medical community worldwide has not fully embraced solfeggio frequencies because of limited scientific research on sound healing, there have been benefits linked to using frequencies for healing and relaxation. Even with the many benefits of the 963 Hz frequency, it is always important to discuss with a healthcare practitioner before using sound healing as treatment. 

Benefits of 963 Hz frequency

The 963 hertz benefits are linked to the firm belief of the people who have experienced positive effects in their body, mind, and spirit. Here are some widely known benefits of the 963Hz solfeggio frequency.

Benefits Of 174 Hz Frequency 
1Promotes Relaxation
2Enhances Spirituality 
3Energy Blockages Are Cleared 
4Helps In Effective Manifestation 
5Improves Overall Wellness 


Promotes Relaxation

Being exposed to this sound promotes relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety. The person feels this calmness and inner peace which is greatly important, especially to people suffering from tension and stress in their bodies. Physical well being is promoted, and problems like blood pressure are suppressed.

Enhances Spirituality 

The 963 Hz frequency is linked to the crown chakra, the center of spiritual connection and great awareness. The frequency activates the pineal gland, which is helpful in awakening intuition.

When you listen to this sound, your ability to connect to higher consciousness states and the spiritual world improves significantly because now you can tap into your intuition. As Albert Einstein said, the intuitive mind is a sacred gift, so when you awaken your intuition, many benefits come with that.

Energy Blockages Are Cleared 

It is believed that the 963Hz frequency is beneficial in clearing energy blockages in the body and allows the free flow of energy, promoting physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Negative energy is dispelled effectively when listening to this frequency music. If you feel any heaviness within you caused by these energy blockages, this frequency might be just what you need during your meditation practice.

Helps In Effective Manifestation 

The 963Hz frequency is connected to manifestation and the law of attraction. It is advisable to listen to this frequency when focusing on positive intentions. The frequency of exposure will enhance your ability to manifest your desires and achieve the goals you have set. 

Improves Overall Wellness 

Believers of sound therapy and meditation acknowledge that exposure to the 963 Hz solfeggio frequency effectively promotes overall well-being by creating balance and harmony in the body, spirit, and mind. The positive feelings of joy and inner peace are also enhanced since this frequency is known to reduce anxiety. This then improves the quality of life, which includes mental health.

As you look at the benefits of the 963Hz frequency, it is important to approach its use with an open mind because the results of exposure to the sound differ from individual to individual. 

Best Ways To Listen To 963 Hz Frequency Sound

You can best listen to this powerful solfeggio frequency by considering the following. 

Find The Best Audio

Find meditation music, binaural beats, sound baths and guided meditations that feature the 963Hz frequency. You can find good audio of this frequency on YouTube, music streaming services, and various sound therapy websites. Great audios are out there; you have to find the best one. 

Create A Serene Environment 

To experience the best effect of this frequency, you will need a calm and comfortable space that will allow you to relax without any distractions. Dim your light if possible and ensure that your surroundings are peaceful and that your physical body is comfortable. This ensures that you effectively feel oneness with the body and spirit.

Use good headphones and speakers

Finding high-quality headphones or speakers to listen to your audio is best. You can enhance the sound quality to best experience the vibrations of the 963Hz frequency and awaken your higher self spiritually.

Have Intention 

Before you begin listening to the frequency, make your intention clear. This is the time to focus on what you wish to achieve from the session, if it is relaxation, intuition enhancement, spiritual connection, or any other specific goal you have in mind

Relax fully

You will need to relax and sit or lie in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to relax your body and mind. Let your mind remain void of any tension or stress, and let the music carry you away to wherever it pleases. 

Pay Close Attention

When listening to the 963Hz frequency, paying attention to the sensations you feel and the music’s vibration is important. Allow your body to absorb the healing properties of the frequency for the best experience. 

Be Consistent 

Listening to this frequency regularly is the key to experiencing the potential benefits of the 963Hz Frequency. Consistency is the only way to ensure that, in the end, you achieve your objective with the music.

963 Hz Frequency and Meditation 

The 963Hz frequency is often used in meditation practices, as it is believed to promote relaxation, enhance spiritual connection, and facilitate manifestation. Here are some ways that the 963Hz frequency can be used in meditation:

Listen to 963 Hz meditation music

 Many meditation music tracks incorporate the 963Hz frequency. Listening to this type of music during meditation promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and enhances spiritual connection.

Chant or hum the 963 Hz frequency

Some people believe that chanting or humming the 963Hz frequency can help to balance and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. This can be done during meditation or as a standalone practice.

Visualize the frequency in color violet

The 963Hz frequency is associated with the color violet, which is also the crown chakra color. During meditation, you can visualize the color violet surrounding you, enhancing your connection to the spiritual realm and promoting peace and harmony.

Set intentions and focus on the manifestation

 The 963Hz frequency is connected to manifestation and the law of attraction. During meditation, you can focus on positive intentions and visualize yourself achieving your goals while listening to the 963Hz frequency.

Combine with other meditation techniques

 The 963Hz frequency can be combined with other meditation techniques, such as mindfulness, breathwork, or body scan meditation. This can enhance your meditation practice’s overall benefits and help you achieve greater inner peace and well-being.

It is worth noting that while some people report experiencing benefits from using the 963Hz frequency in meditation, the scientific evidence for its therapeutic effects is limited. It is always important to consult with a healthcare provider before using sound healing or meditation as a treatment.

963 Hz Frequency And Chakra 

The 963Hz frequency is linked to the crown chakra at the top of the head. The crown chakra awakens when the sound tones of this frequency are played. This frequency is known for enhancing spiritual connection, enlightenment, and consciousness.

The crown chakra is the body’s seventh of all seven chakras and is believed to be the path to the spiritual realm. It is, therefore, a very powerful tone. When the crown chakra is balanced, the root, heart, and sacral chakra will follow suit. This will give your spiritual self more life force.

People who use the 963Hz for chakra healing and meditation believe that listening to this frequency will help harmonize and balance the crown chakra, increasing spiritual awareness and connection.  

To get your chakra in great shape using this frequency, here are a few things you can do:

Listen To 963 Hz Frequency 

Most meditation music has a 963Hz frequency, and listening to it will enhance relaxation, reduce your anxiety and stress and balance your crown chakra. Find a device that will provide good quality sound for the best effect.

Focus On The Violet Color 

The crown chakra is linked to the color violet and the 963Hz frequency. Chakra healing and meditation will improve your experience if you visualize the color violet surrounding you. Visualizing the frequency in color will enhance your connection to the spiritual realm and promote inward peacefulness. 

Hum Or Chant The 963 Hz Frequency 

Some people believe that chanting or humming this frequency will help balance and harmonise the crown chakra. You can do the chakra healing and meditation or simply as a practice. 

Think About The Lotus Flower

The crown chakra is represented by the beautiful lotus flower with many petals strongly linked with spiritual awakening. Visualize this flower opening up on top of your head, which will help balance and activate your crown chakra. 

There is no doubt that this frequency is helpful in chakra balancing. However, having an open mind when using it for your chakra is important. The results might vary from person to

963 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Best Examples 

The 963Hz frequency is usually used in tone therapy and meditation because it promotes relaxation, facilitates manifestation, and enhances spiritual connection. There are some great examples of this music which will help enhance positive energy within you, and they are as follows: 

Meditative Music

A lot of this music is used for healing and relaxation during meditation. Some great examples are as follows:

963Hz Crown Chakra” by ZenLifeRelax

“963Hz Sleep Music” by Nu Meditation Music

Singing Bowls 

These are usually used in sound healing practices and are played with this frequency. They help in proper relaxation and establishing inner balance. Some good examples are:

963Hz Tibetan Singing Bowls by Starfire meditation 

Binaural Beats 

Binaural beats are sound beats made of listening to two different frequencies in each ear, where the brain waves process them to create a third frequency. Listening to these sounds has a deep therapeutic effect.

Pineal Gland  Activation & Decalcification (9.63Hz + 963Hz) Binaural Beats by meditative mind 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the 963 Hz frequency utilized during sound healing?

The 963 Hz frequency can be used in tone therapy in several ways, including meditation music, singing bowls, binaural beats, guided meditations, sound baths, and chanting. Many wellness centers do these for their clients in their sound therapy packages. 

Can listening to the 963 Hz frequency be harmful?

No evidence suggests that listening to the 963Hz frequency is harmful. However, it is important to listen to the frequency at a comfortable volume and to take breaks as needed. Also, you can stop if you feel unwell while listening to the sound. 

Can the 963 Hz frequency be used in combination with other treatment options?

The 963Hz frequency can be combined with other alternative treatment options, such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and Reiki, to enhance their effectiveness and promote healing.

Is the 963 Hz frequency scientifically proven to have healing properties?

While there is limited scientific research on the healing properties of the 963Hz frequency, studies have shown that sound treatment can effectively promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall well-being.

When should I stop listening to the 963 Hz solfeggio frequency?

You can only stop when listening makes you uncomfortable or you have achieved your goal of overall wellness, which ranges from cellular enlightenment to spiritual enlightenment. You could also try other healing frequencies and experience what they offer. You will find another miracle tone and experience more healing effects.

How often should I listen to the 963 Hz solfeggio frequency?

You should listen to the tone as many times as you wish. This should continue until you find the inner peace and physical, mental, and spiritual well-being you seek.

Dr. Emily Harris