45 Amazing Songs On Progress To Help You Celebrate A Win

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

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If you’re looking for music that can inspire you to keep pushing forward and make progress in your life, there are many great songs on progress that can motivate and encourage you.

From personal growth to social justice movements, progress can be found in every aspect of our society.

Music is always a great reflection of the current state of our lives, and as we strive for progress or celebrate it, there’s no better source of motivation and inspiration than some good tunes.

So, I have put together 45 songs on progress that will take you on a musical journey that celebrates the transformative power of progress.

1. “Imagine” By John Lennon

One of the fundamental aspects of progress for us as a society is having a peaceful and just world.  John Lennon pours his vocals into this beautiful piece about a world that is booming with development and progress.

He sings about a world in which no barriers divide us all and asks each of us to imagine how amazing such a world would be.

2. “A Change Is Gonna Come” By Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke’s social justice anthem is another great song about the progress of a world riddled with injustice. The singer sings with hope and enthusiasm as he reminds us that the world will change and move forward to a better place soon enough.

It is a moving track that will give you some hope for the future of the world but also provide some encouragement to anyone looking forward to making headway in their personal life.

3. “Day After Tomorrow” By Tom Waits

This is an emotional song about the ills of war and how much it affects our collective progress as a society.

The singer speaks about the pointlessness of war and a day when he can come home to his family and move on from all the negativity surrounding him in a battle that seems to have no end.  

4. “People Have The Power” By Patti Smith

If you’re ever in doubt about whether or not you can make an impact to drive progress in your personal life or the world around us, this song will remind you of your own power.

The singer’s powerful vocal reminds us all that collectively, we have to power to dream and right the wrongs in our lives, rescue the world from evil, and improve the state of the world as a whole.

5. “Behind The Wall” By Tracy Chapman

Sometimes we find ourselves as witnesses of an evil action occurring around us but often hesitate to do anything about it.

In this song, Tracy Chapman calls us to take a stand against evil and do something good for someone who is helpless and in need as that is the only way for us to collectively progress in the world around us.

6. “Everybody’s Changing” By Keane

Progress in all forms is often a good thing, but what happens when you feel like everyone around you is making headway and you’re left behind?

This song captures the feeling of loneliness and despair that we can sometimes feel when it feels like we’re stuck in the same place while everyone around us seems to be moving forward.

7. “What’s Going On?” By Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye’s soulful voice will capture your attention with this timeless classic about the social and political issues plaguing the world.

The singer sings with despair about the struggles and turmoil surrounding him but expresses a sense of hope and compassion with the reminder that progress will be made.

8. “A Change Would Do You Good” By Sheryl Crow

This catchy song is a great tune to move along to whenever you need a reminder that progress and change are needed to transform your life.

The singer talks about how scary it can seem for things to change, but she keeps you hooked with the upbeat melody and talks about how empowering it can be to try something new for your personal growth.

9. “Man In The Mirror” By Michael Jackson

The King of Pop pours his heart and soul into this inspirational track about the value of self-improvement for the progress of the world.

With the slow musical melody, the singer reminds us of the need to make a change in our personal lives if we really want all the issues in the world to improve.

It is a powerful track about social justice and development, but it also speaks to personal responsibility and growth for everyone.

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10. “Change” By Blind Melon

This is an encouraging and self-reflective track about the human experience and its relationship with growth and development.

Speaking about the challenges that come with change and personal growth, the relatable lyrics and powerful vocals also urge us all to embrace every part of the journey as it is the major path to making progress.

11. “100 Years” By Five For Fighting

When we think about progress in our personal lives, this song about the passage of time is a great introspective track about how we evolve and grow from childhood to when we grow old. It is a heartfelt ballad with beautiful lyrics that are relatable to people of all ages.

12. “Grow As We Go” By Ben Platt

If you’re in a relationship as a young person, perhaps one of the biggest markers for progress is expressing maturity as you face challenges and sort through issues that may come up.

This beautiful song speaks about vulnerability, trust, and growth in a relationship while learning and evolving with your partner.

13. “The Times They Are-A-Changin” By Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s legendary vocal and stripped instrumental guitar sound have made this song a popular anthem for protests and calls for change. However, it is a great song that speaks to the importance of challenging the norm to achieve social and political progress.

Whether you’re looking for motivation to push you towards making a change or need a tune to help you celebrate a new development in your life, it is a great track to have in your ear at any time of the day.

14. “One Man Can Change The World” By Big Sean

This is another powerful song about the importance of putting in the time to make a positive impact in the world around you for the betterment of everyone. 

Big Sean’s moving lyrics will offer encouragement and put you in the right mindset if you find yourself trying to do something that could be a breakthrough in your personal life and that of the people around you.

15. “Better Days” By Goo Goo Dolls

Whether you’re looking forward to progress in your personal life or the society as a whole, we all know the process towards achieving that is no easy journey.

There will be challenges ahead, but this song urges you to look toward a brighter future and better days ahead once you make headway and achieve your goals. It is a fun and catchy tune I often find myself dancing to when I need a reminder to push through and focus on the progress ahead.

16. “Progress” By John Rich

We often associate progress with positive things, but sometimes it that isn’t always the case. This angsty country number has a powerful political message and speaks to negative decisions taken by the governments in the name of progress and development.

The singer lets out his frustration and anger at the negative effects of such decisions and tells the powers to stick their progress where the sun don’t shine.

17. “Hall Of Fame” By The Script Feat. Will.I.Am

This inspirational song is about someone working hard to advance in their career. The singers talk about each of us being the best we can be at what we do because in our little corner of the world, we are making a difference, and our name will be remembered for our progress.

It is an encouraging message many of us need to hear when our personal growth may feel insignificant compared to the rest of the world.

18. “Survivor” By Destiny’s Child

When you’re going through a tough time, staying resilient and focused on your goals is a major determiner of your progress in the future because giving up will simply derail your journey.

This popular destiny’s child song has become a powerful anthem about being resilient in the face of adversity, but it serves as a reminder that being strong and persevering is the only path to progress.

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19. “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” By Timbuk 3

The singer in this catchy rock number sings from the perspective of a young man making headway in his life as he studies and grows to become a scientist.

Still, the message can be applied to anyone looking forward to achieving a dream or a breakthrough in their career. It has a fun, upbeat tempo that will certainly have you bopping along to the lyrics.

20. “Best Day Of My Life” By American Authors

This is a fun children’s song about the pleasures of dreaming big and watching it come true right before your eyes.

The lyrics speak to the childlike dreams of someone who dreams of going on a fantastical adventure, but the electrifying feeling of success and seeing everything you hope for come to pass is a relatable feeling for just about anyone. 

21. “On Top Of The World” By Imagine Dragons

Nobody knows the thrill and excitement that comes after you’ve just achieved something great or made some kind of progress in your life that Imagine Dragons in this catchy track.

Singing about the delight of being rewarded for your perseverance and hard work, the band takes you through a musical roller coaster of fun and pleasure with this uplifting song. Trust me; this is one song you’ll want to add to your victory playlist.

22. “We Found Love” By Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris

Finding love after a dark time may not seem like a cause for celebrating progress, but it is a huge victory and sign of growth for someone who has just gotten out of a dark mental state. In this pop track, Rihanna talks about the beauty and hope that comes with finding love when you feel like everything is doom and gloom.

The singer’s voice combined with the electronic dance beat delivered by Calvin Harris makes this song a total banger that will become an instant favorite for moments when you want to celebrate love.

23. “One Day” By Matisyahu

Social progress is a common theme in music you must have noticed by now, and it is understandable considering the state of the world. This is another powerful track expressing hope for a better world that advances beyond war and violence.

The singer speaks with hope and describes a day when life would be more peaceful, and as you listen to it, you will be filled with an intense desire to witness that kind of progress.

24. “I’m Alive” By Kenny Chesney

This beautiful song teaches us to appreciate and celebrate our small progress and victories. The singer talks about the challenges and difficulties we go through in life but reminds us to be thankful for even the smallest things, as they are still signs of growth and progress.

For Kenny Chesney, in this track,  that little victory is something as simple as being able to breathe but for you, it may be another small victory in your personal life.

25. “What A Wonderful World” By Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong is undoubtedly the king of soulful ballads and delivers yet another powerful message with this iconic song.

The singer’s soft instrumental and powerful vocals will transport you to another world as he speaks about the beauty of a world where we have enough progress that there is no sorrow, poverty, or pain.

26. “The Greatest” By Sia

Sia delivers a beautiful message about the rewarding feeling of success and progress that comes after you have spent time and dedication working on something.

Whether it’s working on yourself or focusing on a goal or dream, the singer reminds you how delightful and happy you will feel once you make a breakthrough.

27. “I Can” By Nas

Nas delivers a powerful message about the importance of hard work and dedication to achieve your dreams and progress in this encouraging rap anthem.

Speaking about the negative effects of racial oppression and poverty, the rapper encourages children and everyone listening to dream big and remain focused to move forward in a world that tries to hold them back.

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28. “11:59” By Michael Franti & Spearhead Ft. Sonna Rele

Sometimes the key factor that can lead to growth and progress in our lives is making the decision to live life to the fullest and make the most of every second.

This uplifting track conveys the message amidst the catchy funk and reggae beat. The singer urges everyone listening to take action and seize the opportunity to do what is right for their happiness and progress before it’s too late.

29. “Redemption Song” By Bob Marley

Bob Marley slightly deviates from his iconic reggae style and delivers an emotional power punch with this acoustic track. Using the heartfelt vocals and flawless strings of his guitar, the singer talks encourages us all to aspire and work towards a better life and future.

He talks about the struggles people go through in life in terms of oppression but offers a path to progress by urging us all to strive for social change and redemption.

30. “Everything Has Changed” By Taylor Swift Ft. Ed Sheeran

In this heartfelt track, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s combined vocals will take you through the beautiful journey of two young lovers from childhood to adulthood. The song captures the journey of growing up and how love evolves over time.

It expresses the power of a special connection like love and how it lasts throughout our lives but changes at every stage.

31. “Since U Been Gone” By Kelly Clarkson

This empowering song speaks to the progress of someone trying to move forward with their life after being hurt by a loved one.

There is no doubt that breakups can make your life feel stagnant and dim, but Kelly Clarkson’s powerful vocal in this song will give you to drive to focus on growing and moving forward. 

32. “I Can See Clearly Now” By Johnny Nash

This song has a moving and sweet melody that is very hard not to fall in love with. Along with the singer’s gentle vocals, the soothing reggae beat will put you in the best of moods as you contemplate progress in any situation.

The lyrics talk about the breakthrough that comes after a dark stormy situation.

33.”Walking On Sunshine” By Katrina And The Waves

Everything about this song just screams joy, progress, and growth, and when you listen to the fun pop-rock beat, you’ll see why it has become such a popular anthem since its release. 

It is a song about deciding to move forward with your life with cherry optimism and hoping for the best.

34. “Wonderful Life” By Black

Sometimes all you need to impact a wave of progress in your life is happiness and good friends around you. It may seem simple, but it makes a big difference in how you grow as an individual, and this song delivers that beautiful message.

As the singer expresses a desire to be surrounded by love and friendship, he describes how satisfying such a life would be, and you feel his emotional delivery in every line.

35. “Higher Ground” By Stevie Wonder

There is no doubt we all aim to reach some sort of higher ground in our lives. Whether spiritually, financially, or even physically, it is a sign of progress that we often work towards, and this song speaks to that idea of aiming for the highest peak in your life.

Steve Wonder sings about being given a second chance at life and using the opportunity to reinvent himself, but like everyone, he also sees it as an opportunity to reach a spiritual higher ground.

36. “Shine” By Collective Soul

 Collective Soul has described this song as a form of prayer, but I will leave it to you to interpret the message and see what resonates with you.

However, it is a moving rock piece that talks about hope for improvement in a person’s life, and the singer here makes a plea for a sign to guide him toward that progress.

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37. “Brand New Day” By Sting

This song became a massive hit upon its release going on to win several awards, and when you listen to its message of growth, gaining ground, and moving forward, you’ll see why it was such a favorite with many fans.

It is an amazing song that speaks to the power of starting over after going through a hard time, and in most cases having the courage to start a brand new day is certainly a move towards progress.

38. “Here Comes The Sun” By The Beatles

Coming out of a rough patch with a renewed sense of hope is a significant sign of progress many of us may not pay attention to. However, the Beatles celebrate that kind of breakthrough with his song about the sun coming after a dark, cold time.

39. “Watch Me Rise” By Mikky Ekko

As we are all aware, progress comes in many forms, and this song speaks to a progress made in the face of adversity.

The singer takes you through an astronomical journey with descriptions of obstacles that get in his way while trying to rise and grow, but he expresses a firm conviction to rise against the odds.

40. “Winning” By Santana

Santana put every listener in a joyous and celebratory mood with this rock number about being struck by a wave of luck. The singer talks about improvements that fill her alive after such a moment and describes what it feels like to be on a winning streak.

41. “One Little Victory” By Rush

As the name suggests, this song is about the triumph of little victories. It is a celebration of breakthroughs and developments that come as a result of determination. It reminds you to look at every form of progress as a win, no matter how small it seems.

42. “Good Feeling” By Flo Rida

Flo Rida’s track about feeling accomplished and satisfied when you reach a certain level of success is a popular anthem on progress.

The singer talks about the brand new things he has after achieving his goals, and as he goes through every verse, you’ll find yourself dancing along in celebration if you’re looking to celebrate big progress in your life.

43. “Victorious” By Wolfmother

If you ever feel like people seem to be on your trail working against you and your goals, this song is a big reminder to you that no matter what they do, you will prevail and reach success.

Victory is a feeling that is almost synonymous with progress, and this song will give you the confidence to work toward your growth and development without being afraid of obstacles that may get in the way.

44. “Forward” By Jordan Ward

You know that sense of renewal and rejuvenation you feel after moving away from bad decisions you made in your past? That right there is another beautiful form of personal progress. It is a sign of personal growth, and this track captures the feeling very well.

The singer talks about finally making headway in his life and not letting the poor choices he made in his youth affect his journey to success.

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45. “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” By Panic At The Disco

Perhaps one of the biggest markers of progress in a person’s life is the delight that comes when your career goals come to life.

In this catchy pop number, you’ll feel the joy and delight of the singer as he belts out heartfelt lines about finally making it as an artist after all the hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Song About Growth?

Some of the best songs about growth include “Watch Me Rise” by Mikky Ekko, “Changes” by David Bowie, and “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke.

Can Music Help With Progress? 

Music can be a great source of inspiration for situations that require growth and progress. It can help put you in the right frame of mind to drive you towards actions or decisions that can result in progress.

What Is the Best Music For Development?

When it comes to music that talks about development, whether personal or social, Some great tracks include “Man in the Mirror” by Micheal Jackson, “One Man Can Change The World” by Big Sean, and “The Times They Are A Changin” by Bob Dylan.

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