35 Amazing Songs About Taking Chances To Fuel Your Next Big Step

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

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Life is unpredictable, and sometimes we’re faced with opportunities that require us to be bold and take a leap of faith. The collection of songs about taking chances help boost your mind and overcome your fears.

Sometimes this is easier said than done, as the fear of failure, rejection, or the unknown can be intimidating.

However, to achieve our dreams and explore new opportunities, we have to take a chance and find the courage to do so. What better way to get that boost of courage than with music?

This is why I’ve compiled the scoured the lengthy discography of music to find the best songs about taking a chance to help you overcome your fears and embrace new opportunities.

1. “I Lived” By One Republic

In order to enjoy life and all that comes with it, you often have to take risks and chances, no matter how scary they seem. This song reminds us to be bold and daring because that is the only way you can say you lived life to the fullest. It is an encouraging tune that will push you to take that next big step in your life.

2. “Dare You To Move” By Switchfoot

If you’re looking for a catchy gospel track to remind you to be daring and take chances in your life, this is a beautiful song you’ll find yourself returning to whenever you need a motivational tune to push you toward taking a risk.

3. “Brave” By Sara Bareilles

If you’re about to take a chance on a big step, you may not be sure how things will turn out, but a touch of braver is needed to give you the confidence you need in those situations.

Sara Bareilles reminds you of the need for that bravery in this pop song that will have you singing along while filling you with an intense sense of boldness.

4. “What Am I Waiting For” By Heidi Newfield

Amidst an overlay of beautiful strings and chords, Heidi Newfield ushes you to take a chance on your dreams in this song by asking what you are waiting for. She reminds us not to let people or circumstances we can’t control hold us back and to simply dive head-on toward our goal.

5. “Take A Chance” By Monica

Looking for something to give you the courage to take a chance on new love?

The smooth vocals of this R&B song will fill you with so much passion you’ll want to take a leap of faith and run toward your loved one without letting your worries or fears hold you back. It is a great song to remind you of the happiness that can come with giving love a chance.

6. “Ready To Take A Chance Again” By Barry Manilow

This is another beautiful song that encourages the listener to take a chance on love. It reminds us that you can only get the happiness you’re looking for when you’re willing to put everything on the line and go for it.

Barry Manilows’s powerful vocals make this song impactful on anyone who listens to it, so prepare to be moved with passion when listening to it.

7. “Life Is A Highway” By Tom Cochrane

No one better understands that life is all about taking risks than Tom Cochrane in this moving song. The singer pays tribute to life and all its challenges but reminds us that taking risks is required if you want to live it to the fullest.

It is a great song to give you the boost of courage needed when making any big step, but it is especially well suited to anyone thinking about traveling.

8. “Live Like You Were Dying” By Tim Mcgraw

Tim Mcgraw smooth vocals made this country song an instant hit upon its release, and its message about being bold and taking risks in your life is a relatable one to anyone. He reminds us of our mortality and encourages us to live like you may not see tomorrow.

9. “We Are Young” By Fun & Janelle Monae

This fun song reminds anyone letting their fears and worries hold them back from enjoying their youthful years that you should take a chance on love, fun, and everything in between.

It is an excellent carefree song you can dance to whenever you need a reminder to let yourself enjoy living in the moment.

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10. “Don’t Stop Me Now” By Queen

Queen’s energetic hit is undoubtedly one of the most popular songs about living a carefree life full of risks. It is a catchy tune about living life at high speed to enjoy yourself without letting anything hold you back.

This song has a seriously catchy upbeat tempo that will make you want to bop your head while you sing along to the fun lyrics.

11. “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” From The Sound Of Music

This moving hymnal song was used to encourage the main character in the sound of music musical to reach for her dreams. As you listen to it, you’ll feel the same push of motivation to take a chance on your dreams.

The song reminds you that dreams need all the love and attention you can give, so you must do whatever it takes to make them come true.

12. “On Top Of The World” By Imagine Dragons

This is a great song to give you the boost of energy and motivation you need to take a risk. Whether it’s telling someone you love them or making a significant change in your life, the powerful lyrics of this song will remind you to take bold steps knowing that nothing in the world can stop you.

13. “Take A Chance On Me” By Abba

When it comes to songs that push you to take a chance on love, there’s nothing more iconic than this ABBA masterpiece. Pouring their hearts out, the band’s lead singer implores a new lover to not be afraid and try their relationship while describing all the amazing ways their lives would improve if they were together.

It is a fun and somewhat cheesy song you’ll find yourself smiling to and wanting to listen to multiple times.

14. “Taking Chances” By Celine Dion

Celine Dion’s passionate vocals make this song equally beautiful and encouraging for anyone who is unsure about diving entirely into a new relationship. The singer reminds you to take a leap of faith even without knowing if things will work out because love is always worth the risk.

15. “Empire State Of Mind” By Jay Z Ft Alicia Keys

For many people taking a chance to achieve their dreams often means moving to a new city. If your new destination is a place like New York City, this is definitely a song you should have on repeat.

The combined vocals of Alicia Ker’s and Jay Z’s iconic rap verses make this song an inspirational and encouraging track about the power of taking a chance on your dreams.

16. “No Longer” By Nicole Nordeman

Nicole Nordeman keeps us all on our toes with this piece about deciding to stop living safe or living life out of fear. She encourages you to run straight in the direction of what you’re passionate about and let your love of it consume you because that is the real way to be strong. It is a very moving song for fans of gospel music.

17. “Step Out” By Jose Gonzalez

Step Out is a song about coming out of your comfort zone and letting go of things holding you back from living your best life. The booming beat of the drums on this track and the inspiring vocal will get you to leave an unfulfilling life behind and take a chance of stepping into a new phase that makes you truly happy.

18. “Running Wild” By Judas Priest

When in doubt about making a decision that may seem wild, a metal rock song in your ear can give you all the confidence and courage you need to dive head-on.

This angsty song about living life on your own wild terms is a great energizer to keep you motivated and push you to break away from all the obstacles holding you down, take a chance on what makes you feel alive, and run wild as the chorus says.

19. “Breakaway” By Kelly Clarkson

This song is a fun and empowering piece about being courageous enough to try new things. The singer talks about her wish to escape her small-town life and hops on the ride toward her dreams. Many of us wish to do that but never have the courage to take the chance. This song lets you know it is worth taking risks to achieve success and find yourself.

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20. “Start Of Something Good” By Daughtry

Ever met someone who made you want to dive head over heels into a loving relationship even though you’re not sure how it will end up?

This song will capture all the butterflies and anxiousness you feel while also pushing you to take a chance because it could be the best thing you did.

21. “Vulnerable” By Selena Gomez

Choosing to be fully vulnerable with a loved one is one of the most underrated risks a person can take because you never know how they’ll handle it, but this song encourages you to go ahead and take that chance.

The singer reminds herself that it is better to be vulnerable and reveal her true self to her lover than to let them go. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves in such situations at different times.

22. “Take A Chance Of Love” By Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald reminds us that love is one of the biggest things that drives people to be brave and take risks with this soulful song. The smooth jazz beats of this track make it a perfect song to slow dance to, but it also fills you with an intense desire to take a bold step towards love and look forward to the beautiful ending that comes after.

23. “While You See A Chance” By Steve Winwood

In this inspirational rock song, Steve Winwood fills the listener with so much motivation as he encourages you to take a chance at whatever is important to you when the opportunity presents itself.

Whether it’s finding love or taking a big step towards reaching your dreams, the song gives a universal call to anyone at a crossroads to be daring.

24. “Comfort Zone” By The Answer

This song talks about the regret that sometimes comes with missing your chance at love. The singer wishes and prays for a moment when they can reclaim that missed opportunity and promises to be brave and embrace their lost love, if only for a moment. 

25. “Backup Plan” By Plested

If you’re willing to take a chance on love, it may sometimes mean you need to give your all for things to truly work out. No backup plans or second options, just you going all in with faith in your love.

That sense of adventure and bravery is what Plested sings about in this song as he lets his lover know that no matter what may come in the future, he is willing to give everything and will take the risk of facing whatever obstacle life throws their way.

26. “Come Form The Heart” By Kathy Mattea

This is a beautiful song about living life without restraint and letting go. The singer talks about the importance of making decisions about your life from your heart instead of being guided by fear.

She encourages you to sing, dance, love, and live life all from the heart without worrying about any consequences that could come along with it.

27. “Fast Times” By Sabrina Carpenter

As the name implies, Fast Times is about moving quickly in a relationship. The thought of doing such a thing can sometimes terrify us, but the singer talks about how incredible it feels as she describes all the special moments she shares with her loved one because she had decided to go along with the motion of things and take a chance.

If you’re nervous about going all in on a new relationship, this song will give you a bit of courage to rush toward your love.

28. “For The First Time” By Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker urges a girl he loves to be brave and give him a chance in this fun song. He dares the girl to do something different for once and not let her fears about people’s opinions stop her from following the love she so clearly feels for him. It is a great love song for anyone who needs to be reminded to let go and give in to love.

29. “Heartfirst” By Kelsea Ballerini

This is another great song about taking a chance when you feel drawn to a person. Here the singer talks about focusing on her heart first as she boldly risks giving in to the attraction she feels for her lover.

She insists on not letting her fear or logic hold her back but decides to dive in with her heart leading the way because all that matters in that moment is the need to have that love. It is a great love song you can dance to or listen to when you need the courage to approach the person you’ve been crushing on.

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30. “Wild West” By Lissie

Lissie invokes the spirit of adventure and taking risks with this energetic song about going rogue and living life on the edge.

It is a fun, upbeat song that encourages you to take a shot at the things that matter to you, even if they don’t seem like the safe choice, because they will most likely bring you great happiness.

The song is said to have been inspired by the singer’s decision to leave her record label and go rogue in the wild, like she says in the lyrics.

31. “Why Wait” By Rascal Flatts

There’s no doubt that marriage is a big life decision, but sometimes you just have to dive into it as soon as you feel it’s right, like this song says.

The lyrics talk about a man encouraging his loved one to have faith in their love and get married because there’s no sense in waiting any longer.

It is undoubtedly an excellent song for Vegas-style shotgun weddings, but its message of being bold when in love remains relatable to just about anyone in a relationship.

32. “One Way Ticket (Because I Can)” By Leeann Rimes

If you are hoping to take a big step like traveling for a brief adventure or a permanent move, it can be daunting at first, but being brave enough to take the chance on your dreams ultimately results in a more fulfilling life.

LeeAnn Rimes sings about that in this song about taking risks to do everything you have ever dreamed about. For the singer, it’s buying a ticket to a different city, but the message of being bold can be applied to any big step you’re about to take.

33. “Into The Wild” By Connel Cruise

This song talks about the freedom that comes with taking a chance. It focuses on living without limitations, letting yourself do whatever you want, and reaching for your dreams without fear.

From falling in love, to simply going on an adventure, this song will let you know what a joy it is when you live life to the fullest and embrace the wild unknown that comes with it.

34. “Lanterns” By Birds Of Tokyo

If you really want to achieve success and happiness in life, sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone and embrace new challenges. As this song describes, that willingness to take a risk will open a world of possibilities for you.

The singer offers comfort to anyone feeling lonely when going through a big change brought on by taking a chance, as he reminds you that although the road may feel lonely, many are going through a similar journey as well.

35. “Long Shot” By Catfish And The Bottleman

This song is a tribute to the success and victories that come from taking a chance. It acknowledges how hard the process can be, whether moving to a new place or falling in love, but it also encourages you to appreciate the little victories that come along the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Song About Taking Chances In A Relationship?

There are many great songs about taking chances in a relationship, but some of the best ones include “Take a chance on me” by ABBA, “Against all the odds” by Phil Collins, “Just give me a reason” by Pink, and “Meant To Be” by Bebe Rexha.

What Is The Best Country Song About Taking A Chance?

When it comes to country songs about taking chances, there are many different songs to choose from, but some of the best include “take the chance” By Mo Pitney and “A chance “By Kenny Chesney.

Are There Rap Songs About Taking Chances?

There are so many popular rap songs about taking a chance. A few fantastic tracks include “Empire state of mind” by Jay Z ft Alicia Keys and “Taking my chances” By Drake Ft Future.

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