45 Hit Songs To Stay Positive Throughout The Day

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

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Woke up on the wrong side of bed, and coffee isn’t doing the trick? Songs to stay positive or did you hit a slump in the middle of your day and need a song with a vibe that picks you up instantly? Look no further; we have just the playlist for you with the best inspirational songs.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of 45 hit songs to stay positive all day. Jump in, and let’s get in on the fun.

1. Rise Up – Andra Day

Released in 2015 by American singer Andra Day, this track is a must-listen on days when everything’s falling apart. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through – sickness, a breakup, getting fired, or worse; the lyrics will comfort you in no time. Just like the song says, you’ll rise like the day, unafraid, and do it a thousand times again.

2. Run The World (Girls) – Beyoncé

Want to feel like a boss? Then, this energetic feminist anthem is the song to get you in the mood! The unique combo of a catchy beat with inspiring lyrics will surely make you break out some moves. 

Besides, no one gives a confidence boost like Grammy-award-winning Queen Bey. So, strap on your dancing shoes and prepare to feel on top of your game.

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3. I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

Feeling down or slow? Nothing gets your blood pumping like a fast pop song; this number does the job splendidly. 

Remember, there’s always light at the tunnel’s end (whether the tunnel is short or dreadfully long). That said, turn that frown into a smile with this song blasting on high, and watch the bad feelings slowly disappear.

4. Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves 

Sometimes you wake up from an amazing dream and just want that feeling to stay. If that’s you, hop on this bright, happy tune, and you’ll skip with excitement the entire day.

Bonus tip – when listening to songs to stay positive, try imagining the lyrics to put you in an even better mood. Like this song’s writer, you’ll feel the warm, golden sunshine beneath your feet and rainbows dancing in the air around you.

5. Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Don’t worry, be happy; just what you need to hear on sad days. Old but gold, every word of this song is remarkably uplifting.

The classic tune also has numerous accolades, being the first acapella song to reach number one on the Billboard Top 100 Chart.  Additionally, it won Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 1989 Grammy Awards.

6. Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Nothing gets you hyped up like a good dance party, and what’s a better song to vibe to than this upbeat number? Initially written for the movie Trolls in 2016, this is one of Timberlake’s most optimistic releases.

With its emphasis on feeling good and dancing without a care, you’ll have this song on repeat throughout the day. If you need an extra push to shake off the moodiness, the music video won’t disappoint.

7. ME! – Taylor Swift

Next, we have Taylor Alison Swift, one of the best lyricists of our time. Contrary to public opinion, she isn’t crooning about a lost love this time. Instead, she invites you to love yourself and own your uniqueness.

Taylor’s lyrics, though fun and bubbly, will remind you of an indisputable fact: your individuality is your biggest strength. Paired with its eccentric yet bubbly video, it’s a ray of sunshine and positivity.

8. This Is Me – The Greatest Showman

If you’ve seen The Greatest Showman, then you remember this song. Hands down the most inspiring soundtrack from the movie; it speaks of accepting flaws and weaknesses. 

Whenever the world has battered you, and you need songs to stay positive, this track will get you out of the dumps. Meditate on the lyrics and feel the courage rear up inside you. 

9. Titanium – David Guetta Ft. Sia

No music lover is a stranger to Sia’s powerful voice; one minute in, and she’ll have you bawling like a baby. 

The song’s message is clear as day; you’re strong enough to withstand any challenge. Pick up the pieces while dancing to Guetta’s rave, techno beat. Bright and cheery, this song will push out the negativity and leave you with no regrets.

10. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

Here’s another number from Taylor Swift, this one more motivating and inspiring. Taylor’s hit single lifted off her fifth studio album, 1989, reminds us that haters will always talk, no matter how hard you try.

So, turn a deaf ear to the snide remarks and hateful glances. Instead, turn up the volume of this masterpiece, release your inner cheerleader, and shake your imaginary pom poms to the beat.

11. Happy – Pharrell Williams

Have you ever wished you were one of the cute, happy minions in the Despicable Me movies? Well, Pharrell Williams lets you feel like one with its groovy melody.

Written for Despicable Me 2 in 2013, this song instantly makes you smile. With its funky beat and energizing lyrics, it unsurprisingly won a Grammy Award and peaked at number one in over twenty countries.

12. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Coming in at number twelve is Stronger, one of the biggest hits of 2012. Here, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson emphasizes self-confidence, bouncing back, and not letting a breakup get the best of her. 

But, whether you’re dealing with heartache or some other difficulty, the song will help you come out on top of it. Her melodious voice, ideally in sync with the thumping electro-pop beat, is exceptional.

13. Survivor – Destiny’s Child

Want to make a comeback that’s so strong it’ll drown out the naysayers? This is the song you’re searching for. 

The meaningful lyrics tell a story about rising from the ashes and being a newer, better version of yourself. Unsurprisingly, this track brought Destiny’s Child back on the music scene, winning an MTV award for the best R&B video in 2001.


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14. Scars To Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara

Dysmorphia and body image issues are the worst, but thankfully, Alessia Cara makes the voices disappear. It doesn’t matter your height, weight, skin tone, or other features, you’re nothing short of perfect, and that’s the song’s message.

Rather than a slow, mournful ballad, the beat here is cheerful and comforting. Her outstanding vocals make this song art, a must-listen on days when you don’t feel your best.

15. Let It Go – Idina Menzel

“Can I listen to a song from a children’s movie?” Who says you can’t, especially when it’s as dreamy as this iconic Frozen soundtrack?

The most beautiful thing about this song is its intensity and emotional range. This song has everything you need to feel understood, from hurt and dejection to passion and self-confidence. Plus, Idina Menzel’s vocal range is divine.

16. Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys

On lonely days, Girl on Fire will be your best friend. The powerful lyrics paint a picture of perseverance and determination, making this song heaven-sent on days you need a pick-me-up.

Beautiful and haunting, the sound will live rent-free in your head. It remains among Alicia Keys’ best-performing songs to date, dominating the chats for 

17. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

Party time!!! Even if you’re not at a party, you deserve to dance the night away and forget your problems for a few hours.

Whenever you want to get your groove on, hook your phone up to a speaker and let this famous dance anthem take over. Your emotions will love you, and you’ll have a swell time singing along with LMFAO.

18. Kill ‘Em With Kindness – Selena Gomez

It’s hard to stay positive in this cold, dark world; however, this song will help you radiate your inner light and joy. Rather than entertain the bullies and meanies, kill ‘em with kindness, as Gomez advises.

19. You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban

This is it if you’re looking for inspirational songs to stay positive and shine brighter in chaos. Soothing and motivational, the lyrics will inspire you to rise above your circumstances, ‘stand on mountains,’ and ‘walk on stormy seas.’ 

This song, written by Josh Groban in 2003, immediately skyrocketed in popularity, winning many nominations and awards. Its countless versions and covers show massive public reception and approval.

20. All I Do Is Win – DJ Khaled

We’ve seen a long list of songs, ranging from pop and acapella to dance. Now, let out a drumroll for our first hip-hop entry!

Contrary to popular perception, hip-hop isn’t gangs and violence, not even close. American DJ Khaled collaborates with Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj, and P. Diddy to give this motivational track, reminding you never to give up. After all, your breakthrough may be just around the corner.

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21. Unstoppable – Sia

Sia croons in this inspiring track lifted from her album, This is Acting, in 2016. 

An artful songwriter honed in her craft, Sia uses objects with strength and resilience to vividly describe herself to her listener. Her message? You’re a force to be reckoned with, so wear your armor and don’t let anyone intimidate you.

22. Roar – Katy Perry

If you’ve ever listened to a lion roar, you’d know why it’s the King of the Jungle. You can hear its unbridled cry from miles away, and that’s how loud your voice should be. After all, nothing says positivity, like refusing to back down when you know you’re right.

Fun fact – this was the theme song for WWE’s Wrestlemania XXVII.


23. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Here’s another oldie, resurfacing from 1981, to motivate you on this journey called life. Released by the American rock band Journey, this is the song to have on repeat when hope feels dead.

As everyday life gets tedious and repetitive, and you need songs to stay positive, repeat the lyrics to yourself. Don’t stop believing, and hold on to that feeling.

24. Not Afraid – Eminem

Think about being in your boss’ office, testifying in court, or any scary moment you’ve had. It’s terrifying, but Eminem urges you to stand tall in this song. 

Another member of the inspirational hip-hop category, this rap was an instant hit, making Eminem the first artiste with digital diamond awards for two songs. In addition, this rap won a Grammy and two MTV Video Music Awards.


25. Just Like Fire – P!nk

Recorded for the 2016 film Alice Through the Looking Glass, the song calls two words to mind: freedom and individuality. P!nk showcases her musical ability with captivating high vocals and a thumping rhythm.

When you’re sidelined or looked down on, remember P!nk’s words – no one can be just like you anyway.

26. What A Wonderful World –  Louis Armstrong

Ever look at the stars or brightly colored flowers and wonder how beautiful the world is? 

Like Louis Armstrong said in 1967, “It ain’t the world that’s so bad but what we’re doin’ to it. And all I’m saying is, see, what a wonderful world it would be if only we’d give it a chance.” So, choose to see the bright side of life while singing along to this R&B classic.

27. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars

British producer, MarkRonson, released this song in 2014 with Bruno Mars, and its instant success was through the roof. With two Grammys, a Brit Award, and massive radio plays, there’s no doubt everyone vibed to this.

Everything about the sound says dance – its catchy lyrics, funky beat, and vibrant music video. So, leave your cares for a moment, feel light, and relive your happiest moments with this song on the highest volume.

28. Dancing Queen – ABBA

Since its release in 1976, this Eurodisco masterpiece has remained evergreen. Its lyrics capture the happy-go-lucky breeze and essence of youth that we all forget with age. The positive nostalgia it inspires makes it among the best songs of the century, and it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2015.

Its title says it all; you’re still a dancing queen. So, why aren’t you reliving your unbothered days and twirling on the dance floor yet?

29. Bam Bam – Camila Cabello Ft. Ed Sheeran

Breakups can be a real bummer; at that moment, it usually feels like you’ll never be okay. But, with inner strength and some good songs to stay positive, you’ll be back on your feet eventually. One such song is Camila Cabello’s Bam Bam.

The medley of sad lyrics and a bouncy beat is all you need to feel better. Who doesn’t love to swing their hips to good Latin pop?

30. Shawn Mendes – Hold On

Even Shawn Mendes agrees that family is an excellent support system on bad days. This song tells us about Shawn’s nervousness and how his dad steps in and saves the day. Give it a good listen when you need to eliminate racking anxiety.

31. Elton John – I’M Still Standing

Motivational songs that stand the test of time are the best; they show us that we can overcome any challenge. Released in 1983 and nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards, this song was a true fighter.

Although Elton sings about returning stronger after separating from a loved one, you can listen to this song to stay positive whenever you’re down, breakup or not.

32. Flawless – Beyonce

Earlier recorded as “Bow Down,” this song is daring and aggressive in a good way. Though it wasn’t released as a single, it popped up on several charts and received a generally positive acceptance.

The song’s best feature is its second verse, sampled from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s speech “We Should All Be Feminists.” In this verse, the Nigerian author speaks passionately about female empowerment and sexism. 

Its more popular remix featuring rapper Nicki Minaj peaked at number 41 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

33. Run This Town – Jay-Z Ft. Rihanna And Kanye West

Straight from the studios of Roc Nation, Jay-Z, Kanye, and Rih team up on this absolute banger. Strictly in the hip-hop category, the song comes with the defining thuds and bass of the genre, with Rih’s silky voice providing the perfect balance. 

When you need songs to stay positive and motivated against the opposition, this song will be your home.

34. The Greatest – Sia

In 2016, Sia partnered with Kendrick Lamar to give this innately hopeful and encouraging song about never giving up. Stamina is all you need to win any challenge, and this song will fill you with lots of it.

35. I’M Good (Blue) – Bebe Rexha And David Guetta

Once more, David Guetta shows up on our playlist of songs to stay positive, this time with American singer Bebe Rexha. The song rose to fame for its emotional but spirited rhythm. 

Moreover, its lyrics speak of contentment and joy no matter what you have, an admirable quality for anyone. So, buckle up, and like Bebe says, get down for the ride with a smile.

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36. Break My Soul – Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s versatility is unmatched, and this song proves it yet again. Lifted off her 2022 album Renaissance, it quickly became an anthem for change in unhealthy work environments, encouraging the listener not to settle for less.

Electronic music is always lively, and this song follows suit with its memorable, vibrant beat.

37. Break Free – Ariana Grande Ft Zedd

Happiness and positivity start with letting go of your old self and negative influence. For example, in Break Free, American singer Ariana Grande sheds pretense and a toxic relationship, welcoming a lighter version of herself.

Featuring Russian-German producer Zedd, the song expertly highlights Grande’s surreal vocal ability.

38. Shut Up And Dance With Me – Walk The Moon

Want an easy hack to feel better instantly? It’s simple – dance. Lucky for you, this song is so exciting, catchy, and easy to move to. 

As a bonus, the lyrics are also quite romantic, detailing a man who realizes that he’s met the love of his life. Looking for motivation to believe in love? This song will nudge you in the right direction.

39. Power – Little Mix Ft Stormzy

Girl power is a simple phrase that births an unapologetic boldness in women, and it’s apparent in every word of this song. Featuring British rapper Stormzy, the animated beat and lyrics inspire women to take control and refuse to be victims. 

So, if you ever need to take back the wheel of your life, keep this sound on repeat to get you in the mood.

40. I’m The One – DJ Khaled Ft. Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne, Quavo

Opening up with soft chords and Justin Bieber’s delicate vocals, DJ Khaled’s I’m the One makes you feel better, even on your worst days.

The innovative pop and rap combo and sweet, melodic chorus are just right for a relaxed vibe with that rush of motivation and energy. 

41. Beautiful Day – U2

Most pop songs get old the more you play them, but not Beautiful Day. Endlessly refreshing and optimistic, this is a brilliant song to stay positive even when your surroundings are bleak.

The reassuring lyrics and upbeat tune earned it three Grammys and a spot in the band’s top songs. After all, songs to stay positive should always cheer you up. 

42. You Say – Lauren Daigle

The first gospel song, Daigle’s You Say, enters at number forty-two. Leaning into her belief in God, she spectacularly sings about fighting and winning intrusive thoughts and voices.

Don’t get put off if religion isn’t your thing; this song is relatively neutral but passes its message across effectively. It has several nominations and awards, including a Grammy and a Billboard Music Award.

43. The Climb – Miley Cyrus

Any Hannah Montana stans in the house will remember this one. But, whether you watched the famous teen show or not, you bopped your head to this jam in 2009.

Despite her hurdles as a child star, Miley Cyrus bagged an MTV Movie Award and a Teen Choice Award for this outstanding piece. As the song says, ‘there’s always gonna be another mountain,’ so don’t let difficulties weigh you down. 


44. Dreamers – Jung Kook

K-pop fans will be thrilled at this entry! Now, we see BTS’ Jung Kook with Dreamers, a captivating melody preaching the power of believing and dreaming big. 

Recorded for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, this song implies that love and unity are the only way to progress. It has two versions, one with Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi and the second with the k-pop star only.

45. I’M Getting Ready – Tasha Cobbs Leonard Ft Nicki Minaj

If you’re religious, centering your worries on your faith is a fantastic way to stay positive. This energetic eight-minute track will get your soul charged up and ready to receive blessings.

The mix of traditional gospel and Minaj’s fiery rap is unique and exciting, drawing in the listener from the first note. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Songs Motivate You?

Yes, listening to the right song at the appropriate moment can give you that confidence boost you need. Still, you need to keep an open mind; if you don’t believe a song can help you stay positive or motivate you, it probably won’t.

What Are The Most Positive Songs?

Some of the most notable cheerful songs include ABBA’s Dancing Queen, Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger, Sia’s Unstoppable, and the hit acapella classic, Don’t Worry Be Happy, by Bobby McFerrin.

What Positive Songs Should I Listen To When I’M HeartBroken?

Try Camila Cabello’s Bam Bam or Taylor Swift’s ME! to get a more positive outlook after a breakup. If you prefer oldies, ABBA’s Dancing Queen should get you on your feet again.

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