45 Top Songs That You Can Rely On While Growing Up

Last Updated on July 15, 2024

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Growing up is a challenging journey, full of ups and downs. I usually rely on music as the perfect way to capture these emotions – from feeling powerless in one moment to celebrating milestones in another. In the past few years, many artists have released songs about growing up that perfectly encapsulates this roller coaster ride we call life.

Whether I am looking for an upbeat anthem or something more reflective and contemplative, there are plenty of great tunes I often listen to. Different songs address various experiences related to growing older – from our relationships with parents and peers to dealing with heartache and self-discovery; there’s a song for everyone!

Hits About Growing Up

Below are songs that have helped me in my journey of growing up

1. Grow Up By Olly Murs (2017) 

This pop track captures what it’s like when you’re trying your best but still feel stuck where you are. Despite its dark moments lyrically, ‘Grow Up’ has a lighthearted sound that will make anyone who listens sing along, even if they don’t relate. 

2. Youth By Shawn Mendes Ft Khalid (2018) 

Unlike Olly Murs’ song, which looks at his current struggles through adulthood eyes, this collaboration between two powerhouse artists, Shawn Mendes and Khalid, explores the idea of living in the moment regardless of age.

It’s easy to get lost in this feel-good song that celebrates life despite its ups and downs. 

3. Growing Up (Sloane’s Song) By Macklemore Ft Ed Sheeran (2017) 

This heartfelt track talks about how growing up can bring both joys and sorrows as time passes quickly, and sometimes too fast! The chorus rings true for many people trying their best but still feeling overwhelmed with adulthood responsibilities. 

Despite being emotionally charged throughout the entire song, there is also an uplifting message at its core – we should take every opportunity given to us no matter what happens. 

4. Youngblood By 5 Seconds Of Summer (2018) 

The hit single off the 5SOS album tells a story about two star-crossed lovers whose bond seems unbreakable even if they’re just kids. It celebrates young love in all forms and encourages listeners to embrace the youthful spirit that comes with it. 

5. Growing Pains By Alessia Cara (2018) 

This song reflects how growing up isn’t easy but can be rewarding when you take risks. The chorus gives us an insight into her thought process as she continues to grow through life’s challenges.

With its powerful lyrics and catchy melody, ‘Growing Pains’ will motivate anyone for whatever lies ahead! 

6. Ain’t Easy By Elijah Woods Ft Jamie Fine (2019) 

In this upbeat track from 2019, both artists sing about dealing with hardships during their journey toward adulthood.

The song talks about missing out on childhood memories due to school work and feeling overwhelmed due to responsibilities no one warned them about. Despite having daunting moments throughout the song, there’s still hope. 

7. Falling Up By Dean Lewis (Feat. Khalid) (2019) 

This song is a powerful ballad about life changes while growing up – from saying goodbye to loved ones and going through heartache to feeling like you’re losing sight of who you used to be. 

It captures all these feelings with its melancholic yet beautiful melodies, emphasizing how difficult it can sometimes be. However, the song encourages listeners never to give up despite their struggles. 

8. I Love Me By Demi Lovato (2020) 

This empowering anthem will make anyone feel invincible, especially when dealing with challenging moments related to adulthood, such as self-doubt and anxiety. 

The lyrics alone have an uplifting message which speaks for itself. The message and her powerhouse vocals make this track one of the most inspiring songs about growing up! 

9. 22 By Taylor Swift 

Taylor’s hit makes for a fun and dance rhythm. It has a contagious melody and honest lyrics about the ups and downs of growing up – from feeling helpless to finding strength within yourself. 

It’s the perfect song to celebrate all our hard work despite life’s struggles, something we can relate to today. 

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10. Life Goes On By BTS (2020) 

The K-pop sensation has been releasing songs about growing up since its debut in 2013, and this track from 2020 is no exception!

Although it’s not as upbeat as the other entries on this list, ‘Life Goes On’ still captures all kinds of emotions related to getting older—from feeling alone to finding joy within yourself. 

11. Grow As We Go By Ben Platt (2019) 

This heartfelt track is about having faith in the future despite all our struggles today. It encourages listeners to keep trying and never give up, which can be tricky during tough times but rewarding when you make it through! 

12. Noah Cyrus By July 

This dynamic song by the industry’s most talented writer and singer proves that growing up doesn’t mean you must be alone! It celebrates all kinds of relationships: family, friends, and lovers. It also reminds us how such people can help us through life’s most challenging moments. 


13. Grow Old With You By Adam Sandler (1998) 

This classic track from The Wedding Singer soundtrack is a sweet ode about spending your life with someone special—from all its ups and downs from teenage years until old age!

Its laidback melody and funny yet heartfelt lyrics make this song perfect for anyone looking for something lighthearted but still meaningful when reflecting on their journey.  

14. Younger Now By Miley Cyrus (2017) 

This pop single from her sixth studio album reflects on the person she once was and how far she’s come since then. 

The song speaks to all of us who have gone through changes in our lives, big or small, as we grow up and become more confident with each passing day. It also reminds us to stay true to ourselves.  

15. Young And Beautiful By Lana Del Rey (2012) 

This dreamy pop ballad speaks of the bitter-sweetness associated with growing up, which can be exciting and scary for many people! 

Its haunting melody will make any listener reflect on their life journey. It also reminds us to cherish moments because nothing lasts forever. 

16. Growing Up By Fall Out Boy (2005) 

This punk rock anthem is about not letting anyone else’s decisions affect how you live your own life, which can be hard to master, especially when faced with peer pressure or outside influences.

The upbeat rhythm in this track will give any listener a boost of confidence no matter what situation they’re currently going through. It will remind you of the power within you, even when everything around you feels to change.   

17. Younger By Seinabo Sey (2014) 

This soulful track speaks to those moments when we feel out of place in our skin. Its mellow sound will make you want to slow down for a bit.

‘Younger’ reminds us that growing up doesn’t always have to be scary – it can provide beautiful opportunities if we take them one step at a time. 

18. Younger By Jonas Blue Feat HRVY (2018) 

This EDM/Pop collaboration is perfect for any listener looking to reminisce on their teenage years, whether they were good or bad! 

The dynamic vocals in this song help capture all the highs and lows associated with being young while also speaking to how things can change so quickly as we grow up. It’s an anthem worth listening to more than once as time passes each day. 

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19. Young And Menace By Fall Out Boy (2017) 

This lead single from their seventh studio album, ‘Mania’, speaks to everyone who doesn’t want to conform to what society tells us! 

Its hard-hitting sound will empower anyone listening to take control over their destiny, no matter how difficult it might be at times. 

20. Grow Old With Me By John Lennon (1984) 

This classic folk track is about finding someone special to share your days with, a timeless sentiment captured beautifully in its simple but powerful lyrics! 

The gentle melody, combined with the heartfelt emotion behind it, makes the jam perfect for any listener looking to reflect fondly on past loves or those currently searching to find true love as they grow up. 

21. Walking On Sunshine By Katrina And The Waves 

This classic pop song was released in 1983 and remains one of the most uplifting anthems about growing up. It speaks of the joys that come with finally finding your way as you make mistakes along the journey. 

It also encourages us to remember how unique each individual’s path is – so never forget to celebrate yourself! 

22. The Best Day By Taylor Swift 

This emotional ballad from 2008 reminds listeners never to give up on themselves or their dreams despite difficulties. 

It serves as a reminder for those going through tough times during the transition into adulthood to stay true to who they want to become, even if outside pressures make this seem impossible. 

23. Homecoming By Kanye West 

This powerful hip-hop anthem from 2008 speaks to the joys of growing up and learning to trust and build relationships with those around us. Its message encourages listeners never to forget where they came from as they embrace life changes

24. The Climb By Miley Cyrus 

Released in 2009, this emotional country pop tune is all about pushing forward despite difficult times or setbacks.

It serves as a reminder for those going through tough periods during the growth process not to give up on themselves. 

25. So What By Pink 

This upbeat pop song was released in 2008 and speaks directly to young people starting their journey into adulthood. 

It encourages them never to give up despite obstacles stating that mistakes made during this period can lead to valuable lessons learned if we stay open-minded enough. 

26. Wide Awake By Katy Perry 

Released in 2012, this song encourages young people to take risks, follow their dreams, and be bold. The upbeat and empowering message encourages listeners to stay true to themselves and take advantage of the opportunities that come their way. 

The song also promotes self-confidence and resilience in adversity, which are essential to growing up and becoming an independent adult. 

27. Keep Holding On By Avril Lavigne 

Written when she was only 17 years old, ‘Keep Holding On’ is a powerful ballad about finding courage amidst the most discouraging circumstances.

Its message reminds us that inner strength often lies behind our most extensive trials and tribulations – so don’t forget to hold onto hope when times get tough. 

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28. Grow Up By Simple Plan 

This upbeat pop-punk song was released in 2004 and is an empowering and uplifting song that encourages listeners to move forward with confidence and positivity. The song has a catchy melody and lyrics that are both inspiring and motivating. It encourages listeners to take control of their lives, be confident, and never fear making mistakes. 

The song also highlights the importance of living in the present and not reflecting on the past. The uplifting and inspiring message of the song makes it the perfect choice for growing up. 

29. The A-Team By Ed Sheeran 

Released in 2011, ‘The A-Team’ is a powerful ballad about the struggles faced when first entering adulthood.

It serves as a reminder for those going through tough times during transition not to forget how capable they truly are. 

30. Stay Young Go Dancing By Death Cab For Cutie

Written from Ben Gibbard’s perspective when he was just 19 years old, ‘Stay Young Go Dancing’ offers hope for those struggling through hard times or difficult decisions such as growing up, leaving home, or facing a severe illness.  

Its optimistic lyrics remind us that anything is possible with enough courage and drive, regardless of age or circumstances – all you need to do is believe! 

31. Brave By Sara Bareilles

Released in 2013, Brave is an empowering anthem about facing fears head-on, no matter how difficult they may seem.

This power song reminds those going through challenging periods in their growth process not to let fear stop them from achieving goals or reaching their dreams. Sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith to make things happen! 

32. The Times They Are A-Changin’ By Bob Dylan 

Written in 1964, this iconic folk classic speaks directly to young adults who are trying to navigate their paths without support from family members or peers around them. 

It reassures listeners that while these feelings can be lonely at times, they should never forget how capable they truly are. 

33. Chasing Pavements By Adele 

Released in 2008, Chasing Pavements is a powerful ballad. The lyrics speak to the difficulty of finding a path forward in life and the need to keep trying and not give up.

The song’s upbeat melody and catchy chorus make it an empowering anthem perfect for those going through the growing-up process. 

34. Everywhere By Michelle Branch 

This upbeat pop song was released in 2001 by Michelle Branch, and its lyrics capture the feeling of growing up and learning to make our own decisions. It speaks to the idea of learning to take risks and to be brave and confident enough to take on the world. 

It reflects on the idea of overcoming our fears and being able to explore the world with confidence. The song is inspiring and uplifting and serves as a great reminder to keep reaching for your dreams, no matter how hard they may be. 

35. Dancing On My Own By Robyn 

Released in 2010, ‘Dancing On My Own’ is an empowering anthem about facing fears head-on, no matter how difficult they seem.

Its message reminds us that inner strength often lies behind our biggest trials and tribulations – so don’t forget to hold onto hope when times get tough. 

36. The Scientist By Coldplay 

This emotional acoustic track from 2002 tells the story of coming of age and realizing life is not always as it seems. It captures both joys and struggles associated with growing up – from newfound independence to feeling overwhelmed or lost at times. 

37. Young By Hollywood Undead 

Released in 2013, the song ‘Young’ by Hollywood Undead is an uplifting, energetic anthem celebrating youth’s power. It encourages listeners to go out, make the most of life, and never give up.

The song has a catchy, powerful beat, and its lyrics focus on being young, free, not letting anyone tell you what to do, and taking risks. 

The song is also a great reminder that life is short and, therefore, never waste a minute of it. The song’s message is positive, encouraging people to take advantage of their youth and make the most of it. It’s an excellent song for growing up and staying positive

38. Welcome To The Black Parade By My Chemical Romance 

This classic alternative rock anthem was released in 2006. It speaks to the uncertainty of growing up surrounded by others who seem so sure of themselves while you remain confused and uncertain.

It encourages us to find our way forward despite these challenges and reminds us that we are never alone in feeling overwhelmed at times. 

39. I’m Not Afraid By Eminem 

This powerful hip-hop tune from 2009 celebrates the strength and courage to face whatever challenges life throws your way and to stand up for yourself no matter what.

The song encourages self-confidence, resilience, and a positive outlook on life, which are critical components of growing up. 

40. Unwritten By Natasha Bedingfield 

Released in 2004, This song speaks about the challenges of leaving the safety of what is familiar and facing the unknown. It serves as a reminder that life is an ever-changing journey and that embracing change is the best way to thrive. 

The lyrics celebrate the power of self-determination and inspire courage in the face of fear and uncertainty. 

41. Don’t Look Back In Anger By Oasis 

Originally released in 1996, Don’t Look Back in Anger continues its legacy today as an anthem about embracing change. 

It encourages us to let go of fear, accept the unknowns that come with growing up, and stay true to ourselves no matter what life throws our way. 

42. Here Comes The Sun By The Beatles 

This classic folk-rock tune was released in 1969 and conveys a sense of optimism and joy that can empower young people. The lyrics emphasize the beauty of a new day and the opportunities that accompany it. 

The song has a sense of freedom that can help young people believe in their potential and embrace the future. The upbeat melody and uplifting message make it the perfect song to help young people embrace the journey of growing up. 

43. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams By Green Day

Originally released in 2004, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ continues its legacy today as an anthem about embracing change no matter its shape.

It encourages us to let go of fear, accept the unknowns that come with growing up, and stay true to ourselves no matter what life throws our way. 

44. The Only Exception By Paramore 

Released in 2010, ‘the only exception’ encourages people to take a chance on love, even when it seems difficult or impossible. The lyrics are positive and uplifting, and the melody is catchy and memorable. 

It is a great song for anyone going through difficult times and will help them realize that there is hope and beauty in life. 

45. Unstoppable By Sia 

The best thing about “Unstoppable” by Sia is its message of resilience and empowerment. The lyrics encourage listeners to keep going no matter what and have faith in themselves to endure tough times. 

The song is inspiring and uplifting, and it’s perfect when you need a reminder that you have the strength to keep going and make your dreams come true. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are Some Of The Best Songs About Growing Up?

Some of the best songs about growing up include ‘The Middle’ by Jimmy Eat World, ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’ by Green Day, ‘Dreams’ by The Cranberries, ‘Graduate’ by Third Eye Blind and ‘Growing Up (Sloane’s Song)’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. 

What Is The Best Genre Of Music For Growing-Up Songs?

The best genre of music for growing up songs depends on an individual’s taste. Popular genres for such songs include pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and country. 

Who Are Some Of The Famous Artists With Growing-Up Songs?

Some popular artists who have released growing-up songs include R. Kelly, Sia, Miley Cyrus, Andra Day, and Kelly Clarkson. 

Are There Any Growing-Up Songs For Kids?

Yes, there are! Some popular growing-up songs for children include ‘Brave’ by Sara Bareilles, ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry, and ‘The Greatest’ by Sia. 

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