45 Best Songs About New Beginnings To Help You With A Fresh Start

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

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The start of a new chapter in our lives can be both exhilarating and daunting. Whether it’s a new relationship, a new job, or a new phase in our lives when we are on the cusp of something new, music can be the perfect companion to help us face any challenges that lie ahead. To help you tap into your inner strength and courage, I’ve compiled the best songs about new beginnings to help inspire both you and me to dive into a new adventure.

1. “A Brand New Day” – The Wiz Original Cast

This song from the Broadway musical expresses the people’s joy at the prospect of a brand new world after the main character, Dorothy, kills the evil witch terrorizing the world.

However, its message of joy at the prospect of a new day also remains very relatable in situations where we look forward to starting over after a significant change.

2. “New Horizons” – Flyleaf

New beginnings often bring about change and uncertainty that can leave us afraid about what is to come, but this song offers some comforting words of encouragement. It reminds us to look to the future and new horizons with the hope that things will turn out alright.

3. “New Beginning” – Tracy Chapman

Sometimes when you look at the world around us, you feel nothing but despair and wish for a fresh start for the whole world. This song expresses that desire to right the wrongs of this world with a fresh new beginning as Tracy Chapman’s powerful vocals relay the message that it’s time to stop and start over.

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4. “Starting Over” – Macklemore Feat. Ben Bridwell

For many people dealing with alcoholism, the idea of a fresh start can be a powerful motivator to begin a journey of sobriety, but it is not often easy.

This song talks about the desire to work on your sobriety to start your life fresh, but it also details all the struggles that come with the decision.

5. “I’m Born Again” – Boney M.

There’s no better feeling than the freedom and joy that comes from knowing all the struggles and pain in your past can no longer weigh your down.

The sweet melody of this song describes the light feeling of rebirth you feel when you’re starting your life fresh and unburdened.

6. “New York, New York” – Frank Sinatra

Moving to a new city in hopes of starting new and achieving your dreams? Frank Sinatra knows the thrill of excitement you feel.

He expresses the joy and anticipation he feels at the prospect of moving to New York to make it big in this sensational song that will keep you energized while you pack your bags for a big adventure.

7. “New Year’s Day” – U2

Nothing says new beginnings like a song about New Year’s day. As U2 passionately expresses in this song, it is the best time of the year to let go of all the issues of the past and begin anew.

In the song, the singer is talking about a relationship, but you can relate the song’s message to just about any aspect of your life.

8. “Unwritten” – Natasha Bedingfield

One of the upsides of starting afresh is that your new story is like a blank page waiting to be filled, which is certainly a big encouragement for starting a new adventure.

This song captured that message and reminds us that you can go ahead and reach for whatever you want while living your life to the fullest because you’re going through a fresh start, and your book is still unwritten.

9. “Beautiful Day” – Michael Bublé

Ever had a breakup that made you feel so free and happy, like a weight has been lifted off your life? Well, I have, and this song and its upbeat tempo perfectly capture the happiness of looking forward to starting afresh after a toxic relationship has ended because you know there are better days ahead.

10. “Start Again” – One Republic Feat. Logic

This song is a beautiful pop track about wanting to start your life afresh after making mistakes. It highlights the pain and regret we can sometimes feel in situations like that and expresses a wish to turn back the clock or at least start over to fix all the mess you’ve caused.

11. “Brand New” – Ben Rector

Meeting someone new can spark a change in the way to view life. This song is an excellent piece about the rush of excitement that comes when you feel like you’re having a new beginning with a loved one. It describes all the delightful ways in which we can feel fresh and new when starting over.

12. “I’m Coming Out” – Diana Ross

Revealing a new or hidden part of yourself to the world for the first time is a thrilling feeling that certainly indicates a fresh start in your life.
Whether discovering something new about yourself or showing the world a talent you’ve been hiding for so long, this song will get you moving to the beat and keep you thrilled about revealing your true self.

13. “Live Like You Were Dying” – Tim Mcgraw

Sometimes getting hit by a wave of bad news can surprisingly drive us to a new beginning. As Tim Mcgraw Describes in this hit country song, if you’ve been hit by sad news about your health, let that be your drive to live every day like it was your last.

Do everything on your wish list and live your life to the fullest because you never know when the end will come. That is your new beginning. 

14. “Brand New Start” – Alter Bridge

Just made it out of a rough time? This song may be what you need to carry on and start anew. Through the heavy rock sounds of this song, Alter Bridge encourages you to leave all your worries and pain behind and forge a new path for yourself. According to the band, it is the only way to escape your sorrows.

15. “I Can See Clearly Now” – Johnny Nash

This is another great song about starting afresh after a dark time. The singer sings about clearly seeing and focusing on building a new life now that the rain and dark storms are gone. It is an encouraging song about looking forward to the rainbow after a dark cloud.

16. “A New Day Has Come” – Celine Dion

Celine Dion sang this beautiful song about the joy she felt after the birth of her child. When you listen to it, you’ll see there is not a more perfect song to capture the thrill and happiness of a new beginning. It is a song about love, joy, and all the beautiful things that come with seeing life in a brand-new light.

17. “Start Over” By Beyoncé

Looking to give a relationship a brand new start? This Beyonce song will give you all the drive and motivation you need. The singer addresses all the issues and challenges she faces in a relationship, but she implores her lover to let them start afresh and give their love a new life.

Beyonce’s soulful vocals make the delivery of this song truly powerful. It is hit you right where it hurts yet leaves you smiling at the same time.

18. “It’s A New Day” By Will.I.Am

This song is about a desire to start your life fresh and for the world to be a much better place. The singer talks about all the positive things he hopes for as he believes it is a brand new day for him and everyone around the world. It is an encouraging song about hope and looking forward to a better world.

19. New Rules By Dua Lipa

Perhaps one of the biggest sparks of a new beginning in most people’s lives is a breakup because let’s face it, you start to analyze all the things you could have done better and make new rules for yourself.

Dua lipa knows all about that feeling and captures that kind of fresh new beginning in this catchy song about everything she intends to do to avoid getting hurt again by an ex.

20. “Shake It Out” By Florence + The Machine

Sometimes to get the most out of a new beginning, you must first ensure you have completely let go of all the demons and pain weighing you down from your past. That is what Florence Welch encourages you to do with this folk song.

Singing the powerful lyrics “Shake it out, shake it out .. and it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back” The singer reminds us of the importance of letting go of the past in order to start afresh.

21. “Like Starting Over” By John Lennon

In this song, John Lennon sings about the excitement of taking a gateway trip with a loved one. The singer describes the rush of happiness that comes with finally spending time with a loved one without any challenges getting in the way and compares it to starting over. So he implores his loved hope on the ride for an adventure.

22. “Brand New Me” By Alicia Keys

This song is about the journey of personal growth that led you to become the best version of yourself. It glorifies the courage to not let anyone hold you down or hurt you as you give yourself a fresh start and show off the brand new person you have become.

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23. “Starting Over” By Chris Stapleton

CIn this heartfelt song about life after a breakup, Chris Stapleton sings about the importance of moving on and starting a new beginning. It is a firm reminder to anyone finding it hard to see past their current circumstances that life is full of hope, and you have to take the big step of starting over.

24. “Brand New Day” By Sting

In this catchy Pop hit, Sting sings about putting a reset on a relationship and starting from scratch. The singer describes all the hurt and pain that comes with love but advises us all to go for a fresh start in order to avoid all the struggles of the past.

25. “Brand New Day” By Van Morrison

This song will put you in a cheery mood and have you looking forward to starting a new adventure. It is a piece about looking forward to the future with hope that there will be light and love because one of the biggest signs of a new beginning is waking up to a brand new day.

26. “Man In The Mirror” By Michael Jackson

Seeing the sad state of the world can sometimes drive us to want to make a change in order to give everyone a new beginning. This song by the King of pop is a somber yet hopeful song that encourages us all to start working on changing ourselves to give the world a fresh start.

27. “Firework” By Katy Perry

A boost of confidence and encouragement is often necessary to push us to a new beginning. Katy Perry offers that extra dose of confidence with this youthful song about finding the spark within us and lighting it to show the world who we are.

It is an empowering song that will drive you to let go of all your fears and embrace a new adventure.

28. “Feeling Good” By Nina Simone

This is one of the most iconic songs for anyone looking forward to a new beginning. Nina Simone’s enthralling voice will wake your soul as she sings about the incredible feeling of starting life afresh and viewing it as a new dawn.

It is a soulful piece that has been covered by so many artists since its release. However, the original version still remains the most thrilling.

29. “New Memories” By Dubvision & Afrojack

This song focuses on one of the most overlooked aspects of new beginnings, the new memories you’re going to be creating. The singer describes all the different adventures and activities they will be doing with a loved one once they escape their current reality and start afresh.
The sounds of the chords and strings on this song will leave you in a euphoric state of happiness and have you excited for what is to come on your new adventure.

30. “Begin Again”- Purity Ring

This is a beautiful song about the joys of escaping a world that does not suit you. The singer encourages us all to start afresh, breathe the air of new beginnings and embrace all the journey ahead.

31. “Begin By Shallou” Ft Wales

This song is equally groovy and emotional. It takes you through the excitement and sadness that sometimes comes with a new beginning. The singer talks about the need to start afresh after looking around and realizing he is not satisfied with the state of his life.

32. “New Beginnings” By Daydreamer

This song is all about the bassline and electronic dance beat, so not much of it vocal, but the parts that are sung out talk about being bold enough to embrace a new beginning to achieve all the things you dream about.
It is a great song to move your body to when you don’t want to overthink but need something that still focuses on your urger to start afresh.

33. “Start Again” By Seven Lions Ft Fiora

This is another great dance track to get you moving while embracing the excitement of a fresh phase in your life. The singer pleads with a loved one to join them and start again before time runs out. 

34. “One Day Like” This By Elbow

Being with a new lover can give you all the energy you need to start a new journey and live life differently; this feeling is what this song focuses on. Explain all the things he loves about his lover. The singer expresses a desire to have a brand new start every year.

35. “Brand New Day” By Dizzee Rascal

This rap song talks about the harsh reality of making a change sometimes. He expresses his displeasure at how his friends seem to have changed as he plans for the future but encourages himself to embrace it all and take it as a sign that he is going through a new beginning.

36. “Here Comes The Sun” By The Beatles

If you’ve just gone through a rough patch and need something to motivate you as you look forward to a new stage of your life, this song has all the positivity you need. It is a hopeful song about a new happy beginning that comes after a dark winter.

37. “New Morning” By Bob Dylan

This song is a celebration of the simple yet happy things that come with a new beginning. It describes the feeling of seeing the world differently, living life to the fullest, and appreciating the beauties of the little things around us, like the sun, flowers, and even the possibilities that come with a new morning.

38. “Today My Life Begins” By Bruno Mars

This encouraging song pushes you to start afresh and embrace a new beginning. It talks about the importance of not waiting around for your dream to happen and taking control.
If you’re hoping got make a change in your career and need a little nudge to do so, this may be the motivator you need to have in your ear.

39. “ First Day Of My Life” By Bright Eyes

This is a fun love song that focuses on rebirth and new beginnings. The singer captures the thrill and rush of happiness that comes with being in a new relationship of finding love for the first time and expresses how it is a fresh start and an opportunity to live as though they had just been newly born.

40. “Everything Has Changed” By Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran

Ever met someone who left you with butterflies in your belly and a brand new view of the world? That rush of excitement is the kind of new beginning described in this cute love song.
The singers describe everything that has changed in their life since meeting their lover, and as they express the desire for this new love, you’ll want to fall right along with them.

41. “We’ve Only Just Begun” By Carpenters

As you must have noticed by now, new love is a recurring theme when it comes to songs about new beginnings, and this is another fun one you’ll want to bob along to.

Singing about the adventure and happiness that lies ahead, the young couple in this song lets you in on their joy of starting afresh together. If you’re starting a new relationship or marriage, this is a great song to usher in your new phase of happiness.

42. “Dance Again” By Selena Gomez

Whether mentally or emotionally, we all have trying moments that keep us down but to let go of all that pain, you must take a step toward a new beginning.

Selena Gomez does so in this song by dancing and encouraging you to move right along with her as she kicks her trauma to the curb and starts a new phase of happiness.

43. “Start Again” By Two Doors Cinema

If you’re afraid and unsure about what the future holds for something in your life, whether a relationship or a dream, this song encourages you to start afresh and not let the fear of failure keep you down. It is a great song about new beginnings and courage that will drive you to pursue whatever is important to you.

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44. “Breaking The Habit” By Linkin Park

Breaking a habit is an inspiring song that will move you to leave all the negative things holding you from happiness and success behind and move on to a new phase. The singer talks about how his fear of moving on has been holding him back but encourages himself to break the habit in order to start afresh.

45. “I’ve Been Born Again” By Johnny Taylor

Trying to make a positive change in your life is undoubtedly a noble cause, but sometimes it is not always easy. This song offers comfort and encouragement with its soulful beat and moving vocals.

The singer describes the success and freedom that comes with changing his life for the better and letting go of bad habits. We can all relate to this, and as you move along to the rhythm of this blues song, you’ll be motivated to make your own new beginning as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Love Song About New Beginnings?

Some of the best love songs about new beginnings include “Dance again” By Selena Gomez, “Starts with goodbye” by Carrie Underwood, “ New Rules” by Dua Lipa, “It’s a beautiful day by Micheal Buble, and “Starting Over” by Beyonce.

What Is A Good Christian Song About New Beginnings?

There are so many great gospel songs about new beginnings but the best ones include “ Beautiful day” by Jaime Grace, “I will rise” by Chris Tomlin, “courageous” by Casting Crowns, and “Eye of the storm” by Ryan Stevenson.

What Is A Song That Can Inspire Change?

Some of the best songs with a theme of inspiring change include “ Man in the Mirror” by Micheal Jackson, “New morning” by Bob Dylan, “Hold on” by Wilson Philips, and “ Change the world”  by Eric Clapton.

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