Do You Feel Like You Are A Starseed? Read on to Be Sure

Last Updated on July 9, 2024

Do you often feel a sense of disconnect with the world around you? Your thought process is different from everyone else you know. You are a genius with a plethora of wisdom, but that does not help you fit in. Then maybe you are one of the rare souls on earth: a Starseed. Read on to know what a Starseed is and how you can know if you are one.

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What Is A Starseed?

How did life begin on earth? Science has conjectured that it could have traveled from a distant planet in space and crashed on earth. 

Many times after the first living creature also this has been a possibility. Like the beginning of different species or the origin of the human race. But that was millions and billions of years ago.

What if I tell you life still travels from distant planets in distant galaxies to earth. Their souls come here for a very specific purpose and they are called Starseeds.

Starseeds are star people. Their roots are in a distant planet on a faraway galaxy, or a parallel universe, or maybe an alternate dimension. The origin of a Starseed can be contested but what we know for sure is that they are not from earth. 

Starseeds are highly evolved people. They carry within themselves the knowledge and wisdom of thousands of years. They are also referred to as “old souls.”  

Why Do Starseeds Come On Earth:

A Starseed is incarnated on earth to serve a divine purpose. Mostly that purpose is to uplift the human race.

Starseeds make this world a better place with their knowledge and intelligence. They play a major part in awakening the human consciousness that leads to the evolution of mankind.

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Awakening Of A Starseed

A Starseed will not always know their mission on earth. They are born oblivious of their identity and purpose. May go through their early years as a misfit in society, yearning for the stars or with an unexplained connection with the stars.

Starseeds will only understand who they are at a specific time programmed in their bodies. This activation switch or an alarm clock of the awakening of a Starseed will activate their knowledge and purpose on earth. 

The awakening of a Starseed may happen gradually and calmly, or all of a sudden and intense. At their awakening, a Starseed experiences psychic abilities and heightened intuition. At this time they will recall the memories of their past and their mission on earth.

A Starseed is here on earth for expansion, healing, innovation, creativity, understanding, and earth’s ascension. These people are the transformers, healers, teachers, wise elders, and counselors amongst us.

Do You Feel You Are A Starseed

A feeling common to all Starseeds is a disconnect with people around them and a longing to be up there in the stars. But there are many other traits of a Starseed also that will tell you if you are one.

Signs Of A Starseed

  • Connection And Recognition Of The Term:

A Starseed feels an instant connection with the term “Starseed”. It is enticing to them to find out more and more about it. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are also one.

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  • Shy Or Hyperactive:

In their early years, a Starseed will either be hyperactive, or shy and introverted. They show antisocial tendencies, or diagnosed with ADD or autism. A Starseed child is highly creative.

  • Alienated From Society:

A Starseed child will feel alienated in their childhood. They feel different from other kids and have issues fitting in. As they grow they develop high wisdom that may prompt people to call them “old souls.”

  • Intelligent:

A Starseed is incredibly intelligent. However, traditional classrooms is boring for them. A lack of intrigue in their early childhood may make them perform badly in academics.

  • Spiritually Connected:

Spiritually enlightened being is the starseed. They will show deep interest in metaphysics and the study of other dimensions. A Starseed usually does not follow the norms of a particular religion but rather explores their own spiritual path. A Starseed is emotionally and spiritually more mature than others.

  • Empathetic:

A Starseed can connect to others’ emotions very easily. They may feel overwhelmed by it also. Many Starseeds will easily pick the energies of people close to them.

  • Vegetarian:

More Starseeds follow vegetarianism. They have a deeper connection and love for nature and animals.

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  • Highly Intuitive:

A Starseed is highly intuitive. They may also have psychic abilities. It is quite likely that a Starseed will experience other dimensions in their lifetime like sighting a spirit, a UFO, or angels. They may also have therapeutic abilities that they use to heal others.

  • Vivid Dreamers:

A Starseed’s dream gets so vivid it almost feels like an out-of-body experience. Reportedly, starseeds are having recurring dreams and dreams of UFO abduction. Many of their dreams and imaginations connects with space or an alternate reality.

  • Night Owls:

Though Starseeds are vivid dreamers they also often struggle with insomnia. They are more of a night creature as they can work and think better at night.

  • Drawn To A Mission:

Starseeds are born for a mission and they struggle to find it. They know they are here for a purpose and till they find it they feel extremely discontented.

  • Drawn To Service To Others:

Starseeds have healing powers and are keen to serving others. This is also their main mission on earth. Mundane is not interesting to them. Things that generally interest people will not be of any consequence to a Starseed.

  • See Angel Numbers:

A Starseed will often see angel numbers or repeating series of numbers in their surroundings, like 11:11 or  22:22. A Starseed uses the signs from angels and angel numbers to reach their soul mission. Our guardian angels uses angel numbers to communicate with us and to guide us on the right path.

  • Homesick:

No matter where a Starseed is, they often feel homesick. There is a longing in them to be somewhere else. The functioning of the society will make little sense to a Starseed. They may even be lonely and isolated in this world.

  • A Birthmark:

Usually, a Starseed is born with a birthmark on its body. This birthmark may be unique or interesting in pattern or design.

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Types Of Starseeds

There are different races of Starseeds. You will know your type by just reading through them:

  • Serian: Jesus Crist and Mother Mary are Serian. These souls initiate the awakening of human beings on earth.
  • Arcturian: Acturians are the most advanced life in the universe. These people are born with a mission to build a prototype of how to live on earth.
  • Andromedan: The Andromedians are born with the mission to bring love and peace to the earth. 
  • Pleiadian: The Pleiadians are most similar to humans in their behavior. They come here to expand human consciousness.
  • Orion: Orions are scientists and researchers. They ask questions about every little detail. Their mission on earth is the advancement of science. They lack an understanding of the heart.
  • Reptilian: Reptilians are among the shape-shifters. These people seek to control the earth for their selfish benefit.
  • Lemurian and Atlantean:  Now lost in the seas, are these land on earth. It had a highly advanced civilization that developed healing, philosophical and spiritual technologies. Believed to be the first Starseeds that traveled to different planetary races.
  • Rainbow, Indigo, And Crystal: The individuals of these groups possess supernatural abilities. They are born with powers of high empathy, light-emanation, clairvoyance, telepathy, energy cleansing, and reality shifting. They have a detachment from the world and their mission is spiritual rather than physical advancement. 

What Is A Lightworker

A Lightworker is a very special soul that has come from many different realms and planets. Their purpose is to help the planet evolve. These people work for the light and spread goodness, kindness, and love to whoever they meet.

Lightworker  V/S  Starseed

All Starseeds are lightworkers, but not all Lightworkers are Starseeds. There are small differences between them that set them apart.

Connected more closely with the earth is a Lightworker. They originate from places beyond the third dimension from between the inter-dimensional energies surrounding the earth.

Whereas, a Starseed has its origin in another planet, solar system, galaxy, or star. Their origin is in another dimension.

Final Thoughts

This universe is a beautifully complex place with many phenomena and mysteries. 

Other planets and galaxies may seem lightyears away to us in our present state, but everything is also strangely connected to each other.

A Starseed is our connection with the rest of the universe.

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Julia Adams