285Hz Frequency Benefits, Chakra, Meditation, And Yoga 

Last Updated on July 11, 2024

Sound therapy has been used for a long time to improve the body and mind. Generally, sounds affect our surroundings and mood. This is why there are feel-good songs, meditation music, club bangers, and soothing sounds to cater to our different needs. 

Solfeggio frequencies are known for their beneficial properties, which have been lauded by many sound therapists and traditional sound healers as sleep music, healing music for damaged organs, and relaxing music. Sounds like the 285 Hz solfeggio frequency has been used in sound therapy sessions, and with good reasons. 

What Is the 285 Hz frequency?

The 285 Hz frequency is not the most popular on the solfeggio scale, a renowned musical scale common in ancient Gregorian chants. This frequency is commonly known as the frequency of the first chakra in the body’s energy system, which is the “root chakra.” 

It is said that listening to music with this frequency effectively balances and strengthens the root chakra that is strongly linked to feelings of security, safety, and grounding. This frequency is different and isn’t similar to the standard musical notation. 

Still, sound therapists have used it in both body and mind healing. For centuries the 285Hz frequency has been used alongside others to improve mood and energy levels, heal other injuries, and help with fatigue reduction. 

The Benefits of 285 Hz Frequency 

Benefits of 285 Hz Frequency
1.Stress and anxiety relief
2.Promotes Recovery 
3.Improves sleep quality 
4. Enhances creativity 
5. Heightens Intuition 
6. Immune system booster

There are various benefits linked to this frequency, and they are as follows: 

Stress and Anxiety Relief

This frequency is known to help calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety levels. Music with this frequency is known to make someone feel relaxed and, for a moment, forget their life stressors or anxiety triggers. 

Promotes Recovery 

The 285 Hz solfeggio frequency helps promote healing and recovery. Listening to music helps stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanism. The ear listens, and the mind processes the positive feelings, stimulating the body’s healing ability and making it more effective.

If you are recovering from an injury, this frequency music might help enable the right energy field around you for healing to occur quickly.

Improves Sleep Quality 

Suffering from insomnia and other sleep problems? Well, you might consider listening to the 285Hz frequency music. This soothing tone will help promote more restful sleep since it relaxes your mind by sending a positive message to be processed and, in turn, brings in sleep.

Enhances Creativity 

If you are in the creative industry, you will need all the boosters available, and this frequency music is believed to boost creativity. You can play it to help clear your mind and make room for creativity. By enhancing mental clarity and focus, the creative aspect within you will also be enhanced thanks to this frequency of the music.  

Heightens Intuition 

Listening to the 285 Hz solfeggio frequency tones enhances spiritual awareness and intuition. The music awakens the sixth sense, and if you are on your spiritual journey, this frequency music might be a great place to start. You can see a good or bad sign when you need to because your inner eye has been opened thanks to this tone.

Immune System Booster 

This is one immune booster that is not food. It is believed that listening to 285Hz frequency can help, especially when played in its original form, as nature sounds, for example. However, there is no scientific proof that this actually works. Still, there is no harm in trying. Any efforts to improve overall well-being are good. 

The best thing about sounds is that they are free, which is a great benefit on its own. Even considering these other benefits, remember that individual experiences vary, and what might work for you might not work for another person. So, even if you are seeking mental and body wellness, consult your medical practitioner for clarity.

Best Way to Listen to 285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency 

This frequency is linked to the frequency of the earth’s resonance, also called the Schumann resonance. It is said that the 285Hz frequency is not audible to the human ear but that people can feel its positive effects when they listen to music or tones that have this frequency within them. 

If you want to get the best of this frequency, you can use the following to make your experience worthwhile: 

  • Consider using a sound generator app that will allow you to listen to specific frequencies, including the 285Hz frequency. You can download the app and listen to the frequencies through earphones or speakers. 
  • You can also sample music with this frequency. Various music artists create special music that has been tuned to specific frequencies. Choose the music with the 285Hz frequencies on platforms like YouTube and Spotify, and you can enjoy the best of this music and experience its benefits. 
  • A tuning fork is also a great and common option because it is used in most sound therapy sessions globally. You can always buy a tuning fork, especially one already tuned to 285Hz. Use it to create this frequency by simply striking the fork and listening to the resulting sound. 

You can use this frequency during meditation and Yoga because this tone will promote relaxation by calming your mind.  

According to certain spiritual teachings, the 285Hz frequency has links with the heart chakra and can help balance and heal your heart chakra, which is also linked to love and compassion.

You can use it while undergoing sound therapy, playing the tuning fork, and using other instruments that can produce this frequency tone. 

Also, consider listening to this frequency as a sleep aid to improve the quality of your sleep. The calming effects of the frequency will help you fall asleep and get the much-needed sleep time. 

The 285 Hz Frequency And Chakra 

According to the chakras, the 285Hz frequency is linked with the throat chakra at the base of the throat. The throat chakra is linked with self-expression, communication, and creativity. This chakra is what enables a person to speak eloquently and listen effectively. 

It is widely believed that the 285Hz frequency helps balance and activate the throat chakra. Communication problems, zero creativity, and problems in self-expression are experienced when the throat chakra is blocked or unbalanced. 

This is why listening to frequencies linked to the throat chakra, like the 285Hz, is important to enabling this particular energy center to stay activated. Using this frequency for chakra healing is great, especially with an open mind.  

However, if you have medical issues causing you communication problems, it is important to consult a qualified medical professional for help. Still, there is no harm in practicing sound therapy as alternative healing alongside the medical care you receive.  

285 Hz Frequency And Meditation 

There are widely discussed theories stating that the frequency 285Hz effectively promotes a deeper meditation state. Listening to this frequency will activate your sacral chakra, which is strongly linked to creativity, sexuality, and emotions.

When you focus on this frequency during meditation, you can successfully tap into your emotions and creativity while at the same time developing your inner calm. 

Many meditation enthusiasts have claimed that listening to 285Hz sounds helps them relax and focus better during meditation. If you love listening to great sounds with positive effects during meditation, this could be one option to improve your meditation experience. 

Explore the various online resources with meditation music and soundscapes that heavily feature Solfeggio frequencies, and you will find several with the 285Hz frequency.

Consider working closely with a meditation teacher or healer who can help you master the sound techniques and ensure you experience a quality meditation practice that will ultimately bring you rejuvenation and healing. You can also look for soundscapes with this prominent tone and enjoy your meditations. 

285 Hz Frequency And Yoga 

This frequency is also linked with healing and creating balance in the body, especially the chakra system. In Yoga, chakras are essential in the body’s energy system and frequencies such as the 285Hz are used during yoga practice to help promote balance and alignment. 

Most yogis use tuning forks, bowls, and other frequency-generating instruments to produce sound during yoga classes. Sometimes they can couple chants with 285Hz frequency to make the sessions rewarding. 

Just like with all alternative therapy, embrace the practices with an open mind and always consult with the experts. You can get the best of the experience when well informed and advised.  

Best Examples of 285 Hz Frequency 

With the 285Hz frequency, the options are many. Consider the following: 

Explore the solfeggio frequency.

The 285Hz is among the six core frequencies in the renowned Solfeggio scale. Find amazing solfeggio tones of 285Hz on YouTube. Some great examples are as follows:

285 Hz Solfeggio Sleep Music

285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Of the Pure Tone Energy

285 Hz  Solfeggio Music  of 9 Hours

Binaural beats 

These are amazing beats that result after playing two different frequencies. These two frequencies must be played in each ear for the best results, where a third frequency emerges.

This third frequency can be heard after the brain processes the two frequencies. These binaural beats are perfect for relaxation and stress relief. 

Some great examples are: 

285Hz + 2Hz Delta Brain Waves Healing sleep music

Isochronic Tones 

Isochronic tones closely sound like the binaural beats, but their main difference from the beats is that they use a single tone that is usually turned off and on at a specific frequency. They are perfect tones for relaxation and meditation. 


There is good music written by artists who have included the 285Hz frequencies into their music to promote healing and relaxation. Some music genres have incorporated the 285Hz frequency, such as meditation, ambient, and new-age music. Some of the examples worth sampling are as follows: 

Ambient 285 Hz Solfeggio Meditation Music

Colors of infinity

Nature Sounds 

Nature sounds are amazing, too, and they can promote relaxation and bring a sense of calm within you. These can be the sounds of birds, water, wind, or waves, and they are coupled with the 285Hz frequency. Here are some good examples. 

285Hz + Nature Night sounds

285Hz Ocean waves 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can The 285 hz Be Successfully Used In Healing? 

It is widely believed that the 285Hz frequency helps promote healing and inner peace. It achieves that by reducing stress, anxiety, and tension. It is commonly used during healing practices like sound therapy, meditation, and Yoga.

However, scientific proof showing that this actually works so far is inconclusive, and the claims are simply from people who testify that it actually works.

Can Listening To 285 hz Help Me Sleep?

As much as there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims of achieving sleep quality when you listen to 285Hz music, there have been reports by people who have found it relaxing and calming. When such positive feelings are promoted, then it means that it is likely to promote better sleep for you. 

Are there scientific reports that second the benefits of 285 Hz?

Currently, limited scientific evidence backs up the benefits of the 285Hz frequency sound. Still, the existing research shows that the use of 285Hz and other sound frequencies for healing and meditation has positive effects on the mental and physical health of someone. 

Will I experience any side effects while listening to 285 Hz sounds?

You must listen to this music at comfortable sound levels and in comfortable surroundings to get the best experience, whether you are meditating or using it for sound therapy. So far, there haven’t been any known side effects of listening to this music. 

What Is the best way to listen to 285 Hz music? 

First, you can listen to 285Hz music through streaming online platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. You can also listen to this frequency through methods like singing bowls, tuning forks, or specially designed frequencies or meditation music available online. Listen when you are relaxed and in an environment that will allow you to absorb the sound without distractions. free

Is the 285 Hz tone the only sound used for healing? 

Various other frequencies are also used during sound therapy for healing, like 528Hz, 639Hz, 174Hz, and 432Hz. Unique healing properties are found in each frequency in the Solfeggio scale.

Explore the various frequencies and identify the certain frequency that works best for you during your meditation or sound therapy sessions. 

Dr. Emily Harris