26 Powerful Mantras That Will Transform Your Life

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

Is your life what you wish it were? Many of us struggle to obtain the sort of life we would like to have. We yearn to change things but we don’t know how to make that change happen.

We live in a society that is largely materialistic, and our success is often measured by how much we have in material goods: a luxury car, a large house, a walk-in closet full of trendy shoes and clothes.

Particularly in the Western world, people are motivated to work hard to obtain material success.

Yet, more and more, we realize that there is another way to measure success. 

In a world where the desire to live an affluent life has given rise to increased heart disease as well as mental health issues, we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of well-being.

The American Dream is the idea that a person can start with nothing and, through hard work and commitment, achieve financial wealth and all the comforts that go with it.

This dream has become a reality for many people, but at what cost?

With advancements in technology, in the electronic age everything moves at a fast pace, it seems.

This is certainly the case in our work lives. We are expected to be on top of emails at all hours, we must put in long hours in order to stay relevant and competitive in a growing market, and work responsibilities must be put before those of our home and family. 

Is this what we want? For some, the answer will be, yes. However, for others, they may want to shift away from these expectations and live according to a different set of priorities.

Whatever goals you have for your life, there is always some aspect that can be improved upon.

What would your ideal life look like? What are the particular aspects of your life that are foundational; those pieces that are non-negotiables for you?

How do you attain the life you want?

Mantras can play an important part in making your dreams become reality.

Mantras are phrases that reflect an important belief or desire. They should be individual and personal to you.

A mantra may state your desire to be healthy, wealthy, or confident. 

Mantras can encapsulate your intention to have more fulfilling and loving relationships, perhaps beginning with the relationship you have with yourself.

Mantras are repeated and are often built into the practice of meditation. Mantra meditation is easy to do. Here are steps you can follow:

  1. Decide on what you want to focus on and determine your mantra. This could be in any area of your life. For example, if you struggle with self-esteem then a mantra like, “I am enough” might be a good choice.
  2. Choose a time. Are you a morning person? If so, set the alarm for 15 or 20 minutes earlier than usual and start your day with mantra meditation. If you are not a morning person, you may find it best to carve out time at the end of the day after the kids are in bed and your work prep for tomorrow has been done.
  3. Determine a place. You want somewhere that allows for quiet and no interruptions. Someone bursting in on you will break the thought process, and leave you feeling annoyed and frustrated – definitely not the goal you’re going for.
  4. Get into a comfortable position. We usually think of meditation being done seated, in a cross-legged position, but this does not need to be the case. Feel free to sit in a chair or on the couch, or maybe you are more comfortable standing. The key is comfort because you need to be able to stay in this position for the duration of your meditation.

Armed with the knowledge of how to build mantras into your life, let’s explore mantras for changing your life.

Come along with me and begin to improve your life!

Mantras To Transform Your Life

Mantras became a part of my daily life several years ago. I was going through a challenging time and was searching for a way to make positive change in my life.

Researching strategies for transforming life, I came upon mantras. This began a journey which got me hooked on mantras as well as yoga!

I had never seen myself as someone who ‘did yoga’, but taking a few classes at my gym made me realize that one, I was pretty inflexible, and two, the calm that I felt through yoga was awesome.

I have been committed to yoga ever since and it was an easy jump to incorporating mantras into my yoga practice.

The mantras in this list are in their original language and are accompanied by their respective meanings in English.

Choose the mantras that speak to you. Make them part of your yoga practice, or repeat them anytime you have a few minutes like on your way to work!

The key to effectiveness is regular thinking of or speaking our mantra so that we begin to internalize the idea.

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10 Mantras To Transform Life

1. “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – Chanted as an offering of love-kindness to all.”

2. “Om Namah Shivaya – Representing the inner reality, Shiva represents the truest nature of ourselves.”

3. “Aum Or Om – Universal vibration to reresent creation and manifestation.”

4. “Asatao ma sadgamaya – It comes from Upanishads that translates to lead from darkness to light and death to imorality.”

5. “Om Mani Padme Hum – Most important mantra in Buddhism, it represents jewel in the lotus waiting to be uncovered.”

6. “LAM-VAM-RAM-YAM-HAM-OM-(silence) – While chanting, these sound aligns seven energy centers when you’re feeling out of balance.”

7. “Om Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu – It shows to have happiness, completeness, peace and success around.”

8. “So Hum – Creating with your enoughness.”

9. “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha – Ganesh is known to be a remover of obstacles and the Lord of beginnings.”

10. “Om Namoh Lakshmi, Om Namoh Lakshmi, Om Namoh Lakshmi, Prema Devi Mataji – This mantra calls for prosperity, beauty and good fortune.”

"Om Namoh Lakshmi, Om Namoh Lakshmi, Om Namoh Lakshmi, Prema Devi Mataji - This mantra calls for prosperity, beauty and good fortune."

Mantras That Will Change Your Life

Mantras have played a principal role in the changes that I have made in my life.

For much of my life I was dedicated to exercise. It was very important to me and nothing interfered with my fitness time, even having five children!

As a teenager, I was always active, playing on various sports teams and running on my own time.

In university I played field hockey and started working out with weights.

Later, I worked out daily in my living room with workout videos. Jane Fonda and Charlene Prickett were my mainstays. I enjoyed step aerobics, weights, and standard aerobics.

A change in my career allowed me to enroll in a gym and I really enjoyed the variety of classes that were offered.

My routine was to get up at 4:45 a.m., drive the 40 minutes to the gym, and work out before heading to my job. I loved it.

When a major change occurred in both my personal and professional life, I struggled to find the time and the place to work out.

My commitment waned, and I have continued to struggle for the last 10 years, but mantras are helping me to be the person I want to be – healthy and fit.

I experience the power of mantras every day. Let them help you reach your goals, too.

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16 Mantras That Will Change Life

11. “I am bold.”

12. “I am vibrant and full of life.”

13. “I am a magnet for wealth.”

14. “I am desired by my significant other.”

15. “I am unstoppable.”

16. “I am all-knowing.”

17. “I am in tune with the universe.”

18. “I am worthy.”

19. “I am becoming the best version of myself.”

"I am becoming the best version of myself."

20. “I am my own best friend.”

21. “I am in love with who I’m becoming.”

22. “I am healthy, I am stable, I am sound.”

23. “I am in control of my life.”

24. “I am more powerful than my pain.”

25. “I am free.”

26. “I am proud of myself.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mantras Really Work?

While the concept of “working” might be personal, many find mantras helpful in focusing attention, reducing stress, and cultivating positive intentions. Their power lies in their connection to meaning and personal resonance.

Can Powerful Mantras Improve Mental Well-Being?

Yes, powerful mantras can contribute to improved mental well-being by promoting positive thinking, reducing stress, and enhancing emotional resilience. Regularly incorporating powerful mantras into your routine can positively impact your overall mindset.

Can Powerful Mantras Help With Overcoming Challenges?

Yes, powerful mantras can be instrumental in overcoming challenges by fostering a resilient mindset. Affirmations that emphasize strength, perseverance, and positivity can provide the motivation needed to navigate through difficult situations.

How Long Does It Take To See The Effects Of Using Powerful Mantras?

The time it takes to see the effects of using powerful mantras varies among individuals. Consistency is key, and with regular practice, many people report experiencing positive shifts in their mindset and overall well-being within a few weeks to a few months.

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