Mirror Hour Meaning: How Does It  Make Your Life A Blessing?

Last Updated on July 11, 2024

Suppose you are looking at your wall clock or wristwatch to find out the time. You feel surprised to find that the hour and minute reading are a perfect match. You may ignore it and think that it was a coincidence.

Yet it is not so! Numerologists would say this occurrence has a deeper meaning for you. Your spiritual guides are talking to you through these appearances. They may be sending you a message which is important at this point in your life.

In the first place, let us understand what a mirror hour is. It is the occurrence of an hour and the minute numbers in a perfect match and it appears as if a set of numbers are getting reflected in a mirror, forming a perfect repeat of the number set. It happens every hour or 24 times in 24 hours of the daily cycle. We do not notice it every time it matches, but sometime we may notice it by accident.

We come across these incidents on our mobile phones, computer sets, laptops, or even on our watches. The double-hour reading may occur time and again in different devices and formats. If these numbers keep repeating in your sight, it is time that you take note of it with seriousness.

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Why Does It Appear And Keeps Repeating In Your Sight?

Sometimes when you see the “mirror -hours” again and again, you do not care. Yet after a while, when this becomes frequent, you start worrying. Instead of worrying and feeling restless, you would do better to try to understand the message

Mirror Hour

Your Ascending masters, the guardian angels, are trying to communicate with you. It is possible that you are receiving a warning signal for an impending challenge. You may even be getting a piece of good news for some positive development that would happen in your life. 

Our divine Masters, the Universal spirits, are with us always. At all times, we are in the companionship of our guardian angels and the universal spirits. They are there all around us to help us in our times of trials and triumphs. They can not speak to us because there is no direct communication with them. It is not possible as our physical world has a limit, which they will not break. Yet they speak to us through numbers and symbols from time to time.

 We have to be attentive to our surroundings and be conscious of the unusual symbols and numbers. They may come into our range of sight all of a sudden when we are least expecting them. We must pick them up and try to read them to understand the meaning. Because our angels are giving the signals, the messages have meaning for us. These messages may be foretelling our coming situations and opportunities.

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Understanding A Mirror Hour

A mirror hour is a matching figure or double figure. It means the number of hours matches with the number of the minutes and makes a double. For example, if it is 10.10 AM now, the hours and the minutes are forming a perfect match or perfect double. We call it synchronicity of numbers when the same digit of numbers has a simultaneous occurrence.

These mirror hours have significance in numerology and astrology. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung is the proponent of the idea of synchronicity of numbers. There are 24 hours in a day.

 Every hour we have a simultaneous occurrence of numbers. They read like this-01:01, 02:02, 03:03, 04:04, 05:05, 06:06, 07:07, 08:08, 09:09, 10:10, 11:11, 12:12. They continue like: 13:13, 14:14, 15:15, 16:16, 17:17, 18:18, 19:19, 20:20, 21:21, 22:22, 23:23 and finally 00:00. 

Thus we have 24 mirror hours in a full day, and it starts at 01:01. The 24th mirror hour ends with 00:00 reading. It is also generally called 0 hours. Each set of the hour comes with its message and deeper meaning.

The Astrologers have an interpretation for each of these 24 sets of mirror hours. The numerological explanation of the numbers is also there. Even Doreen Virtue discusses the meaning of these mirror hour sets.

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The Synchronicity Of Mirror Hours

Mirror Hour

Carl Jung, the great psychologist who proposed this theory, has discussed the subject at length. He has used the synchronicity of numbers as a tool in analytical psychology. Two events may occur at the same time, and there may not be any causal connection between them. Yet when they get associated with a person who observes it, there will be an inner meaning for the person.

There are archetypes in our collective unconscious mind. We must consider the idea of synchronicity as a part of that mind. Synchronicities happen every day, and they throw a challenge to the idea of causality. In our lives, when numbers appear in synchrony, we may experience unease or feel as if we have access to a new meaning.

Suppose your phone rang at 05:05 in the morning, and you received the call. The caller is the one you were having a dream of at that time. What would you feel and think? You would feel weird, and yet it would mean something special for both of you. It would have a meaning, or even you may not interpret anything, But the moment will strike you and remain in your mind. 

Significance Of Mirror Hour

Having an encounter with a mirror hour is a significant moment in your life. It has a piece of information or an idea that your inner self is looking for at this point.

When you see a mirror hour, it is giving you knowledge about a certain situation. It may be a difficult or opportune moment ahead of you, and guidance to face it. 

When the mirror hour visits you, it does not happen by chance. Your guardian angels are trying to connect with you for something important in your life. Take note of it, interpret the meaning and accept the guidance of the Universal spirits. When you can do that, your life will become happier and more prosperous.

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Why Does Mirror Hour Occur To You Often

Mirror Hour

Does the repeated appearance of the mirror hour have a specific reason? Has it got some implication in your life? When it occurs to you, be sure that you have a message from the above. These numbers are the connector, and through them, the universal forces are communicating.

  • Listen To Your Guardian Angel: 

Your guardian angel is calling you and communicating a message to you. The angel is giving answers to your life’s riddles. Grab the message and seek clues from it because there lies the answer to all your questions and requests. If you have interpreted it, follow the guidance, and your life will have peace and prosperity. 

  • Connect With God The Prime Spirit:

When the mirror hours visit you with alarming regularity, it is your creator Himself signalling you. He is unleashing His power and spirit to enlighten you and guide you to a greater life. It may be for a life of spirituality, freedom, and goodness. Listen to Him because your road to greatness may lie in there.

  • Your Ancestors Are Coming To Your Help:

Often, when we are down and out, the spirit of our ancestors visits us to help us. If your mirror hour has a message from your ancestors, it is important to listen. Take their guidance because they want to lead you out of the present dangers and bad lucks. They have a connection with you, and they want your safety, security, and better life.

  • Your Subconscious Mind Is Speaking To You:

Our subconscious mind is a powerful force within ourselves. It has major control over our activities, attitudes, and behaviour. The more we introspect, the better we gain control over our minds. It helps us channel our thoughts, actions, and behaviour for personal growth.

When we read the meaning of the given mirror hour, we fall back on the strength of our minds. It leads us to become the person that destiny has decided for us. Our subconscious mind becomes our guide and power in pursuit of life and fulfilment.

  • You Have A Well-Wisher Thinking About Your Good:

When we witness the occurrence of a mirror hour, there may be some other meaning, too. Synchronicity also happens with the help of our collective unconsciousness. It means that some minds are unconsciously at work thinking good about us.

Somebody is out there who is wishing you well, praying for you, or connecting with you in spirit. Accepting this will enhance your energies and inner vibration of life.

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When mirror hour happens to you, it is a good omen and a beautiful moment in your life. Take heart, and it may be signalling a forthcoming turning point, a milestone in your journey. It is a fruitful event, and the number signals your good fortunes. At the end of all the struggles, it may be your moment to succeed and have a life that is worth striving for.

Julia Adams