Find Your Angel Number In 3 Possible Ways

Last Updated on July 11, 2024

If you have a curiosity that pushes you to find out more about your life. Your past, present, and future. If you are willing to understand nature’s phenomena and how they connect to an individual’s life. More importantly, if you are ready to open yourself to divine guidance, the universe will send you many messages through its secret codes. These secret codes are your Angel Number. To unravel these codes, you need to have an open heart and an open mind.

Your Angel Number

The universe may use many ways to guide you on the right path. Numbers or Angel numbers are part of that phenomenon that our guardian angels use to communicate with us. Why numbers? It is because numbers are very distinct and unique. Numbers also carry vibrational energy that influences our lives.

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What Are Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are a phenomenon that holds special meaning in our lives.

Angel number can be our personal angel number that holds strong spiritual significance for us. Or it can be an angel number sequence that repeatedly appears in our surroundings.

A personal angel number is mainly connected with our name or date of birth. This number follows us throughout our life and can also be referred to as our “lucky number.” Our soul has chosen this number for our personal growth and spiritual growth.

When noticeable angel number sequences appear in our surroundings, they are communications from our guardian angels. Our divine angels communicate with us through numbers to guide us on the right path, encourage us and give us hope.

Significance Of Angel Numbers

The complexities of the material world we live in can often become overwhelming. When we do not know where to go and what path to take, we look for signs from the universe to guide us on the right track.

Our guardian angels provide us with the guidance we need through numbers. The repeating sequences of numbers are unmistakable signs that they are with us and have extended their divine support to us.

The repeating number sequences we see carry specific meaning in our lives. They can affirm our life’s path or guide us in the right direction. The primary purpose of a number sequence is to boost our confidence by telling us that we are not alone and the divine will help us reach our goals.

Angel numbers also signify the end of a tough time in our lives or the beginning of a new chapter. The start of a meaningful new relationship or a career opportunity is often followed by the appearance of angel numbers in our surroundings.

Angel numbers also signify spiritual growth. As our connection with the divine becomes stronger, we will see our angels revealing themselves more and more.

Where Can You Find Your Angel Number

Your angel number sequence can appear anywhere and everywhere. It can be at the most random places or the most obvious ones.

Your angels want you to see these number patterns, and therefore they make sure that you stumble upon them. But what follows the number sequences is a strong feeling that they mean something significant.

Some of the places where you could find them are:

  • Clocks
  • Car number plates
  • Phone numbers
  • Receipts
  • Price tags
  • Street Signs
  • Stickers
  • On the media
  • you could also hear your angel number spoken
  • And many other places

It is not wise to ignore the communication from the guardian angel as a mere coincidence. So if you see the same sequence of repeating numbers go someplace quiet and meditate. This will give you the best opportunity to understand what your spirit guides are trying to tell you.

3 Ways To Calculate Your Angel Number

Angel numbers are a phenomenon, and numerology has methods through which you can know your own angel number.

Let us understand these methods:

Calculate Your Angel Number From Your Birth Date

Our date of birth is the most significant number of our life. It is widely believed that the time and birth date are predestined, which makes this number strongly connected to our lives.

As per numerology, the angel number is connected to our life path number. To know your angel number, you must add the numbers from your date of birth, birth month, and birth year. You will have to further add the sum you get to reach single digit numbers.

For example, let’s say you were born on 1st January 2000. That will make your angel number to be: 01+01+2000=1+1+2=4. So for people born on 1st January 2000, the angel number is 4.

It may happen that your angel number will come down to double digits of the same number, like 11, 22, 33, or 44. In such cases, these double numbers are called master numbers. A master number is rare and powerful. People born under their influence have a special gift of extra intelligence, potential, and very high intuition.

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Calculate Your Angel Number From Your Name

Another way to find angelic numbers is through names. We carry our name throughout our life, and it exercises a strong influence on our daily life.

To calculate your angel number through your name, you will have to add the values of all the letters of your name.

For example, A person named Anne Lau Spark will be: 1+1+4+1+4+5+1+2+1+2+1+1+9+1+6+1+1+8+1+1=52=7. For Anne Lau Spark 7 is the single digit angel number.

Angel Number By Your Intuition

The above two methods of calculating angel numbers are more commonly used. But there is one more method by which you can know your angel number, and that is through your spiritual side or your intuition.

Angel signs can be beyond your physical realm, which does not mean that the methods discussed above are inaccurate. They, in fact, carry a perfect interpretation of yourself.

Knowing your angel number through intuition is for those who can see a particular number sequence in their surroundings.

If you repeatedly notice a particular number sequence in your surroundings, that is your angel number.

You may also have an affinity with a particular number or have chosen a number as your lucky number for many years. That number is your angelic number. You may not be able to explain your connection with this number, but this number is your ally.

In the metaphysical world, intuition has a vital role. Do a reality check to see if what you perceive is not just a coincidence. If it is not, then trust the power of your mind and take the blessings of your angels to move ahead.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean

One of the exciting things about angel numbers is that they carry different meanings for different people. For example, the number 111 may mean an affirmation of their path to someone and a spiritual connection to someone else.

When you see an angel number, my advice is to stop whatever you are doing. Take a note of your thoughts at this time. It is a time to form your connection with your angel number. You can also write down what comes to your mind so that the next time you see your angel number, you can better decipher its meaning.

Numerology, however, will give you the symbolism of individual numbers. As you develop an interpretation of your angel number, you can take the help of numerological symbolism to fully understand the meaning behind different number sequences.

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111 Or 1111

One number sequence means manifestation. When you encounter this number, it is a powerful time for you to realize your dream. You can make your wish as the divine angels are on your side and have given you a green signal.

Number one is a signal that you are on the right path. The universe affirms your choices.

Number one also contains energies of love, intuition, spiritual connection, higher self, purpose, and passion.

222 Or 2222

Number two contains energies of friendship, connection, trust, and balance.

The number is a sign that your spirit guides have come to help you, and you will reach where you need to be with their help and help from the people around you.

333 Or 3333

Number three is a sign that you need to seek balance in your life.

The number comes into your life to provide guidance. You need to work towards your goal by correcting your bad habits. Paying attention to your work and applying your creative talents will get you the success you dream of.

444 Or 4444

Number four is a sign that you need to push yourself for things to work out in your favor. The number suggests that you collaborate with people you trust to build something concrete for your future.

It may come at a time in your life when you are going through a challenging period. Your guardian angels want you to know that they have extended their protection towards you.

Number 4 also symbolizes moving forward in your spiritual journey.

555 Or 5555

Number five contains a high frequency of wealth and prosperity. It indicates joy, happiness, and lightheartedness in your life.

It is also a sign that you are about to embark on the next stage of your life. Number 5 brings transition and change. Do not worry if the change does not seem good to you initially, as ultimately, it will leave you better placed in life.

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666 Or 6666

Number six contains a lot of positive energy. It is a sign of stability and security at home. It has energies of peacefulness, good health, relaxation, self-care, and balance.

The number also gives you empathetic abilities. You can influence others to make better decisions.

777 Or 7777

Number seven series is a sign of good luck and good fortune. If you see this number, you can take healthy risks in your life.

Such numbers also bring new monetary opportunities to your life. Go ahead and explore your possibilities, as the chances of you succeeding are very high.

this number also brings increased spiritual guidance into your life.

888 Or 8888

A symbol of infinity number eight is a sign of good luck, travel, safety, abundance, and contentment. This number sequence also symbolizes the plenty of nonmaterial things such as love, health, and acceptance.

Number eight is considered one of the most divine numbers in numerology. It will bring with it a powerful connection with the spiritual world.

999 Or 9999

Number nine is a sign of closure, peace, and positive endings. The number asks you to let go, and you will soon see new beginnings in your life.

The number also asks you to step out of your comfort zone and expand your horizon. You may want to pursue your old dream of getting a degree or try a new career path. Your guardian angel favors your courageous choices.

000 Or 0000

The zero number sequence is a sign of infinity and infinite choices. It brings fresh opportunities and the ability to achieve whatever your heart desires.

Number zero asks you not to be afraid of taking bold decisions and significant steps forward.

Is There A Negative Or Bad Number Sequence

There are no negative or bad numbers or bad number sequences.

Numbers are an integral part of the working of the universe. They are a strong force that carries vibrational energy. Each number represents a different energy type.

Like all things connected and interrelated in this world, numbers also strongly influence our daily lives. It is upon us to use this influence constructively.

Different ethnic groups have considered a specific number to be a bad omen. Like 666 was considered a devil’s number in many places, and number 3 and 13 is also regarded with caution by many. But such beliefs are entirely baseless.

Number 666 is full of positive energy, and number 3 and 13 also brings positive reinforcements from our angels.

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Do Angel Numbers Carry Warnings

Angels and angel numbers are very personal things.

It will be better to call angel numbers a guide than an ominous message. But if you have been wary of a certain number, then the angels may use that number to warn you of any future mishappening. You have, in this case, your own meaning to a number.

Numbers, in general, are connected with positive reinforcements, so if the angels need to warn you, they will probably use other ways of doing it.

Different Ways Through Which Angels Communicate

Numbers are noticeable. You may see them in many places like license plates, clocks, etc., and get your messages. But numbers are not the only way through which the angels communicate.

Communication by the universe can be in any form. You will have to trust your instincts to understand what the divine is trying to tell you.

Other most common ways through which angels communicate are:

  • Coins
  • Feathers
  • Rainbows
  • Things out of place
  • Things falling down
  • Clouds
  • And many more

Final Thoughts

Since the beginning of time, numbers have been intriguing to the human mind, which is perhaps why the angels choose to communicate through them.

In your life, you must have had many instances where the logic falls short of explanation, yet the certainty of the event is unquestionable. This world carries so much more than what meets the eye.

The divine, universe, angels, or you may choose any name to refer to the unseen forces, but you cannot deny their presence.

I hope this article has given you an insight through which you can understand your angel numbers better.

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