Angel Number 7979 Meaning And Significance For You

Last Updated on July 10, 2024

In the journey of life, you are never alone. There is always a guardian angel watching over you. The angels communicate through signs and symbols, ensuring that they deliver encrypted messages meant to specific people. One such common method is through the angel numbers such as 7979. To understand these messages, you must have a deeper connection with the spiritual realms and faith. 

Angel number 7979 is a message from the angels about your life. This is a message of hope and will inspire you to the next phase of your life. If you are to listen to it carefully, you should reconsider your priorities, and you will be able to accomplish more. These numbers are of luck and inspiration. You should not give up because your angels are about to reveal miracles that will transform your life for the best. 

Change is near. However, there should be a preparation for you to accept whatever changes the angels think are good for you. The number one thing you must know is that angel numbers will only work if you believe in them. You are afraid of change, but it is the only way that your will in life will improve. 

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It is also possible that the angels think that your progress in life is being limited by some things that you should let go of now. Even though it is difficult to relinquish some pleasures, habits, and people, it is a small sacrifice you should make so that you can open more opportunities in your life. 

Are Angel Numbers Real?

Angel numbers appear to be random. However, the reality is that they are targeted messages to the recipients. How you understand them entirely depends on your spiritual maturity. You must be spiritually connected with your angels to decipher the messages.

Remember, if you fail to recognize and understand the message initially, the angels will keep repeating the same message so that you can grasp its meaning. Thereafter, you can act depending on what you are going through. Angel numbers are real, but each message is unique. 

What Is The Symbolic Meaning Of Number 7979 Angel Number?

The angel number 7979 is a combination of two numbers; 7 and 9. The vibrations that these two numbers generate are powerful and very essential in your life. In numerology, the number 7 symbolizes deep faith in something, instinct, and good luck. On the other hand, the number 9 symbolizes generosity, opportunities, and philanthropy. 

The fact that each of the two numbers appears twice in the angel number 7979 shows the abundance of everything they represent. There are other numbers within this angel number, such as 79, 97, 797, and 979, that are equally important. Here are some of the symbolic meanings that can help you interpret their meanings better. 

  • Meaning Of 79

With this number, your angels are showing you that you are doing some things right and you need to keep up. Have you been engaged in some things that you have doubts about if you are on the right track or not? Do not be afraid because the angels believe that your progress is in line with the expected output. 

  • Meaning Of 97

The hidden meaning of number 97 in angel number 7979 is that you possess rich talents and skills that can help you accomplish your life’s goals. This is the way to your abundance, and the amazing work you are doing will lead you to your destiny. The angels are pleased with the work you are doing, and they have offered their support and protection. Keep doing what you are focused on; you will accomplish your life’s mission. 

  • Meaning Of 797

With the power of 9 sandwiched between the influential 7, the angels are simply letting you know that prosperity and success are within reach. You are being reminded to focus on self-growth, but you must have integrity. You will be rewarded more by the universe if you keep doing what is right.

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  • Meaning Of 979

There is joy in knowledge. You are about to get to the closure on something and have a fresh start. You’re yearning to do something. You have also been hoping to end something. The time is ripe. It is the beginning of an amazing phase of your life and an end to another one. 

What Is The Symbolic Meaning Of Number 7979 Angel Number? 

7979 Angel Number in Numerology

The 7979 angel number symbolizes the end of one chapter and the beginning of another amazing one in your life. To make sound decisions, you must trust your instincts. The angels want you to be happy, but you can attain more if you tag other people along. You might be going through difficult points in your life. However, that is a chapter that is coming to an end soon. 

Whether it is a career or business, the time to succeed is now. If you have been thinking about career changes, do not be afraid. Make the difficult decisions, and you will be fine. The positive energies from the vibrations of numbers 7 and 9 are essential because you are empowered. No matter what you are going through, do not lose sight of the bigger picture. Everything will fall in place because your progress is good so far. 

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What Is Angel Number 7979 In Relationships And Love? 

Starting and keeping a relationship of any kind can be challenging. Remember, you are two different people who need to find common ground and an area of understanding. You will therefore have to compromise on a few things to find a sustainable relationship. Despite the difference, angel number 7979 shows that you can work things out with determination and honesty. 

The truth of the matter is that no one is perfect, but something amazing can be created from imperfections. Do not be too hard on your partner, even if they have a few flaws. In fact, you should be kind and practice some empathy. The angels want you to know that you will be treated as you treat other people. 

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With that understanding, you should start showing your partner more love and care. Be more understanding and receptive to finding amicable solutions to disagreements. Relationships are anchored on three main pillars: compromise, understanding, and accepting other people’s weaknesses. Try to be generous in what you offer other people, and you will see your relationships blossom. 

If you are single, angel number 7979 is a reminder that you are an amazing person and, therefore, capable of starting and sustaining meaningful relationships with anyone. You have so much to offer in a relationship, but you must be determined to get out of your way to make it happen. If you are going through a difficult time in your relationship, you are being encouraged to relax and possibly keep off the relationship for some time to think. No matter what you do, you should be considerate of your feelings because no person should break your heart. 

What Should You Do If You Keep Seeing 7979 Angel Numbers? 

When the angels have important messages to convey, they will do so through different strategies. It is rare that the message will go unnoticed, especially if you are spiritually mature. This means that the same message is in repetition multiple times until you get to understand it. Therefore, be alert and watch out for angel number 7979 because the angels want to change your life. Here are a few things you need to do. 

  • Self-Evaluation 

The angels are saying that they are happy with the progress you are making. However, you need to evaluate yourself if you are to accomplish your mission on earth. The progress you have made is admirable. You can achieve more with a few adjustments here and there. You may be on the right path, but you can change the strategy a bit and achieve more within a shorter period than it is right now. 

  • Spiritual Connection

You need to believe in something for it to be helpful. What are your spiritual maturity levels? Do you have faith? Do you connect with your divine powers often? Angel number 7979 shows that you are nearing closure, and you should be ready for new beginnings. How will you do that if your spirituality is not ready? It is time to connect with your angels and make progress. 

  • Pay Attention To Your Intuitions

Some of the best decisions in life are difficult to make. You want to do something, but you feel like it is not the right thing to do, but deep down in your heart, you feel like you should take the risk. Well, follow your heart. Make decisions from the heart and trust the angels to protect you from any challenges that may lay ahead. You are always on a journey in life. Expect challenges but be ready to deal with them as you encounter them along the way. 

  • Help Others 

Do not, in your pursuit of happiness, step on the toes of other people. Empathize with other people’s tribulations and support them. Be philanthropic and share your blessings and successes with others. Your angels expect you to be generous and understanding. Tag along with other people in your journey to your destiny and be ready to attain more in life. 

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  • Hard Work Pays

Delayed blessings do not mean denied blessings. This is the reason why you must keep working hard even though it might appear as if the blessings or expected outcomes are not forthcoming anymore. Think about what the future holds and start investing more time in your goals and aspirations. Figure out what needs to change if you are to make it in life. Be ready to change a few things if the results are taking longer to manifest. Your day to reap big will come. 

Angel number 7979 carries many messages that can help improve the quality of your life. You will succeed more and attain personal and professional growth if you take the time to borrow from the lessons they carry. Additionally, be receptive to changes in life. Do not be so rigid because seasons will always change. There are no straight lines in the path to your destiny. Be ready to deal with sharp corners, accelerate and slow down when necessary and you will be just fine. 

Angel Number 7979 Twin Flame 

Look at the mirror. What do you see? The person you see is what you are. It is a belief that your soul split into two during reincarnation. A separation from the other part of you that is somewhere out here yearning to reunite with you. You have lived over the years wondering what is missing in your life to make it more complete, but have you thought about what you can do to feel complete again? Well, angel number 7979 has a message about your twin flame. 

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Right now, you are what you are destined to be. There is no better version of you out there. The separation from your twin flame might have been painful for you to deal with, but you can still reconnect and live a complete life. The angel number means that a life-changing event is about to happen before your eyes, and things will never be the same again. 

The reunion with your twin flame is one such event that you should prepare yourself for. There is that one person who will make your life more complete and happier. Assuming that you are dealing with separation, it is important to understand why it is necessary to part ways. It is painful, but you deserve to be happy. Angel number 7979 is an assurance that you must deal with the separation now. Deal with the pain, and when you finally heal, you will appreciate why it was necessary. 

It is important to emphasize that twin flame separation is not final. Just because you have to part ways does not mean that you will never meet again. If it will happen, destiny will bring you back together. You should, therefore, not be afraid at all. Keep working hard on your spirituality, and a reunion will happen when you have attained the spiritual wholeness necessary to handle such a relationship. 

Number 7979 Doreen Virtue 

According to Doreen Virtue, a renowned author, psychic and new-age teacher, angel number 7979 carries a message from the angels about your life. You need to pay attention to the energies that emanate from the vibrations of these numbers because they will help inform your destiny.

You are being reminded to work hard towards achieving life goals while also focusing on your faith. Strengthen your spirituality and get clear visions about your future. This way, you will attain your mission on earth. 


The power of angel numbers lies in your ability to make sound decisions. With angel number 7979, you are urged to make good use of your intuitions and listen to your heart. Making life decisions can be tricky for most people. Connect with your inner self and be smart enough and ready to make changes in life that affect your life. Do not be rigid. There are opportunities that have remained untouched that will transform your life. 

Finally, it is always critical to know that you will never be alone. The angels will always watch over you, offering protection and guiding your path. You are unlikely to fall into danger because you have a future to maximize. Stay focused and never stop working hard. Angel number 7979 is a guarantee that new beginnings will improve the quality of your life only if you remain determined to attain the best success. 

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