Angel Number 1112 Meaning: Stay Positive, New Phase And Good Things To Come

Last Updated on July 5, 2024

Has the angel number 1112 been playing ‘games’ with you of late? Do you see the number in a flash, when and where you don’t expect to see it for any reason? Or at the time you choose to check your timepiece, you find out, wait…it’s 11:12!

Instructively, your angels may just be nudging you that it’s time to take certain steps. Your constant encounter may ordinarily amuse you, wondering why on earth you keep ‘bumping’ on the number.

This high incidence with the same number may just be that your guardian angels are actually at work. When your angels get down to work, they are communicating with you with respect to your life.

On your constant trail are forced higher and more powerful than you. These are interested in the totality of your being on the physical plane: career, finance, health, family, etc. 

Your guardian angels send out signals the moment there is a significant development in any area of your life. The signals may be to warn you of the need to be on your guard. You may also have been on the fast lane of life, and your angels have seen the need to take it easy. 

At any rate, your angels reach out to guide you as appropriate. And often, they courier their messages by angel number.

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Meaning Of Angel Number 1112 In Numerology

According to Greek philosopher Pythagoras, there is more to numbers than being elements of mathematical calculations. He was of the belief that numbers also possessed intricate features that hold a lot about the metaphysical makeup of man.

Each of the Arabic numerals, as studied by Pythagoras, has explicit metaphysical ‘genes’ different from the other numbers.

Consequently, the meaning or message a number carries for an individual comes from the metaphysical compositions of a certain number. And since the set of numbers each person relates to differs too, individuals receive distinct messages.

Angel numbers can come in single digit, double, triple, or in quadruple. None is randomly sent to the beneficiary unless it has a bearing on the universe of the concerned person.

Likewise, when your guardian angels send out a number with three digits, its meaning and message are on purpose. These will be different from a single-digit number sent to another person.

Simply put, 1112, our angel number of interest in this article, by its components, comes with its own distinct meaning and message. In terms of the signals being sent to the beneficiary, it will be different from angel number 67, as an example.

The World Of Angel Number 1112 

A number of memorable events were recorded in 1112. The year was a mixed bag of the births and deaths of royals, emperors, political leaders, and heads of religious bodies. It also recorded the beginning and, as it were, the end of renowned political empires.

These included the death of Henry, the count of Portugal. Henry had sustained wounds from a siege at Astorga.

Herman II founded the Margraviate of Baden.

Emperor Henry V appointed Otto (the Rich) as the count of Ballenstedt, though Otto was later deposed.  

Boleslaw III, the duke of Wrymouth, Poland, blinded his half-brother Zbigniew before throwing him into a dungeon. Consequently, Archbishop Martin excommunicated Boleslaw.

Henry IV, Count of Luxembourg; Sibylla of Anjou, countess of Flanders, and Garcia IV, king of Navarre, were all born in 1112.

However, royals, including George II, King of Georgia; Kogh Vasil, Armenian ruler; and Anna Vsevolodovna, the Kievan princes, died in 1112.

The Gospel, According To 1112

The individual numbers that makeup 1112 have significant meanings in the Good Book, every Christian’s spiritual compass. Each of the individual four numbers that can possibly be generated from the whole – 1, 11, 111, 2 – has an implication in the Bible. Here, we take a look at some of these.

Angel Number 1112

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Number 1

One is the number that stands for unity between God and Jesus, the Father and the Son.

There is one unity between the Old Testament and the New Testament. For one, over one-third of the quotes in the New Testament come from the Old Testament.

In a way, a lot of the writings by the prophets and the Psalms lean on the New Testament for complete meanings. 

The books of Philemon, Jude, Obadiah, 2 John, and 3 John have one chapter each. These books rank among the ten shortest books in the Bible.

In the King James Version of the Bible, words like ‘Reverend,’ ‘Grandmother,’ and ‘Eternity’ appear only once.

Number 11

Only 11 books in the New Testament do not have direct quotes from the Old Testament.

One of Judah’s last kings, Jehoiakim, reigned for 11 years.

Number 111

The only book of the Bible that has up to 111 chapters in Psalms.

Number 2

The Song of Solomon and Esther are the only two books of the Bible that do not contain the word ‘God.’ 

The shortest verse in the Bible – “Jesus wept” – contains just two words.

The Angel Number 1112 Numerology

The number has the essence of the number 5, this coming from the addition of the single digits: 1+1+1+2 = 5. The number 1112 packs the vibrations of 1, 11, 12, 111, and 112. An analysis of the numerical makeup of 1112 is thus essential for its clear understanding.

Angel number 1 in numerology resonates with exploration, self-determination, independence, and self-sufficiency. Number 1 also signals confidence and power.

Angel number 2: This number resonates with service, love, and duty and all the features of balance. This number gives you the assurance of kindness and patience in your interface with others.

Angel number 5 resonates with personal freedom, expansion, imagination, change, and progress.

Angel number 11 is a master number, and for that reason, the component digits (11) cannot be further added to give a singular number. It stands for spiritual awakening, intuition, mysticism, creativity, and enlightenment. Number 11 encourages you to link up with your higher self so that you may fulfil your life mission.

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Angel number 12 reminds you that you have the backing of your angels. In challenging times, seek out your angels and those who bring a smile to your face.

Angel number 111 is concerned about you focusing your time on positivity and everything it has the potential to bring.

Angel number 112 comes with the assurance that positive thinking has the potential to turn you into a positive person.

Why Do You See The Angel Number 1112?

For one, when you keep seeing the same number, know that it is not a coincidence. There is actually a reason for that.

Seeing the number repeatedly is a signal that your life is on course and there is no cause for worry. The universe and your angel guides are saying that your life is secure. 

You need to take note of the events taking place in your life when you begin to see angel numbers. Angel number 1112 comprises all the positive messages that are available in the spiritual realms.

Number 1112 message wants you to love your true real self. The 1112 meaning packs positivity and optimism. The message underlines the need for you to stop being fearful and start seeing matters from a positive angle.

Mirroring The 11:12 Hour

The guardian angel that conveys a message via mirror hour 11:12 is Lehaliah.

Lehahiah, known as the Angel of Obedience, comes into your life with a sense of intelligence, order, peace, harmony, and discipline. 

The Angel of Obedience Lehaliah also means The Gentle God.

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It is Angel Lehaliah’s wish that you accept the divine plan for you. This is because he knows that the plan is better than the one you have for yourself. 

The 11:12 mirror hour is a signal that the universe wants to convince you that you are on course.

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Form, Shape, Size, And Color Of Angel Number 1112 Love

If number 1112 finds you in a committed relationship at its appearance, the message to you is that you are on course.

Even if the relationship is passing through a challenging phase, all hope is not lost. There is still an opportunity to grow your relationship and attract more love.

When you are experiencing a heightened feeling of confidence with the belief that things will work out eventually, you may have been seeing 1112.

At the appearance of 1112, the time is just ripe to start having faith in yourself and your partner. You are also to trust the time that you are on track.

Number 1112 favors adventure, so when it shows up, you may have to plunge into the unknown faithfully.

Plunging into the unknown could be in the area of making a joint decision on what should be the size of your family. It may also have to be deciding on the city or country to settle in, etc.

Taking a decision on such a huge issue comes with its benefits or advantages. And the results are usually very remarkable and staggering.

When Number 1112 ‘More Than Meets The Eye’

The multifarious implications of your constant encounter with 1112 include its spiritual underlining, which definitely ‘more than meets the eye.’

One of 1112’s spiritual meanings is its suggestion of a positive change in your life. Your spirit angels and guides talk of a life that is full of abundance lying ahead of you. 

Do not despair when you see 1112. The message is that you have not strayed away from the presence or the plan of God for you.

The 1112 number is an advocate of change. When you encounter it, one of its implications is that you must welcome change and discard the fears holding you down.

Begin to follow your heart as this will connect you to the depth of your being and infinite wisdom. 

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Number 1112 Meanings

Since it is not for nothing you see angel numbers, there are definitely meanings and messages meant to be conveyed to the recipient. The points are to be driven home so that the ultimate purpose of the angel numbers will be realized. So when number 1112 keeps appearing to you, what are you expected to do?

You Must Change

Across ages, generations, or the world, change remains one phenomenon that is constant. The same applies to you when the 1112 number visits your life.

To be successful in life, you must be at your best; discard unprofitable ventures or ideas. Be positive, retrace your steps to the right path and accept challenges.

Accept The Truth About Yourself 

Running away from the truth will not do you any good. If you don’t face reality about yourself and make amendments where necessary, you can’t go far in life.

Number sequence 1112 has the attributes and influences of number 2, which resonates with family, partnership, home, balance, and peace.

New Orientation

There may be a need to give yourself a new orientation following your encounter with number 1112. For example, to enjoy the energy or influence of 2, you may change how you were doing your things and step up. 

You Must Stay Positive

If you are positive in all you do, positivity will surround you. What you give out is what will come back to you. It is a natural law of attraction. In your life, how far you will go and achieve depends on your outlook. Positivity kills depression and causes you to be fruitful.

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Chart Your Own Course

Have you heard of the saying, “the world turns aside to let any man pass who knows where he is going”? This applies to you. You must chart your own path.

If you don’t, you may just be living someone else’s life, and it won’t bring you satisfaction. Retracing your step or staying in your lane comes with the confidence that it is your path to greatness.


When guardian angels set out, it is for a purpose. The one for whom an angel’s message is meant is supposed to be on the alert to such. Thereafter he or she is expected to decode the message and act on it for ultimate benefit. 

But on the contrary, if the potential receptor is indifferent to angel messages, “what can the righteous do”? More particularly, the guardian angel behind 1112 is the Angel of Obedience. Of course, disobeying or not believing this angel is certain to bring doom to any wayward person.

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