Angel Number 7 Meaning: Something Good Will Happen As You Are On The Right Path

Last Updated on July 10, 2024

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Angel number 7

Have you ever felt that someone is watching over you, in a good way, so that nothing goes wrong with you? Ever experienced divine energy guiding you by giving you some positive signs? Often feeling surprised when you saw a particular number time and again?

Have you come across the same number in your watch, probably in a calendar, or in a phone number, in an address, or maybe in the registration number of any vehicle?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then the Supreme Power and your guardian angel are secretly telling you your Angel Number. By doing this, they are trying to converse with you to show you the right path.

An angel number can be a single-digit number, like 7, or it can have a repetitive pattern, like 77, 777, 7777, etc.

But whatever that number is, the truth is, your guardian spirits, who are guiding you on the path of growth and positivity, want to convey a message to you through your secret Angel Number. This article will discuss one of the most potent hidden numbers, ‘7’, and explain its various interpretations.

What do you count as an Angel Number?  

You are not alone in this universe. Your guardian fairies and the divine power, constantly watches and taking care of you, your family members, and loved ones.

Though they cannot communicate directly with you, they show you mysterious signs to guide you through the journey of your life. Their one way of conversing with you is by regularly showing you an Angel Number.

Angel number 7

An angel number can be any number that incessantly appears in front of your eyes. It may not necessarily be your birth number, which, as per Numerology, is calculated by adding all the digits of your birthdate.

It can be anything from a single-digit to a quadruple-digit number, possibly a repetitive sequence of numeric digits, which you see quite often and get surprised because of its recurrence.

Whatever the number is, if that special number stands out to you and you are seeing it regularly, then it is surely your angel number.

Your guardian angels, or heavenly fairies, or this universe, or the Supreme Power is trying to communicate with you through this special number. Numbers like 7, 11, 000, 111, 888, 999, 1111, 1212, 7777 are some of the examples of angel numbers. So, keep your eyes open and watch out for your special number.

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What does it mean when you constantly see Angel Numbers?

Everything exists in this world because of the Supreme Being, who has the divine power to guide you through every step of your life. Through a special number, your guardian angel tries to talk to you and guide you. They also try to caution you if you are on the wrong path.

The medium they choose to communicate with you is via angel numbers, and it is up to you to see the signs. If you see the same number again and again, then it is surely a sign from the Supreme Power, and you should not ignore it.

Your guardian angel will always try to put you on the correct path so that you can achieve your ultimate goal.

What is the origin of Angel Numbers?

“Numbers rule the universe” – Pythagoras.

Almost 2600 years ago, in 570 BC, a unique child was born in Samos, a Greek island. He went on to become one of the greatest philosophers, mathematicians, and teachers.

Considered properly as the Father of Numerology is he today. Yes, we are talking about Pythagoras, a great metaphysician, who proved that music is mathematical, too, and eventually concluded that “everything is number.”

Pythagoras, being a pioneer of numerology and an expert metaphysician, was the first person to prove that there is certainly a relationship between this universe and numbers. 

Though Pythagoras linked various numbers to their non-numerical meaning, based on intuition and mysticism, the term ‘Angel Number’ was eventually coined by Doreen Virtue, who has written several books on Numerology and Angel Numbers.

According to her, everything that exists in this universe has a vibrational frequency. She further stated, that when this frequency shows up as numbers, it can be an interpretation that our guardian fairies sent a message to us.

So, in a nutshell, though Pythagoras is considered the father of numerology, Doreen Virtue was the one who first came up with the concept of ‘Angel Numbers.’  

What are the history and ancient meanings of Angel Number 7?

Since the advent of numerology, we have all been fascinated by one particular number – 7. Even if someone is not an ardent believer in numerology, her/she definitely has some belief in the power of the number 7.

It is not a surprise that when you hit ‘Lucky 7’ in a casino, you win a jackpot! And we are sure you didn’t miss jersey number 7 of some of the great sportsmen like David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, and MS Dhoni!

Beckham named his daughter ‘Harper Seven Beckham,’ and MS Dhoni kept ‘Seven’ as the name of his merchandise brand. And these are just a few examples. But it is not that the number 7 is considered important in modern society only.

Even in ancient times, 7 was considered a powerful number, which spread hope, positivity and connected us to the Supreme Power.

In the ancient world, just like we have in the modern world, there were 7 wonders – the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Number 7 is considered sacred across the world as it directly opens the door to connect you with the divine power. This number has played a vital cosmic role in every culture that has ever existed or still exists in the world.

Every religion considers 7 as a positive number. It is the most significant number in the Holy Bible. As per the Old Testament, the Supreme Being took a rest after creating the world for 6 days. This created the basis of the concept of the week, which has seven days.

In the New Testament, the heavenly number 7 symbolizes the unity of the four corners of the Earth with the Holy Trinity. Assumed as special and pious in Hinduism too is number 7.

angel number 7

During a Hindu wedding, couples take 7 nuptials around the fire, which denote 7 vows. Hindu philosophers, gurus, and ascended masters, too, consider 7 a divine number.

Muslims walk around Kaaba in Mecca 7 times, further testifying to the sacredness and piousness of number 7, which ultimately connects to the divine power.

Moreover, there are 7 deadly sins – pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth, and 7 virtues – humility, kindness, patience, charity, diligence, chastity, and temperance.

And we are sure that you have noticed the seven colors of a rainbow? Isn’t it look beautiful?  

Where does one find Angel Number 7?

You don’t have to find Angle Numbers. They will keep appearing in front of you, in one way or the other, until you start seeing a repetitive pattern. You may notice something special happening when the clock hits 7, or while strolling in a park, you see a balloon seller who has round balloons, but only one of his balloons is in the shape of 7.

You earn a cashback of 7 cents, or you notice number 7 again and again in different phone numbers or addresses. In short, the number 7 will keep appearing in front of you.

Keep your eyes open and look for the obvious signs. And, if Angle Number 7 is repeatedly coming in front of your eyes, in any form, it is a clear sign that the universe is trying to connect with you.   

Why is Angel Number 7 special?

If you incessantly see the number 7, then it is a positive sign. It means that not only your guardian spirits are watching over you, but it also means that they want to assure you that something good will surely happen with you soon.

The universe, through the number 7, wants to convey that you are on the right track and you will overcome all the obstacles to achieve your goal.

The Supreme Being is asking you to be the best version of yourself and set examples for others. You can be an inspiration for others, and people can follow your path to achieve their dreams. 

It is true that our choices define us. If you persistently see the sacred number 7, then your fairies want to tell you that you have made the right choice. Whatever decision you have taken will give you fruitful results in the future. 

Number 7 bridges the gap between you and the Supreme Power, who has chosen you to improve the lives of those who are not fortunate like you, or those who are less fortunate than you. The universe is asking you to be a healer so that you bring positivity to the lives of others too.

The angels are also telling you to learn new skills and keep improving your existing skills because others are following you. And most importantly, your guardian spirits, who are watching you closely, want you to believe in your instincts rather than get bogged down by others’ opinions. 

The sacred number 7 is a number for spiritual awakening. And it will help you grow spiritually so that you can connect directly to the Divine Being. Being a blend of number 3, which symbolizes creativity, and number 4, which represents hard work, the number 7 perfectly combines the practical world with the spiritual world. 

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Why does Angel Number 7 symbolize?

Only a few numbers are considered perfect in Angel Numerology. If you see the number 7 everywhere and you believe that it is your Angel Number, then you have good news! It is one of those few perfect numbers. In fact, the number 7 symbolizes positivity and perfection.

According to some renowned neurologists, the number 7 is so powerful, perfect, and pure that it is seen as a connection to the Supreme Being.

angel number 7

The number 7 enlightens your inner-self and brings you closer to spirituality. The vital characteristics associated with number 7 are:

·Inner Wisdom

· Self-conscience

· Intuition


The above four characteristics symbolize a bridge between you and your supreme angel. If 7 is your special number, then you are spiritual mentally strong, and you believe in your instincts.

Suppose you are seeing number 7 quite often then soon something good will happen. Yes, this is what your guardian angel wants to convey to you.

The Supreme Power wants to tell you that you will overcome all the problems and difficulties, and you will eventually achieve your goal. Discovering the real purpose of your soul, and you can also bring a positive change in someone else’s life. You have that power!

You just need to believe in your guts and ignore what others say to you. The Supreme Power has connected with you, and he has given you the responsibility to positively impact others.

With the number 7 by your side, you can now spiritually connect to the universe. A gate has been opened for you, and a mystical bridge has been constructed between you and the Divine Power. You can now find the answers which you were looking for. You can now find the true meaning of your existence.  

Is Angel Number 7 a phenomenon?

Yes, it is indeed a phenomenon. It is one of those rare numbers which are perfect in every sense. If you see the number 7 quite often, then you have not only connected with your fairies but you are also assured of positive news.

The universe has directly connected with you, and you will now be able to find answers to all your doubts. Moreover, now you are assured that your choices and decisions are correct, and you are on the road to success. The Divine Power has chosen you to spread spirituality and positivity.

At the same time, the guardian spirits are motivating you to improve your knowledge and skills to be a better person because others see you as an example.

Number 7 tells you that you can achieve everything due to your inner strength and persistence. Even if there are roadblocks in your path, your angels want to tell you that the tough phase will soon end.

So, you should not feel bothered about those problems and obstacles. Your heavenly fairies are there for you whenever you need them.  

What do I do when I see Angel Number 7?

You should do the following things once you realize that you surprisingly see 7 everywhere:

1.  Close your eyes and pray

Your angels have connected you directly to the Supreme Power. So, close your eyes and pray. Show gratitude and thank the universe for everything you have. Silently converse with your guardian fairies and thank them for blessing you with their presence.

2.  Introspect

Now that you are spiritually connected with the Divine Being, introspect what’s going on in your life, and connect it with the message your angels are giving you. They have chosen you for a reason, and they have given you responsibility. You don’t have to disappoint them.

If something is going on wrong, you are now assured that soon everything will be fine. You just need to keep faith in the Supreme Power, who is guiding you. Listen to your inner voice, your instincts, and keep walking on the path which you have chosen for yourself. Your heavenly fairies are with you.

3.  Sit down and write

Write about the sightings of the number 7. Connect the dots and try to understand what the universe is trying to convey to you. Write down about your life, about your past, present, and future aspirations, and try to decipher what your guardian angel is telling you.

Writing your thoughts and experiences on a paper will help you in realizing the real meaning behind those sightings.

4.  Work on your weakness and strengths

The biggest room is always the room for improvement. Focus on your strengths and try to get better. Convert your weaknesses into your strengths because others are following you.

They consider you as their idol, and you need to set an example for them. It is time to be less selfish and help those who are less fortunate than you. And amid this, never forget to thank the Supreme Being, who is now directly connected to you.

5.  Become more spiritual

Ignite your flame of spirituality and connect yourself to the divine power. Feel his presence all around you. He is your teacher who has all your answers. When in doubt, talk to him.

Ask questions and doubts. Seek guidance from him. You will surely get your answers. You will surely find a way.

6.  Talk to Spiritual Guru or Ascended Masters

If you follow a spiritual guru, share your thoughts and experiences with him/her. He/she knows what’s going on in your life and what kind of a person you are.

Share about Angel Number 7 and your experiences of sighting this number. Your guru will guide you and help you in the interpretation of your guardian angel’s messages.      

What does Angel Number 7 mean holistically and spiritually?

As discussed earlier, the four characteristics of the divine number 7 are inner wisdom, self-conscience, intuition, and mysticism, and these are key for spiritual enlightenment. Among all the numbers, the spiritual and mystic number 7 connects you with the Supreme Being.

By repeatedly showing you the magical number 7, your angels guide you to a mystical path, which eventually leads to the ultimate Divine Power. By repeatedly showing you the number 7, the universe is urging you to be more spiritual and connected to the Supreme Power.

The universe has chosen you for a reason. Therefore, you need to reciprocate to the spiritual realm by following the path shown by your guardian angels. You should believe in spirituality, your inner strength, and endurance, and you should keep progressing persistently towards your goal.

Angel number 7

If you are seeing the divine number 7 again and again, then you need to know that the universe is watching over you and taking care of you.

Problems and obstacles are part of everyone’s journey. But you will cross all the hurdles if you will surrender yourself spiritually to the universe and keep progressing towards your destination. The Supreme Master is now your teacher. He has answers to all your questions.

Enlightenment will be upon you when you converse with Him. Believe in his presence. Have faith in him. He is constantly protecting you. Glow the flame of your spirituality and surrender yourself to the Divine Power.

Number 7 belongs to spirituality and is considered one of the most sacred numbers across the world. It connects you to the universe, which guides you to find a purpose in life.

It further encourages you to be good and set examples for others so, if you see the number 7 everywhere, progress towards spiritual enlightenment and merge your soul with the Supreme Master.

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Does the meaning of synchronicities in numbers in particular vary for everyone, or is the meaning the same for everyone?

The universe conveys the same message to all from a particular Angel Number. But its interpretation varies from person to person and, also, on the circumstances.

Number 7 is one of the most positive numbers, which connects you to spirituality and also, assures you that you are moving ahead in the right direction. But we all have different experiences in our lives, and all of us are not in the same situation at the same time.

Hence, how you interpret the message from your guardian angel and how you apply those messages in your life is completely up to you. If you ignore the message, you will gain nothing out of it. But if you will follow the path shown by your guardian angel, you will surely get success in whatever field you are in.

The universe is for everyone, and it is your choice if you want to spiritually connect with the Supreme Master, or not.

Is Angel Number 7 a divine and cosmic reality?

Number 7 is the number of spirituality and divinity which connects you with the Divine Master. There is absolutely no doubt about it being divine and spiritual.

Pythagoras had stated that everything in this universe is a number and has its own vibrations and frequencies. Number 7 is one such number, which brings you closer to divinity. Hence it is a cosmic reality.

As discussed earlier, it is indeed the most sacred number. In the ancient world, too, 7 was considered as a number to connect directly to the Supreme Being.

It is a powerful number, which brings you hope, positivity, and luck. Researchers also prove that for the majority of people around the globe, 7 is their lucky number. So, it cannot be denied that 7 is a divine number and a cosmic reality. 

What is the Greek meaning of Angel Number 7?

Pythagoras, the father of Numerology and a Greek philosopher, believed that the number 7 indicated the divine unity between the universe and the Supreme Master.

Hippocrates, another Greek philosopher, also believed that the world had seven secrets and they all were helping to keep everything in perfect order. Apart from this, many Greek teachings and legends contain the number 7. One of the nearest star clusters to Earth, Pleiades, is also known as The Seven Sisters.

According to the ancient Greeks, Pleiades were the seven daughters of Atlas. So, it can be clearly seen that the divine number 7 has a great significance among Greeks.

How is Angel Number 7 formed?

The mystic number 7 is made up of 3, which is a creative number, and 4, which represents hard work. Therefore, the number 7 is the only ideal number to represent a combination of spiritual and practical worlds.

It will lead you on the path of spiritual awakening, and it will help you to connect with the Divine Master. Furthermore, number 7 is the first number that is a Double Mersenne Free Prime Number (23 – 1 = 7), and its exponent 3 itself is a Mersenne Free Prime Number.

Thus, it has a great significance in mathematics and the world of computing.

What is my angel number, and what does it mean?

Angel Numbers are different from Birth Numbers or Lucky Numbers, which can be calculated by adding all the digits of your birthdate till you get a one-digit number.

For example, if you were born on 20th July 1989, then your Birth Number will be calculated as:

Add all the digits of ‘Day’: 2 + 0 = 2

calculate all the digits of ‘Month’: 0 + 7 = 7

Add all the digits of ‘Year’: 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 27

the total sum of the digits of Day, Month, and Year: 2 + 7 + 27 = 36

Since the final sum has more than one digit, add the digits of the sum: 3 + 6 = 9

Hence, your Birth Number or your Lucky Number is 9.

But this may not be your Angel Number. An Angel Number can be up to four digits long. Moreover, it is the number that you see often. You feel that your guardian angels are showering their blessings on you and are trying to communicate with you.

And if, by chance, your Angel Number matches your Birth Number, then nothing can be better than that. It means that the Divine Master is happy with you, and he has chosen you for some reason.

There are numerous online calculators available that can help you with your Angel Number. One such tool is Find Your Angel Number.

There are various Intuition Videos available as well, which can help you find your angel number.

But it is also a fact that millions of people share their birthdays on the same date. So, all of them cannot have the same Angel Number. Divinity chooses this special number for you, and it is up to you to keep your eyes open.

Is seeing Angel Number 7 a warning sign or a positive sign?

Number 7 is a spiritual, divine, and magical number. It is about positivity and all the good things. It is not a warning sign at all. Blessed are you, if you see number 7 everywhere.

The Supreme Power is trying to directly communicate with you. He wants to tell you that you are doing good and are on the right path. Even if you are experiencing problems, then you will surely overcome all the obstacles.

7 is a highly positive and sacred number, which will fill your soul with happiness, success, and positivity.

Angel number 7

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What happens when you see and call Angel Number 7?

When you see the number 7, it means that the creator of this universe is showing his blessings on you. He is trying to communicate with you.

It is the time for you to enlighten your soul and surrender yourself to the Supreme Being. Keep following the path of righteousness because others see you as an example.

Keep spreading your positivity everywhere and make everyone smile. When you call the number 7, it means you are sending a message to the divinity, who is constantly watching you.

By doing this, you are reciprocating to the Supreme Power, thereby establishing a divine bridge between yourself and him. 

Why do I keep seeing Angel Number 7 during the day, night, week, month, and year?

When you incessantly see the number 7, it means that the universe is trying to converse with you, and you are ignoring it. You are walking on the wrong path, and the Master is trying to guide you.

The creator of this universe knows that you have capabilities. That’s why he is trying to connect with you. But you have been ignorant. 

But it is better late than never. Act on it, now! Focus on your spiritual development. Close your eyes for a moment and think about what you really want and if you are on the right path?

Focus on your own spirituality. Try to feel the presence of your heavenly fairies, who are watching you and are trying to guide you. Have faith in the Supreme Being and spiritually connect with him to seek answers. He will guide you, show you your life path, and He has faith in you. But you have to trust him too.  

What is the effect of Angel Number 7 on various Zodiac signs?

The divine number 7 is the number of the enlightenment of spirituality. It encourages you to find the purpose of your existence by following a spiritual path.

It is a sacred, divine, and mystic number which positively impacts almost every zodiac sign. Let’s understand the effect of the spiritual number 7 on each zodiac sign.

1.  Aries: It is a ‘Fire Sign’ and is ruled by Mars. Arians are born leaders, aggressive, stubborn, bossy, and impatient. So, when heavenly fairies show you the number 7, it means they are asking you to be patient and calm.

And this can be done by developing your spirituality and connecting yourself to the Supreme Master. You can achieve what you want, but you must control your temper and aggression.

2.  Taurus: It is an ‘Earth Sign’ and is ruled by Venus. People who are Taurus are poetic, trustworthy, creative, and they believe in family values.

They are level-headed and extremely supportive. When the divine universe shows you the number 7, it means your divine fairies are happy with you. They are encouraging you to follow your soul’s path, which will eventually lead you to enlightenment.

3.  Gemini: It is an ‘Air Sign’ and is ruled by Mercury. Geminis are great thinkers, inquisitive and intelligent. But at the same time, they are restless and volatile.

They don’t like to follow a routine. By showing you the number 7 again and again, your angels want to guide you on the path of inner peace and divinity. The universe expects you to set up a routine and follow it if you want to achieve your goals.

4.  Cancer: It is a ‘Water Sign’ and is ruled by the Moon. Cancerians are nurturing, sensitive, loving, compassionate.

But they are also temperamental and emotional. The number 7 7 resonates with Cancerians. So, if you are a Cancerian and if you incessantly see number 7, then your fairies are happy with you and are blessing you.

By showing you the number 7, they want to assure you that you will get prosperity, and you will accomplish your goals.

5.  Leo: It is a ‘Fire Sign’ and is ruled by the Sun. If you are a Leo, then you surely love to be a center of attraction. You are a born leader.

You are creative and artistic too. In short, you are a king! So, if you are Leo, and if number 7 is regularly coming in front of your eyes, then the universe is encouraging you to spread love, be compassionate and be harmonious in life.

Focus on spiritual enlightenment, become closer to the Supreme Power, and you will achieve everything you desire.

6.  Virgo: It is an ‘Earth Sign’ and is ruled by Mercury. People who are Virgo are humble, kind, sympathetic, and quick thinkers. They are perfectionists.

If you are a Virgo and if the universe is trying to connect to you by showing you the number 7, then your angels are blessing you with lots of happiness and success.

They want you to keep following the path you have chosen for yourself. But your divine fairies also want you to do spiritual development.

7.  Libra: It is an ‘Air Sign’ and is ruled by Venus. Librans are loveable, compassionate, extrovert, level-headed, and friendly. They believe in honest relationships and are very romantic.

If your zodiac sign is Libra and you see number 7 everywhere, then the Divine Power is guiding you to serve humanity by following a spiritual path. The heavenly fairies want you to move in the direction of spirituality and believe in yourself.

8.  Scorpio: It is a ‘Water Sign’ and is ruled by Mars. Scorpions are mysterious, bold, creative, passionate, and determined. They also believe in Occult Science.

If you are a Scorpion, then by showing you the number 7, the universe wants to tell you to follow a divine path. Connect yourself to the Supreme Master, and you will get all the answers. And, if you believe in Occult Science, the angels want you to continue learning it.

9.  Sagittarius: It is a ‘Fire Sign’ and is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarians are philosophers. They believe in spirituality, religion, and humanity. They are optimistic, and they know their soul’s mission.

If your zodiac sign is Sagittarius, then by showing you the number 7, your angels want to tell you that they are happy with your spiritual side. Keep following the path of divinity, and you will ultimately achieve enlightenment and inner happiness.

10.  Capricorn: It is an ‘Earth Sign’ and is ruled by Saturn. People with the zodiac sign Capricorn are sensitive, realistic, persistent, ambitious, hardworking, and disciplined. If your zodiac sign is Capricorn and your divine fairies are showing you the number 7, then you are blessed.

The universe is happy with you, and the Divine Power wants you to be as you are and keep following the path of goodness and spirituality.

11.  Aquarius: It is an ‘Air Sign’ and is ruled by Saturn. Aquarians are clever, self-reliant, optimistic, and eccentric. They have big goals and bigger desires.

They are innovative too. If your zodiac sign is Aquarius, then the divine fairies are trying to help you to understand the world through scientific knowledge. They are blessing you with inner peace and wisdom.

12.  Pisces: It is a ‘Water Sign’ and is ruled by Jupiter. They are healers, spiritual, dreamy, and imaginative. Since the number 7 is a spiritual number, it is connected well with Pisces.

If number 7 is following you everywhere, then the universe is telling you that you are doing the right thing. The angels are guiding you to believe in your instincts and follow the purpose of your existence.

The Divine Power is assuring you that you will overcome all the challenges and obstacles of your life with your wisdom.

Does Angel Number 7 predict success in the family?

If the Creator of this universe is repeatedly showing you the number 7, then you should consider yourself lucky and blessed. Number 7 not only predicts luck, but it is also the number of spirituality, happiness, hope, success, and fresh beginnings.

So, if you see number 7 everywhere, then it certainly means something good will happened to you and your family. Have faith in the Supreme Power. He is watching you and taking care of you and your loved ones.   

Does Angel Number 7 affect one’s name? Or is it related to a person’s name, or does it influence a person’s name?

Number 7 does not correlate with your or anyone’s name. Therefore, it does not affect your name in any way. It is also not related to anyone’s name, and it does not influence someone’s name. Irrespective of your name, if you see number 7 incessantly, then the Divine Being is guiding you towards your goal.

Why do 7 keep seeing Angel Number 7 when something happens to your close family member?

Number 7 is one of those rare numbers which does not have any negativity associated with it. Therefore, if something happens to your family member, and you see number 7 repeatedly, it means your divine spirits want to tell you that everything would be all right.

If someone is ill and you are deeply concerned, then the universe wants to tell you that your loved one will recover soon. If, unfortunately, you have lost a close family member and you are seeing number 7, then the Supreme Power is telling you to be calm.

The soul of your loved one has merged with the Creator of this universe, and that soul is in a happy space. Your angels want you to stay connected with the Supreme Power and keep following the path of divinity. 

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What does Angel Number 7 mean in terms of manifestation?

Number 7 is the manifestation of the existence of the Supreme Being, who is watching over you and guiding you at every step. Feel his presence everywhere.

You may question the existence of the Divine Power as you can’t see him with your real eyes. But if you surrender yourself to him spiritually and walk on the path of enlightenment, you will realize his existence. Number 7, being a sacred and spiritual number, is closest to the Supreme Master.

Apart from the manifestation of the truth of the Divinity, the holy number 7 is about good things, positivity, new beginnings, enlightenment, and success. 

Angel number 7

Why do I keep seeing Angel Number 7 on the clock?

Does it often happen with you, that whenever you see your wristwatch or your glance at the wall clock, the time is 7 am or 7 pm? If the answer to this question is yes, then be assured your fairies are there for you.

They are happy with you as you follow your schedules and are diligently working on your goals. You are not distracted, and therefore you keep an eye on the time. For you every minute is important.

Divine angels communicate with you at those places where they feel you can find them without much difficulty. If the clock has struck 7, and if you feel your fairies are trying to communicate with you, close your eyes and thank them for being there.

Try to follow their messages of goodness and spirituality. You will be able to overcome all the obstacles. Take one step closer towards the Supreme Being, and he will take the rest of the steps towards you.

Why do I constantly see Angel Number 7 when I am at home, or when I am in a school or college, or at Church, or at a friend’s house, or at the hospital or in the garden?

If you are seeing number 7 wherever you gaze, whether you are at home, or when you are driving, or when you are in a movie hall or in a stadium or at a store, then your angels are desperately trying to send you messages. The universe is trying to reach out to you, and it is now your time to understand those messages and reciprocate.

If you incessantly see number 7 in your home, then your angels have blessed your home and your family. You or any of your family members will soon hear good news. The universe is asking you to spread a message of spirituality among your family members, as this will bring success, happiness, and positivity.

If you are a student and you see number 7 everywhere in your school and college, it means the Supreme Being has blessed you with the power of education.

He is happy to see your dedication and asking you to focus more on your education. Number 7 is considered lucky. So, if you have exams approaching, and if you really prepared well, then your fairies are assuring you that you will be successful in your exams.

Whenever you visit a church or any religious place and you end up seeing number 7, then it means the Omnipotent is extremely happy to see your spiritual side. He is blessing you and is taking care of you.

If you visit a friend’s house and see number 7, then your angels are signaling you that your friendship is true. You can trust your friend, and with time your friendship will further solidify.

Seeing number 7 repeatedly in a garden means that nature is blessing you. You will soon get positive news. By showing you the number 7, the heavenly angels want you to stay connected with nature, as the Supreme Being resides in everything that exists in this universe.

Seeing number 7 in a hospital, too, is a lucky omen. If you are hospitalized due to some reason, then your angels are there to protect you. You will soon recover from your ailment. And if you have visited a hospital to see someone, then your loved one will soon be on a road to recovery. Have faith in the Divine Power.

What does Angel Number 7 mean in love? Does it attract love?

Apart from enlightenment, number 7 also signifies strength and support, the two ingredients, which are needed to make your relationship with your partner strong. If the universe is persistently showing number 7, then it can have a huge impact on your love life. And this effect can proliferate exponentially if your birth number is also 7.

People who have their birth number as 7 are highly emotional, and they get too involved in their relationships. And it is a fact that excess of everything is often dangerous. So being over-emotional is also not a good characteristic.

So, if your birth number is 7, you need to work on your emotions. Don’t allow your emotions to overpower you at any time.

Neurologists believe that people with the number 7 are sometimes loners, and they hide true feelings. But that doesn’t stop them from having strong relationships.

By showing you number 7 again and again, your fairies are guiding you to keep your overflowing emotions in check and open your heart to receive love. But, at the same time, you need to be extra careful while dealing with new people. Your heart and brain should work in unison.

Open your heart to give and receive love. But also keep your brain working so that you don’t get hurt. As you can be excessively emotional in love, make sure others don’t take advantage of this. Have faith in your divine angels. They are always guiding you.

What is the significance of Angel Number to faith?

By showing you the holy number 7, the universe wants to tell you to have faith in yourself and what you are doing, and also have faith in the Omnipotent Master. If you have found your life’s purpose, keep following it. And if you are yet to find your soul’s mission, then the universe will help you find one.

Have faith in the Supreme Being, as the number 7 has directly connected you to him. He will show you the way and will help you in moving forward.

Angel number 7

Is seeing Angel Number 7 good luck, or bad luck?

You have heard about the game ‘Lucky 7’, right? Two dice are thrown together and if the sum of the numbers appeared on the two dice is exactly 7, then the thrower wins a jackpot prize! So, it is a worldwide fact that number 7 is considered the luckiest number in every community.

If you are lucky enough to be chased by the number 7, then good luck is following you. There is absolutely nothing bad about the number 7.

Yes, by showing you the number 7, the universe can warn you that you are probably not walking on the correct path. But still, it is a good sign as the Master is trying to show you the right direction.  

What does Angel Number mean spiritually? Does it have spiritual powers?

In every religion and community around the world, the number 7 is considered a gateway to the Supreme Power. It connects you to the Divine Being. By showing you the number 7 again and again, your angels want to assure you that you can rely on them at any time.

They are also urging you to ignite your spiritual flame and merge your soul with the Omnipotent Power, who is closely watching you. The number 7 indeed has spiritual powers as it connects you directly to the Master of this multiverse. You just need to feel his presence all around you, in everything you see.

Even in ancient times, the number 7 was considered holy and spiritual. In almost every religious book, the number 7 has a special mention, indicating his sanctity and piousness.

It is the number of enlightenment that not only puts you on the right life path but also helps you find the mission of your soul.

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What is the Biblical significance of Number 7?

Seven is a sacred number that represents completeness, and physical and spiritual perfection. Its importance and significance can be gauged from the fact that the number 7 appears 735 times in the Holy Bible. If we include the words like ‘seventh’, ‘sevenfold’, the total count jumps to 860 references! This is way more than any other number. 

The Bible was originally divided into seven major divisions – the Law, the Prophets, the Writings, the Gospels and Acts, the General Epistles, the Epistles of Paul, and the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation alone has 54 references to the number 7!

Many theologists believe that the number 7 is the number of the Supreme Being. According to the Genesis 1, this universe was created by the Divine Being in six days. After completing his work in the first six days, on the seventh day the Supreme Being took rest and relaxed himself.

This is followed in the modern world too, as most of us work hard throughout the week for six days and rest on the seventh day.

The holy number 7 also signifies the completion of the execution. After completing his worldly duties, the Supreme Master, from the cross, uttered some statements in excruciating pain. The exact number of these statements was also 7.

Number 7 is also linked to absolving someone from all the blames for any fault or wrongdoing. When Peter asks the Supreme Power how many times we should forgive each other, the latter replies ‘seventy times seven’ times.

Though this literally means 490 times, what the Omnipotent meant was to forgive each other wholly, as seven represents completion, hence we should forgive each other completely.

As per the Bible, healing and fulfillment of promises is related to number 7. In Genesis 9, the
Omnipotent promises not to destroy the Earth again with a flood and commemorates this in the form of a rainbow, which has seven colors.

As discussed earlier, the Bible proves the holiness of number 7 as in almost every religion. Number 7’s extensive usage in the Bible, specifically related to the teachings like completion, spiritual perfection, exoneration, and fulfillment of promises, assert the sanctity of the number 7.

Why when I see the number 7, I feel something will happen?

Number 7 plays a cosmic role in every culture, and it is extremely positive and lucky. It emanates positive vibes. It gives hope that something good is about to happen.

Therefore, when you see the number 7 you begin to feel that something is going to happen – for good. Number 7, as we have discussed, is a gateway to the universe.

Number 7 acts as a bridge between your soul and the Supreme Being. It is an indication of success and positive outcomes.

Why do people make a wish when they see Angel Number 7? Is it lucky?

Being a positive number, which connects us directly to the Creator of this universe, the number 7 had a special place in the ancient world, and it has a special place in the modern world too.

It is holy, has a spiritual meaning, and is positive. It bridges the gap between you and the Supreme Being.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are an Asian, an African, an American, a European, an Indian, a Korean, a Vietnamese, a Chinese, a Filipino, a Thai, a Japanese, a Laotian, an Indonesian, a Malay, an Australian, a British, a Russian, or you belong to any part of this world, the number 7 is lucky for you.

If you have any questions or doubts, or you are uncertain about something, and you end up seeing the number 7, make a wish or talk to the Omnipotent.

Have faith in him and surrender yourself to him. Consider him as your teacher and share your doubts and concerns with him. You will surely find an answer. Due to this belief, whenever this number appears in front of them, they make a silent wish.

Angel number 7

Does Angel Number 7 mean half evil? If yes, why?

There is nothing evil, or even slightly bad about the number 7, which makes it one of the most powerful numbers. Nothing bad is going to happen to you, if you are seeing number 7 often.

It represents only positive things Though the universe can warn you if you are on the wrong path so that you can take corrective action. With the number 7, you can only expect amazing things to happen.

What is the meaning of Angel Number 7 in terms of Doreen Virtue?

Doreen Virtue is a famous spiritualist who has written numerous books on Numerology. Though numbers have existed since the advent of this universe, the term ‘Angel Number’ was first coined by Doreen Virtue. Every number has a secret meaning for you, which you need to decipher.

Doreen also believes that the number 7 has a special energy, which can connect you directly to the Supreme Power. Sometimes the universe shows this number to you as a reminder to be a perfect example for others. Your life path and skills can be an inspiration to others.

Therefore, you have to be the best version of yourself and set a positive example for others.

Along with it, the Divine Power wants to give you an important message of spirituality. Have faith in the power of this universe. Obstacles may hinder your path, but by staying strong and determined, you will be able to overcome them.  

What does Angel Number 7 mean in terms of dreams?

Seeing the number 7, implicitly or explicitly in your dreams can have an impact on your life. Maybe you saw a dream in which you were holding seven beautiful flowers, or you saw yourself enjoying an ice cream, which was in the shape of 7! Or maybe you saw yourself at someone’s birthday and the cake was in the shape of 7!

Dreams can be strange. Sometimes we can recall them, and sometimes we can’t. But if you can easily recall seeing the number 7 again and again in your dreams then it is the sign of a change and a new beginning.

For example, if you are looking for a change in job, then you will be successful in it. If you are looking for a life partner, you may find your soulmate.

Seeing the number 7 in your dreams also means that the universe wants you to connect with the Supreme Power and this can be done by spiritual practice. Have more faith in the Divinity and develop your spirituality as this will bring positive changes in your life.

What does Angel Number 7 mean in Twin Flame?

When you realize that you have met someone who is exactly like you and you find a deep connection with him/her, then he/she is your Twin Flame. Meeting a Twin Flame will make you feel like you are meeting yourself.

Experts say that finding a Twin Flame number 7 is many times harder than finding your soulmate. But it usually appears when you have already met someone exactly like you. He/she is the person who understands your fully and gives your life a new meaning.

The experience you have with your Twin Flame is totally different, and his/her presence will eventually lead you to a better life.

Number 7 is divine. It is related to self-expression, wisdom, and inner guidance. Therefore, the twin flame number 7 represents messages from your angels who want to tell you that you have met or about meet that special person with whom you will have a peaceful and cooperative relationship.

Is Angel Number 7 related to the future?

If you are persistently seeing the number 7, it is a good sign. Though it cannot predict the exact future, its repeated sighting can assure you that you are walking in the correct direction.

If you have given an examination and are awaiting results, then you will score well. You will get a contract if you are waiting for it. Trying for a job change?

Then, you will be able to find a great job with a good salary hike. If you are pregnant, then your delivery will be successful, and your baby will be healthy. If you have made an investment, then you will get good monetary returns.

In a nutshell, by showing you the number 7, the universe wants to tell you that something good will happen with you. 

Number 7 also highlights new beginnings and positivity. If you are looking for a life partner, then you may find your soulmate. Have faith in the power of the Supreme Being. Free your soul and let it merge with the Creator of this universe. Don’t set limits for yourself.

Let your emotions flow freely if you are in a relationship. The universe is watching you and taking care of you.


Angel Number 7 is one of the most powerful numbers, which can fill your life with positivity. It is one of those very few numbers that does not have any negativity associated with it and will help you in every positive way. The Supreme Being has blessed you and is constantly watching you.

It is your turn to reciprocate those messages by awakening your spirituality and connecting yourself to the Divinity. By following the messages of your angels, you can overcome all the obstacles, avoid conflicts, and achieve your dreams.

You can become healthy and wealthy, and you can improve your personal life just by surrendering your soul to the Supreme Being.

Believe in your inner voice rather than focusing on the opinions of others. The Supreme Power wants you to improve yourself and be the best version of yourself.

Everything is possible, and everything is achievable. You have made some good choices, and your decisions will transform into great achievements in the future.

You have the power to accomplish whatever you want in life. Many people see you as their role model, and you can transform their destinies too.

But it depends on you if you are ready to receive his guidance. If you are ready, and if you follow the path shown by the Divine Power, your entire life will transform in a good way.

Luck will be at your side. You will become prosperous, and whatever you touch will turn into Gold. By focusing on your spirituality, by believing in your instincts and your inner strength, and by persistently working towards your goal, you will achieve enlightenment, happiness, and success.

Stay motivated, as the Creator of the universe is watching you at every step. He is there to protect you and guide you. Have faith in him.   

Dr. Emily Harris