Angel Number 888: Wherein Divinity Is Involved Beyond The Angel Number

Last Updated on July 11, 2024

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At a point in your own life, most probably as a kid, some things, images, or concepts caught your fancy, which you gave so much attention to. These may include the playful sequential scribbling of a particular number, say, ‘444…’, on anything insight – from your notebook to dad and mom’s bedroom walls, to the dining table, etc.

In your little imagination, your fancy might only have been born out of a kind of beauty the sequence brings to your young face. Nothing more. But numerology, the study of numbers, emphasizes the underlying meaning and relevance of recurring sequences of numbers to the existence of man.

The kid might be oblivious of the spiritual meaning of the sequences of a particular number. But for that adult musician who has embedded ‘777’ in his lyric, there could be more than meets the eye. Perhaps, he already knows the importance of that number sequence to his creative venture.

Angel Number

Man is not alone in his earthly journey because there are forces ‘on assignment’ in his life to always guide him on the right path. These forces, which are known as guardian angels, deploy the use of recurring sequences of numbers to relay messages to their wards as they themselves receive these messages. In numerology, these sequences of numbers are known as ‘angel numbers’; thus, examples of sequences of numbers are 111, 222, 333, 555.666, 777, etc.

And human beings receive a divine message from their angels through ‘trivial’ means like taking note of the time exactly when it coincides with the assigned angel’s significant number, say 22:22 or 11:11. But however trivial the means of relaying a divine message to any human is, the same is consistent as the number keeps coming back to the beneficiary by other various means.

It could be by getting a bill that totally comes to the same number he has been seeing of late (maybe 22:22, 11:11, 55:55, etc.), depending on the angel that has been trying to communicate. That person may even receive a call at that particular time. When you keep seeing the same number in a flurry but by different means, know that these are not coincidental; an angel or the Universe is trying to communicate with you. The angel desires attention, and if you can give it, you will be the better for it.

These numbers take you back to your spiritual make-up, and through it, only you can significantly study the peculiar world you live in if you are patient and decipherable enough.

Whichever angel number keeps coming up, each is distinct on its own. For instance, 777, from the primary number, is one angel number that emphasizes creative expression by creative forces; 111 is a package of messages from your ancestor’s spirit that guides you in your endeavor.

Meanwhile, this article is all about angel number 888 – when received, what does it portend for the beneficiary, what are those things expected of him (the dos and the don’ts), etc.

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The Angel Number: An overview

Quickly, we bring a highlight of the different angel numbers. When you receive signals from any of them, what do they represent? And what are the implications?

Angel Number 000:

For those who receive signals from this angelic number, this indicates that new opportunities are lurking just around the corner. For the beneficiary, too, there is a whole lot of support from the angel. In fact, the support is limitless, infinite.

Angel Number 111: 

This number signals that the world is your horizon, and you are fully kitted, prepared for it going by your knowledge base. All you need to start impacting the world is your intuition. Be discerning. Your intuition must be trusted to go all the way.

Angel Number 222:

This angelic number projects instability in your life, and there is the need to look inwards and do a reassessment. You know that a “rolling stone gathers no moss.” So for you to progress and stabilize, ensure that the scale is balanced.

Angel Number 333:

You are just like a bud, full of life and ready to pervade the world with your fragrance. You need to explore your potential, which is just emerging. Again, you need to dig further to attain a higher purpose for your life. Remember English poet John Dryden’s quote: “He would search for pearl must dive below”? This is just apt as your watchword.

Angel Number 444:

Here, the message is, you need to pointedly take on challenges. Interestingly, the wherewithal you need to overcome them is in you.

You are equipped for the tough tasks, don’t run from them. Angel number 555: Change is around the corner. The change, with the potential of being an improvement on the current situation, needs to be ‘aided’ by you taking the initiative.

 Angel Number 666:

The message here suggests that it is time for a new orientation – an orientation that favors you have to look at issues from different perspectives. If you have been a pessimist, it is time to refocus your thoughts and stay optimistic, as the ultimate goal is to engender peace and tranquility in your life.

Angel Number 777: 

This angelic message underlines the need for you to explore your natural talent. It is a call for spiritual reordering as it is time to now start ‘trading’ in your natural gift.

Angel Number 888: 

This angelic message talks to responsibility and the need for a balance in your life. Since this article is mainly about this angel number, details will follow subsequently.

Angel Number 999:

This number addresses the need to end a particular phase in your life in order to be able to start a new one. Imagine drooling over a particularly interesting chapter in a book. The truth is, as long as that chapter is not the last chapter of that book, you don’t stop there; you have to move on. It is an analogy that applies to you here because you have to let go that you may progress.

Some Less Common Angel Numbers

Apart from the common angel numbers, there are also a number of angel numbers, but which are less common. Notably, these numbers do not derive from a root number. In other words, these less common numbers are not necessarily a sequence of a number in triples. They may, however, contain the same numbers that are alternated.

Angel Number 144:

This message is meant for the oldies to remain unwavering in their calling as spiritual leaders.

Angel Number 808:

For you receiving signals from this angel number, the message is that your services are needed for the development of humanity in a certain area. You are expected to yield your life to service in a particular area of human endeavor.

Angel Number 911:

Are you going through travails or trials as this angel number continues to appear to you in various forms? Do not despair. It may even be that you are down with a sickness. The underlying message for you is that you are covered; you are protected by guardian angels.

Angel Number 72:

The message here is that you are about to go through a period of a miraculous event.

Angel Number 1212:

It comes with a message of the likelihood of you having a change of heart or mind over a particular issue.

Angel Number 1313:

Number 1313 is a messenger of changes that are on the horizon. However, these changes are likely to bring commotion on their trail. But your angelic spirit guides do not favor the resistance you are wont to put up against these changes.

Angel number 1414:

Here, you receive signals that it is about time you review all negative actions that are rather harmful to you. Naturally, you should do away with ventures that do you no good.

Angel number 1234:

Here, you receive signals that you are on the right track of whatever you have plunged yourself into. The commendation comes with an assurance that very soon, your efforts will be rewarded.

Number and its meaning among different peoples

Globally, human beings are diverse as they are large in number. Their different views, ideas, and orientations underline the different outlooks in the name of culture they live by, from one region, county, clan, state, country, and continent.

The differences in belief do not leave out how a group, say A, sees the concept or meaning of a particular number differently from how group B views it.

By natural implication, numbers are symbols basically deployed for calculation. But same, among the peoples of the world, can mean something else, depending on the particular group of people concerned. Where applicable, the special meanings attached to certain numbers are usually steeped in the long-held beliefs in the tradition and culture of the people.

For global business owners, knowledge or understanding of the peculiarities of number among different races, tribes, and cultures would be of immense benefit to their interests. For one, the manner of exploring, manipulating, or even avoiding certain numbers would determine how well they can control the market.

Sacred, lucky, unlucky, or ‘evil’?

In the context of these communities, some of these numbers are either seen as being scared, lucky, unlucky, or ‘evil.’

The Number 3

In some countries, the number 3 is seen as a favorable number. While it is seen as a lucky number in Sweden, it is considered the luckiest number in Korea. However, the number is perceived differently in Japan and Vietnam. Nationals of these two countries would avoid taking photographs in threes because of the belief that whoever stands in the middle would die.

 The number 4

In China, the number four is seen as a harbinger of ill luck because of the peculiar way it sounds. The number sounds like the word “death” in Chinese, and consequently, instead of that number, the letter ‘F’ takes the position elevators.

Some other Asian countries that share this sentiment are South Korea and Japan. The list also includes other Asian countries where Chinese is spoken.

However, in Germany, four is seen as a number that brings luck. The number is associated with a four-leaf clover, a symbol of luck.

The number 7

For different reasons, the number 7 is seen as a lucky number in countries like Korea, France, the Netherlands, the United States, and the United Kingdom. With the exception of the Asian country Korea, others regard the number 7 as lucky because that’s the number of days within which the entire universe was created. In addition, the number 7 aligns with the 7 planets and 7 wonders.

However, in Thailand and Vietnam, the number 7 is an unlucky number. The seventh month (July) is the time Thais and Vietnamese appease their dead loved ones by offering food items and fruits to avert being haunted.

The number 8

A number of religions are favorably disposed to the number 8 because its translation bā sounds like ‘fā’ in Chinese, which means wealth. For adherents of religions like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, and Hinduism, the number 8 is an auspicious number. Remarkably too, the Chinese are in love with the number such that it takes a prominent place in their endeavors.

The number 9

In Japan, the number 9 is one strange number because it sounds like the word ‘torture’ in Japanese. ‘Torture’ in itself is bad with ill luck embedded. As a result of this, the use of that number is avoided in public places as much as possible.

One man’s meat, however, is another man’s poison. In China, another Asian country, the number 9 is regal because it is regarded as a number for the emperor. Among Norwegians, nine is considered sacred, and this is because the country’s folklore is replete with stories that contain that number.

The number 13

In the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden, the number 13 is viewed as an unlucky number. In Italy and the United States, the number 13 is viewed as lucky. The number 13 is made popular and acceptable in Italy because of Saint Anthony, a patron saint, for his heroics. The number 13 is also well-entrenched in the national life of the United States.

The number of the stripes on the US flag, the number of stars on the Great Seal, the number of stripes in the chest shield, each made of 13, does not look coincidental. The country seems to draw its inspiration from that number, hence the conscious use of the number.

Despite the fact that there are no concrete proofs that the number 13 is unlucky, countries, organizations, and individuals avoid using it, especially for special occasions.

One notable individual who sees the number 13 as being filled with luck is Mario Zagallo, a Brazilian. Zagallo, the first person to win the FIFA World Cup both as a player and coach, is obsessed with the number 13. As many times as opportunities present it, he wholly explores the number 13, living on the 13th floor, wearing the number 13 shirt. He also got married to his wife on the 13th.

As the assistant coach of Brazil’s football team in 1994, Zagallo had said his country would win the World Cup. His conviction? The peculiarity of the year he first won the World Cup (1958) and the one at hand (1994).

From 1958, Zagallo added five and eight (5+8) to get 13, and from 1994, he also added nine and four (9+4) to arrive at his favorite number, 13. True to his belief, Zagallo’s side defeated Italy to win the 1994 World Cup.

The Number 17

It is an unlucky number in Italy. When you arrange the Roman numerals of 17 (XVII) in a particular way (VIXI), it actually means “I lived” in Latin. This sentence which denotes an end to existence is often found on tombstones in Italy.

The Number 26

To the average Indian, the number 26 holds nothing but ill-luck as the country has recorded a number of disasters on that date in the past. Some of these disasters include tsunami, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks.

The Number 39

The mere fact that the number 39 sounds like a “dead cow” in Afghanistan makes the number an unlucky one among them. The number 666

The number 666 to the Chinese is a harbinger of luck that guarantees an all-around fortune.

But in Christendom, it is one number that is dreaded because of its association with doom for whoever receives that number on the last day.

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What is Angel Number 888?

To fully understand what the angel number 888 stands for, there is the need to study the root number, which is eight. Infinity is embedded in the number eight. Thus there is the virtue of unlimited abundance for as many people whose angel number has to do with eight. By implication, the opportunities, the energies become humongous in 888.

You also need to have a current sound understanding of your environment vis a vis the message that is being relayed to you by the Universe. When you are able to do this, having a grasp of the message will not be too difficult.

Of course, as the beneficiary, the message comes with insights into the events in your life. The message can thus unravel the age-long problems or challenges you have been battling with.

The angel number 888 may also contain a message of two extremes: while it signals the end of an event in your life, it signals the vista of opportunity in another area of your life.

The takeoff of a new venture or project can open you up to new opportunities that you are able to identify. The word is ‘opportunities’ because as you aim to reach your goal in life, through hard work, others too are not relenting to win laurels in life.

In your new venture, your angel expects you to take up responsibilities. Taking responsibilities and leaving up to expectations in a new project underlines how far one can go in that line of duty and generally in life. This way, this ambition will be your inspiration in difficult times. This will serve as a buffer (influence) to others around you at this time.

In a nutshell, responsibilities, ambition, inspiration, and influence are some of the signals the angel number 888 sends out to the beneficiaries of his messages. Angel 888 encourages you as the beneficiary of the message to strike a balance in life. At the core of this is your spirituality because your angel’s wish is not that the balance should be narrowed down to your worldly activities.

The need for a balance in your life may be an indication that your life scale has been tilted towards one side. Simply put, you may have been too emphatic about a certain aspect of your life to neglect the other, hence the call for an adjustment.

Also, angel number 888 sends out a message on your need to have in abundance and be prosperous. The volume increases, for instance, in that area of your life which you adjust in your effort to strike a balance in your life’s scale and consequently comes advancement (financial prosperity).

Discovering your potential

Angel number 888 also comes with the awareness that you have a potential that has not been unlocked in you. As they say, “it’s in you,” no man is useless; every mortal has some good gift in abundance which may be lacking in others. But one of the revelations of angel number 888 is the unleashing of this great gift in you which will make a whole lot of difference.

So you may begin to ask yourself what the potential could be. You may need to carry out a self-examination which may be of help here. What is that thing you have a flair for?

What do you find relatively easy to do but which you have not made most of overtime? Do you leave people in awe of your graphic illustrations each time you make some drawings? Or do you hold the power of rhetoric? Whatever it may be, consider it as it may just be your key to global fame.

Your love life

Angel number 888 also touches on your love life. From whichever angle you look at, considering your present situation when you receive the message, your love life is about to go through a turnaround.

If you have just broken into a relationship, then it means that you are about to fall in love again. Not just finding love again, it may signal your meeting a very special person, your dream love, who shares the same ideas and ideals with you.

Personal life

Angel number 888 has a message for your personal life. And it is that you are one person easily loved by many people. You are not in short supply of friends and acquaintances.

Your health and wellness issues relate more to the mental aspect as you engage in deep thinking for creativity. So, you are very likely to be more stressed or challenged in that area than in the other parts of your body.

Opportunity to rejuvenate/reinvent yourself

The angel number 888 signals to you an opportunity to reinvent yourself wherever you may have given up hope in the past. You may have decided in the past to let go of the ambition or dream you were once pursuing vigorously.

But the angel 888 number comes to tell you it’s time to pursue it again and fulfill it this time. Abandoning a goal that was once your priority could be very painful, no doubt, but the signal from angel number 888 brings a resurgence of hope.

However, you have to be ready to forget the frustration that led to the failure in the first place, brace up and pick up the gauntlet again. It is only for your angel to guide you that you can make it this time.

Social Life

Having an eight as part of your birthday suggests the possession of everlasting skill quality in you since that root number itself draws on the infinity symbol. As someone is drawn to angel number 888, your social life and interpersonal relationship are meant to be outstanding.

If no one else is able to sustain a friendship for long, this does not apply to you. Though the world is peopled by different characters, you are expected to show care to the people you have in your life.

You are one person who conveniently possesses “different strokes” for “different folks,” so sustaining relationships with persons of diverse orientations will not be a big deal for you, going by the hue of your angel number (888).

And why, for you, must you strive to sustain friendship or relationship even if some of these are toxic or ungrateful? You may ask. The truth is you don’t know where such friendship may lead in life. And this is central to your own life.

Yes, there are relationships that lead to tragedy, but for you, whose angel number is 888, this is not likely to befall you. The ability to get on well by showing care, love, and even providing for the different shades of people in your life is a plus for you.

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Professional Life

Angel number 888 takes on the hue of power and ambition when talking about the professional life of its benefactor. You are a force to reckon with in your chosen field, and there is hardly any obstacle that can stop you from attaining your professional goal.

You always go the whole hog.

And because of the larger-than-life image you have created in your profession, you have wealth on your trail. ‘Wealth’ in this sense may not particularly mean money; it may underline your richness in ambition.

A number of people with the angel number 888 are either in the media or politics. But if you, as a beneficiary of this number, have been tinkering with the idea of changing your profession at the appearance of the angel number, the time is just apt.

You are not likely to make a mistake taking steps towards another profession; your Universe has your back. Your angels have come around to guide you once the new job is one that catches your fancy.

Another major factor for the beneficiary of angel number 888 is that intuition has a key role to play in the achievement of your goals in life.

You just have to take that step of faith. Your angel is on hand to guide you with respect to your entire being, as can be further broken down. Your angel guides, you take the steps. He leads; you follow.

The need to be intuitive is very important for the beneficiary of angel number 888 because root number 8 identifies with self-reliance, dependability, discernment, and self-confidence. Apart from these, the number speaks to good judgment, achievement, giving, and receiving, among others.

Have you received signals from angel number 888? The coast is clear for you to take the initiative with respect to your fancies; you cannot go wrong. It is your duty to make a move, and your angels will pave the way for you.

Biblical meaning of Angel Number 888

There are biblical references to certain numbers, with the particular mention of the angel number 666 as being a mark of damnation for whoever receives it in the last days. This is controversial as the number, indeed, provides positive insight for its beneficiary. Angel number 666 presents new beginnings and experiences.

Then, what does angel number 888 portray in the Bible? In the Good Book, Divinity the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit are portrayed as being everlasting. This is one attribute found in the number 8 as infinite.

The number 888 in Chinese

Since the thrust of this article is the angel number 888, it becomes relevant to discuss this angelic number from the perspective of the Chinese with their special numerology.

In Chinese numerology, lucky numbers share a similar pattern of pronunciation with words that have lucky meanings. Eight, the root word of 888, is pronounced ‘ba,’ and this is close to ‘fa,’ which translates to getting rich in no time. Everyone wants to succeed, and so the number is very popular among the army of Chinese citizenry who desire better economic conditions.

This belief informs the craze, for instance, to seek an accommodation that has the number 8 when they go house hunting. And the choice number plate for their cars must contain the number 8.

As long as it has to do with their welfare, the Chinese give the number 8 a high consideration, and it is regarded as the luckiest number in the country. The reason for this is not far-fetched: the number has an inseparable aura with wealth and luck.

If the number 8, the root word, goes with wealth and luck, then it is a confirmation that all the qualities present in it are tripled in 888. It is a lucky number for material wealth, abundance, prosperity, fortune, and what have you.

It was not for nothing that the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (the Summer Olympic Games) officially took off at 08:08:08 on August 8 (8/8) 2008, in Beijing, China. The timing was auspicious.

Interesting facts about angel number 888

*The number 888 is not a prime number. The nearest prime numbers to the number 888 are 887 and 907. The number 6907 is the 888th prime number in a sequence.

*On February 2, 1918, Maximilian Wolf found out that Parysatsis is the 888th asteroid.

*The number 888 has been a regular feature in history. For instance, in 888, the course of history was changed by the numerous events that took place that year *Composites are numbers made up of many parts. The numbers 888 are composites, and so are the next 18 numbers that follow.

Angel numbers and life path number

Angel numbers and path numbers should not be confused as they are quite different from each other.

While angel number is a sequence of a root number, path number is singular. This part of numerology is arrived at by adding all the numbers of a particular birthday.

One belief about the path number is that it has the capacity to highlight the basic facts about your being.

 So for someone born on June 13, 1974, the path calculation would be 6 (for the month), 4 (1+3) for the day, and 3 for the year (1+9+7+4 =21; 1+2). This would come to 4 (1+3) as the path number. However, angel numbers come from ‘encountering’ the same sequence of numbers from different items or on different occasions.

This could include receiving a call from a phone number that carries that same sequence of numbers, your eyes’ catching’ the same number of a hotel room. You may also find your grocery bill ‘coinciding’ with the same number, or you are clocking in/out at exactly the time that reflects this number, etc.

But arriving at a path number may not be this simple at times. In the process of calculation, if one of the numbers translates to 11 or 22, there is a brick wall. And this is because 11 and 22 are special numbers known as “master numbers.” These two numbers in numerology have their own special meanings and so cannot be reduced to single-digit until the final reduction.

So for someone born in November, which numerically translates to ’11’, calculating the path number may not be that easy.

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Significance of life path number

Life path numbers are not mere numerical representations as each of the numbers carries implications, strengths, and weaknesses. These are highlighted below.

One (1)

If your path number is one, the implication is that you have the traits of a natural-born leader, you are ambitious, and you are more likely to succeed in your profession.

The downside, however, is that those with this path number may become overprotective and domineering in the name of caring for someone.

Two (2)

These are extremely kind and caring people. On the other hand, they can be insensitive in interpersonal relationships.

Three (3)

These ones love attention which easily comes their way. They are great achievers too.

However, abandoning hitherto big projects which they have started with excitement is not for them a big deal.

Four (4)

They do not leave anyone in doubt as to what to expect from them in any situation. Fours are principled and very reliable too. However, their weak point is that they can be too rigid.

Five (5)

These are inquisitive and highly intellectual persons. Fives who take to the journalism profession turn out to be great professionals in this field. However, they can be overindulgent.

Six (6)

They are curious and compassionate. Professionally or otherwise, sixes can be an impassioned speaker. However, they can be inconsistent.

Seven (7)

Sevens are intensely creative with a strong sense of imagination. Boredom is strange to them. Their weakness is, however steeped in the fact that they can be shy.

Eight (8)

Eights work hard, and they are ambitious too. They also fancy self-sufficiency. However, they tend to be workaholics.

Nine (9)

They are principled, and they don’t joke with the same. They are generous too. But they have an issue with anxiety.

Mirror Hour

There is a kind of angelic number known as mirror hour. Mirror hour is a projected angelic number pattern usually reflected in a digital manner on a timepiece. Each mirror hour carries a particular meaning steeped in divine origin.


This angel number emphasizes love, and it may mean that someone is falling head over heels for you. This angelic number also touches on independence and freedom.


When it comes to decision-making, you must be circumspect. It is time to think twice before you jump. It is an auspicious time for self-development to be able to study oneself properly.


This message is particularly for you, the incurably optimistic person. Any step is taken at this time towards your desired changes has the backing of the Universe. But communication, too, is key here as you have to discuss and communicate with your angels.

04: 04

You are being surrounded by charming and helpful angels who are prepared to help entrench peace and happiness. Most probably because of the aura of the angels around you at this time, with ease, you will be able to overcome any challenges you are facing.


It is time for an exchange. Yes, time to let go of the old that you may start your life on a new note. As you are full strength, turning the whole landscape round to your dream world with ease is achievable.


You are expected to focus more on the well-being of your beloved ones rather than on material gains. This brings fulfillment, and it will take you to see life from another perspective.


Have blessings been elusive in your life? It is just time that you will begin to reap desired blessings in all ramifications. In addition, the time that you will be prodded to spiritual meaning is here.


It is a time of warning for you to be on the right course as regards your right path. Whatever support you need from your angels, they are ready to do that. There is, however, a spiritual challenge on you, and it is dedicating yourself to meditation and the like.


You receive a signal that your intuition is very reliable, and you must start listening to it. Your intuition will guide you to achieving your goals in life.

Angel 888, Twin Flame And Soul Mate

One notable relationship you are most likely to experience as one under the guide of angel number 888 is the twin flame relation.

Whether you were already into it before seeing the angel number 888, or you are yet to start one before the manifestation, this is one relationship that is remarkable as it holds a lot for you.

A twin flame is someone you have a deep emotional bias for. A twin flame is also called a mirror soul. While you may easily connect with your twin flame, such a relationship is always set on edge. It is always unhealthy as the two of you always look out for each other’s weaknesses and insecurities. A twin flame is practically a searchlight on the other.

But more often, twin flames inspire and impart knowledge in each other. In a relationship, either can spur the other to attain full potential.

So for you, as one of the guides of angel number 888, the importance of your relationship cannot be overemphasized. If your twin flame relations have been frosty before the manifestation of angel number 888, it is actually time for positive change.

Your angelic guides seek your welfare in all facets of life, and these include your relationship with your twin flame. However, you need to cooperate with your angels by thrashing out the challenges between you and your twin flame.

And if until the manifestation you have not met your twin flame, the message from your angelic guides is that the time is here. The depth of your worldview about life and love places you in good stead to meet your twin flame and your angels, to be ready to aid you.

While the genesis of a twin flame relationship may be traceable to the soul, there are actually differences between a twin flame relationship and that of a soul mate.

A soul mate relationship can spark off from the moment you set your sights on someone for the first time, which is generally referred to as love at first sight. Soul mates can come across as friends or romantic partners. Often, soul mates show a perfect understanding of their partners, which may not be the case with twin flames.

You may not be able to differentiate between a soul mate and a twin flame at the beginning of your relationship, as both may look similar. At the start of both relationships, you have the same feelings for them, and knowing who is who will emerge later in the relationship.

Soul mates are very compatible, and consequently, they often end up together; Twin flames, on the other hand, rarely end up with each other. Most times, they are, at best, buddies. The compatibility between soul mates is further buttressed by the fact that they are two different souls that are bound to be together.

Twin flames, on the other hand, are just one soul which has been halved into two.

Stages of twin flame relationship

According to experts, there are eight stages of a twin flame, but as noted by psychotherapist Babita Spinelli, these stages may be unique depending on those involved. Spinelli and spiritual author Shannon Kaiser speak to these stages.


This is the stage before the twin flames meet. Since they have not met, the two have the awareness that someone is out there who is meant for them.


As the name of this stage suggests (meeting), the two twin flames meet, following which they will be thrown into a frenzy. As a result, they would become fond of each other, becoming almost inseparable,

The honeymoon phase:

Of all items, twin flames too observe honeymoon. They savor the time together. The lifespan of this stage depends on the twin flames before the emergence of challenges or misunderstandings.

Issues emerge:

The individual core differences between the twin flames manifest. To address the differences, the emphasis for them becomes what each of them should do to kill their demon.

The test:

At this stage, the twin flames’ feelings for each other will be stretched, maybe not the breaking point. However, the fears and the uncertainties each has about the other will become so glaring for them to ponder on individually.

The chase:

One of the twins will walk away here, and the other will give a chase. The stage is also called twin flame separation.

The surrender:

This may persist for a long time. But in the opinion of Spinelli and Kaiser, if the twin flames can work on their challenges, they may reunite. Their coming together may be predicated on the readiness of each of them to accept the idiosyncrasies of the other person.

Coming home:

Understanding becomes well established between the two now after the surrender. The twin flames also become more supportive of each other, more than ever before.

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What is the angel number for money?

The numbers 808and 520 are numbers for improving financial conditions. Whenever you see these numbers or any of them, it is an indication that the time is ripe for you to take steps towards financial enlargement.

Do angel numbers mean alignment?

Yes, angel numbers are indicative of alignment. If a certain set of numbers keeps ‘appearing’ to you in various ways, the meaning is that your life is just on the course. It means that your life is aligned with your current path, and you could not have taken a better decision at that point in time. Then, what do you wish? It is an auspicious time for you to be decisive about it as you have the listening ears of your angel.

What does 888 mean in angel signs?

As the number that represents the infinity symbol, 8 signals limitless abundance. By implication, the positive energy from angel number 888 is that you have unlimited potential while following your desires.

Is 8 a powerful number?

The number 8 is a source of power and strength. And behind this power and strength is feminine energy. Positive energy is capable of giving you the strength to attain your goals in life.

What Does The Number 8 Symbolize?

The number 8 in Pythagorean numerology stands for victory, financial prosperity, and overcoming.

Pythagorean numerology sees a divine correspondence between numbers and events.

Is 888 A Bad Number?

The root number 8 is a lucky number across many cultures of the world. So, the number sequence 888 is tripled the luck found in the root number 8. With angel number 888, luck is just lurking around the corner for you.

Does Everyone Have An Angel Number?

Everyone has an angel number that follows us all through our entire life. The number is otherwise known as the path number.

What Is Almighty’s Favourite Number?

Almighty’s favorite number is seven. Across the 66 books of the Bible, the number 7 appears copiously. In fact, the number 7 appears 735 times in the Bible. Other numbers most commonly used in the Bible are 1, 3, 4, 6, 12, and 40.

What Does 888 Mean In Shifting?

Angel number 888 sends, among other messages, a message of positive abundance. You are expected to be dynamic in activating or realizing the message from your angel number. If you notice the positive abundance of any virtue in you, you are expected to make the same go around among the people around you.

What Angel Number Is 888?

Angel number 888 prods you to show appreciation to the Universe for all the good things you are experiencing in your life. The angel number also signals to you that everything is combining for your well-being and, by extension, the good of all.

Is The 888 Number Toll-Free?

The number 888 is a toll-free code, but like some other toll-free numbers, it is not interchangeable. Some of these other numbers are 800, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. Any call to any of these toll-free numbers will have to be channeled through a local number.

Are Angel Numbers Spiritual?

Yes, Angel numbers are spiritual. There is a strong belief that angel numbers are embedded signals from the spiritual Universe. These messages give you a sense of direction, hope, wisdom, etc., in this material world.

Is 8 A Karmic Number?

If you don’t have the number 8 in your name, then you have the karmic lesson number 8. People in this category have a strong inclination to be successful in business, making so much money for themselves. Ironically, they can be careless about the same resources they have amassed due to their lack of caution.

Is 8 A Lucky Number?

Remarkably, across many Asian cultures, the number eight is regarded as a lucky number. What does 888 mean in twin flame?

Angel number 888 stands for positive change in twin flame. Angel number 888 comes to encourage anyone experiencing challenges in their twin flame relationship. The message from the Universe to you at this point is that all is not lost as the challenges will soon fade out.

 What Is The Luckiest Angel Number?

The angel 11:11 is a sequence of master numbers. Master numbers are double digits of the same number, and they have their own special meanings. Eleven is perhaps, the luckiest known angel number. 

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What Does 8 Mean In Hebrew?

The Jewish form of numerology, also known as gematria, interprets eight to be the days of circumcision.

Is 8 An Auspicious Number?

The number 8 is regarded as an auspicious number. And being given a number with multiples of eight is seen as extremely lucky.


From the foregoing, there is the need to make some assertions.

No human being is all alone in this life. There are angels on assignment in every individual’s life, and if human beings cooperate with these angels, they will be the better for it.

There is more to the number sequence that individuals see around them in various forms. A proper follow-up and the readiness to carry out the instructions contained in the messages will see people attaining their potential.

All angel number that appears are symbolic and powerful, but insights into the angel number 888 indicate that it is, indeed, a notch above some others. For one, it is one number that appears to be associated with Jesus Christ. Beneficiaries of this angelic number cannot but be circumspect of the instructions from their angelic guides for a better future.

Dr. Emily Harris
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