75+ Things To Be Thankful For In Life

Last Updated on July 15, 2024

As I sit down to write this article, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the simple joys, the complex wonders, and the countless blessings that life has bestowed upon us. In a world that often feels chaotic and demanding, it’s vital to pause and remind ourselves of the multitude of things to be thankful for. 

So, here I am, eager to embark on a journey through a list of 75+ things to be thankful for in life. Whether you’re seeking a reminder of life’s beauty or simply a moment of reflection, this compilation is a celebration of the everyday treasures and profound gifts that make our existence extraordinary. 

Join me in this exploration of the remarkable tapestry of life and let it serve as a gentle nudge to recognize and appreciate the countless reasons for gratitude that surround us.

Ready? Let’s get started. 

17 Top Things To Be Thankful 

It’s astonishing how frequently we take life’s fundamental blessings for granted. Love, the most powerful force that connects us to one another, often gets overshadowed by our daily distractions. 

Whether it’s the unwavering affection of a parent, the warmth of a friend’s embrace, or the bond we share with a partner, love forms the foundation of our emotional well-being. We should pause to appreciate the profound joy it brings into our lives, as it’s a treasure that many search for but not all are fortunate enough to find.

Family, the bedrock of our support system, is another vital element we sometimes fail to fully value. The love, guidance, and companionship our family provides are often underappreciated until life’s trials and tribulations come our way. In times of need, it’s our family who stands by us, ready to lend a helping hand. 

Our homes, the shelter that protects us from the elements, and the clothes that keep us warm and comfortable are also frequently taken for granted. We should remember that millions around the world lack these basic necessities. 

Gratitude for the roof over our heads and the clothing on our backs is a reminder that we are indeed fortunate and that we should extend our kindness and assistance to those in need.

In a fast-paced world filled with material pursuits, it’s crucial to pause and reflect on the simple yet indispensable aspects of life—love, family, shelter, and clothing. These elements ground us and provide a sense of security and belonging.

 Let’s cultivate a deep sense of gratitude for the love and support we receive from those around us, the shelter that keeps us safe, and the clothes that keep us comfortable. 

By recognizing and appreciating these fundamental blessings, we can foster a greater sense of contentment and empathy toward those who may not be as fortunate.

1. “Love – the bond that connects us to others and brings happiness.”

2. “Family – the love and support of the people closest to us.”

3. “Transportation – the ability to get around and explore the world.”

4. “Shelter – the protection and comfort of a roof over our heads.”

5. “Technology – the tools that make our lives easier and more efficient.”

6. “Clothing – a way of expressing ourselves and the means to keep warm and presentable.”

7. “Sunlight – the natural light that brightens our days.”

8. “Food – the nourishment that sustains us.”

9. “Sleep – the rest and rejuvenation that keeps us healthy.”

10. “Nature – the beauty and wonder of the world around us.”

11. “Employment – the means to support ourselves and our families.”

"Employment – the means to support ourselves and our families."

12. “Air – the vital element that keeps us alive.”

13. “Health – the ability to live our lives to the fullest.”

14. “Water – the essential resource for survival.”

15. “Entertainment – the arts and media that bring us joy and relaxation.”

16. “Safety – the protection from harm and danger.”

17. “Friends – the people we share our lives with and who bring joy and companionship.”

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37 Unique Things To Be Thankful

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to overlook the simple things that bring us immense joy and for which we should be deeply thankful.

A warm cup of coffee on a chilly morning, the sun breaking through the clouds after a rainy day, or the laughter of a loved one—these small, everyday moments remind us of life’s beauty. 

They serve as gentle reminders that happiness can often be found in the most ordinary of places. We should be thankful for these unassuming treasures, for they are the threads that weave together the fabric of our existence.

In a world filled with complexities, it’s the uncomplicated things that ground us and provide a sense of contentment.

The soft purring of a cat, the soothing sound of rain falling on the roof, or the simple pleasure of a good book can bring us comfort and peace. It’s in the quiet moments, the shared smiles, and the small acts of kindness that we find reasons to be thankful. 

These unpretentious aspects of life remind us that happiness doesn’t always require grand gestures but can be derived from the most straightforward and sincere experiences.

Take a look at the list I’ve created about unique things to be thankful for: 

18. “Holidays – the special occasions that bring people together.”

19. “Clean air and water – the vital resources for life.”

20. “Personal growth – the ability to learn and improve ourselves.”

21. “Memories – the experiences and moments that shape who we are.”

22. “Music – the art form that touches our hearts and souls.”

23. “Sunset – a beautiful end to the day”

24. “Pets – the love and companionship of our animal friends.”

25. “Self-deprecating humor – the art of making fun of ourselves”

26. “TikTok – the app that turned 15 seconds of fame into 15 minutes of entertainment”

"TikTok – the app that turned 15 seconds of fame into 15 minutes of entertainment"

27. “Toilet paper – the one thing that separates us from the animals, and the one thing we don’t want to run out of”

28. “Cat videos – who needs therapy when you have cat videos?”

29. “Internet – the access to information and communication.”

30. “Happy hours – the time of day when work is forgotten”

31. “Memes – the internet’s way of making our struggles relatable and our triumphs sharable”

32. “Inside jokes – the secret language that bonds us together and makes the world a little less serious”

33. “Deodorant – the unsung hero of personal hygiene. Definitely something to be grateful for!”

34. “Creativity – the ability to express ourselves and make something new.”

35. “Volunteering – the ability to give back and make a difference in the world.”

36. “Sarcasm – saying the opposite of what you mean and making it sound better”

37. “Support systems – the people and resources that help us when we need it.”

38. “Mistakes – guides us to improve and become better”

39. “Pain – helps us become stronger people”

40. “Time – the ability to enjoy the present and plan for the future.”

41. “Diversity – the richness and variety of life.”

42. “Belly laughs – laughter that makes your whole body shake”

43. “Being able to laugh at ourselves – a superpower that allows us to turn our mistakes into memes and our embarrassments into jokes”

44. “Opportunity – the chance to make our dreams a reality.”

45. “Hope – the belief in a better future. Always one of the best things to be grateful for!”

46. “Dad jokes – the corny punchline that makes us roll our eyes”

47. “Medicine – the ability to heal and improve our health.”

48. “Financial stability – the ability to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.”

49. “Five senses – letting us see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the world around us.”

"Five senses – letting us see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the world around us."

50. “Books – the knowledge and stories they contain.”

51. “Pranks – the art of making people laugh by making them believe something that’s not true”

52. “Puns – the lowest form of humor, but the highest form of wordplay”

53. “Inspiration – the drive to achieve our goals.”

54. “Beauty – people, art, architecture, and designs in our surroundings.”

17 Things To Be Grateful About Yourself

Sometimes, we are very hard on ourselves; we forget that we are people in constant growth and that we have only lived for the first time on this planet called Earth. When we do not meet our own expectations or those of others, we feel like an insignificant person incapable of crossing goals and barriers, but why? 

This is something I constantly asked myself until I decided to leave judgments aside and highlight all the good that I have within me and give to others. 

True personal growth begins when you take off the weight of carrying false expectations about yourself and focus on what you are truly passionate about and what makes you happy. 

Knowing yourself is like a superpower because it makes you feel that you belong to yourself; more and more, you are able to feel grateful for who you are and what you can achieve. Highlighting your strengths and weaknesses is a beautiful process if you decide to use it to grow as a person. 

Here is a list of things to be grateful about yourself. Remember, no one is you, and that’s your superpower. You are YOUnique. 

55. “Your determination – the drive to pursue your goals and make your dreams a reality”

56. “Perseverance – the ability to keep going despite obstacles and setbacks.”

57. “Sense of humor – finding the funny in any situation and making others laugh”

58. “Your emotional intelligence – the ability to understand and manage your emotions, and connect with others”

59. “Open-mindedness – considering different perspectives and learning from others”

60. “Your kindness – caring for others and making a positive impact on the world”

61. “Self-awareness – your ability to understand yourself and make conscious choices to improve yourself”

62. “Your honesty – being truthful with yourself and others”

63. “Your confidence – believing in yourself and your abilities to achieve what you want”

64. “Sense of adventure – willingness to step out of your comfort zone and try new things”

65. “Adaptability – seeking to change and grow with new experiences and challenges”

66. “Your creativity – seeing the world in a different way and come up with new ideas”

"Your creativity – seeing the world in a different way and come up with new ideas"

67. “Self-care – taking care of yourself and making your well-being a priority”

68. “Patience – the ability to wait for the right moment and appreciate the journey”

69. “Your resilience – the ability to bounce back after difficult times and come out stronger”

70. “Your personality – there’s only one of you on this planet!”

71. “Empathy – the ability to understand and relate to the feelings of others”

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7 Some Big Things To Be Thankful

When we are little, we are not aware of how privileged we are, but as we grow up, we realize the things we take for granted.

Things as basic as having access to education, coming home and eating mom’s food, going out to the park, and playing with your friends are things that only the privileged have access to. 

Sounds a bit sad, I know, but in reality, very few can rely on rights and freedoms. The list below are some of the things for which we can feel grateful; try to close your eyes and be thankful for everything you have in your life and for what you don’t have as well. 

72. “Education- The opportunity to seek higher education and advance yourself is a huge privilege.”

73. “Laughter- Healing properties of laughter are the best.”

74. “Freedom-Not everyone in the world enjoys the same liberties and privileges.”

75. “Nourishment- It’s so easy to take the food you eat every day for granted.”

76. “Breath- Being alive is a gift.”

77. “Peace- Acknowledge and treasure its existence in your life.”

78. “Kindness- The world is a cruel place, but kindness sprouts everywhere it’s planted.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Thing To Be Grateful For?

Appreciate the moments you share with your spouse, children, or family. Moreover, cherish the time dedicated to your profession, as it empowers you to support your loved ones. Embrace gratitude for your time and avoid dwelling on its scarcity, for every moment is a precious gift.

Can Focusing On Things To Be Thankful For Improve Mental Health?

Yes, focusing on things to be thankful for can improve mental health by reducing stress, increasing resilience, and promoting a positive outlook on life. Gratitude has been linked to lower levels of depression and anxiety and higher levels of life satisfaction.

Can Gratitude Be Practiced During Difficult Times?

Yes, gratitude can be practiced during difficult times as a way to find hope, resilience, and strength amidst challenges. Acknowledging even small blessings can provide comfort and perspective during times of adversity, helping to navigate through tough situations with grace and resilience.

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