Exploring Spiritual And Scientific Philosphies On Brainwaves

Last Updated on July 11, 2024

Spirituality is often thought of as being separate from science. However, one area in which spiritual beliefs and practices can intersect with scientific knowledge is the subject of philosophies on brainwaves.


Brainwaves are types of electrical voltages that oscillate within the brain.

Each brainwave only measures a tiny fraction of a volt. But the frequencies of the different types of brain waves can be useful to gain insight into the mental and neurological state of an individual.

Additionally, brainwaves can be used as markers for spiritual awakening. 

In this guide, we will be exploring the different types of brainwaves. What they mean from both a neurological and spiritual perspective.

Hopefully, gaining an understanding of these will help you to conceptualize how your brain works and how you can increase your spiritual awareness using this information!

Types Of Brainwaves 

The first thing you need to understand about these is that there are various different kinds of brainwaves. These are as follows: 


Gamma brainwaves have the highest frequency of any brainwaves. The exact frequency of Gamma brainwaves can be anywhere between 30 Hz and 44 Hz.

They are localized brainwaves. You can find them in all areas of the brain, which isn’t true of any other kind of brainwave. 

The exciting thing about these is that they have association with high levels of intelligence as well as states of emotion.

These help you to complete tasks requiring a high level of processing. They also have connection to better memory as well as the ability to process emotions. 


Beta brainwaves have a lower frequency than Gamma brainwaves, but they are still considered high-frequency brainwaves for the most part.

The distribution of these in the brain is symmetrical. These waves tend to be most prominent in the frontal lobes of the brain. 

If you’re good at problem-solving or analytical thinking, you probably have dominant Beta brainwaves. Particularly if you are the type of person who is always alert and great at quick decision-making.

With that being said, these may also be dominant in those who experience a lot of anxiety


Next, we have Alpha brainwaves. These have a frequency between 8 and 12 Hz, usually peaking around 10 Hz. 

They may not have the highest frequency of any brainwaves. But they’re known as Alpha waves because they tend to be dominant in well-adjusted adults who are in a relaxed state.

If you have dominant Alpha brainwaves, you will likely feel calm a lot of the time. You are able to coordinate mentally and resourcefully without getting stressed. 

Interestingly, people with dominant Alpha brainwaves tend to be extroverted and created and are typically in a good or neutral mood.


Theta brainwaves have frequencies between 4 and 8 Hz.

These are associated with slow brain activity, but this is not a bad thing! Rather, these are linked to creative and spiritual mental states. 

When these are active, it’s thought to be a reflection of the functioning of the hippocampus and limbic system.

Strong Theta waves are most commonly observed during sleep. But it’s also possible to observe these during periods of meditation or daydreaming. 


Delta brainwaves have the lowest frequencies out of any brainwaves. Anything with a frequency of less than 4 Hz is classified as a Delta brainwave.

These brainwaves are usually only present in deep states of sleep or when abnormal thought processes are happening in the brain. 

Although Delta brainwaves tend to be dominant in infants up until the age of one. They are unusual outside of deep sleep and subconscious states in adults. 

Brainwaves And Vibration 

You’ll notice that we discussed frequencies a lot when talking about brainwaves. This is because frequencies are speeds of vibrations, and vibration is a key concept in spiritual practice. 

After all, we are all made up of vibrational energy. Higher vibration is associated with greater spiritual awareness and more positive mental and emotional states, while the opposite is true of low vibration. 

Therefore, it stands to reason that if we want to achieve high-vibrational frequencies in our lives, we should aim to make Gamma brainwaves dominant in our brains. 

Gamma brainwaves are associated with a higher state of consciousness. These brainwaves operate at the highest frequency and enhance sensory processing as well as advanced thinking.

Most people do not have dominant Gamma brainwaves, but it is thought that deeply spiritual people such as Buddhist monks and masters of various martial arts may possess more dominant Gamma brainwaves. 

Although they operate at a lower frequency, Theta brainwaves are also desirable for spiritual awareness because they are associated with meditative states and increased intuition.

Beware, however, not to operate at Theta frequency for too long, since an excess of Theta brainwaves can be associated with melancholy.

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How To Increase Your Brainwaves 

Ideally, for greater spiritual awareness, our brains would be operating on Gamma brainwaves most of the time, lowering into Theta frequencies during meditation and deep contemplation. 

If you want to raise the vibrational frequency of your brainwaves to Gamma most of the time, you should aim to raise your vibration by: 

  • Consuming a diet rich in nutrients and superfoods
  • Surrounding yourself with people who are thoughtful, perceptive and kind 
  • Meditating and practicing mindful breathing (although Theta brainwaves are most often associated with meditation, practicing meditation will increase your mental energy and processing ability in the long-term)

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Final Thoughts 

Raising the frequency of your brainwaves to Gamma may be the key to raising your vibration overall and attaining a higher level of spiritual consciousness. 

Striving to operate on Gamma frequency for most of your waking hours will help you to live a more conscious life. You may also notice an improvement in your cognitive skills, processing and perception. 

Since Gamma brainwaves are linked with activity in the part of your brain responsible for compassion and happiness, increasing your brainwave frequency will likely also make you a kinder and more empathic person in general. 

Michael Stone