Are Humans Interconnected With Eachother On A Sub-Concious level?

Last Updated on July 11, 2024

If you’re just beginning to explore the world of spirituality, then you will have likely heard someone state that we are all intrinsically connected in some shape or form. However, is this really true, and what does that even mean in terms of are humans interconnected?

If it’s your first foray into thinking and contemplating the spiritual, then it can sometimes be slightly overwhelming, and can potentially cause some anxiety at first.

However, by learning more about our part within the universe and how we are all connected, your mind can be liberated. You can begin to live better once you learn more about the meaning of connection and its implications!

So, to discover more about our connections to others around us, the planet, and the universe. Then our guide will help to provide the answers you so desperately need.

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Are We Really All Connected?

When first presented with the concept of interconnectivity, it can be easy to reject it. Especially if you’re still learning how to open up your mind to new concepts and possibilities. However, much of this rejection will stem from the way in which society divides us.

It can feel incredibly lonely at times, as there seem to be an endless number of barriers and things to differentiate us from other people. In a world that drives us to endlessly compete with one another, the idea of an overarching connectivity is hard to believe in.

This struggle can stem back as far as ancient times. When as a more primitive species, we would simply spend every day fighting for survival. Even at the expense of other living creatures. We still do this today, to some extent.

However, take a moment to truly try and extract yourself from the present. Then free yourself from the shackles of limitation that can halt your progress of thinking. You’ll soon come to realize that we are connected to everything around us. Even in more ways than you would initially think.

Whether you look at it from a philosophical, scientific, or spiritual point of view, all of them point to everything being connected.

So, let’s explore our interconnectedness from each of these different angles, so that you can understand how we are connected!

Science And Connectedness

Many people are quick to dismiss open thinking and deep thought on topics such as connectivity. They will usually retort with something about there being a lack of scientific proof. However, there is plenty of scientific evidence that supports our connectivity.

You only need to look at the Big Bang Theory. This is the scientific theory for the creation of everything we know, to see that science shows that we are all connected.

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This theory goes as far as to suggest that we are all made up of the same substance. Prior to the big bang, all of the contents of the universe were contained at a singular point. From there, it exploded, and formed everything we know.

All of the elements that make up our universe, and our bodies, all come from stars that exploded. So we all stem from the same place.

There’s also a suggestion of unity from Quantum mechanics too, especially within the idea of non-locality. It is suggested that particles have no definite position, and are able to be in more than one position at any one time, which further suggests that there is a broader unity out there.

Religion And Connectedness

It doesn’t matter which religion you choose from. All of them will mention in some form that we were all created equally at the hands of a singular creator, along with the world and everything in it. As such, we all stem from the same thing, and are therefore connected.

Buddhism mentions esho funi which is the principle of oneness. Life is able to manifest itself both in living things, but also as our environment too. That whilst there might seem like we are separate, there is a primal connection between the two.

Those who are already spiritual in some way will be more likely open to the idea of connectivity and unity. However, they may not realize that this can transcend the connection between people, and can be linked to the entire universe as a whole.

Philosophy And Connectedness

There have been a number of philosophical suggestions that the universe as a whole is interconnected. There are also suggestions of an infinite substance, which was responsible for the cause of everything.

These philosophers, which include Parmenides, Spinoza, and Schopenhauer, were all interested in demonstrating that there was indeed a unity between ourselves and the universe as a whole.

There’s even the concept of universal connection. This helps to explain exactly how everything is linked in some way, shape, or form. It is certainly worth reading if you want to explore the philosophical side of connectivity in more depth.

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So, between these 3 different frames of thought, it’s clear that there seems to be a sort of universal acceptance that we are all connected. Not just to each other as humans, but with the universe on a wider scale. Whether you feel like that’s as a result of science, of a greater being than us, or it’s simply the natural order, then you can still come to accept that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

It can be daunting at first when you think about how we are so interconnected, as pondering about the expanse of the universe is often scary, especially when it makes us seem insignificant. But, you’ll soon learn to love the connections that are possible. This is when you manage to free yourself from the divisiveness that is instilled into us on a regular basis.

We hope that this guide has helped you to understand more about our connection to everything!

Michael Stone