45 Songs About Appreciation That You Could Use To Honor Those Special People In Your Life

Last Updated on July 12, 2024

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Showing appreciation is a part of life. Sometimes, finding the right words to appreciate someone is tricky; only music can do the job best. I have often found songs about appreciation to be befitting in situations in my life where i need to be grateful. 

Music has a way of communicating emotions, and there are great appreciation songs that have worked for me in the past, which you will love too. You can use them as a dedication to those you would love to appreciate or listen to them if you are grateful. 

Here are the top appreciation songs that you will find very convenient and appropriate for whatever event you have in mind. I have often played the songs when I felt grateful or wanted to honor someone who has played a positive role in my life.

1. In My Life – The Beatles 

This song is perfect for showing appreciation to your lover, relative, friend, mentor, or anyone who has impacted your life. In My Life was released in 1965, and to date, this song remains a great song for showing gratitude, especially to anyone who has mentored you in life. 

The narrator in this song sings out the lyrics to portray gratitude for their love. The singer even says that no one compares to this lover, and then he gives this lover a big thank you. Feeling like appreciating that lover? This is one of the songs to consider. 

2. Thank You – Dido 

This song was released a few years back, then the year it became popular. It skyrocketed to fame after Eminem sampled it in his rap song “Stan .”This is one of the most iconic thank you songs \you will enjoy listening to it and find the deep lyrics meaningful if you appreciate someone. 

Thank you has this story about a woman undergoing a horrible time. However, that changes when their lover calls them. This helps show the gratitude someone feels when they are in a relationship and feel genuinely appreciated and supported. A wonderful song to appreciate your loved ones who have stood by you. 

3. Thankful – Kelly Clarkson 

Kelly Clarkson is an American Idol winner and released this song after winning as part of her debut album. Clarkson uses this very jazzy song to show gratitude to her lover for always being there when she needed him. It is a lovely song to dedicate to anyone who has stood by you in all your difficult times, come through for you in a big way, or simply changed your life. 

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4. Everyday – Rascal Flatts 

This is one of those songs you should always catch from your playlist of gratitude songs. It is a fantastic song where the singer shows gratitude to someone close to them who provides them with emotional support, which they desperately need.

The song’s singer says this particular person is the keeper of his secrets and truly understands them more than anyone else. This person knows how to save them from depression or darkness.

5. The Heart Of Life – John Mayer 

This song depicted the ups and downs of life and how some life happenings can prove heartbreaking. This song shows how love combined with hope can defeat pain and darkness. This is a great song to listen to, especially when trying to figure out solutions for the bad things happening around you.

It is normal to experience pain and loss at some point. The song lets you know that even though you might not understand the things happening to you, keep your hope alive and remain grateful for the goodness existing. 

6. Thank You Friends – Big Star 

First released in 1974, this song became popular and hit the airwaves in 1978. Big star, the amazing group of musicians, added to their third album, “Third/Sister Lovers.” When you first listen to it, the song is a little strange.

However, deeper listening of the lyrics will reveal that the Big Star group was thanking their fans for their great show of support to them over the years they have been performers. This is a good song to add to your playlist, and dedicate it to anyone who has supported you unconditionally. 

7. A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson 

A Moment Like This is a wonderful gratitude song by this fantastic songstress, an American Idol winner. This song describes emotions of gratitude so well.

It shows how someone feels real love in this world. Clarkson redefines these feelings in her beautifully written song, and she is grateful for the opportunities, love, and great music success she has achieved as an artist. 

8. Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion 

This song was released in 1996 and became a universal hit. The song won a Grammy Award, and with good reason. In the song, she is grateful for her lover and clearly shows her gratitude by highlighting the great things her lover has been to her.

She thanks this lover for inspiration and for being her strength when weak. She further says that she is everything because this lover loves her. The song is about her meeting her husband Angelil and their beautiful love. 

9. Thank God I Found You” – Mariah Carey Featuring 98 Degrees And Joe

This song is one of the best hits of gratitude songs. You will hear the soothing voice of Mariah Carey, Joe, and 98 degrees. The impressive harmonious vocals belt out this song’s beautiful lyrics, a spiritual song for many.

This is a gratitude song about how thankful someone is to have met someone special. This is a lovely gratitude song, and great for dedicating it to your special person who makes you feel happy. 

10. Give Thanks And Praises – Bob Marley And The Wailers

Released in 1983 as part of a  posthumous album, This song is laid back, of course, with that relaxing reggae beat that is very entertaining. The artists in the song remind us that we all have that special someone we can lean on when things get tough. It is a wonderful song to listen to in the company of friends and family that you love and appreciate. 

11. Thank You For Being A Friend – Andrew Gold

This song was released in 1978 and has been in style for a long time. It is a beautiful classic that you could use to thank special friends in your life. It is a great song to show your friends how much they mean to you. Andrew Gold tells about his strong friendship with his friend, and he hopes things will keep being so. He appreciates his best friend for being loyal to him and keeping his secrets for a long time. This is a great song for appreciating loyal friends. 

12. Thank You – Boyz II Men

This boy band is known as the acapella powerhouse. This group has been popular for years because of the acapella genre. Everyone who listens to this will appreciate the lyrics. Thank you is a beautifully done song with great bass and vocal persuasion arrangements that will make you want to play it on repeat. The words of appreciation in this song make it a perfect song for appreciating the special people in your life. 

13. Mashed Potato Time – Dee Dee Sharp 

This is a lovely song to play, especially during Thanksgiving. This is a song that will not disappoint because it perfectly expresses gratitude. Dee Dee Sh\ro knew the best words to use in describing the wonderful potato dish that is a favorite for many.

The lively lyrics will get you into a thanksgiving holiday mood. This is one of those songs you play on Thanksgiving, and you are also thankful for all the good things that have happened throughout the year. 

14. You Make Me Feel Like  A Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin 

Aretha Franklin is the best soul artist, and in this song, she uses the words to talk about a woman who isn’t inspired and lacks her life’s purpose. She later makes significant changes in her life when she finally meets the person she sought.

Because of that meeting, the woman changes into the person she has always desired to become. This is a song about the growth of a woman and how grateful she is for the positive changes in her life.

15. Thank You – Alanis Morissette 

This song was part of an album that was a great hit. After taking a journey to India to seek some spiritual awakening, Alanis then released this thank you song to tell her fans about her remarkable journey, the sprouted relationships, the spiritual awakening, and some great experiences that happened to her.

The gratitude in the song was dedicated to a deity and not a romantic partner. This is common with most of her music. Still, this song makes a beautiful gratitude song to anyone looking for one that borders on spiritualism. 

16. Thank You – Hellyeah 

This song talks about showing gratitude to a close friend, lover, or relative who passed on recently. It talks about the narrator’s regret of not having the opportunity to say thank you to this person when they could do so. Still, the narrator believes showing gratitude even when it is late is better than never showing appreciation.

He then shows gratitude to the deceased and extends it to those still alive and deserving of it. Take this song as a lesson and show gratitude to those you love before it is too late. When the appreciated person can hear you, the process is even better. 

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17. Gratitude – Earth, Wind & Fire 

As is the norm with this music group, memorable tunes with endearing messages are what their songs are. In this song, the narrator asks for peace of mind and requests his listeners to open their hearts to the possibility of love.

The song indicates that we must tap into positive energy and be grateful when meeting our loved ones, especially during the holidays. It is a beautiful song to listen to, especially if you want to entertain your friends and loved ones and be grateful for spending time with them. 

18. I Want To Thank You – Otis Redding 

This very romantic tune is excellent for showing gratitude to your partner. It is one romantic playlist that must feature in your playlist. This romantic gratitude song will let your lover know how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

This is the best song to dedicate to that one person who brings a smile to your face. You can sing or play it for them and sing along as they listen. The lyrics are romantic and will evoke love feelings even more. 

19. Kind And Generous – Natalie  Merchant 

Natale Merchant composed this song and released it in 1998 as a tribute to her close friend. Listening to the song makes you feel genuine affection and appreciation. She said she wanted to create a song with a positive message to her fans even as she gave tribute to her friend. It is a beautiful song to play for or dedicate to someone kind and generous to you. 

20. We Are Family – Sister Sledge 

If you have terrific sisters in your life, then you have every reason to sing this song. The sisters in your life could be related to you by blood or not. As long as these sisters positively impact your life, you can dedicate this song to them.

This is one of those songs that will get you dancing whenever you listen to it. There is no better way to appreciate an unbreakable bond between sisters than through this amazing song. 

21. Glad You Exist – Dan + Shay

After they couldn’t tour or see their loved one in more than a year, Dan + Shay got the inspiration to write this song. The song has been generalized so you can play it to appreciate a friend, lover, or family member. It is a heartfelt song that is perfect for appreciation and has ranked top in the US charts for that reason.  

22. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) – Sly & The Family Stone

This is a song about thankfulness, as the title suggests. One could say it is a sarcastic song, but the truth is it is a song that appreciates racial equality and harmony. It became a popular song and reminded society to appreciate diversity.

This song charted at number 1 in the United States for a good reason. It is a great song that values the diversity and culture of different people in the same society. You can use this song to appreciate the diversity of the different people in a community.

23. Thank You For Loving Me – Bon Jovi 

Bon Jovi was inspired to do this song from the film Meet Joe Black, and the title is a direct quote from the character in the movie, acted by Brad Pitt. The narrator is grateful for his lover and claims they were his eye and the main reason he can breathe during various phases of the relationship. In this song, it is evident that the man is grateful for having this person in their life.

The song is charted in the top 10 in various countries because it is fantastic about being thankful for love. If you are grateful for that love in your life, then this is the perfect song. 

24. What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong 

Louis Armstrong is a talented artist, and even though he doesn’t say the words “thank you” in this song, you can hear it in his voice. He appreciates this planet’s beauty and all the thriving natural things, such as beautiful plants and babies.

This is an excellent song if you want to appreciate the world around you and any simple pleasures that you might have. This song reminds you to take a minute and be grateful for life’s simple things. 

25. You Are My Best Friend – Queen 

This song was written by John Deacon, Queen’s bass player. He wrote this song for his wife, whom he loves dearly and who appreciates him. His wife was the main inspiration for this song which is beautifully written. This song hit the top 20 charts both in the US and UK. It is a lovely song to appreciate the incredible woman by your side whom you dearly love.  

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26. Thank God For Hometowns – Carrie Underwood 

Carrie Underwood writes this song as an appreciation for small hometowns. Hometowns are usually places where kids born into them want to get out. However, growing up and leaving your hometown might be nice, but returning when you feel lost is so fulfilling and grounding. The song wants us to appreciate home as the place of love. 

27. Wind Beneath My Wings – Bett Midler 

Recorded first in 1982, various artists had recorded this song before Bette made her version in 1988. This version of the song remained the most popular and was in the top 5 in the charts in both US and UK. In this song, the narrator appreciates her lover for always supporting her to be the best and being there for her when she needs him. A very beautiful song to appreciate a dedicated lover.  

28. Thank You Song –  FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs appreciates her lover, who comforted her at her lowest moments. She took comfort in the arms of her lover. FKA Twigs wholeheartedly appreciates her lover in this thank you song. She says thank you to her lover now that she is okay, thanks to him. She narrates how her strong love for her lover kept her going when she was at her lowest moment. 

29. Grateful – Rita Ora 

Rita Ora sings about being grateful for all the good things happening to her, and she thanks God for everything in her life. She thanked God for the sunshine moments of her life and her pain and expressed her lack of regret for anything that happened to her because the experiences have taught her to be grateful. 

30. Thank You – Khelani 

This is an appreciation song by Khelani, who appreciates her fans for her thriving music career. In this song, she expresses gratitude for her fans, whose support has helped her navigate the darkest times of her life. This song shows how fans are essential in every music artist’s career. This is the song to use to appreciate a group of people who helped you out in dark times. 

31. Blessings – Chance The Rapper 

This song by Chance the rapper is one of the most incredible rap songs, and Chance lists his blessings and even mentions some of God’s creations. He also appreciates Kanye West, who has significantly impacted his career. He encourages his listeners to be ready for the blessings of God because miracles happen and will happen soon. This is an upbeat song and an instant mood lifter, especially if you love rap music.  

32. Thank God For You – Sawyer Brown 

This is a fantastic country song about appreciation for family and friends for simply being themselves. In this song, the singer is grateful for everything that has molded his life. This includes his mother’s cooking, lover, bank, and father’s whooping.

He is thankful for his early life, which shaped him into the man he became. It is a great song for appreciating your parents and past experiences that have shaped you into the person you have become. 

33. Thank You – Keith Urban 

In this song, Keith appreciations his wife for marrying and loving him. He begins his narration by saying that his wife has been a ray of hope and sunshine. He tells how she has constantly supported him and how appreciative he is of her. This is a lovely song to appreciate a supportive wife. 

34. All Things – Citizen Way 

This is a gospel song by the music group Citizen Way, and it focuses on thanking God for always meeting our needs, even before we make requests. This song tells the story of a woman who has gone through challenges in life but never relented because she knows God cares and looks out for her. It is an appreciation song for God and his faithfulness to humankind. 

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35. Toast – Koffee

Koffee is a Grammy Award-winning artist who expresses appreciation in this hit song using the Jamaican language. Koffee talks about how gratitude is important to her and why it is a must to express it. She says it is important to thank God for all the good people in life because gratitude opens up more opportunities for blessings.

36. Song For My Father – Sarah McLachlan 

This is one of the best appreciation songs for parents. This is specifically a song for appreciating a father or a father figure in your life. The singer mentions all the good things her father did for her before he passed on. She values her father for always being there for her. If you want to appreciate your father for being a great father, this is the song you should play for him.

37. Family Business – Kanye West

This is a great song from Kanye West from his album College Dropout. This is a classic hip-hop song where Kanye raps about how he appreciates and loves his family despite all their flaws. Kanye. Kanye’s song is one of the best songs to appreciate your family or people you consider family without using too many words. 

38. Larger Than Life – Backstreet Boys 

This song is an appreciation song. Backstreet Boys appreciate their fans and their love which has kept their band going and becoming successful. Backstreet boys appreciate the love from their fans by calling it larger than life. 

39. Gracias – Ozuna 

This is a Spanish song that is all about gratitude. Ozuna expresses the importance of saying thank you and appreciating the small things in life. He uses the Spanish term “Gracias,” which means thank you. Thank you is emphasized in this song. If you say thank you, this is a great song to play to someone. 

 40. You’ve Been So Good – Martha Munizzi 

This is a great song for appreciating God for the good things He has done. Martha Munizzi sings this song thanking God for His presence in her life and for coming through in many things. She says how God has been good to her. This is an excellent thanksgiving song to the creator for his countless blessings. It is a Christian worship song you can sing anytime you feel grateful to God. 

41. In This Life – Colin Raye 

This song doesn’t have the word thank in its title, but it is still a great song that qualifies on this still because it is an appreciation song. In this song, Colin Raye talks about immense gratitude for his lover and even says that even when everything falls, he will find comfort in knowing she loves him. This is a great appreciation song for anyone who loves you in good times and bad times. 

42. Grateful – Hezekiah Walker 

There are various gospel songs about gratitude, and Hezekiah Walker is among the most popular. Hezekiah mentions everything God has done for him in the song and expresses it by saying he is grateful many times. It is a great appreciation song for God. 

43. Thank You – Estelle

This iconic British singer manages to bring out that bittersweet feeling. In this song, Estelle thanks her former lover for sporting her and helping her become who she is. This is even after this lover left her for someone else. It is a sad but grateful song

44. Thank You Mom – Good Charlotte 

Good Charlotte is a band of very talented twin brothers. In this song, they are undoubtedly thankful for their mom and how important she is. You can tell that this woman is very important in their lives. If you want a song to appreciate your mom, this is it. 

45. Thank You – Led Zeppelin 

It is a rock and roll song which is also a classic but an appreciation song in every way. The lyrics are moving and remind people to be thankful. It is a beautiful thanksgiving song that will have you appreciate the band’s obvious talent and the song’s thanksgiving message. This is the perfect song if you want to rock and roll during Thanksgiving. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Appreciate Someone With A Song? 

First, consider what this person has done for you and how their actions have positively impacted your life. Then think of a befitting song you can dedicate to them on a radio show you know they listen to. Or invite them over and play the music to show appreciation. You could also throw a party in their honor and play all the befitting appreciation songs on this list. 

Why Are Appreciation Songs So Impactful? 

Appreciation songs have meaningful words that touch whoever is listening and make them resonate with their present circumstances. They make whoever is being appreciated feel special and realize how vital their selfless and kind acts are and how honored they are. 

How Do Appreciation Songs Impact People?

Music naturally affects our lives and can affect our moods. Appreciation songs are no different. They are an excellent motivation for people who have done well to keep doing so. When people feel valued and honored, they strive to become even better than they are. 

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