Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

If you believe in the law of attraction, you’ll know how important it is to manifest your dreams and utilize crystals to increase the chances of your desires being fulfilled and your wants being realized.

After all, for the universe to listen to us, we have to amplify our voices however we can and be clear about what we desire from the world. 

When we talk about attractive crystals, we don’t just mean crystals that look pretty!

We’re talking about crystals that have powerful vibrations that the universe can pick up on, as well as crystals that open up chakras (such as your throat chakra), that allow you to state your desires and manifest your dreams more clearly.

Wear these crystals around your neck, keep them in your pocket, or place them on an altar to send a message to the universe about what you want out of life, and let the law of attraction do its thing!

Below, you’ll find the best crystals for attracting luck (whether that be at school, work, or in life in general) love (whether that be Platonic, romantic, creating new relationships or maintaining current ones), and wealth, so you can make your dream life a reality. 

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The Best Crystals For Attracting Luck

Although many of us assume luck is something that we have no control over and is totally up to chance, there are in fact things we can do influence our luck and attract more of it into our lives so we can go down a more prosperous path.

In fact, we can use crystals to help us tap into hidden sources of luck and attract more luck to us.

While every crystal below is unique, they all have particular vibrations that can amplify your hopes, dreams, and need for better fortune out into the universe.

So if you’re in need of a break this year and want to harness the laws of attraction to bring you more fortune, let’s take a look at the best crystals for manifesting and attracting luck.


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Carnelian is believed to have been worn by ancient warriors around their neck to give them luck on the battlefield. This bright orange and red stone is bursting with life and smoldering energy, and so is definitely vibrant enough to attract all the luck you need.

Carnelian in particular is said to bring you luck in your creative endeavors, and endows you with luck that isn’t just surface level. If you want to bring dormant dreams to life, Carnelian can help you out!


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Citrine is a bright and sunny crystal that is embedded with luck. When you’ve had some bad luck and things seem dreary, Citrine is a bright ray of sunshine that bathes you with luck.

This optimistic gemstone isn’t just joyous but its ability to attract luck and its good vibrations have earned it the nickname the ‘lucky merchant’s stone.’ 

Citrine is a great crystal to have to hand when you need a bit of self-confidence going into an exam, as good luck follows Citrine wherever you take it.

Clear Quartz

Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Clear Quartz is a crystal that balances ice and fire, being a master healer and a fabulous amplifier of energy, dreams, and luck! This is a great crystal to place on your altar, or to keep safe in your pocket.

Clear Quartz has seriously strong energy points that allow it to take a single thought and amplify it out to the universe, thereby attracting fortune and luck.

This amplification of our intentions is great for those who feel timid expressing their desires and wants, and lack the confidence to set their ambitions into motion. But Clear Quartz has your back and amplifies your message loud and clear!


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Deep red, regal Garnet is another great crystal for those lacking self-confidence and who are down on their luck. This stone is packed with powerful energies and gives you a great head start on your journey to personal success.

The Garnet shines with pleasure and luck, and its undeniable beauty is helplessly enticing. Where you need luck in your career, your love life, or are looking for your big break, Garnet brings this luck closer to you.


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

With dreamy swirls of green, it’s not hard to see why almost every civilization in history has been mesmerized by Malachite.

This is a heart chakra stone with colors that immediately bring to mind images of lush, shady forests and flowers blooming in spring, as well as promising new growth.

For those wanting to progress with their personal goals, you can’t go wrong with Malachite. It brings you courage, confidence, wisdom, and clarity that helps you venture outside your comfort zone.

All of these traits combined with the magical, protective nature of Malachite helps you reach your highest potential, and attracts transformative fortune. 

Smoky Quartz

Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

While the smoky appearance of this crystal may seem counterintuitive to attracting luck, don’t be fooled! Smoky Quartz is an excellent crystal for clearing your mind and making your intentions clear to the universe and yourself.

Smoky Quartz clears your energy fields of negative energy, creating a path for fortune and luck to come rushing to you.

This unassuming, soft stone is also referred to as the ‘stone of power’, which speaks volumes about how effective it can be in attracting luck!

The Best Crystals For Attracting Love

If you’re ready to fill your heart with unconditional love, these healing crystals are a fabulous tool for unblocking your heart chakras, mending heartbreak, and attracting an abundance of love into your life. 

When we’re manifesting the life we want to lead we need to set out our intentions and keep your energies and minds focused so that the universe will see our goals and can work in lockstep with us to achieve them.

Healing crystals can be important tools in helping us on our journey.

Some stones aid with alignment, so when the time is right you will receive the love you have been waiting for.

Meanwhile, some crystals attract love and help you see clearly the people in your life that you should hold onto and help you bring them closer. On the other hand, there are also some crystals that help bring balance to your current romantic relationship. 

Still, one of the most important relationships we have is the one we have with ourselves. This relationship can be the most challenging to heal, but crystals can be beneficial in this process.

Self-love means something different to everyone, but at its core it’s about committing to your well-being. It means listening to your mind, body, and soul, knowing when to take care of yourself and put up boundaries when necessary. 

When we open up our hearts and mind to self-love, we can build meaningful connections with others. If you want to attract love into your life, let’s take a look at the best crystals to have by your side. 


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Amethyst is a beautifully serene stone that doesn’t just make a great crystal wingman when meeting your match, but it’s also a great shoulder to cry on when you go through heartbreak too.

It can help you open up your heart again attract new love. This soft, purple stone encourages self-worth, making it a great healing stone, and can soothe the stinging pain of recent heartbreak. 


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Green stones like Aventurine are great for activating your heart chakra and attracting love – just what you need when you’re looking to get yourself back out there.

Since Aventurine is known for bringing success to those who use it, it’s certain to help you thrive in every part of your life – not just in the romance department! 

Since it’s a stone that calms your heart chakra it also helps make you more compassionate and understanding, which is paramount in a burgeoning relationship, and when you experience setbacks in your romantic endeavors. 


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Agate is a stone that comes in a variety of shades, and has endless healing properties. Brown Agate in particular, is a wonderfully grounding and comforting stone.

Moss Agate has deep, healing benefits for your heart chakra making it easier for you to attract and receive love

Meanwhile, Blue Lace Agate is concerned with honesty and truth-seeking and will help you on your journey in discovering harmonious love.

Lastly, Fire Agate is – as its name suggests – a smoldering, passionate stone that can attract some more physical pleasure into your life. 


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Chrysocolla is a beautiful gem that can connect your heart chakra to your throat chakra and create a smooth path for love.

This will allow whatever is in your heart to flow through your throat and out of your mouth so you can speak your truth and express your desire clearly. 

As well as allowing you to be more open in love and improve your communication, Chrysocolla can also improve your social skills and help you attract better friends.

If you feel like you’re constantly being let down by your friends and want to attract more compatible people, then Chrysocolla will work together with the universe to help you out. 


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

A comforting, and loving heart-based crystal, Kunzite is a beautiful stone in shades of soft pink and is a stone often associated with femininity.

It’s a crystal that represents wisdom, inner peace, and of course, love! If we’ve experienced heartbreak, it’s all too easy for us to build walls around ourselves, but Kunzite opens your heart and knocks down these walls.

It helps you rebuild trust so you can attract wonderful people to you and build meaningful relationships. 

Lapis Lazuli

Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

We all know that communication is key to any healthy relationship, but if that’s something you struggle with, Lapis Lazuli could come in handy. Lapis Lazuli also shares the ruling planet of Venus, who we all know is named after the goddess of love!

Communication is one of Lapis Lazuli’s many strengths. It’s a stone that helps connect you to your throat chakra so you can share your truth with the world. 

When we feel like we’re being listened to and that our true selves are understood, we are encouraged to embrace our authentic selves without fear


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Moonstone has a feminine energy that brings balance to those who harness its power. It is also considered a stone that can make you lucky in love.

Moonstone is a calm, contemplative stone that reminds us that there is always a shimmer of light to be found in the darkest places, which can be a great reminder for those in long-term relationships who have experienced many ups-and-downs.

In fact, Moonstone is believed to help reunite lovers, both emotionally and spirituality. 


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Obsidian might not seem like a particularly romantic stone due to its dark color, but it’s actually a heart connector crystal that plays a hugely important role in attracting love into our lives.

In order to be open-minded, open-hearted and our authentic selves we need to feel safe, and this is where Obsidian comes in. It’s a massively protective stone that can help to remind you that you are deserving of love.

Pink Tourmaline

Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Pink Tourmaline is an aphrodisiac stone that attracts love in abundance! It can give us all reassurance in matters of the heart, and provides a safe space for us to enjoy love.

It encourages your heart chakra to open up and also encourages the healing of wounds. It’s a deeply compassionate stone, that can help calm you down in distressing times.

If you feel like you’re getting nowhere in your quest for love and want to be more in tune with the universe, then utilize pink tourmaline to attract love to you. 


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Ruby is a crystal that many of us would associate with love due to its bright red color. It has many connections to our root chakras, empowering you and filling you with self-confidence.

If you often find that you lose your sense of self in in relationships, Ruby can remind you that you’re amazing just the way you are, and that your best self is always there. It can help you set boundaries and keep you focused on your well-being. 

It’s also an excellent stone for enhancing your sensuality and keeping you grounded in the present moment with your partner. If you need to reignite the spark in a long-term relationship, then reach for a Ruby. 

The Best Crystals For Attracting Wealth

Money can be the biggest challenge we face in life, and our wealth or lack thereof can lead to us feeling unworthy.

But the truth is, we all have unique relationships with money and while money is associated with material things, there is often a lot of emotion baked into the subject of financial wealth.

Sometimes we feel like our wealth is blinding us to what really matters or that our quest for wealth is causing us to love ourselves, while a lot of times we can feel like our lack of wealth is having a negative effect on our quality of life.

Whatever your unique relationship with money is, it is likely we all have money-related wounds in need of healing and this is where crystals that can attract wealth or prosperity (whatever that might mean to you) come in handy.

Crystals that attract good fortune are about more than boosting your bank account. They can also help us define what prosperity means to us and help us become more comfortable with what we’ve got. 

We all have financial goals that are unique to us, and we all have different stories of success.

Your opinion on wealth and how you respond to wealth is in flux, and we all have the ability to re-evaluate our narratives, change our minds, and welcome healing crystals into our life.

Harness the law of attraction by utilizing crystals that attract wealth and true prosperity into your life. 


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

The path to success can be long and hard, but Pyrite can help you get there. It’s no surprise that this glittering crystal is referred to as Fools Gold!

It’s a gem that is drenched in positivity, and is known for clearing out any old assumptions you have about being stuck in a financial rut and helps you become more in tune with your own dynamic energy.

When you have a clear mind and no longer have those feelings of inferiority holding you back, there is nothing you can’t achieve. 

Tiger’s Eye

Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

While manifesting is a great way to attract abundance into your life, staying focused and grounded is essential, and Tiger’s Eye can help you achieve this. Tiger’s Eye is a warm crystal that is bursting with energy. 

Much like the sublime big cat it’s named after, Tiger’s Eye knows when to rest and when to act. It’s a stone that is amazing for connecting with your intuition, and its earthy tones can reach deep into your soul and keep you stable.

We can’t be erratic with our thoughts and emotions if we want the law of attraction to work. Rather, we need to be present, clear-headed, and grounded, which is what the Tiger’s Eye is best at. 


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Bloodstone is one of the most powerful crystals out there. It not only keeps your wealth protected but encourages flow into that space. It has courageous, powerful, and strong energy that can help you build up your resilience.

When we harness Bloodstone’s traits, we become better at dealing with the ups and downs people often face with money.

Bloodstone also encourages stability in our root chakras, so we can stand strong and remain cool under pressure, and deal with whatever life throws at us.


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Selenite is a sweet, angelic stone that is often used in wands. If you need a a crystal to wave some money magic, look no further than Selenite!

Selenite is mainly used to clear energy and channel positive energy so you can connect to your higher being. It’s an amazing tool for cleansing physical and mental space so you can get better let go of what’s no longer serving you.

When our physical and inner environments are detoxed, we’re in a better position to attract abundance. 

Green Jade

Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Green Jade is a cool, clear crystal that is often considered one of the luckiest crystals in the world. Green Jade is a joyous crystal that has been used in Chinese medicine throughout history, and has also been used to attract wealth. 

Like Green Emerald, Green Jade is a totally regal stone, but has a softer vibration that encourages tranquility no matter what money problems you’re facing.

Its soothing ability helps you avoid making rash decisions, and its fortuitous energy helps you attract fortune and a deeper sense of eternal wealth.


Our Guide To The Most Attractive Crystals For Luck, Love, And Wealth

Sodalite makes you think of the sea as soon as you look at it, and its powerful abilities to balance your head and heart are also reminiscent of the calming effects of the ocean and the ebb and flow of the sea. 

It’s important to strike a balance between logic and emotion when dealing with common money matters we will most likely all experience at one point.

Sodalite is beneficial for problem-solving, which is an undeniably great asset when it comes to better managing money and attracting more wealth. Not only does Sodalite enhance your problem-solving skills, but also enhances positive thinking.


We hope that our ultimate guide to the most attractive crystals has given you all the tools you need to attract more luck, love, and wealth into your life!

Crystals can be an amazing resource for making the laws of attraction work for you. Manifesting your dreams, keeping an open mind, and making use of crystals can help you attract all the luck, love, and wealth you need in your life.