Chandra underwent significant changes in 2020. Her five-year relationship ended, and she no longer feels satisfied and fulfilled in her career. It was like a sinking ship experience for her, from which she didn't know how to get out.

Her sister Diane introduced her to the world of spirituality and advised her to explore it. Initially, Chandra was skeptical about it. However, she wore a rose quartz necklace her sister bought, known for emotional healing and soothing trauma. She was content and was feeling better, which built her belief in spirituality, leading her to attend classes and practice the law of attraction.

The practices of manifestation and crystals proved most beneficial, leading to transformative changes from the initial days of wearing the quartz. Chandra manifested a successful career alongside Diane and established a flourishing shop. 

With a keen eye for innovation and a tenacious spirit, she adeptly navigated the complexities of restructuring her career trajectory, swiftly establishing herself as a recognized authority and specialist within the industry. 

Complemented by a meticulous study of the law of attraction and the profound energy of crystals, she also earned a degree in Metaphysical Studies with a focus on Numerology. She dove deeper into the mystical realm of numerology, discovering the hidden meanings and influences of numbers in her life and others.

She learned how to calculate and interpret the core numbers, such as the life path, destiny, soul urge, and personality numbers, as well as the karmic, master, and personal year numbers. She also explored the significance of the numbers in relation to the planets, elements, and chakras.


She developed a keen insight into the strengths, challenges, opportunities, and lessons that each number brings to one’s life journey. She used her knowledge and intuition to guide and empower others to discover their true potential and purpose through the language of numbers.

This further amplified her expertise, positioning herself as a master of holistic healing and personal growth.

Since then, there's no stopping where it will take her next!