Angel Number 1155 Meaning: The Secret Of Its Two Masters

Last Updated on July 5, 2024

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Angel Numbers: An introduction

Your life journey has a peculiar trajectory irrespective of your background which may be enviable or otherwise. The total outlook of your being in different fields – social, educational, spiritual, professional – is not determined by which family you are born into.

The connection is loose between your life prospect and genealogy. It is your own life and so the determining factors and forces do not lie with them.

“No man is an island”. There are guides who are there just to ensure the success of your earthly journey. Guardian angels are the guide.

Guardian angels, among other duties, guide and protect humans through various means. One major way which guardian angels carry out their duties to man is by messages from the divine realm. These pieces of information come through the deployment of numbers. “Angel number” phrase comes from the reason that an agent or we call as angels give messages through number form.

Though humans also receive divine messages from their spirit guides and or ascended masters, it’s still angel numbers. At any rate, ascended masters and spirit guides are on a higher plane than the receivers of the messages. Hence they are angels in their own right.

Pythagorean aspect

Angel number is central to the Pythagoras’ version of numerology. Angel numbers refer to any sequence of repeated numbers (often three or four) or patterns (for instance 1234 or 890). Pythagoras is a Greek mathematician, philosopher, and metaphysician. He propounded the pseudoscientific belief in a spiritual relationship between a number and certainly given occurrences.

Angel number may come to you by a constant encounter with a given number at different times. If you wake up for instance at 5.05, receive a call and a visitor at the same, it’s not coincidence.

These should only tell you that the universe is up to something in your life. You should significantly bother yourself with the peculiarity of 505 in your life. Whatever meaning or message you are able to come up with has a bearing on your life journey or life purpose.

Some of the ways you can obtain the messages from angel numbers is through dreams, feelings, and visions.

From ‘simple’ to ‘complex’

Though the focus of this article is Angel Number 1155, what it means and represents, it is proper to take a general look at angel numbers. We start from the angel numbers with a single digit (0 – 9) since these numbers are the fulcrum of all other angel numbers (double, triple, and quadruple digits).

Angel number 0

The angel number 0 carries the message of a new dawn that is about to spring up in your life. With angel number 0, you are about to take on new challenges, new opportunities. And as an angel number with multiple metaphorical meanings, it signposts a ceaseless collision between good and bad forces.

In Christianity, the number represents God, same for His divine character. Seeing this number underlines the potentialities present in all the creations of God.

This number in Chinese sounds in a particular way that means ‘good’ and consequently, it has always been seen as a good number. Spiritually too, it marks the beginning of creation for all other numbers. It is signals eternity, infinity, and evolution.

 Notably, zero is one of the most profoundly revered numbers in numerology.

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Angel number 1

Angel number 1 is independent and so it is creative. It makes things happen because it takes initiative. Its independence orientation means that it explores its energy to excel and it is quick, flexible – factors which drive it towards getting results.

This angel number is goal-oriented. Angel number one sees opportunities all around and goes for them, hence the many commensurate achievements it records all around. With its goal orientation comes innovation, which may be necessitated by its high desire to get results. Instead of not making a headway angel number one will rather birth new ideas that will eventually bring down the obstacle.

However, as a number that is more physical than spiritual, the angel number one in the bid at driving towards achievements may be too forceful. Soft and gentle energies like patience and cooperation are always victims of those who receive vibrations from angel number one.

Angel number 2

This angel number is highly intuitive as it flows with energies that are felt rather than those seen. Its forte lies in having feelings, being thoughtful, hopeful, and even fearful when no one does not have an inkling yet.

Consequently, human beings that align with this angel number explore the feelings as opportunities to show support and compassion in their relationships.

Being highly emotional, angel number two loves peace more than anything, so it values cooperation and unity in relationships.

Angel number 3

Angel number three is full of life and unsurprisingly has an abundance of positive energy. It is not lukewarm or lonely; it is rather communicative, optimistic, and creative.

As a spirit full of zest, the angel number loves to build a web of friends, acquaintances, lovers, and kindred spirits in its endeavors. In any lively environment, the one with this spirit is favored to be prominent.

One point you can take away from this number is its originality, thus its thought patterns are creative and unique. It is also a baby at heart who craves all fun, joy, and love that comes with expressing that side of it.

However, this angel number has some very notable downsides. Among these is its naivety. Of course, you would not be too surprised with a babyish spirit that is naïve on occasions. Its young, innocent nature makes it susceptible to poor handling of situations at times.

The natural tendency to be taken in by any seemingly exciting phenomenon constitutes a drawback for angel number three. This is because the number finds it difficult to focus long enough on any development before its attention is again shifted to another thing.

Angel number 4

This angel number is conservative. Its unadventurous nature does not mean that it is not advancing, the issue is that it will rather approach its goal in a conservative manner rather than a progressive way.

It is a strong advocate of that tried and tested approach against an uncharted path or idea. But where dependability counts, the angel number four is top-notch as it is always on hand to give as much as this is required for a human being or situation.

Angel number four has a strong and dedicated orientation about work and life, which informs its spirit of hard work, discipline, responsibility. It is also practical and efficient too. For angel number four, there is no half measure or middle ground in any matter. For instance, color is either ‘white’ or ‘black’ no semblance of an admixture or the like.

However, by cultural orientation, certain Asian countries are ‘tetraphobic’, that is they fear the number as it is regarded as an unlucky number. The adjective ‘tetraphobic’ is from the noun tetraphobia.

Number four favors logical thinking above emotional bias in any issue. This mental strength, for number four, sets up a (successful) life of service and contentment.

Angel number 5

Curiosity is a core characteristic of angel number 5. And towards fulfilling this and the urge for experiences in various ways, the angel number five can be adventurous. Also, the urge to have fresh experience nudges this angel number to want to be part of a new venture.

The spirit behind the number is entirely free, thus it has the tendency to take on new challenges when its old engagement is becoming monotonous and predictable.

From the foregoing, we can deduce that the numerology number five is highly curious. For the sake of experimentation, it is ready to throw itself into new frays, after all, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

Angel number five is also adaptable by nature. It welcomes new ideas, experiences, relationships, or jobs. Whether all these happen by accident or design, the number is ready to pick up the gauntlet with its energy and see what obtains therein.

Its adaptable nature means it is also social. So interacting with individuals or groups of people for new experiences is a big deal for angel number five. This number wants to be in the mix of a social circle to experience hitherto new ventures.

But the weaknesses of angel number five include a non-committal stance because of its urge for freedom. It can also be unreliable because of a lack of focus. Directionless is another one. Angel number five is a lover of multiple adventures all demanding attention. To settle for a particular direction becomes an issue and you have to remember that a “rolling stone gathers no moss”.

Angel number 6

This angel number signifies love. We are talking of love of the unconditional hue. Angel number six also stands for the ability to support, nurture and heal. Its intense feelings come from the depth of the heart, implying the genuineness of the love.

This number banks on the heart and soul in its relationship with others, thus the number is hugely compassionate and empathetic. The number six numerology flows freely with all partnerships, but more with emotional relationships.

A whole lot of people are at home with the angel number six’s kind of empathy. Consequently, they don’t have problems sharing their problems for the one with the devoted number six energy to find solutions to them.

Angel number six provides the best kind of support for those who need them at any time. If it is about a genuinely comforting presence, you can be sure to get that from the number six. And if is also about pinpoint advice in any moment of grieve, it will never fail to avail you with one.

Number 6 as a guard

The protective nature of the number six is available for everyone, including those who cannot make a case for themselves. However, where it involves a family member, the protection can be more aggressive. In a nutshell, the number six frowns on any development that may want to discomfort the emotional or spiritual being of its loved ones.

No angel number compares to angel number six in the romantic sense. Its secret here is the work rate it exerts to create peaceful and mutual relationships. The happiness of the number’s other half is its happiness and towards this end, it devotes time, support, and affection to achieving them.

But like any other angel number, the angel number six has some shortcomings. By the number six’s tendency to keep the peace always, more assertive energy may manipulate it to its own favor while it remains passive.

The number six is idealistic and sees the relationships between people only from its own perceptive and belief. It expects all relationships to turn out like their own as it is the model that will guarantee a perfect world. The heterogeneous nature of the universe and energies however negates. The implication for this number is that it may become upset and disappointed.

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Angel number 7

Angel number seven is interested in seeking the truth and ways by which it can arrive at this is by probing into all sorts to get to the truth. As an intellectual number, seven gets fulfilled by gathering and dissecting data or information for the end result which is the truth. Angel number seven cannot be easily persuaded by any kind of information. It is rather swayed by the depth of that information and explanations. English poet John Dryden’s quote, “He who would search for pearl must dive beneath” aptly captures the angel number seven’s mindset on attaining the truth. To this number, truth is sacred and the process must be thorough.

The angel number seven is also intuitive and through thinking – conscious and subconscious – it is able to bring forth hitherto hidden truth into the open. The number seven is highly spiritual and even finds religion not as deep as and helpful in its quest for knowledge. This shortcoming necessitates a highly personal intellectual link to the spiritual realm for the desired meanings and enlightenment.

In a world filled with whys and wherefores, the angel number seven shows interest in a whole lot of fields and tries to soak up knowledge. The number seven is largely curious and in trying to find answers to its curiosity, it stops at nothing to get to the root of knowledge.

And acquiring knowledge for the angel number seven is systematic, because, in the process, it deploys the power of analysis. In its analytical process, it separates the wheat from the chaff: what is fact? What is fiction? And what is knowledge itself?

Angel number 8

Have you ever heard the dictum, “Success is a journey, not a destination”? Broken down, this dictum underlines the strong opinion that, at every turn of your life, you should have an achievement, a plaudit to show for your effort.

It holds that every point of your life journey must be prosperous even while you focus on a bigger positive outcome in the end. If you can relate to this, then you already have an idea of what angel number 8 is all about. 

The message of this angel number emphasizes all-around success. The number eight gauges life by the achievements attained. It is the achiever number.

In addition to having a strong business sense, angel number eight represents hard work and karmic balance. It also needs balance to be productive.

Significance of number 8 in China

In China, the number eight is not an ordinary number; it is rather seen as a lucky number. Because of the ‘status’, the citizens manipulate their social functions to reflect the number that luck may attend the functions.

Some notable positives about eights include their being ambitious. As long as they live, they set out to achieve goals and every new achievement gives them the urge to go for more.

While eights live basically to achieve goals, the approach to realizing their ambitions may vary. One way they go about this is by showing gratitude to the universe for every blessing received. The gratitude comes in the form of plowing back for balancing. The number eight, in short, is karmic.

The number also has an enduring spirit. Determination and patience perks up its confidence when things are going south, to get back up again.

But the number is materialistic. With so many feats, achievements and successes, it always spoils itself with luxuries as a personal reward for their efforts. The belief, however, to others is that such may cause the eight to lose focus and become disoriented.

The many successes of the number eight give it the impression that they are all about its capability. As a result, it grows the feelings that others’ ideas or opinions do not count. This tends towards autocracy and can only lead to a loss of backing from friends, acquaintances, and the like.

Angel number 9

The angel number nine serves as a link between two spaces. The nine relays the answers from a spiritual source to the world. Because it is a humanitarian spirit at heart, the number’s efforts are geared towards attaining the highest level of whatever may be available to achieve.

Though kind and compassionate, the nine itself has gone through tough times and is now better and wiser for it. By experience, it knows where the shoe pinches and is able to offer a kind of relief by wisdom from the divine realm.

The angel number is on the precipice, that’s why it stands for completion, but definitely not finality. It is an agent in the transitional or transformational process.

Angel number nine is imbued with life lessons and on that basis, it relates with others trying to awaken them to a higher positive life.

Angel number nine is tolerant, unlike some others that can be very strict. For this number, there is religious, racial, or cultural bias. They are all equal t the number. This orientation gives it a very large support base from all and sundry.

Whenever you are in need of support, the nine is the go-to angel! It is ready to make a sacrifice for you in times of your need, not minding what it may also be experiencing at the time. This is to ensure you traverse your negative thoughts to positive life changes.

But much as the number nine has overcome all its negative energies, the thought of its past experience still comes back once in a while. The feeling of resentment in the nine brings a drawback to its current relationships.

Also, the nine’s readiness to sacrifice for others all the time leaves a negative impact on it. While caring for others, it forgets to take care of itself. This way, its life becomes imbalanced and disoriented.

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Numerologies of 2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit numbers

All angel numbers come from these single-digit numbers and the numerology of any particular angel number comes from the combination of the number in question.

For instance, where you have a two-digit angel number of, say 11, the meaning of such number goes back to what the root number (one) itself means.

When a two-digit angel number is a sequence of the same number, you have a message resonance of what the root number stands for.

And you can have a sequence of a root number in quadruple, so understanding the messages could be as simple as knowing what the root number represents.

It becomes a bit ‘complex’ when you have to understand the different messages of each angelic number combined. So how do you know the message of angel number 34?

 Of course, you look at the combination of the energies ‘3’ and ‘4’ to have an insight into the messages of angel number 34.

We can have a combination of different numbers (with their vibrations and energies) from two digits to four digits. Thus we can have simple double numbers like 63, series of numbers like 158, 1234, mirror hour numbers like 2020, or reversed mirror hour numbers like 2002.

However, when you encounter a three-digit number on more than three occasions in a day, the belief is that the middle number. This reason is that the middle number could be the angel number relaying a message to you.

If the number, for instance, is 132, you find out that the middle number is three and this could be the angel number of emphasis.

Numerology of angel number 1155

Looking at the makeup of the angel number 1155, you would see that this is a combination of two powerful master numbers (11 and 55). Master numbers in numerology are numbers that come with special positives and negatives.

 Master numbers may mean danger or difficulty, but they may also mean strength. So, master numbers like 1155 could be an admixture of the positives and negatives with an urge to achieve lofty goals.

Angel number one which is a makeup of the angel number 1155 impresses on you that you possess the power to create and pursue your dreams. The number underlines the need for you to be the leader of your own life.

The number 1155 brings together angels that resonate with choice, decision, change, experience, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening. While five resonates with major life changes, choice, and life lessons learned through experience, 11 resonates with spiritual awakening and enlightenment, and new beginnings.

The number 5 as a root number of the combined energies of the 1155 angel number focuses on individuality and life lessons through experience.

Number 1155: Time for new beginnings

The angel number 1155 tells you that at the stage you are, you must make an impactful decision, while change itself is inevitable in your life. The 1155 angel number indicates that it is time for major life changes to take place in your life. The number 11 is highly spiritual and for that reason, the time has come for spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment in your life. The spiritual awakening implies that you will embark on a spiritual journey under the watch of your guardian angels.

1155 angel number: Towards life changes

The angel number 1155 message encourages you to take charge of your own life. It also expects you to make positive life changes that will benefit you and others.

Angel number 1155 are messages from the divine realm and encountering it in various forms may ordinarily be amusing to the circumspect person who keeps seeing it.

Your coming across the number by arriving at a party at that time or welcoming a visitor to your office at the time may not be a coincidence. The truth is your guardian angels have decided to visit you to warn, charge or encourage you.

Angel number 1155 and ascended masters

With messages from angel number 1155, the ascended masters are saying it is time for you to move towards achieving your life’s divine purpose. Once an ordinary being, now transformed and enlightened are the ascended masters.

Ascended masters live in the spiritual realm. Their present status comes from the acquisition of wisdom and mastery to become immortal.

Angel number 1155 in a love affair

When you are a committed person in a love relationship at the appearance of angel number 1155, it is time for you to achieve romantic fulfillment.

Also as a committed person in a love relationship, you can now be self-reliant, jettison negative relationships and follow your true heart’s desires. All courtesy of angel number 1155.

With messages from angel number 1155, it is a matter of time for the bad times to end while positive things take over.

The angel number 1155 comes around with a prospect to smoothen a battered relationship. The relationship with your partner should be positive and open minded in order to achieve that.

The angel number 1155 persona

Persons under the influence of angel number 1155 are methodical and analytical because they pay attention to detail, thus they always make good decision-makers.

The angel number 1155 message receivers are introverts, so they have a cold appearance, but they are not necessarily unfriendly.

Beneficiaries of the 1155 angel number have a peculiar way with the clothing they adorn. They also stand out by their behavior and characteristics.

For one, angel number 1155 encourages you to get rid of self-defeating attitudes. For you, as a beneficiary of the angel number 1155, you must be resolute in your belief and must stay optimistic that no goal is unrealizable in your life.

With the number 1155, your guardian angels are interested in you emerging an improved person by taking some decisions that will redirect your path – spiritual path inclusive. In number 1155, the guardian angels want a new direction because your chosen path is antithetical to your life purpose. 

The guardian angels, following messages from the divine realm, also want you to look inwards. Do a stocktaking of your life, sift all the negative energies affecting your life, set new goals, and run after them.

Notes about 1155 angel number

Messages from Angel number 1155 are pointers that you are on the brink of a consciousness, which through your inner wisdom, will rev up the power to attract positive outcomes. 

With number 1155, for the major change to be impactful, you have to accept positive changes in your life.

You receive messages from angel number 1155 when you are about to embark on a spiritual journey. A major reason for this is the fact that there is a strong bond between the number 1155 symbolism and spiritual enlightenment.

You are on the right path when you encounter angel number 1155.

In taking appropriate decisions in your marriage or relationship, angel number 1155 says you will need to make use of your inner wisdom. Remember, all the pain must go.

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Need to be intuitive

Another quality the angel number 1155 expects those under its influence to possess is intuition. With intuition, you will be able to take some radical steps which may lead you to the path of change highly envisaged by your guardian angels.

The 1155 angel number does not give you a cause to worry, because it longs to give your professional, emotional, and romantic fulfillment in life a change.

Your seeing the angel number 1155 serves as a reminder that you cannot afford to live a complacent life. The energies and vibrations behind the figures that make up this number are too powerful to tolerate complacency. They come around to tell you that you are good enough to attract positive outcomes 

Do 1155 and other angel numbers mean the same for everyone?

When different persons receive messages from the same angel number 1155 or any other angelic number, do these messages mean the same? The messages may not be the same, based on the perception of messages.

For different persons under the influence of this same angel number, meanings differ and these come from what they are going through at the time. So, for some, an angel number may be a ‘bad’ one, while for the other, the same number may be a harbinger of luck.

Some angel numbers favor the instrumentality of intuition to decipher the significance of an angel number in a person’s life.

The Havisham perspective/experience

The instance of Miss Havisham’s case in English novelist Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations comes in handy here if it was to be interpreted by numerology.

Miss Havisham, a wealthy spinster, was jilted by her lover Compeyson, who sent a letter to her on the wedding day calling off the whole wedding ceremony.

Among many other decisions, Miss Havisham stopped the wall clock in her room at twenty minutes to nine – the exact time she collected Compeyson’s letter. If Miss Havisham believed in numerology, she would most probably regard that time and invariably number (8:40) as an ‘unlucky’ or ‘evil’ number.

Angel number 840

But the 840 numerology portrays the angel number in a positive light. Angel number 840 signals a complete life for the beneficiary who is assured of a well-paying job. Even without working, Miss Havisham was wealthy by inheritance.

The angel number also talks about – wait for it, an “amazing marriage” – for the beneficiary. But Miss Havisham’s marriage never took off the ground least of all growing into an amazing union.

Although the description of Miss Havisham in the novel meets some attributes of a beneficiary of the angel number 840, her character in some other areas is wide off the mark.

 For instance, she demonstrates personal power and authority, and material abundance as is with the beneficiaries of the 840 angel number. But she woefully failed when she should have shown a positive attitude in the face of the wedding disappointment. Her demonstrated inner strength came from a negative attitude towards the marriage cancellation.

Among the concepts, the number 8 – a component of the 840 number – relates to is inner wisdom, but Miss Havisham failed to make most of the inner wisdom in her travails.

With angel number 840, the beneficiary is supposed to be surrounded by massive love and support, but Miss Havisham would describe her love life as being a sham!

So in all, Dickens’ character would not believe or accept that an angel number, by what happened to her, augurs well for humans. That is if she believes in the existence of numerology at all.

Unusual facts about Angel Number 1155

There are some facts about angel number 1155 that are worth mentioning here.

1155 angel number and a new beginning

If you are at a crossroads in your life at the time you keep seeing the number, then the auspicious time is here to move on. It could be that you want out of your relationship or job. The angel number 1155 is signaling to you that it will soon end. And if you are thinking of starting a new relationship, the angel number is saying the time is now.

Remain positive

Angel number 1155 wants you to remain positive in the face of any challenges because its presence in your life guarantees one thing and that is a positive change. When you remain positive, circumstances will turn around to attract all the positive energies around you. But you must do away with all negative thoughts and feelings you have been harboring all along.

The perfect time

The angel number 1155 is also a signal for you to wait for the right time and opportunity to launch yourself into the fray. Setting out when the time is not auspicious will be counterproductive. 

Even if you do nothing, the result will be the same with all the positive changes around you. Angel number 1155 expects positive outcomes in your endeavors.

A happy outcome will subsequently follow your positive expectations.

A happy outcome and result follows your positive expectations

Take charge

The angel number 1155 also nudges you to take the driver’s seat of your life. You must take charge of your own life as you are the only one who has the inner strength to shape your destiny and fortune. 

Angel number 1155 and twin flame

Angel number 1155 is believed to have a connection with a twin flame. Your twin flame is that person who exists in your life to give you a new orientation, a new outlook on life.

However, a twin flame is not your soul mate, because you may not necessarily be in a love relationship with your twin flame. Your twin flame may be your colleague in the office, your mentor, or your mentor.

When your twin flame comes into your life, you begin to see the world from another angle of the prism. You begin to have urges to have a go at things divine, ideas, ventures you never considered. Your twin flame makes you a far better personality than you were before the relationship.

 It is believed that every individual is made up of masculine and feminine energies and your twin flame only comes to complete your spiritual being.

 So with the duality of the number 1155, the belief is that your twin flame is just around the corner. Locating and identifying the twin flame, however, is your responsibility to carry out.

 The absence of your twin flame could have thrown you into distress just at the time the angel number 1155 begins to appear. The angel number here signals, for you, encouragement to stay positive as things are about to get better.

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What should you do when seeing angel number 1155?

Stop comparing your life

When you keep encountering angel number 1155, this is an indication that you have to stop comparing your life to others. You should focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have because, in essence, you are blessed. When you stop comparing yourself with others, that’s when you will know that your own destiny is quite distinct.

Believe the number 1155

You must have the belief that your guardian angels will never abandon you. In addition, you should trust that the best is yet to come.

You must know that from the divine realm comes the angel number 1155 message that you are being taken care of by your guardian angels. 

Inner strength

The state of your inner strength is of concern to angel number 1155 because it expects you to work on it. A strong inner strength would be able to soak up all pressures that you may encounter in life.

You must be positive

How will you handle or react to challenges? It is one question you must practically find an answer to. The reason is that there will always be challenges. And as long as there are challenges, how to handle them is important. Whichever way you decide to handle them, it is important you retain positive thinking and jettison negative thoughts.

Why do you receive messages from Angel Number 1155?

For every action or reaction, there must be a reason. The same applies to the issue of your guardian angels sending you messages – particularly of the 1155 hue. Why are you receiving these messages and why angel number 1155 and not any other number? We take a look at these below.

When you become very thoughtful

The angel number 1155 ‘downloads’ messages to you as they receive them from the divine realm. You begin to receive messages from your guardian angels when it has been confirmed that you are about to step into the realm of thoughtfulness.

When you go into deep thoughts, you are very likely to ask probing questions about your life and consequently take corresponding steps thereafter. Doing this is most likely to lead you to the path of your life purpose.

At this point, your moral compass – the guardian angels – wants to guide you in relation to your actions and their impacts on other people’s feelings. The guardian angels’ message here is to guide you on what is the ‘standard’ expected of you.

You must give back to society

The angel number 1155 wants you to be aware of your social responsibility, hence the messages you are receiving from the number. Beyond awareness, your guardian angels also want to encourage you to be as successful as you can. And achieving massive success for you is steeped in you activating your social responsibility mode.

When you make time to help others, you have emotional fulfillment and this is one of the desires of your guardian angels for you.

How would it feel living in a society without you relating with anyone therein? Least of all lending a hand to someone in need? Definitely, it would look absurd. The quote of 17th century English poet John Donne further admonishes this. Donne had written: “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

You need not only relate with others; you must also make your contribution to the development of humanity. This posture will also be buttressing the support of the higher powers for you. 

Angel number 1155: Leadership beckons

You also receive messages from angel number 1155 when leadership beckons to you. You have the leadership skills. Your guardian angels not only want you to be aware of it: they want you to make most of it!

When you assume a leadership position, you will start getting rid of negative energy at the same time.

You would enjoy the cooperation of your guardian angels if you activate your leadership qualities and remain optimistic. This cooperation will come in the form of encouragement from your guardian angels. It is to become the strongest leader you can ever be since you have the required leadership skills. If you don’t remain optimistic, your leadership skills may count for nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers in relation to spirituality. It is the study at attempting to know the underlining meaning of numbers in the spiritual sense. Numerology tries to explain what every number, by its spiritual relation, portends for individuals, groups, and society. The term ‘numerology’ was popularized by Greek mathematician Pythagoras, in the sixth century.

What is an ascended master?

An ascended master, as the name suggests, is on a pedestal higher than that of a human being. Consequently, an ascended master possesses powers to help humans have gone into a higher realm. For a momentary period, they can visit the earth by virtue of the fact that they have kept their body.

What is a life path?

Life path in numerology is regarded as the most important indicator or pointer in your life. This is the easiest number that can be calculated in your entire numerology chart. It has the potential to reveal the skills you have in abundance. It will also show what you are likely to face as your major life challenges as you journey through life.

What do guardian angels stand for?

Guardian angels are assigned to human beings for protection and guidance. These duties could be towards individuals or groups. Besides, it is believed that guardian angels present prayers to God on behalf of those they are protecting.

What is the purpose of twin flame?

In a twin flame relationship, your consciousness is driven towards awakening your passive potential. In a twin flame relationship, you discover that you have the capability to achieve more than you have thought.

What does 1155 mean in a love reading?

As it relates to relationships, receiving messages from this number means the coming to an end of a toxic relationship. Angel number 1155 cares so much about a beautiful relationship.

What happened in the Year 1155?

Using the Julian calendar, the Year 1155 – a common year – started on a Saturday. It recorded a number of historical incidents. Some of these include the birth, on February 28, of Henry the Young King, son of Henry II of England.

On May 17, Jien, a Japanese historian, poet, and monk was born. And Go-Shirakawa was also named the country’s new emperor. English noblewoman Maud de Braose, King Alfonso VIII of Castile, and Japanese author Kamo no Chomei were born in 1155.

 It was also the year Robert of Chichester became the Bishop of Exeter. It also went into a record that in 1155, Bristol city in the United Kingdom was given a Royal Charter. On November 11, 1155, Alfonso VIII of Castle was also born.

The year also recorded the death of some prominent personalities. On August 22, Emperor Konoe of Japan died. King Sigurd II of Norway and King David V of Georgia also died in 1155. The citadel of Tortona was captured by the German forces. 

On June 18, 1155, Pope Adrian IV crowned King Frederick Barbarossa as the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

What are the other names for guardian angels?

Some other names for guardian angels are ministering angel, fairy-godmother, good angel, lifesaver, protector, and guardian spirit. Others include angel, champion, personal angel, and advocate.

What is a soul mission?

The passion or energies that propel all you do is known as soul mission.

How do you know your twin flame is coming back?

One way to know that your twin flame is coming back is having the feeling of being whole or complete. Of course, the twin flame relationship is always stormy and fierce, so a breakup is expected sometimes. By the time your twin flame will come back, you would have accepted the fate that the probability of being together forever, may, after all, be a mirage.

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What is the soul urge number?

A soul urge number reflects what your heart and soul basically long for. The soul urge number captures your aspirations, wishes, hopes, and dreams. The soul urge number is otherwise known as the heart’s desire number. It is a reflection of a person’s true heart’s desire.

Does the day you were born to affect your personality?

A whole lot of factors affect a person’s being. Your birthday has its own ruling planet, so as a result, it contributes to your makeup and accounts for a part of your character.

What is the meaning of seeing your birthday numbers on the clock?

Spiritually, seeing your birthday numbers around, including the clock entails that you are in the season of completion. Do you have projects you are handling at that material time? Whatever the project maybe, you are bound to see it through. The completion of such a project will not be an end in itself as it will serve as an elixir to embark on others. And this will chart a new path, a new direction in your life journey.

What is the prime factorization of 1155?

The angel number 1155 has four prime numbers in mathematics and these are 3, 5, 7, and 11. The number is also an odd composite number, that is, an odd integer that is not prime and in the case of 1155, with 16 divisors (1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 15, 21, 33, 35, 55, 77, 105, 165, 231, 385, and 1155).

What is my angel number?

The angel number is your spiritual guide meant to help maneuver your course in life. Your angel is there to literally hold you by the hand and put you through life challenges until you get to your goals. Your angel can pass for a life coach. When you have accustomed yourself to the presence and operations of your angel, it becomes easy for you to give in to their guidance. 

What does 1155 mean in angel signs?

This angel number 1155 is made up of two repeated numbers – 1 and 5. So the combination of the repeated numbers 11 and 55 underlines the impending positive changes about to occur in your life path. In calculation (1+1+5+5 =12), from the number comes 3 (1+2), which in numerology is a sign of abundance. Your life is just on the verge of witnessing abundance.

Why do I keep seeing angel numbers?

If you keep seeing angel numbers, it is a pointer to the fact that you are so much endowed with guidance from the universe. The angels are so much interested in your life purpose and the more you allow yourself to be guided by their messages, the better for you. Your consciousness of their presence in your life also tells you that you are not all alone in this world.

What is my guardian angel?

A guardian angel is a spiritual guide that is on hand to take you through the different trajectories your life will go through in the course of your earthly existence. You can see them in the mold of life coaches who know more than you do at various stages of your life. As life coaches, they are ready to dispense their spiritual knowledge for your well-being at all times.

Do zodiac signs have angel numbers?

You do not arrive at angel numbers by any form of calculation using the date, time, or location of your birth. In numerology, calculation is the method of figuring the life path. Also, determining any of the 12 zodiac signs involves a kind of calculation. The same applies to astrology birth chart which calculation hinges on the time and location of your birth. But this does not apply to angel numbers. 

What is the most divine number?

The number regarded as the most divine, according to the Dharmic or Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism), is 108.

Which is the most powerful number in numerology?

From the early days of numerology, master number includes 11, 22, 33, and etc. These are believed to be a force in the cosmos. Meanwhile, those who have these numbers in their birth charts often tower above their peers in their chosen fields.

What is the most magical number?

Seven has been the most magical number across centuries on mythological, scientific, and mathematical grounds. Bridget Wenlock (1202 – 1285), an English arithmancer, was the first person to affirm the magical components of the number seven.

Why do I keep seeing master numbers?

When you begin to see repeating sequences of numbers (for instance, 11, 22, 33), otherwise known as master numbers, then it is time to be circumspect. Particularly, the message is for you to pay attention to your mind, body, and soul.

Who is the highest angel?

Seraphs (seraphim) belong in the highest angelic class of the nine-fold celestial hierarchy.

What is the difference between archangel and angel?

The archangel is the chief messenger while an angel is a messenger. As a matter of course, the archangel is above the angel. However, while you can ask an angel for personal help, you cannot approach an archangel for such assistance. Then what do archangels do? They are protectors of all mankind.

What do angels do in heaven?

The duties of angels in heaven include conveying revelations from God to humans, keeping a record of activities by human beings. They also sing praises to God in heaven.

Is it good or bad to see angel numbers?

It is a good thing to see angel numbers. When you see angel numbers, they come with a message which may be a warning or admonition. The messages would vary depending on the angel number you are seeing and what you are experiencing at the time.

What does it mean to wake up to an angel number?

If you wake up to an angel time, do not think it is a mere coincidence. Truth is your guardian angel is on a visit – a purposeful visit at that. Your angel has come with a message for you. If for instance, you wake up at exactly 1:11, the angel number 111 which signifies inspiration and creative expression is around. Angel number 111 stands for spiritual awakening and for you the beneficiary of the message you need to be intuitive to start impacting the world.

Notes about angel number 1155

Angel number 1155 is a marriage of combined energies of numbers 1 and 5. Number 1 resonates with energies of new beginnings, leadership skills, inner strength, and inner wisdom. Number 5 resonates with energies of positive changes, freedom, and romantic fulfillment.

1155 angel number and crucial life choices

With the 1155 angel number messages, you receive signals on the need to make crucial life choices that are tailored towards your life purpose. Making crucial life choices, you should note, are attainable since your guardian angels are ready to put you through with their messages from the divine realm

1155 angel number and constant support   

The angel number 115 (a part of the 1155 angel number make-up), emphasizes your guardian angels’ constant support for you as you undergo life changes. It is your guardian angels’ wish you succeed as much as you can. Constant support from your guardian angels tells you that you are not alone in any situation you find yourself in. It is natural to undergo life changes as you strive to fulfill your own destiny.

Angel number 1155 and core elements

The number 11 as part of the 1155 angel number harps on positivity and optimism and they are seen as the core elements in fulfilling aspirations. Overall, these core elements are essential to beneficiaries of the 1155 angel number in running after their goals and interests and living them.     

Angel number 1155 and personal freedom

Often, angel number 1155 points to a major change that is about to happen in your life. To be sure, your guardian angels and other spirit guides are around for you at this time. If you do not accept positive changes, it may be tough moving on.

 This major change may border on your personal freedom because you will have to do away with all bad habits in your life. If this major change is not about personal freedom, then it will have to do with emotional fulfillment, expansion, advancement, or abundance.

1155 angel number signals new beginnings

In your love life, the 1155 angel number message comes to alert you to the new beginnings if your relationship is the toxic type. Getting prepared for these new beginnings involves you having to do away with negative energies so that all the pain of the past will come to an end. You are to remain positive even when your relationship is facing a hard time.

Angel number 1155 detests a self-defeating attitude

It has been said that life itself is a risk. When you encounter the 1155 angel number, an underlying message is that you must be ready to take risks. Taking risks would mean you doing away with a self-defeating attitude because your guardian angels are there for you.

With angel number 1155, you can overcome almost all the challenges

Angel number 1155 expects you to be sure-footed and firm in your endeavor. A positive attitude like this will aid your inner strength which you need to conquer almost all the challenges confronting you in life.

1155 angel number and what the future entails

Another noticeable fact about the 1155 angel number is that the unknown cannot be wished away in life. Against this background, there are times you don’t know what the future entails. Even when you don’t know what the future entails, have the belief that things will work out perfectly for you.

In situations like this, the 1155 angel number concludes that you have to be responsible for yourself. Being responsible for yourself, that is taking action that will better your lot, will keep the aspiration alive that you can achieve long-term benefits. It will be to the joy of the guardian angels if you achieve long-term benefits. This too will bring emotional fulfillment to you.

1155 angel number, Holy Spirit, and ascended numbers

The 1155 angel number may be traced to the number 3 when reduced to its lowest terms: 1+1+5+5=12; 1+2=3. The number 3 has the aura of expansion, creativity, spontaneity, and miraculous energy, which means that the number has the vibration of higher powers. The Holy Spirit and ascended numbers are higher powers. This explains why the number 3 is associated with the Holy Spirit, ascended masters, and some other higher powers. So there is the promise and availability of the assistance of higher powers for beneficiaries of the 1155 angel number.


Typical of all angel numbers, the 1155 angel number relates with its beneficiaries based on messages from the divine realm. These messages, when received and followed, are for the beneficiaries’ long-term benefits. Being an angel number from combined energies (1 and 5 in duplicate), the 1155 angel number resonates with peculiar vibrations from its numerical make-up.

The 1155 angel number has a list of dos and don’ts for its beneficiaries to realize their goals, dreams, and aspirations. This list includes the urge to stay positive, do away with all the negative energies around them and embrace positive thoughts.

Emphatically, the angel number concludes that for the manifestation of all the blessings, you must practically take steps in the right direction.

Dr. Emily Harris