Aleem Ahmed




Aleem Ahmed

Aleem is an accomplished biology lecturer and distinguished researcher. He is deeply immersed in pioneering studies on utilizing herbal products in laboratory models, focusing on understanding and mitigating the impact of oxidative stress, inflammation, hematotoxicity, and cardiovascular disease. With a proven track record in research and thesis composition, Aleem has also served as a moderator for various courses on the renowned online learning platform Coursera.


His extensive expertise encompasses various scientific disciplines, including biology, zoology, immunology, hematology, physiology, ecology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. Holding an MS in Zoology/Animal Biology and a BS in Biology/Biological Sciences, Aleem's profound knowledge base and research commitment position him as a valuable asset for those seeking comprehensive understanding and support in biology. With his adept communication skills and dedication to fostering learning, Aleem serves as a beacon of guidance and knowledge for students and enthusiasts alike.