Spiritual Journey: Bring Soul into your Life

Our spiritual journey is a never-ending experience of depth and inclusiveness. It is a journey of understanding what is real, of loving every aspect of it, and of empowering self and others to live our essence.

Our Spiritual Journey provides an understanding of:

  • how life works
  • the nature of the soul
  • the nature of your personality and its healing, so you may find the meaning behind your more challenging experiences such as pain and suffering, wounding, betrayal, loss and separations
  • the universal laws and principles that govern all human experiences, giving meaning and purpose to everything;
  • how all experiences are love’s manifestations – including states such as fear, depression, anxiety, anger, despair, guilt, and blame
  • your options in every situation: how to become powerful rather than to be a victim of

Understanding ourselves and life in these ways brings us fulfillment, satisfaction and purpose. We begin to know ourselves as soul beings. And we begin to live from that loving, powerful and understanding centre.

We all want to make a difference, to know our life has been worthwhile. We cannot make a lasting difference in our private lives and in the world unless we do so from a higher level than personality life. This higher level is our Soul Life, our essence.

In The Soul Journey Program you will receive

  • Effective ways to use your imagination and ways to teach you to develop soul consciousness and to attune to your soul.
  • 'Soul Questions - Open to soul!' - Receive 30 soul questions emails over 30 days to support you in understanding and experiencing your own soul connections.
  • Downloadable resources to assist you in effectively supporting you through your challenges and needs.
  • Receive: 44 Signs of Soul Presence in the Personality,
  • Receive the Energies of 2013 and 2014,
  • 36 Ways to Develop Soul Consciousness,
  • 37 Personality and Soul Differences, and more.
  • Practises for Improved Relationships.
  • Exercises: To assist you to draw new perspectives of your inner and outer experiences.
  • Exercises to use your imagination constructively to see the truth behind what appears.
  • Exercises so you can ground your contribution in the larger scheme of things.
  • Meditations: To support you to reflect on and further integrate the material.
  • Perspectives to help you keep on the higher road.
  • Personal growth and development.
  • Guided Inner Journey tapes for relaxation, meditation and self-programming in MP3 format.
  • Regular email support over 26 weeks to guide you through the material and keep you focused on developing soul consciousness and so much more

The four levels of the Soul Journey are described here:

Each level has an e-book that presents the information you need to create a foundation for the expansion of consciousness.

Automated email coaching is available to guide you through the material and keep you focused on developing soul consciousness. The levels progressively support these core areas - enhancing your awareness, deepening meditation, enriching understanding of who you are, healing your personality, and using imagination effectively to develop soul consciousness and soul attunement.

A more meaningful and rewarding life awaits you...

The Soul Journey offers very practical ways for healing the personality so you can develop and express Soul through your unique soul purpose. You will find this program to be an intelligent, loving and empowering support to your everyday questions and concerns, inspiring deeper reflection and the ability to make life-changing decisions.

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