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Behind all tensions and challenges is a misalignment with the soul.

  • Are you interested in deepening your knowledge, skill and practice of integrating further your soul-personality relationship? This Level 5 program will help you to do that, while giving you a greater ability to assist others to do the same.
  • Are you a counselor, therapist, coach or one who supports people in distress?
    Expand your service with our soul-based spiritual counseling training course!

Support others in soul crisis

More and more people today are experiencing crises in their personality-soul relationship. They don't realize what's happening, nor do they know how to work through it. What's more, many of today's popular personality techniques do not facilitate the healing and empowerment of individuals who are moving into soul consciousness.

Humanity in general is ready for more soul-oriented processes and perspectives. There is a crying need now for soul and spiritual counselors, for soul knowledge and soul experience to guide people to higher levels of consciousness.

A new approach for a new need

This online spiritual counseling training course presents a new way of looking at ourselves and life. The basic ingredients of this new view are ages old, but the ways we apply and express them are new.

In essence soul-based spiritual counseling empowers clients to discover their own healing, insights and direction. It seeks to bring clients into satisfying relationship with their everyday lives and into a meaningful rapport with their true inner selves, the soul. It does this through expanding consciousness beyond ego, so we may interpret our experiences in light of a bigger, more inclusive picture.

A new wisdom is needed today because we live in new times. The new spirituality requires us to know the presence of Spirit The Universal Presence in all things and all forms, from psyche to action.

Leading edge material not available elsewhere

For 40 years Andrew Schneider has taught soul centered living and for the last 25 years he was accompanied by his wife, Bonnie. For 10 years they taught soul-based spiritual counseling in Canada and Europe. And now this program is available through the Internet! It offers in-depth and comprehensive guidance for soul-based spiritual counseling that you'll not find anywhere else.

By learning and practicing soul-based spiritual counseling, you will have the necessary knowledge and processes to counsel others through life difficulties and spiritual issues using philosophical and soul-based wisdom.

This program is ideally suited for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists, therapists, healers, psychologists, teachers, doctors and ministers. And this program is also whole-heartedly offered to anyone who wants to more deeply understand their own personal journey and assist others family, friends and clients in their life journey toward wellness.

This powerful Soul-based Spiritual Counseling Course includes:

  • A comprehensive 192 page manual that offers a complete program for soul-based counseling. You'll discover:
    • The significant differences between personality and soul-based counseling.
    • Ways to evoke soul presence through attunement, effective questioning procedures, various meditation support processes and more.
    • The power to bring healing with the Transmutation and Transformation processes.
    • How to integrate soul-based spiritual counseling into your existing practice.
    • How to assist your clients to build the bridge to soul consciousness.
    • And much more.
  • A counselor email series to support you in grasping essential principles and approaches for soul-based counseling.
  • 4 levels of 'The Soul Journey' program (a $225 value), which offer a complete foundation for the development of soul consciousness:
    • Know Yourself Know why this is the foundation of all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
    • Explore and Heal the Personality Understand the nature of personality and how to heal whatever issues arise. All tensions are catalysts for growth.
    • Develop and Express Soul Consciousness Humanity is taking its first collective step into soul consciousness. How aware are you of your own soul journey? What is your next step for spiritual growth and healing?
    • Discover Life Purpose Determine why you are here. Uncover your essence and creative expression.
  • 'Soul Questions - Open to soul!' - Receive 30 soul questions emails daily to support you in understanding and experiencing your own soul connections.
  • Free access to special Soul Journey support materials which offer:
    •  A wide range of online, downloadable resources that offer soul perspectives to assist you in effectively supporting your clients through their many challenges and needs.
    •  Recent additions are:  42 Practices for Improved Relationships, 36 Ways to Develop Soul Consciousness, 38 Personality and Soul Differences and more.
    • Archives of 150  'Soul Perspectives' newsletters - concise, in-depth soul-centered discussions of common life experiences.
    • 10 guided Inner Journeys for relaxation, meditation and self-programming in MP3 format.

Get started on the training immediately. The first essential step for anyone contemplating becoming a soul-based counsellor is to work through the Levels 1-4 of the Soul Journey program. Your ability to support your clients in consciousness growth is directly linked to your own level of soul consciousness. And so a thorough understanding and practice of the material presented in the 4 Level Soul Journey program is a must.

With this program you will learn how to:

  • Serve the new consciousness.
  • Support others in soul crisis.
  • Identify soul needs that underlie the ego's challenges and desires.
  • Help clients find meaning and purpose in all of their experiences.
  • Open to soul energies and qualities.
  • Support others in using their imagination appropriately for developing soul consciousness.
  • Empower your clients so they are more self-confident and self-reliant.

Read what others say about this Soul-based Spiritual Counseling course:

I arrived home from work yesterday and I honestly haven't been able to put the program down. My decision to have faith, and trust just 'once more', has been honoured. I just want to read all the material, and start on the manual as soon as I can. I simply love what Andrew has put together, it really touches base with me and feels like I've arrived where I belong.  It seems that the course has touched my personal life in a beautiful way. I cannot consider anyone in a human context any more, only from a soul perspective and what they may be here to learn and how to serve. - S.H. Australia

This excellent program is a ‘must’ for any seekers on the Path. I had doubts before starting the program, whether it was for me or not.  I am 60 years old and thought that I would not use this teaching in my “so called professional life”.  I knew that I wanted to do the program for personal development and for continuing my exploration in spiritual studies.  I am immensely grateful that I listened to my inner voice and that I didn’t miss this incredible opportunity. 

I've completed reading all the books and the supporting emails for the Soul based Counselling Course. The knowledge, understanding, depth and wisdom of Andrew's work, is absorbing and soul touching. Each of the six books were perfectly aligned to follow through on each previous subject. I loved all of it. The Counsellor Support emails and the Soul Questions have complemented the course perfectly. It is the best course I've done, but as I've said before maybe this is because it serves my purpose beautifully. I can't thank you enough. - S.H. Australia

Here are your ordering options!

  1. Get all 4 Levels of the Spiritual Soul Journey and the Level 5 Soul-based Spiritual Counseling training course with up to 52 weeks of BASIC automated soul email-coaching PLUS three years of access to The Soul Journey library. Order all 5 Soul Journey Levels for $525 (CDN) or 3 monthly payments of $185
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  2. Receive all 4 Levels of the Spiritual Soul Journey and the Level 5 Soul-based Spiritual Counseling training course with 52 weeks of PERSONAL INTERACTIVE soul email coaching PLUS a Certificate of Completion PLUS three years access to The Soul Journey library. Receive 40 interactive email sessions over 52 weeks and all 5 Level e-books for $1,997 (CDN) or 5 monthly payments of $420
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Be prepared to serve the new consciousness

The goal of soul-based spiritual counseling is not to make life problem-free, but to give life depth and value. It is to examine our feelings, thoughts, behaviours, beliefs and experiences. Doing so, we can see the true inner Self attempting to express its inherent intelligence, love and power. In this way, we discover meaning and purpose.

It's difficult to see the purpose and meaning of disturbing or painful experiences. Yet until purpose or meaning is found, true healing and integration cannot occur. Soul-based counsellors seek to care for people, not fix them. A soul-based spiritual counselor/coach can help people discover the hidden significance of what is unfolding in their lives.

It is through the challenges in our lives that we grow most in soul consciousness. And so therapists, counsellors and coaches are best placed to provide leadership in guiding this new way of perceiving and living. The need for soul-based counselling will grow steadily as humanity struggles to awaken to a deeper understanding of how life works.

Adding the soul dimension to any form of service raises the quality of support beyond compare. Order now.

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P.S.  As individuals, our ultimate service is to help others raise their consciousness and that is exactly what this program is about.  Let the Soul-Based Spiritual Counseling Training Course guide you on how to attune to the souls of others, identify and respond to their needs and do it authentically from the soul within you.

P.P.S.  If you have previously ordered The Soul Journey (6 book series or the 4 level program), we will credit the amount you previously spent on our web site back to you.

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