We receive a lot of positive feedback on the "Soul Perspectives" series authored by the late Andrew Schneider. Soul Journey members have said they are "thought provoking", "powerful" and "beautifully expressed". Now we are giving non-members the opportunity to receive these insightful articles every week!

For every situation in life there is a personality perspective and a soul perspective. In fact, there can be many different soul or personality perspectives. It is the soul perspective that redeems, heals and gives meaning and purpose to everything that happens.

Soul Perspectives are meant to help people learn more about how soul might respond to each situation; we need to learn to look for that response, be consciously aware when soul is expressing in our lives and listen to it.

Connecting to the soul response helps in leading one to a greater sense of one’s own essence and in living more powerfully and lovingly from that essence.

Receiving a weekly Soul Perspective will give you divine food for thought. There is much to contemplate in each weekly perspective to keep you aligned with the higher reality of yourself.

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An excerpt from Soul Perspectives...
On Sharing Who You Are

"There is no greater perfection than being who you are, and no greater purpose than expressing who you are.

But who are you? That is the question that needs answering. That is the urge from the soul within that prompts us to keep exploring life. Every thought, desire and action arises from our depths as ways of discovering and expressing this reality.

Often we miss the mark because we identify more with the characteristics of our personality than with our essence which is soul. When we identify who someone truly is, we are implying their essence. Essence is soul, and soul is that eternal reality manifesting in bodies with temporary conditions.

Soul is characterised by Beauty, Truth and Goodness, not by psychological conditions like fear, anger or prejudice, nor by personality traits such as good looks, intelligence or status. This confusion has led to some distorted understanding about what it is we need to express.

We need to express who we are, because that is our value and that is why we have incarnated. Our purpose in life is to express who we are because that is the finest contribution we can make. Purpose is always about contributing to the well-being of the whole or of what we are part of. Our purpose is never self- gratification, although we will feel deeply grateful and fulfilled when we make authentic contributions to life around us......"

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