Interactive Soul Email Coaching
with Bonnie Schneider

Personal Interactive guidance for deeper soul experience and expression

Overcome the biggest difficulty in spiritual growth

There is a very long tradition of people on the spiritual path having a mentor who knows the path well and who can assist them in their journey. The interactive e-coaching aspect of The Soul Journey has been set up to provide such a mentoring for any participant who wishes it.

Our experience with thousands of students over many years in many countries has shown us that most participants have great difficulty discriminating between what is soul and what is personality. Immediate feedback from a soul-based counsellor can be immensely helpful and assist in avoiding the traps that one can get stuck in.

Interactive soul email-coaching will help you to:

  1. understand concepts more easily
  2. receive guidance for specific questions asked
  3. ask the questions that are the most relevant for making soul connection
  4. discriminate between soul and personality
  5. receive tips for facilitating your growth
  6. connect to soul more easily because of your coach's soul attunement to you
  7. be empowered to trust your own inner guidance

This is a unique opportunity to have a spiritual guide for your journey at your convenience, without having to leave your home and daily life.

For many years I have participated in workshops and training programs conducted by Andrew and Bonnie Schneider. The reason I keep returning is simple it is because the teacher and the materials presented have been unparalleled by any other instruction on soulful living that I have come upon. The soul exploration provided in the Soul Journey Program, once again has served to deepen and enrich my life and, subsequently, those with whom I live and interact. The weekly email consultations of the interactive component are particularly valuable for the clarity they provide. Taking this program has proven to be a life-changing experience that has enhanced my quality of being. And this is prior to completion of all 5 levels! Diane Huebert, Canada, M.Couns.

How does personal interactive soul email-coaching work?

Each of our 5 levels in The Soul Journey contain:

  • Introductory questions that you answer and get feedback from
  • Weekly answers to questions that you ask
  • Completion questions that you answer and again get feedback from
  • Flexible program timing. 12 week programs can be fast tracked to 8 weeks or 40 weeks to 28. Or you can slow the program down to allow for breaks and holidays. We allow one full year to complete the interactive program.

Why soul email coaching works

Apart from the immeasurable gift of having the Bonnie Schneider as your personal email coach, email coaching offers many important benefits over the traditional face-to-face coaching situation. Consider the following advantages of email coaching. You can: 

  • have a spiritual guide for your journey at your convenience, without having to leave your home and daily life.
  • explore and share your experiences when the time is best for you you are not restricted to pre-arranged appointment times.
  • take time to think, feel and experience as deeply as you want before connecting through email.
  • avoid or at least reduce the reactive responses, natural defences and subtle anxieties that arise in face-to-face interactions.
  • benefit from the power of journaling to draw information from your subconscious and higher consciousness in formulating your emails.

As an added bonus, if you complete the interactive email coaching program with Bonnie Schneider, you will receive a Certificate of Completion affirming that you have satisfactorily completed the entire Soul Journey and/or Soul-based Counselling Program.

Will you be one of the select few to benefit from
personal email coaching with Bonnie Schneider?

Naturally, Bonnie can only serve a limited number of clients. She will accept people into her email coaching program on a first come, first served basis. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.

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Interactive email coaching with Bonnie Schneider:

  • With Levels 1 - 4 of The Soul Journey Program and 40 weeks of interactive coaching emails plus one year full Soul Library access ($950.00 or 3 monthly payments of $330.00)
  • With Levels 1 4 of the Soul Journey plus Level 5 the Soul-based Counselor Program 52 weeks of interactive coaching emails and 3 years full Soul Library access (one payment of $1997.00 or 5 monthly payments of $420.00)

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We are being touched by soul continually yet most of our day is unconscious, habitual and defensive. That is why the serious student of spiritual growth benefits so greatly from having a soul-based counsellor. And having the wisdom and experience of Bonnie at your service is a truly remarkable gift.  Order Here

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