What is Consciousness?

One of the most difficult issues of life to define and understand is consciousness. Yet it is a word that is used every day and people don’t think much about it. Self-help books and personal growth courses often use the terminology of consciousness but frequently don’t really understand what it is all about. Most confuse consciousness with awareness. They are similar ideas but in some ways opposite each other.

Clarity about consciousness is all important. If we cannot properly name something we do not fully know it. And not knowing it, we have no influence over it. I wish to share with you a few basic insights about consciousness.

We are entering a period of human or personal growth and development where consciousness needs to be a priority focus for each of us if we are to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Meaning and purpose are the primary fruits of a higher state of consciousness.

Consciousness is what makes something what it is. Consciousness is the soul of any reality, it is its essence and everything has an essence, a soul. Consciousness or essence defines who a person truly is. It is the essence of a thing which reveals the unique individual characteristics and its universal reality as well.

Everything has an essence or a soul and everyone and everything has consciousness. Each person or thing is unique as individuals. But we are all part of something greater as well. It is consciousness or soul which links us to our greater, universal nature, sometimes called the Divine.

In order to access consciousness you need to use your heart, your intuition, or your faculties of knowing that transcend the mind. Heart, intuition and these other faculties exist in the realm of soul. So when you know with consciousness, when you have had a consciousness shift, you are not separate from what you know. You merge and identify with it as you experience it. It moves you in a way that you experience it as a part of your greater self.

When you have awareness you are using your mind to know something in an objective way. You know something about something. You possess or have knowledge, but as the one who knows you are separate from the thing you know. Awareness happens as a mental reflex whenever the mind is exposed to something. The only choice involved is what we want to pay attention to, or the extent to which we want to learn more about something.

You could call consciousness ‘soul knowing’. The beauty of soul knowing is that soul is not separate from what it knows or contacts. It sees itself in the other. In knowing it fully we touch its essence, and in doing so we love what we know. As soul beings we are essentially love. And through this knowing with soul we grow and expand our sense of who we are. As soul beings we find peace and harmony in our relationships with those people and situations that we approach with this consciousness.

Conscious soul connection is, however, a natural urge within anyone who is willing to respond to the real needs they encounter, even if that means personal sacrifice. We give and receive with love and understanding. We experience meaning and purpose as we expand our presence through our increasing consciousness.

A more meaningful and rewarding life awaits you...

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