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Welcome to The Soul Journey!

We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you. See below to read about Andrew Schneider and Bonnie Schneider

The Soul Journey - Bonnie and Andrew

Andrew Schneider

Andrew (1942-2011) was born in Kelowna, B.C., Canada. He entered a seminary to study for the Roman Catholic priesthood with the Benedictine monks at the age of 14. He trained with them for five years, gaining a solid academic grounding for his later studies, developing a deep spirituality and learning to live in a disciplined way. He then joined an Italian missionary order. He took his philosophical studies in Connecticut before spending three years in Italy where he took a year’s novitiate and two years of theology in Rome.

After 11 years in the religious life, he left to pursue studies in psychology at the University of British Columbia. This was followed by a professional development year at Simon Fraser University in B.C. to qualify for a teaching certificate. For five years, he worked as a teacher and school counsellor in the B.C. school system.

His studies resulted in degrees in Theology, Philosophy, Psychology and Education.

Since 1974, Andrew worked full time in the metaphysical field. He created and taught many programs for personal growth, soul consciousness, esoteric studies and philosophical counselling in Canada and Europe. He also taught over 5000 classes, seminars and workshops. He and his wife, Bonnie, also conducted 15 international retreats in various countries. Andrew has been described as “a teacher of teachers and a healer of healers.” He authored many books and manuals for developing soul consciousness and understanding the world in which we live.

The scope of his teachings is extremely broad and eclectic. He combines psychology and spirituality in such a way that he facilitates integration of the whole person: body, soul and spirit. Andrew was very skilled in the way he combines universal spiritual principles, esoteric philosophy, soul psychology, the latest brain research and the findings of quantum physics. The theme that runs through all his teaching and writing is on developing soul consciousness and gaining soul perspectives on practical realities of daily life. People who participated in his courses and programs find that they go through significant transformations in their personal lives, giving them a greater sense of purpose and well-being.

Andrew and Bonnie’s service in recent years took them to many countries besides their native Canada: U.S.A., Mexico, Greece, Cyprus, Panama, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Andrew’s sensitivity and warmth, his deep interest in people’s well-being, his vast knowledge combined with intuitive perception, and his outstanding ability to express complex ideas in clear, simple language made him a very respected teacher and sought-after speaker.

Andrew passed away in October of 2011. He will be dearly missed by many and will be remembered by his legacy of The Soul Journey program, his book the Mysteries Revealed and his many manuals and books waiting to be published in the new bookstore.

Bonnie Schneider

The Soul Journey - Bonnie and AndrewBonnie assisted Andrew in teaching, writing and presenting for over 25 years, while they shared their lives together. Bonnie has been an integral part of each course and has a very solid knowledge in soul consciousness development. Bonnie’s intuitive and healing abilities have greatly influenced Andrew and the work they did together for so many years. Bonnie is grateful to have such an abundant amount of material to offer clients from Andrew’s work. She will be working with Barbara to get more of this material onto the site to support you, our soul journey clientele, in your development of soul consciousness.

Bonnie has a Bachelors Degree in Metaphysical Science and is also an ordained reverend in the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. If you are interested in other ceremonies such as a marriage ceremonies, wedding vow renewal ceremonies, celebration of life and memorial services please visit her other website

Bonnie also has a teaching and leadership role in the area of dance in which she has had very extensive training over many years. At many of the workshops and retreats that she co-led with Andrew, she would also teach Circle Dance and other sacred dances which serve so beautifully to anchor and ground the higher energies. The dance also serves as a very apt metaphor of life itself. Bonnie is one of the clearest and most capable instructors anywhere.

Please feel free to check out Bonnie’s website at or contact her at

Barbara Craven – Webmaster and Operations

As a seasoned website developer, operations manager, business writer and accountant, Barbara is very pleased to be working with Bonnie to market The Soul Journey and the Soul Bookstore on the internet.

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