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Soul Signs – Soul Is Ultimate Cause

Soul Sign All physical difficulties and personality challenges are signs that we are resisting or distorting the intelligent, loving energy of our essence, the soul that we are. Reflection There can be immediate physical causes such as toxins, bacteria and injury. There can be emotional causes such as anger or resentment. There can be mental causes such as a victim attitude


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Soul Signs – True Love

Soul Sign True love is unconditional. It is your soul’s urge to give of yourself without expectation. Reflection The true love you have for someone has actually nothing to do with how they show their love for you. True love is generated within ourselves because of how we perceive them and how we perceive our duty or commitment, and how […]


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Soul Signs – The Obvious Teacher

Soul Sign Illness can be a sign that soul uses for us to learn what we need to learn. Reflection If you discover that illness is a necessary good you then work with its meaning and purpose in light of your own life purpose. When you view it in this way, then you can approach it physically


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Soul Signs – Empowerment

Soul Sign Our power resides in our life purpose which is embodied within our soul. Reflection Self empowerment occurs when you know your life purpose and align with it. Empowerment of others occurs when you express your life purpose by supporting and loving others to fulfill their life purpose by being true to who they are in essence.


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Soul Signs – Genuine Generosity

Soul Sign Genuine generosity is soul love expressed toward another. Reflection Very often we think of generosity as an action, and therefore as long as we do the action we assume we are generous. But generosity is not primarily an action. It is love that needs to manifest as action. Consider how generous you are in the various relationships


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Soul Signs – Journey Within

Soul Sign Soul is present behind every manifestation and every experience, awaiting our response. Reflection It is primarily through our resistances, difficulties, challenges, problems, illnesses, etc. that we eventually begin to discover what they are for and why they exist. Delving deeply enough into the energy behind them leads us to sufficiently overcome some ignorance, selfishness and inertia


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Soul Signs – Releasing Love, Power and Understanding

Soul Sign Fears and wounds that we all experience hide the soul’s energies that need to be expressed. Reflection We use defence mechanisms in order not to feel the effects of our fears and wounds because they don’t feel good at all. And yet what we need to do is to go deeply into them


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Soul Signs – Knowing Your Personality

Soul Sign Your personality is your soul’s vehicle of expression. A limited awareness of your personality limits your soul’s expression. Reflection Soul uses the personality for its expression. Knowing the personality is like developing the technical or artistic skills of a craftsman or artist. Without these, soul expression cannot be communicated in a way that is sensitive to others.


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