One Of The Things That Helps Make A Successful Marriage Is . . .

How to have a successful marriage

Soul Sign

Marriage is a soul symbol, and an archetype of wholeness. That is its power and attractiveness.




Marriage is a union of the opposites. Therefore two people within a marriage have as their primary purpose the exploration and experience of the opposites so that they can be fully embraced and transcended for greater wholeness.  

One Of The Things That Helps Make A Successful Marriage Is . . .

The growth of the individuals involved must serve the relationship, must serve the union directly or indirectly. Marriages dissolve when the actions and attitudes of the participants do not serve the union. One of the primary characteristics of marriage is commitment – to the extent of sharing everything and merging in a way that you share both the love and the karma of each of your lives. One of the purposes of sharing everything is so that the perceived negative in ourselves and others can be welcomed and loved.

If you are married what is your level of commitment? How whole heartedly do you give yourself to the relationship? What do you do that detracts from the union of your relationship? 

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