Live a Happier Life By Transforming Your Fears

This video talks about who we truly are – soul – and who we think we are – our personality.

Soul is always attempting to connect and remind us that we are not our personality, we are not just our minds, our emotions and our physical bodies; we are so much more!

Our soul expression is blocked by the fears and the limitations of our personalities.

When we understand and can transform our fears, then soul has a greater ability to express itself in our lives. Love (soul is the essence of love) counteracts fear, not only because it is the opposite of fear, but because fear is simply the absence of love. When that absence is filled, then fear automatically disappears.  

Fear is also a result of not knowing. We often fear what we do not know, and we imagine how it might be a threat to us. We cannot love what we do not know. So overcoming our lack of knowledge or understanding about the object of our fear is a healthy and necessary first step toward overcoming fear with love.
As part of The Soul Journey program you will learn about the purpose of fears and the purpose of wounding; what role they play in our lives and how to heal them.

How would you like to have a life filled with purpose, soul and meaning again? You can!
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