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Make sense of your life, the world around you and your spiritual journey.

Today’s movement towards the New Spirituality and higher consciousness demands that we live the universal and human dimensions simultaneously. Bringing soul and it’s enlightened consciousness into everyday practical living benefits all – ourselves, humanity and the planet.

We must be aware and conscious of our self at both personality and soul levels in order to develop higher consciousness. The Soul Journey program will assist you to clearly identify the following for yourself:

• Your fundamental fear
• Your fundamental wound
• Your life lesson
• Your personality type with its strengths/weaknesses
• Your soul type with its strengths/weaknesses
• How you trust or how you lack trust
• Your meaning of your experiences
• Your soul purpose
• Your personality purpose
• Your soul-personality dynamics.

Change your consciousness and you’ll change your life

Through The Soul Journey program, we will discover who we really are behind our conditioning, our façade and our behaviour. We learn to be authentic and to express our uniqueness. When we live from the authentic being that we are, we automatically fulfill our soul purpose for our life.

The Soul Journey program offers you clear guidance to develop and heal your personality while being open to the joy and spiritual inspiration of soul.

This is a 4 level series offering new perspectives on spiritual growth with an option for further learning with Level 5 which you can read about under Soul Based Counseling.

In The Soul Journey, we will share with you an in-depth understanding of the nature of soul and soul connection. Andrew’s Schneider’s (1942 – 2011) depth of understand of soul is unparalleled based on over 40 years of teaching acquired over a lifetime of study and experience. Bonnie worked with Andrew for 25 years and is pleased to continue their work.

The Soul Journey, levels 1-4, will give you a good understanding of soul psychology – how spiritual and psychological dimensions meet. You will learn about the Universal Laws that govern our human experience. The coming together of the universal and the physical creates soul and expands consciousness.

We become more whole through this process of merging personality and soul. We expand our identity. We shift our centre in this process and we significantly change our attitude and motivation.

The Spiritual Soul Journey if for everyone who wants:

• A deep understanding of what life is all about.
• To make sense of their issues and problems
• A clear sense of purpose.
• Greater peace of mind.
• Greater connection between mind, body and soul.
• An ability to perceive meaning in life’s experiences.
• A willingness to be of service and respond to need.
• To appreciate the value of their personal contribution to humanity.
• To make a difference in their life and the lives of others.
• An understanding of their stages of growth.

One does not become soul conscious by learning and thinking about the soul but when we perceive as soul and live as the soul being that you are. We will show you how to shift your identification to a more soul centered perspective. 

Explore Soul BooksSoul Centred Life

This month we are featuring the inspirational volumes that you can find in the Soul Books Bookstore.

Living and Loving a Soul Centred Life, Bonnie's latest e-book, explains that we all want to know how to take the next step in our development to becoming more soul conscious and making this major transition. This is a big one and we need clarity about our path ahead. These insights on how to become more soul conscious are transformative, empowering and practical.

Take the Soul Journey

The four levels of the Soul Journey are described here:

Each level has an e-book that presents the information you need to create a foundation for the expansion of consciousness.

Let 'The Soul Journey' be your guide with its 26 weeks of email support.

Bring soul into your spiritual life

We all want to make a difference, to know our life has been worthwhile. But we cannot make a lasting difference at home and in the world unless we do so from a higher level of consciousness than personality life. This higher level is soul life, our essence.

And so we invite you to explore the many nuances and the depths and power of this soul life. Andrew Schneider’s programs offer the most practical, grounded approach to bringing spirituality into daily living available anywhere.

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And when you yearn for deeper answers to the questions of your life, embark on The Soul Journey program. You may start today by ordering the 4 level Soul Journey program for $225 OR pay 4 monthly instalments of $60 each. Please join us on The Soul Journey.

Read what others say about the Soul Journey programs:

spiritual growth testimonial

My studies with The Soul Journey hold treasures beyond anything I expected of the course and I will cherish them.  This period of learning and experiencing has been the highest point I have reached in my quest thus far.  I am filled with heart-felt gratitude for the teacher and the teachings.     Pat Pauls, Kelowna

spiritual program testimonial

Taking The Soul Journey program has meant new outer and inner connections for me and it has been a journey from fragmentation to greater awareness and wholeness. I believe that I have developed courage and a willingness to look at myself with greater honesty and clarity.

spiritual journey testimonial

These years have also meant hard work, but thank you Andrew and Bonnie for everything that you have given to us. It has been a true privilege and a beautiful gift to be part of this programme. I will do my best in helping and assisting others on their journey with respect and gratitude to this teaching.    
Kristina Granlund, Sweden


A more meaningful and rewarding life awaits you...

The Soul Journey offers very practical ways for healing the personality so you can develop and express Soul through your unique soul purpose. You will find this program to be an intelligent, loving and empowering support to your everyday questions and concerns, inspiring deeper reflection and the ability to make life-changing decisions.

Order the 4 level Soul Journey now, for immediate download. Just click here, select the full $225 OR the 4 instalment pricing of $60, and fill in your credit card or Paypal information.

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Our only true spiritual journey is the Soul Journey

Grasp the bigger picture of who you are. Discover how to distinguish your personality from soul. And learn practical ways to develop and express soul for a life of meaning and purpose. Please join us on The Soul Journey.

The Soul Journey - Bonnie and AndrewBlessings,
The Soul Journey - Bonnie and Andrew

P.S. Whether we call it following our spiritual journey, or living a more meaningful and loving life, it is all
about responding to the basic impulse we all have that draws us to becoming conscious, compassionate,
inclusive beings. Let The Soul Journey be your guide as you expand in consciousness and make a
difference in your life and the lives of others.

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